Sweet Desire

BY Cris.

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EXTREME THANKS: To the ultimate bard, CN Winters, for encouraging me to write some fiction and for her kind help with editing. I really appreciate it CN!

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Fall was definitely in the air, and so were their attackers, Gabrielle noted, as she ducked to the left, one sailing past the right side of her head. Gabrielle loved fall. The cool, clean, fresh smell in the air. The colored leaves adorning the trees and piling on the ground. The crunching sound the leaves make under her boots, and under falling attackers. The extra chill in the air that made for such a good excuse to share body heat with her companion. Her tall, dark haired, blue eyed, many skilled, gorgeous, warrior companion. 'Yep, fall is great.' It wasn't the signs of fall however, that was distracting her but rather her thoughts of Xena. As she ducked again she realized now she was mad. Fighting mad. Before their attackers so rudely interrupted her she was enjoying the shared body heat of her companion as well as some rather pleasant, and imaginative dreams. "Save some for me" she yelled to Xena as she grabbed her staff. She quickly landed a blow behind her to the gut of each of their fallen attackers, adding the sounds of grunts to that of the crunching leaves, then she ran to take out some of her anger on those who had caused it.

Xena quickly glanced behind her at the sound of Gabrielle's voice. She noticed the look in Gabrielle's sparkling green eyes and knew that her part in the battle was over. If she didn't let Gabrielle take some of her anger out on these men Xena would never be able to survive the day. Xena simply held off the attackers for another second to avoid being injured and then stepped off to the side to allow the bard her much needed anger release.

Xena smiled and enjoyed the show, which was doubly intriguing. First there was watching the beautiful bard. Her exposed midriff showing her exquisitely sculptured abs, her firm biceps flexing and contracting with each movement of her staff. There was the way her mid-length reddish-blonde hair whipped around her beautiful face during battle. Xena sighed and thought 'get a hold of yourself' as she then focused on enjoying the battle. 'A lot of things have changed over the past few years' she mused as she watched her bard kick some ass. 'She's definitely not some innocent little farm girl now' Xena thought as her kick knocked down the previously fallen attackers behind her who were trying to sneak back into the fight.

Gabrielle was enjoying the fight. Her anger was lessening with each connecting blow. "Wake me up at the crack of dawn will you" she yelled, as her staff swept the feet out from under a short wanna be warrior, he went down hard. "Take me out from a nice warm bed" WHACK, THUMP and down went another 'and the arms of a gorgeous warrior' she thought but didn't voice.

Xena simply smiled and continued to enjoy the entertainment. She knew it was not wise to wake the bard this early, she just felt sorry their attackers didn't have her insight.

Gabrielle's staff connected with the temple of an extremely large warrior but with her anger fueling the blow his weight didn't come even close to keeping him on his feet. He flew straight into the fire pit and Gabrielle's frying pans, sending the pans flying across their campsite and the ashes from the fire onto their bedrolls.

'Oops' Xena thought 'that didn't help their case.'

Xena watched as Gabrielle's eyes turned to narrow gray slits. Her biceps contracted and released as her grip tightened on her staff. Her chest heaved and her breathing increased. Her muscled thighs compacted ready to propel her towards her enemies. Xena's body responded to that incredible sight. Her blue eyes darkened and her lids closed slightly. Her heart rate increased. Her lips tingled. Her body warmed. Oh how this woman unknowingly affected her. She affected the attackers as well. They finally saw the anger, and skill, in this previously thought easy prey.

"Mess up my camp" Gabrielle roared and sprung "and my frying pans." The attackers quickly turned on their heels and fled, tripping over each other trying to avoid the wrath of the bard and her swinging staff, some succeeded.

The large attacker tried to extricate himself from the fire pit and scramble away from Gabrielle on all fours. Unfortunately for him his foot got entangled in the frying pan. Xena just smiled and crossed her arms over her chest as Gabrielle readied her staff. Before he could get far he felt the sting of a staff across his backside propelling him into the air and out of their camp. Gabrielle listened to the crunch of leaves, and the moan of pain, as he lumbered away to catch up to his colleagues.

