Snakehead Gorgon chapters 15-16

by xenia


Note From LynKa: Over the last year Xenia and I have become good internet friends, I have helped her in the past with her English. She lives in Germany and English is a second language. I have encouraged her to leave her story as she has written it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Chapter 15

On the next day, Xena awoke as something wet caressed her arm. She smiled and thought it was Gabrielle who was trying to seduce her. But then she heard a little whicker. She opened her eyes and saw it was Pegasus who was mouthing Xena's arm. Moving slowly and carefully not to wake Gabrielle, she stood and walked over to Pegasus to look at his left wing again. After some minutes she was finished, and she stroked Pegasus' neck.

"Well, it seems that you can fly again tomorrow. I just hope we will make it. Time is running through our hands."

Pegasus nudged Xena again, and then he trotted to a spot nearby to eat. Xena thought it was time for breakfast, and so she started the fire. As the tea was ready, Xena poured it in Gabrielle's mug, and went to her love. She got down on her knees and watched her bard sleeping.

"Gods, she is so beautiful."

She leaned down and kissed Gabrielle on her temple.

"Gabrielle, my love, wake up."

As usual she got no reaction. So Xena kissed her again, but this time on her jaw. No reaction.

"All right. You asked for it."

Xena put the mug down, and turned Gabrielle on her back. Slowly she crawled over the bard's body until she was face to face with the bard. She leaned down and kissed Gabrielle on her lips. It didn't take long to get a response. Gabrielle smiled against Xena lips and put her hands on Xena's back to draw her closer. Xena happily agreed and let her weight come down on Gabrielle. She placed her elbows on the left and right side of Gabrielle's head to support some of her weight. The kiss continued and slowly Gabrielle opened her mouth to let Xena's inquiring tongue in. They explored each others mouth until Gabrielle had to break the kiss to take a much needed breath.

"Wow, that's a way to wake up in the morning."

Xena smiled, and stroked Gabrielle's face with her fingertips.

"If I would knew it would be so easy to wake you up, I would have done that much earlier. Come on, we have to go."

Gabrielle sighed, but she didn't let Xena go without another kiss. Xena rolled off of her and slowly Gabrielle stood and took the mug Xena handed her. She sat down on her bedroll and took a sip from her mug. Xena sat down on a rock and started sharpening her sword. Gabrielle watched Xena and thought about the fight with Medusa. Xena noticed that something was bothering Gabrielle.

"What's up Gabrielle?"

Gabrielle swallowed and thought how Xena could do this. Her thoughts faded as Xena asked her the same question again. Gabrielle breathed deeply.

"Xena, how will you find out that we are fighting the right Gorgon?"

Xena stopped sharpening her sword and laid it beside her. She sat down on the ground and opened her arms.

"Come here."

Gabrielle went to Xena and sat with her back to Xena's chest. Xena placed her arms around Gabrielle's waist and kissed her on the neck. Then she asked a question.

"Gabrielle, what did you hear about the Gorgons."

"Well, that they have snakes on their heads, and only one look is enough to turn every human being into stone."

"Nothing more? Is there nothing only a few have heard?"

Gabrielle thought quickly about it. In her head she reviewed all the stories she had heard about the Gorgons. Suddenly a smile came to her lips. She turned and kissed Xena.

"Yes, there is something."


"I've heard that on Medusa's left hand, the little and ringfinger are grown together. And Medusa is the only one who grows old. That's all I've heard. Really."

At first, Xena couldn't say anything. How could she look at Medusa's hands in a fight, when she would be busy trying not to look at her face. So the second clue wasn't very good either. But she had to try it. She had no choice.

She smiled and kissed Gabrielle deeply.

"Thank you my love. I hope it will help us. I will tell Perseus about it."
With this she got up and went to Perseus. He was still sleeping, but as Xena shook his shoulder, he came awake quickly. Xena told him about the news about Medusa. Perseus breathed deeply, and said he had the same thoughts as Xena.

"It is our only chance, isn't it?"


Perseus nodded and got up. He looked towards the exit of the cave.

"If you will excuse me, I would like to be alone for a while."

With these words he left the cave. Xena and Gabrielle looked after him. Gabrielle was the first to speak.

"It looks like he can't make it."

Xena stood up and went to Gabrielle, who was still sitting on the ground. She took her former place behind Gabrielle and placed her arms around her waist again. Gabrielle leaned back against Xena's chest, and laid her head on Xena's shoulder.

"He will make it. I know him. He never gives up, even if it seems hopeless. He is just thinking about how we can make it. And of course he thinks about Andromeda. He is scared that we won't make it."

"How is Pegasus?"

"His wing isn't healed yet; I think we have to wait another day until he is ready again."

"But that makes the time really short."

"Gabrielle, don't you start with this, too. We will make it. We have to. I owe it to Perseus."

Gabrielle just nodded. Suddenly she felt lips on her neck, which wandered down to her shoulder. Gabrielle breathed deeply.

"Xena, what are you doing?"

"Well, isn't this obvious?"

Xena managed to say between kisses. Slowly she turned Gabrielle around so they were face to face again. Her fingertips caressed Gabrielle's skin and her lips. Gabrielle moaned and closed her eyes. Xena's lips took over where her fingers just left. Slowly she parted Gabrielle's lips and put her tongue inside. They explored each others mouths until Xena wandered down to kiss Gabrielle's neck and her chest.

"Oh, gods Gabrielle, you are beautiful. I love you."

Between gasps Gabrielle tried to answer.


