A Solstice Gift To You

By Ri



Disclaimer; This is my very first Solstice story and my very first Janice and Mel story. I hope you like it.

The characters in this tale all belong those powerful beings at Renaissance and Universal Studios. The story However is mine, mine, mine.  There is a same sex relationship but it is mostly a tale of the power of

Love,Enjoy J



            Janice looked across the dig at her best friend.  She and Mel had not been apart since the Ares incident a few months earlier. Yet for some reason she couldn’t seem to tell Mel how deep her feelings ran for the beautiful southerner.  Not that I have tried.  I…don’t  want to jinx our friendship. I’ve had so few friendships in my life that I can’t…no, I won’t mess this one up!


            Just then Janice eyes met two beautiful blue eyes.  She winked at her friend who blushed and shook her head in a mock scolding way.  Janice laughed and then bent down and started to take more Measurements of the site they were working on.

            ***                  ***                  ***                  ***

               Mel was taking pictures of the site.  She was working very hard.  She not only wanted to help Janice with the ancient writings she wanted to be of help with all her best friends work.  Mel sighed and looked up into the most beautiful sea green eyes she ever saw.  Eyes that took her breath away every time she got caught up in them. She felt herself blushing at a wink her friend threw at her.  She laughed and shook her head at her friend’s silliness.  She watched her friend laugh too and bend down to continue to do her measurements.


            She always does stuff like that to me.  I wish I could tell her how beautiful I find her.  I think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I know she wouldn’t belief that though. We have talked enough for me to know how little she thinks of herself.  She is such a marshmallow under all that toughness. My Goodness, She has the most beautiful eyes that I have ever seen. Her hair and her face and that lithe little body when she takes all that manly stuff off…I could just… But I can’t. Oh Gosh,  What if I give myself away? I can’t lose her. Not after looking so hard to find her.


             Mel felt tears sting her eyes behind her prescription sunglasses.  She went into the tent they shared to avoid explaining her tears to her beloved friend.  Janice had caught her crying several times and she always said that it was nothing so her friend wouldn’t worry. How could I explain to her  best friend that she was in love with her without losing her…


            Xena and Gabrielle were between incarnations.  They were relaxing in their heavenly home that they had created for themselves when Michael appeared before them.


            “Never heard of knocking, huh?” Xena asked the angel with an upraised eyebrow and a slight smile to let her friend know she really wasn’t that upset.  She and Gabrielle were necking when they were interrupted but she knew that Michael was there for a reason so she forgave him almost instantly.


              “Nope, not nessary,” He smiled at the warriors expression. “You’re needed. Your two favorite descendants need some help from you.”


            Xena and Gabrielle looked at each other then at Michael.  Xena smiled sweetly and asked “You mean Mel and Janice?  It’s still the 1940’s right?”


               “Yep and yep.”


              Gabrielle laughed and then a pillow at her angelic friend.”Would you stop being cryptic I get enough of that from Xena.  What do they need help with?”




            Xena shook her head, “But they already love each other and they damn well know it.”


               Michael laughed and shook his head and said “True but it seems that they haven’t found a way to tell each other.”


               Xena looked at her bard and smiled sweetly, “That sounds way too familiar.”


               “It sure does.”


            “Good, Then I’ll leave you to it then.”



               It was nighttime and the archaeologist and the linguist were deeply asleep in the bed that they shared platonically.  Each was having a dream that would completely change their relationship forever…


                                                             **  **  **


                 In Mel’s dream she found herself alone by a fire in the woods.  Since she’d been with Janice this wasn’t unusual for her.  So she sat on a log by the fire and waited for Janice to appear.  Instead she saw a version of herself.  She was dressed in leathers and from her readings of the scrolls she knew that she was face to face with her own ancestor.


            “Hi,” Said Xena with a huge smile.


            “Umm….Hi,” Said Mel swallowing a lump of emotion in her throat.  She knew that Xena had taken over her body in Ares tomb but this was different to actually see her was…very emotional.


            “Calm down, I just want to have a little chat, “ Said Xena soothingly as she sat down beside her shy descendent.  “I got to tell you, you’re in great shape for someone who rarely breaks a nail.,” She teased with a lopsided grin trying to get the lovely young woman to relax.


            Mel smiled back, “I uh… work out with calisthenics every day and I ride my horse at home everyday.  I guess I got my love of horses from you?”


            Xena nodded,”Yep, you also got your love of certain archaeologist from me too.” She replied with a wink.


            Two eyebrows disappeared under perfectly trimmed bangs, “How did you….?”


            “I do, Now listen my friend, I know exactly what you’re going through. My advice is to just tell her. She loves you too.  Your both so scared of losing each other that your missing out on all the fun.”


            “But Xena, What if I say it and she thinks I’m sick to want our friendship to go in that direction?”


            “She won’t.  I know that your time is really repressed but Janice feels that same way as you do. Just tell her how you feel or better yet show her.” Xena said with a wink and gently nudge against Mel’s arm.


            “Show her?”  Mel asked in a squeak.


            “Why not? It would be a lot more effective …and fun,”Xena replied with a chuckle.