Gabrielle turned to Xena and smiled, "I just love fall," she said. "Don't you?"

Xena couldn't help but grin in return 'I just love you Gabrielle' she thought, "Since you're up how about a nice dip in the lake? It looks like our bedrolls could use a cleaning too."

"I thought you were in a hurry to get to Hatiras? If we take the time to wash and dry our bedrolls we won't be able to travel today." Gabrielle replied.

Xena looked around and then at Gabrielle. She never used to notice things like scenery but the bard had changed all that. She noticed a lot of things now. There were gorgeous sights abounding, the least of which was the scenery. They were camped in a green meadow, just at the edge of the trees. There was a quickly rising mountain behind them, which rapidly curved, affording the valley some protection from the wind as well as many travelers. Off to the right was a crystal clear, and surprisingly warm, lake bordered on the far side by steep mountain cliffs. Before her was an attractive, intelligent, woman. Xena relaxed a little and almost smiled. 'Why hurry' she thought 'this could be exactly what I need, I might finally be able to act on my feelings…' but her thoughts were interrupted by Gabrielle.

Gabrielle noticed the change in Xena, saw her relax and smile. It was a smile only Gabrielle would notice. "Of course I would really enjoy some time to just relax and this is such a beautiful place."

Xena slowly walked over to Gabrielle, smiled, and put her strong hand on the soft skin of her left shoulder. "I'm in no hurry to get to Hatiras. That stuffy king and his fancy party don't interest me at all. I just thought you might enjoy it Gabrielle. I mean you love parties and don't get nearly the thanks you deserve. When King Melentos sent word that he wanted to honor us, both of us, for helping his son I…"

"Knew I'd like to go." Gabrielle said finishing Xena's sentence. "Of course I'd like to go but to tell the truth I'd much rather just relax here with you for another day. Even if we do miss the party. If that's all right with you that is" Gabrielle stammered her reply looking toward Xena. 'Really eloquent words' the bard thought. 'Xena's hand is innocently touching your skin, burning your flesh with her sultry touch, heating you up all over' her thoughts made her shudder, 'and you can't even talk.'

"Sounds good to me." Xena said smiling inwardly as she felt Gabrielle's slight tremor under her hand before she removed it from the bard's shoulder. "We should be able to make the party too if you'll quit being stubborn and ride Argo with me." Xena turned and scooped up their bedrolls and began shaking them off.

"Stubborn. I'm not stubborn. Never." Replied Gabrielle as she began rummaging around the campsite tracking down her scattered pans.

Xena started to retort then thought better of it. She didn't want Gabrielle upset. She wanted to finally be able to reach out to her bard and didn't want anything to get in her way. "I'll go wash the bedrolls and hang them up to dry. After that maybe we can enjoy a swim and a bath." The thought of seeing Gabrielle naked spurned her enthusiasm, plus she wanted to get those bedrolls drying as she had plans to use them later. She grabbed the bedrolls and quickly headed for the lake her thoughts running rampant.

Gabrielle began to calm down. She wasn't really angry she was just upset with herself. She couldn't believe how dense she became with just a simple touch from Xena. After her reactions today she was sure Xena knew that she affected her. What would Xena think? Certainly if Xena knew she would think her foolish. As she reached down to pick up her best frying pan Gabrielle's thoughts started to betray her heart.

'If she knew my true feelings she would likely never touch me again. That is if she stayed with me... I must be crazy' she chastised herself. 'I can't possible love a woman, certainly not my best friend. Get a grip Gabrielle!' The thoughts changed as she looked at her frying pan, 'Look what that thug did to my frying pan! If I ever see him again I'll kill him!'