The heat between the two women burst forth as Xena massaged Gabrielle's breasts through her top. Gabrielle moaned deeply in her throat and she wanted to feel Xena's hands on her bare breasts.

"Open my top. I want to feel you."

Xena moved up to claim those wonderful lips again and slowly she started to open her top. Suddenly they heard steps. As fast as they could they broke apart, and Xena helped Gabrielle to tighten her top again. It was Perseus who came back.

"Damn you, Perseus for coming in right now."

Both women thought, but as they saw the look on Perseus face they wished they never thought it. It was a sad and helpless look. So he hadn't an idea either how to defeat Medusa. Perseus just looked at them, and on the red faces of Xena and Gabrielle he could see what happened.

"Sorry that I came back so early. I can go out for a walk again if you want."

Xena smiled and answered.

"No, no. It's all right. We have a lifetime for this. First we will help you. Sit down and eat something."

Gabrielle felt happy. Xena said that they had a lifetime for this. That means that Xena thinks they will be together for the rest of their lives and Xena wanted to spend the rest of her life with Gabrielle, and that was exactly Gabrielle wanted. She smiled and laid her head on Xena's shoulder. After a little breakfast they broke camp and went on their way.


Chapter 16

For the rest of the morning our three friends traveled without any problems. In the afternoon they came to a ravine, with a small bridge crossing it. Xena, Gabrielle, Perseus and Pegasus stopped in front of the bridge, and Xena tried to cross the bridge. But she was stopped as some men came out from the other side.

"My name is Dorius. This is my bridge. And everyone who wants to cross it has to pay me duty."

Xena made a face, and rolled her eyes.

"This bridge belongs to no one. And I give you this good advice: Don't make me mad. Let me and my friends cross this bridge."
Dorius laughed out loud.

"You are kidding, huh? What do you three think you can do against eight men? So you better pay my duty, before we start to get mad."

Dorius' men laughed and Dorius laughed with them. Gabrielle noticed that Xena had pulled out her sword, and she knew what was coming now. She got her staff in a fighting position. But she never had to use it, because Xena took them on alone. With her warcry she rushed forward and made a flip so she landed in the middle of the men. The first one got her fist in his face, while the man behind her got her foot in his stomach. With her right hand she made a all-round punch and hit four men. These four landed on their backs unconscious. Now there were only two left. These two rushed forward to Xena. Xena just smiled and ran towards them. But before the men could do something, Xena was too near. She climbed up the men's bodies, made a flip and beat them on their chins with her feet. The men made a flip, too and laid on the ground unconscious. Now there was only Dorius left. Xena slowly came nearer. Dorius swallowed and went back. He dropped down on a root. Xena put her sword on Dorius throat and asked.

"How was it with the duty? Do you let me and my friends cross the bridge now?"

Dorius couldn't say anything and just nodded. Xena thanked him, and called Perseus and Gabrielle to come. Xena turned her back to Dorius to watch Perseus and Gabrielle. In this moment Dorius pulled his sword out to thrust it in Xena's back. Gabrielle saw this and screamed.

"Xena, behind you!"

But Xena had already noticed. She quickly turned her sword, so that the blade was behind her, and hit Dorius in his belly. He dropped down dead. Xena turned and sighed.

"The bigger they are..."

In the meantime Gabrielle and Perseus had crossed the bridge and watched as Xena pulled her sword out from Dorius. Perseus looked at Gabrielle, then to Xena and at the end to Dorius.

"Well, some will never learn."

Xena had to smile. She pulled her sword back and looked around.

"Where is Pegasus?"

Gabrielle turned and looked over to the bridge.

"Here he is. He is still standing on the other side."

Xena, Perseus and Gabrielle called his name, and Pegasus neighed. Slowly he crossed the bridge. The ropes who held the bridge together made menacing noises. Xena looked to Pegasus then to Gabrielle.

"I hope the ropes will hold him. The bridge seems to be very old."

Gabrielle swallowed. Perseus watched the bridge, and Xena called to Pegasus.


Pegasus neighed again. He had crossed half of the bridge. The ropes seemed to hold. Xena breathed deeply. Gabrielle went to Xena and laid her arm around her waist as she needed the contact. It was all too exciting. All three stopped breathing. And then it happened. In a split second the ropes broke, and the bridge collapsed. Pegasus neighed and fell down the ravine. Xena, Gabrielle and Perseus rushed to the abyss and screamed.


Then there was only silence. Nothing moved; all hope was gone. No human being nor animal could survive this fall. Now they couldn't make it. They would never return soon enough to Athens. All three turned and started to walk, as they heard a neigh. They ran back, and looked down the ravine. At first you couldn't see anything. After some seconds you could hear the beating of wings. Gabrielle's eyes went wide and she leaned forward. She almost fell down the ravine too, if it wasn't for Xena to hold her back. And then you could see Pegasus. He came up the ravine flying. His wing seemed to be all right. He flew around and then he came back, to stop in front of Gabrielle. Gabrielle smiled and stroked his neck. Xena went to his left wing to search for his wound. With a shake of her head she came back to Gabrielle and Perseus.

"That can't be. The wing is completely healed. It seems that the wounds heal faster on him, than on anyone else."

Perseus smiled and embraced Gabrielle and Xena. After that he embraced Pegasus. Xena turned to Gabrielle and kissed her deeply. Now they could make it. She was more than happy. As all three calmed down, Pegasus went to his knees, and let our three friends take their places on his back. He started to gallop and after some meters, he started to beat with his wings and went up in the air. Everyone was happy, except Xena who was thinking about what was to come. The hardest fight of her life.


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