            “Are you taking this seriously? I mean I ….Xena, I can’t lose her friendship.”


            “I am taking this very seriously. Believe me the Bard and I went thought this exact same thing. You are in love with Janice and it  hurts your souls not to tell each other.  So Gabrielle and I decided to intervene. And believe me, my friend you will not lose her friendship, ever.  Now give your old ancestor a hug and wake up so you can tell her and start living your life to fullest.” Xena held out her arms and Mel and warrior gave each other a loving hug….



                                                                   **   **  **


            Meanwhile in Janice’s dream she was in the field tent going over the latest scroll again.  She knew that Mel usually appears so she waited patiently.  The only way Janice could kiss the woman she loved was in her dreams.


            “Sorry to disappoint,” Said Gabrielle as she appeared in front of her descendent with a sweetly wise smile on her pretty face.


            Janice blinked, Her ancestor was beautiful. She had short blonde hair and was wearing a rust colored amazon outfit that showed her figure to perfection. Her eyes widened in shock.


            “Why do you look so stunned? You know damn well that under those manly clothes is a total babe.”


            Janice blinked and blushed a deep red, she looked away from her ancestor shyly.


            Gabrielle shook her head and came to sit next to the shy young woman. “There is someone else in this camp who knows about how beautiful you are too.”


            Janice’s head ricocheted back and her eyes narrowed, “Who?”


            Gabrielle thought, Man she is so blind, She gently touched her decedents shoulder and said with a sweet knowing smile, “Mel.”


            Janice stood up abruptly and walked across the tent, “Impossible Gabrielle, Mel is an innocent she doesn’t have thoughts like that.”


            Gabrielle nodded her head sagely, “Yes, Mel is an innocent but what makes you think that innocents don’t have thoughts like that? I did.  A lot of them about Xena.  It took us both dying a couple of times for us to admit to it,” She said sadly.  “We don’t want you to go through all that torture. You need to tell Mel how you feel.”


            “I can’t.  What if she’s repulsed, what if I lose her?” Janice finally voiced the thing that had been tormenting her these many months.


            “She loves you, Janice. She’s scared of the same thing.  Tell her or better yet show her.” Said Gabrielle standing up and walking next to the young woman with a grin. “Now hug your ancient ancestor to show me you appreciate me.” She said holding her arms out.


            Janice gave Gabrielle a lopsided grin, “I do appreciate you. Now that I met you…talked to you I see what Xena meant. Thank you!” She said as she hugged Gabrielle.


              “Your welcome,” She heard in her ear.


                                              **       **    **


            Janice and Mel found themselves enjoying the embrace they were in ….but it felt different now… not like a dream…It felt like they were hugging….slowly two sets of eyes opened and they realized they were hugging each other.  After a second of shock they looked deeply into each other’s eyes and it was as if a magnet pulled their lips together. They followed the force quite willingly even joyfully as they were consumed by a kiss that said all they needed to say.


            When they parted they smiled at each other, “Um..I…I…”Mel stuttered.


            “I… think….”Janice tried.


            They both laughed at themselves.  They were in each other’s arms and finally having they’re dream fulfilled with the sweet kiss they just shared and still they couldn’t say three little words.  They both knew that they had to say it though.


            “I love you, Janice with all my heart and soul.  I think I loved you back in at Ares tomb when you

raised the brim of your hat I first saw those amazing green eyes.”


            Janice smiled and felt tears drop from her eyes as she kissed her love deeply again. Then she pulled back and caressed her loves cheek and said quietly, “ I love you too, My sweet Mel. I have since I first saw you stumble into that tent.  You were so beautiful….I can’t believe that you….”


            “Please believe.”


            “I do.”


            “Could you kiss me again, please?”


            “We can do even more then that if you’d like?”


            “I’d like.”


            The passion that was ignited lasted till morning where the two team leaders of the dig slept later then their workers ever remembered.  There was a knock at a pole by the door of their tent, Both dressed and eating breakfast, Janice said, “Come.”


            “Ma’am we found this.”


            “A scroll,” Janice said and grabbed it out of her formans hand. “Good work, Abdul.  Go start on the east side of the site now, please.”


            The man nodded and left.


            Janice unrolled the scroll and Mel was behind her.  Two gasps were heard from the two women at the same time.  The scroll was ornately decorated in Gabrielle’s familiar hand, It read;


                       Happy Solstice you two.  Xena and I wanted to give you, our favorite descendants the greatest gift that the season of giving can bring. Love.  We love you both and now you know that you love each other.  May you bring only joy into each other’s lives.


                                         With the greatest love from both of  us,


                                                        Xena  and Gabrielle


            “Oh my,” said Mel.


            Janice gently put the scroll on the table and embraced the love of her life. “Happy Solstice, Mel.”


            Mel looked deeply into sparkling green eyes, “Happy Solstice, My Love.” Mel then gently lifted the smaller woman and said, “Come on let build up that Solstice fire our ancestors started.”



                    The End


Authors Note;  This is my solstice gift to you. All those Xenites who read all these tales with such enthusiasm. May the holiday season bring joy to you what ever holiday you may follow.

With love and gratitude,

Ri J  


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