While Gabrielle chided herself over her feelings and tried to repress them Xena was more determined than ever that she was making the right deduction that Gabrielle reciprocated her feelings. While Gabrielle cleaned up camp, and calmed down, Xena quickly, but thoroughly, clean their bedrolls and draped them over several tree branches to dry. When Xena return to camp she noticed that although Gabrielle was much calmer she was staring intently at the misshapen frying pan. Haunting past images of a similar situation stopped the warrior in her tracks. 'Not again!' she thought as she gathered the courage to continue to Gabrielle's side.

Looking skyward Gabrielle noticed Xena's concerned face and couldn't help but smile slightly. She just couldn't resist teasing the stoic warrior. Covering her smile quickly she jumped to her feet and began yelling. "Xena!" As she lifted the offending object and began to shake it at the quickly retreating warrior. Gabrielle just loved when she could get the upper hand on her friend. There was no one alive; not God, warrior, or beast, that could put fear into Xena like Gabrielle, and Gabrielle knew it.

Xena knew it too. She quickly back peddled as Gabrielle starting her tirade threw the frying pan over her shoulder and lunged at Xena. Not wanting to hurt her friend Xena simply caught Gabrielle in midair and to protect herself hauled her into a tight hug. It was not until she felt Gabrielle begin to shake with laughter that she realized it was all a ruse. Gabrielle relaxed into Xena's grasp and hugged the warrior trying to regain her composure. She then pulled away and still giggling looked up to Xena's face. What she saw there surprised her, Xena was smiling back.

Xena deeply enjoyed the hug. She felt a warmth in her heart as well as a few other places. "Ready for a swim or should we have breakfast first? I'd hate to have you miss a meal," Xena jousted. She wasn't sure if she wanted to quell the growing fire with a cold bath or look for another means to extinguish her growing desire. Today she was certain that seeing Gabrielle's striking, naked body would finally force her to bear her heart, soul, and hopefully her body, to her friend.

Gabrielle laughed, "Well since the frying pan is out of commission how about we just have a little picnic at the lake? I bought some fresh bread, fruit, and honey yesterday at the market."

'Hmm honey, now that has potential…' Xena thought then was rousted back to reality by Gabrielle "Xena grab the towels, soap, and herbs for our hair. I'll get everything else and meet you at the lake in a few minutes, after I get everything cleaned up here."

"Bring the wine skin too," Xena added as she rounded up her assigned items from Argo's saddlebags and headed for the lake.

A short trip later Xena was standing on the lake shore. For ease of use she placed the bathing essentials on a rock that was jutting out into the water. She placed her weapons; chakram, sword, boot and breast daggers, safely on a flat rock. She then began to remove her breastplate, gantlets, boots, leather battle dress, and britches. Finally after her cumbersome attire was removed she dove into the calm clear water of lake. Although the air had the cool feel of fall the lake was surprisingly warm. 'It must have a hot spring filling it.'

She began to swim the lake hoping to find the source of the warm water. The closer she got to the far edge, the warmer the water became. At the far east edge of the lake her search paid off. The far side of the lake bordered the steep, curving mountain and was much deeper than the meadow side. There were many smooth rock outcroppings to stand on. As Xena persistently explored the area she found what she didn't dare hope for, the outlet to the hot spring. There was a large ledge outcropping extending from the mountain into the lake. Part of the outcropping was above water and glistened with a blanket of supple dark green moss. This dropped off to a curved underwater ledge and the outlet of the hot spring. 'Better than a hot bath' thought Xena. There were several flat protruding rocks at a perfect depth below the water to sit on. 'Perfect' Xena thought and turned to swim back.

Just then Gabrielle called from the other side of the lake, "Xena? Xena, where are you?"

"I'm coming Gabrielle," Xena yelled, with evident happiness in her voice. She was swimming toward Gabrielle as her mind swam with possibilities and long desired dreams. Glad for the cooler water to help keep her desire for Gabrielle in check Xena swam nearer to the shore. Just then she looked up…

Gabrielle had begun to unlace her top.

'Oh Gods…' thought Xena.

