We're Stronger Together

By Ri


Disclaimer;This takes place after the Viking Arc. Xena  and Gabrielle are the  property of Renaissance and Universal studios. The story is mine though.  There is a loving relationship between two women. If this is not your cup of tea please don’t read further. But if you’re an adventuress please read on.   I hope you enjoy. J


                They were at an inn on the road back to Greece.  They wanted to be alone for a proper reunion. They were both very quiet as they went to the room.  Xena placed the saddlebags on a table while Gabrielle put the rest of their stuff in a corner by the bed. 


                Xena lit the fire and then turned to watch the firelight reflect off the highlights of Gabrielle’s

Long hair.  “You are so beautiful, “Xena said quietly.


                Gabrielle blushed and looked down to her hands, “Thanks…I’m not as beautiful as you are…Xena …I…”She looked up into blue eyes that were suddenly closer then she expected.  She was then engulfed into a delectable embrace.


                “I love you so much.” Xena whispered passionately into her ear.


                Tears fell down Gabrielle’s cheeks as she held Xena even closer.  She never wanted to let her go. She never wanted her out of her sight again. “Please never leave me again….I don’t think I could take it…”


                “I won’t,  Never ever again.  I never want to be out your arms again.  But Gabrielle…I’m so sorry I forgot you…”Xena was now crying.  The crying became sobbing and Gabrielle held her close as she soothed her soul mates guilt.  They were silent within the embrace for while, They wanted just to fill their senses with the others presence.


                Finally Gabrielle pulled back and wiped Xena’s eyes, “It wasn’t your fault, Love…”


                “Yes, It was…If I didn’t poison that world we just left none of this would have happened. I can’t believe Grunhilda forgave me.  I can’t believe you did…”


                “You can’t change what you did in the past. We both know that.  What you just did was right an old wrong and My love your forgetting me was a great compliment in a weird way.  I mean I’m the most important person in your life.  I helped create the wonderful woman that I love…”


                “You didn’t help, Gabrielle you did it all.  You created all that is good in me. You taught me what love is and with out you I am nothing.  You are my life.  Please forgive me…”


                Gabrielle interrupted Xena by kissing her passionately that kiss was returned with equal passion from her warrior. When they paused for breath Gabrielle continued, “There is nothing to forgive. I know you love me. I think it is obvious that we love each other equally …I do think we will leave here and return to our family appreciating each other more. I know that I appreciate you even more then I did before and I didn’t think that was possible.”


                “Appreciate doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.  Come here please, I need you closer,”She pulled into her lap and then herself till she was fully on the bed.  She held her bard to her as closely as she could cradling the beloved woman to her as if she was afraid that she would disappear again.  I will never leave you again, She thought.  I will hold you close and love you and protect you till the day I die.  I should of known better then to leave you behind. You’re right you never listen. I should of  known you would follow me.  My love I could have lost you forever.  I can’t let you ever be taken away from me again. I know I would not survive that loss.  If it wasn’t for Beowulf I would….Oh I will not think of that!! I just want to keep you in my embrace till the day I die.


                Xena was kissing Gabrielle’s neck and was invading the territory that was begging to be ravaged.  She knew that she already owned it but she was determined to reconquer it to her love’s satisfaction.


                Gabrielle’s neck was thrown back her eyes were closed and Xena could see she was enjoying the sweet invasion of her senses. Xena was determined to show her love that she had the drive to keep this up till the day she died and beyond.


                                ***                         ****                                       ***                         ***


                Gabrielle eyes slowly opened as she looked at the now peacefully sleeping face of her warrior.  The fear she had seen in Xena’s eyes of being rejected by her broke her heart and touched her soul.  She was now determined that Xena would never feel this way again.  They had been through more then enough. They deserve some peace.


                Gabrielle couldn’t bring herself to imagine Xena completely losing her identity like that. Xena was just so…well Xena.  I know she was terrified for that whole year, she thought sadly to herself. I know that her inner sense of what’s right was screaming at her the whole time. I know that it said that the king had fed her a pack of lies. She was trying to do good for the common people marrying that Bas…creep. I hate and despise him for lying to her and fooling her into marrying him.  Then trying to rape her, my poor love…And then because she dared to refuse him he believed his wretched sisters lie about her and Beowulf.

He sentenced my beloved to death! The Bastard!!  She looked at the sweet innocence of her loves face when she slept.  It glowed with radiance last night after they made love.  I never want to be away from you again. I don’t care Xena!  I will not let us be separated again whether you’re facing great danger or not. I love you so. She pledge to herself as blue eyes flutter open and sweet smile greeted her.


                “Good morning, My love,” Said Xena quietly gently caressing a soft cheek.


                “Good morning, Sweetheart,”Gabrielle replied with an answering grin as she brought their lips together for a sweet kiss.


                “I love the way you signed your note, Xena. I feel the same way, “With endless love””


                Xena chuckled, “And they say you’re the Bard.”


                Gabrielle laughed and embraced the taller woman. They kissed passionately and cuddeled deeply into each other’s arms.


                “Gabrielle, How about we stay here one more day before we go home? I think we need a cuddle day.”


                “Mmmm, What a wonderful idea.”


                “Glad you like it.  The way I feel right now I don’t want to ever move again.”


                “That’s a lovely thought but nature will call and so will my stomach.”


                Xena started laughing and between guffaws said, “Yes…You can’t fight…those givens….can you?” She snorted she was laughing so hard.


                Gabrielle couldn’t help it she fell into the laughter too till they both ran out of breath.  Then Xena’s long arms brought her love even closer to her. ”For right now lets just enjoy the feeling of our closeness, I want to revel in it.”


                “Ok,  I told you I don’t intend to let you more then a stone’s throw away.”


                Xena sighed and nodded, “That’s fine for now love.”


                Gabrielle could feel the mood change and looked into solemn blue eyes, “Whats wrong?”


                “I have done more damage in the world.  Gabrielle what if another suicide mission comes my way?”


                “We survived this one, Well face it together.  I think that this taught us that we are stronger together then we are apart.”


                Xena smiled sweetly and kissed her bard, then brought her head to her bosom and held her close. “That’s true I am nothing with out you, My love,”


                Gabrielle was very content in this position, “Visa versa, Xena.”


                ***                         ***                                         ***                                         ***


                Xena and Gabrielle were leading their horses side by side on the way home. Xena looked over at Gabrielle and studied the long hair. It was beautiful but she really liked the short tresses.  “Ummm, Gabrielle?”


                Gabrielle looked over at the warrior and smiled, “Yes?”


                “Do you like your hair like this?”


                Gabrielle was very amused, “Its ok, Why?”


                “Um,  Would you think about getting it cut again? I really loved you in the short hair…Only if you want to do it of course…”


                Gabrielle smiled brightly, “Actually I want it chopped off again.  I like it short. It’s so easy to care for…I also like how I look with it short… I was a little worried about how you feel about it though.”


                “I like it which ever way you want it to be….but um….I really think you look hot with it short.”


                A huge grin spread across the blonde’s face, “Short it is then.  Would you cut it for me tonight? But Xena would you um….not use the chakram this time? Is that a deal?”


                Xena had an answering grin, “You bet that’s a deal.”


                The End   




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