With the laces undone Gabrielle slowly began to pull her top over her head.

Xena didn't realize until she began to sink that she had stopped swimming, the sight of Gabrielle affecting her. Xena began to tread water; she didn't dare approach the shore and get out of the water, fearful that Gabrielle would notice her uncontrolled desire. Xena watched as Gabrielle's firm breasts began to emerge from underneath the material. Instantly a flood of Xena's desire began adding fluid to the already full lake. 'Oh Gods I'm going to drown' she thought.

As Gabrielle discarded her top she looked and saw that Xena had quit moving toward shore. She couldn't quite make sense of the expression she saw in Xena's eyes. She didn't contemplate this long because her gaze was drawn down to the top of Xena's gorgeous breasts just visible above the water. She took a deep breath, held it and then slowly released it. 'I just can't take it anymore' she thought as she quickly turned away and began removing her skirt.

Xena finally regained control and finished swimming to shore.

Once she was undressed Gabrielle quickly headed to jump in the lake but was stopped by Xena, "Wait Gabrielle. Don't get in yet" Gabrielle self-consciously stopped and looked at Xena. Emerging from the lake Xena continued, "I've got a surprise for you. Help me wrap the food and bath supplies in the blanket," Xena instructed as she grabbed her chakram.

Gabrielle did as she was asked. Xena picked up the supply-laden blanket and balanced it on her head, steadying it with one hand. She waded back into the water. "Don't forget the wine skin," she called over her shoulder as she started to swim toward the place where, one way or another, her fate with Gabrielle would be sealed.

Grabbing the wineskin Gabrielle finally headed for the protection of the water but she noticed Xena already swimming away. For some reason today she felt very exposed in her nudity. She usually felt very relaxed around Xena, even naked, but today she was sure that her body was betraying feelings her mind was not even ready to address. "Hey wait for me," Gabrielle yelled swimming to catch up to Xena.

Xena turned toward Gabrielle and waited for her to catch up. "Sorry," she said. "It's not that far and I just know you'll love what I've got to show you."

They swam along in companionable silence, both women's minds filled with thoughts of each other. Both women knowing, sensing, that today was going to be special. Both are trying to find the inner courage to make their feelings know. Neither knowing that the other was feeling exactly the same way.

They finally arrived at the hot spring, the warm water pulling both women from their musings. "Here we are," Xena indicated the warm pool and mossy outcropping with her eyes. She placed the supply laden blanket on the ledge and climbed out of the water.

Gabrielle unknowingly gasp as she intently watched the warm water cascading down Xena's smooth back and rolling over her firm buttox. Xena smiled hearing more confirmation of Gabrielle's unannounced feelings but not acknowledging she heard Gabrielle.

Xena reached down and took the wineskin from Gabrielle. "Just relax while I get our picnic ready then I'll join you. There are some nice rock outcroppings just right for chairs over here."

Xena spread out the blanket preparing it for future use. She sat the fresh fruit, bread, and honey on the edge of the blanket but within easy reach. She placed the soap and herbs next to the water, along with the wineskin. Her chakram was placed under the top edge of the blanket out of sight. She then executed a perfect dive into the clement water and disappeared from sight. She dove deeply, turned, and headed back towards Gabrielle.

All the while Xena was working at setting up the picnic, Gabrielle was enjoying the view of Xena's exquisite body, muscles flexing with each movement. The warm water, coupled with the warm sensation growing ever stronger between her legs, was pure bliss. She watched as Xena dove deeply into the lake and disappeared. She knew better than to become concerned but the longer Xena was absent from view the more her heart overrode the wisdom of her mind. Gabrielle arose from her rock chair and walked through the chest deep water to watch for her love, err… friend.

Just then Xena's body began to emerge towards the surface. Starting at Gabrielle's toes she moved to her well shaped legs, surfacing towards her carved thighs, passing much too quickly past her Golden curls to sculptured abs and firm round breasts as she broke through the water and stood in front of Gabrielle. Her journey to the surface past exquisitely desired treasures was more than Xena could stand. In slow motion she placed both hands on either side of Gabrielle's face and gazed into beautiful blue eyes, searching for signs of distress. Thankfully not spotting any, her lips embraced Gabrielle's softly, apprehensive of the response she would receive.

Gabrielle couldn't believe what was happening… Xena was finally kissing her. Gabrielle's hands went to Xena's waist pulling her closer as she relaxed into the kiss, prolonging the long sought after intimate contact.

'She wants this too!' Xena realized as she felt Gabrielle accepting her intimacy. Slowly Xena began pulling away taking Gabrielle's lower lip partway with her.

They slowly pulled away from each other Xena's foot sliding off the slick ledge causing the warrior princess to not so gracefully fall off into the water. 'So much for romance' Xena thought as she swam back to the surface and the smiling bard.

With the enchantment broken Gabrielle laughed at Xena's unusual lack of gracefulness

Xena smiled herself, "So do you like your surprise Gabrielle?"

"Ohhhh definitely," Gabrielle grinned.

"Good 'cause there's more in store for you. Now come here and let me wash your hair, " Xena said pulling Gabrielle by the waist toward the shallow end of the pool.

Gabrielle didn't realize that bathing could be so erotic. She had felt mild sensations when she had bathed with Xena before but not like she was experiencing today. Today every touch from Xena had her feeling previously unknown but very pleasurable sensations. Xena washed Gabrielle's hair tenderly then reached for the soap. She began soaping her back, rubbing her shoulders firmly. That soon turned into soft caresses as her hands moved down to Gabrielle's waist, then around to her abdomen, and up to their desired destination, her rounded breasts.

Gabrielle moaned at the contact and leaned back into Xena, her back coming in contact with Xena firm breasts. "Oh Xena, I didn't know anything could feel this good."

Xena chuckled, "If you think this feels good Gabrielle just wait. I have a very long day planned and believe me the feelings will only get better and better as the day goes on."

Although Gabrielle didn't want to remove herself from Xena's exquisite touch she had to turn around and look into those stunning blue eyes. What she saw there secured that her feelings for Xena were accurate… love. Love for her was evident in those eyes. She had never seen that look in Xena's eyes before and she thought her heart would break. She stood on the tip of her toes to reach Xena's lips, placing her hand in her thick black hair pulling Xena into a scorching, passionate kiss that gratified them both. Both women were left both wanting more.

"How about some food Gabrielle?" Xena quarried.

'What!' Gabrielle's mind reeled. "Ugh… sure… I guess so," Gabrielle replied no longer so sure of herself. Her emotions running rampant, causing chaos in her body and her mind.

Xena laughed and couldn't help but crack a big grin. "Don't worry Gabrielle you'll enjoy it. I mean you've always liked food and I know your going to love what else I have planned." She lithely jumped out of the water onto the blanket and turned around offering her hand to Gabrielle assisting her out of the water.

"You're beautiful," Gabrielle voiced eyeing Xena's body while accepting her hand and assistance out of the water. Gabrielle was elated at what was happening. Although she hadn't completely admitted it, this was what her body, and more importantly her heart, had wanted for so long.

Xena smiled at Gabrielle's verbalization and pulled the equally beautiful woman out of the water. Now it was Xena's turn to stare. She watched the water cascade over the blonde's firm breasts and erect nipples, down her firm abdomen, and dripping from her blonde curls; creating a waterfall hiding what Xena wanted to see and explore the most. She couldn't help but stare. Not wanting to make Gabrielle uncomfortable, she continued her visual journey to Gabrielle's thighs, then on down ending at her small feet. She then lifted her head to look into Gabrielle's eyes. "No Gabrielle, you are the one that is truly beautiful. It's not just your body that's beautiful but your heart and soul as well."

With their eyes not leaving each other, Xena led Gabrielle to the blanket and together they sat down. Xena reached over and took a peach from the pile of fruit and carefully pealed the skin with her agile long fingers. She then extended the fruit to Gabrielle's lips. Gabrielle took a generous bite, the juice from the ripe fruit spilling over and running down her chin. As she reached to wipe it away Xena stopped her by grasping her hand.

Xena leaned in and delicately began sucking the juice from Gabrielle's chin. Once complete, she moved up and licked the juice from Gabrielle's lower lip, slowly pulling back and licking her own lips in anticipation. Xena and Gabrielle collectively sighed. Xena took another bite of the fruit leaving most of the delicious peach protruding from her lips. She then offered the fruit and her lips to Gabrielle for consummation. Gabrielle gladly accepted. After the fruit was devoured Xena's lips were then consumed. The kiss instantly became passionate. Gabrielle's tongue filled the void of the now devoured fruit as she investigated every surface of Xena's mouth. Xena's tongue began her own exploration of Gabrielle's tongue and mouth.

Necessity of breath finally ended the kiss. Both women struggled to regain control of their breathing. Gabrielle leaned in for another kiss but Xena grabbed her shoulders and tenderly laid her back onto the blanket, "Not yet love." Xena reached for the honey and smiled.

Gabrielle couldn't help but grin herself, seemingly aware that Xena had something sensual planned. Her breathing increased as she watched in anticipation as Xena move the honey toward her naked body.

Xena begin dribbling the honey on Gabrielle's neck. Then she trailed sweet liquid to her right breast making concentric circles out from her erect nipple. She then trailed the liquid to the other breast, this time circling inward and allowing drops of honey to land precisely on Gabrielle's erect nipple. Gabrielle moaned with pleasure, causing Xena to excrete sweet liquid of her own from her hot core. Xena then drew the honey trail down to Gabrielle's firm abdomen, filling her umbilicus with sweet liquid. Xena then continued on to enthralling blonde curls that covered Gabrielle's sex.

Gabrielle was enraptured; watching Xena's eyes and she applied honey to her body was erotically stimulating. When the honey dripped onto her erect nipple she shuddered with immense pleasure. Oh how she wanted Xena's mouth where the honey was landing, sucking her nipple as she cleaned away the sweet tasting liquid. Gods Xena was driving her wild without even touching her.

"Spread your legs for me Gabrielle," Xena husked, her voice filled with desire.

"Oh Gods Xena," Gabrielle voiced out loud, "I can't stand it… I… I need you touching me."

Xena smiled, her eyes heavy laden with want. "Soon Gabrielle… soon. It will be worth the wait. I promise. Now please open your legs for me."

Gabrielle did as she was asked, spreading her legs wide for Xena, exposing her already liquid filled sex.

"Oh yes, Gabrielle," Xena whimpered. Without touching her, Xena applied honey to Gabrielle's curls then layered each lip with the golden liquid. The sensations Gabrielle was experiencing were incredible. Xena then commenced dripping honey, one drop at a time, onto Gabrielle's clit. That was nearly more than Gabrielle could take. She was ready to explode. Hearing Gabrielle's moans and her erratic breathing Xena realized this.

'Oh no you don't Gabrielle. Not yet' Xena thought as she detected Gabrielle's extreme arousal. She abandoned the honey and positioned her left thigh firmly against Gabrielle's sex. The warm liquid coating her smooth skin, raising her passion to even greater levels.

Gabrielle whimpered when she felt Xena's thigh press firmly against her sex. The feeling was perfect; it excited her while allowing her to regain some control over the overwhelming sensations. She watched as Xena began to climb up her body towards her awaiting lips. She licked her lips trying to find enough moisture to speak, finally whispering, "I love you Xena," before her lips were captured by Xena's. The kiss was amazing. Gabrielle pulled Xena closer to deepen the kiss and as she did their breasts touched. The sensation was incomparable, like nothing she had ever felt before. She couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to make love to this beautiful woman. Her lips tingled from Xena's kiss, her breasts quivered from the embrace, and her sex throbbed from the firm contact. "Oh Gods… Oh Gods… Oh Gods…" she tried to moan though Xena's mouth. Gabrielle never knew anything could make her feel this way. The love she felt for Xena at that moment was unrivaled.

When Xena pulled away from the kiss Gabrielle gasped and struggled for breath. The loss of contact with Xena was almost unbearable. "No… please…" she started but quickly paused as she saw the passion in Xena's ice blue eyes.

Smiling Xena lowered her mouth to Gabrielle's honey covered neck and began bathing the delicate flesh. She proceeded to cleanse Gabrielle's flesh following the path of sweet honey down to even sweeter breasts. She circled Gabrielle's right breast with her tongue ultimately ending at her rigid nipple. Xena grabbed it with her teeth and stretched it taught. She felt a shudder from Gabrielle's sex against her left thigh and knew that Gabrielle was enjoying her ministrations. Xena then moved to Gabrielle's left breast and continued her sensual assault by licking, sucking, nipping, and pleasuring every inch of her stunning breast.

Xena removed her thigh from its residence against Gabrielle's sex and repositioned her body completely between Gabrielle's legs. Her breasts rested slightly on Gabrielle's moist curls as she resettled her weight and began suckling the honey from Gabrielle's abdomen. Xena had such conflicting desire, she wanted to just complete her journey and take this stunning young woman… NOW, but yet she wanted this to last forever. Xena had never felt anything like this love before.

Xena took a deep breath and hesitated, she needed to hear Gabrielle's confirmation of her love before she concluded her journey. "I love you Gabrielle," Xena pledged.

"Oh Xena," Gabrielle assured finally finding the words suitable of a bard. A very aroused bard, "I love you too. You are so incredible. I can't believe how you are making me feel. Please don't stop. Take me. I want you to take me and make me yours... yours forever." Tears began to fill Gabrielle's eyes as she spoke.

Xena had all the confirmation she needed. She resumed her ministrations by licking the honey, and even sweeter juices, from Gabrielle's dripping sex, but avoiding contact with her swollen clit.

Gabrielle whimpered with barely controlled desire. She felt as if she was about to explode. The caress of Xena licking and sucking her sex was incredible. She gasp with pleasure as she felt Xena's tongue penetrate inside her. Fighting for control, but unable to contain her desire, she grabbed Xena's wet black hair and pushed her even further inside.

Not wanting Gabrielle to climax she removed her tongue, dripping with Gabrielle's juices, and climbed up Gabrielle's body.

"No Xena… please don't stop," Gabrielle frustratingly cried just before tasting herself, intermixed with honey, on Xena's lips. She relented the plea and just relaxed into the pleasurable kiss.

"I won't Gabrielle," Xena husk, "I just wanted you to know how good you taste before I take you completely." Xena climbed down Gabrielle's body, this time straddling Gabrielle's thigh with her sex, her own juices saturating Gabrielle's smooth skin. Xena then slowly began circling Gabrielle's clit with her tongue. Fed by her own inflamed desire, Xena became more forceful in stimulating Gabrielle's clit, licking and sucking, then pulling it into her mouth; all the while moving herself against Gabrielle's thigh, to satisfy her own unbridled desire.

"Yes Xena!" Gabrielle screamed her cries echoing off the cliff walls.

"Oh Gabrielle," Xena moaned. Not slowing her oral assault she took one finger and entered Gabrielle, exploring every portion of sensitive flesh. Delighted by Gabrielle's pleasant cries she added a second finger and began thrusting her fingers inside of Gabrielle.

Gabrielle's hips began to rock matching Xena's rhythm, her hands in tight fists tearing at the blanket. "Gods Yes! Oh… Yes!!! Xena!!! Yes! Ohhhhh…" Gabrielle screamed as she could no longer stand the pleasant torture and tumbled over the threshold reaching a soul shattering climax.

Xena stilled her fingers inside Gabrielle, feeling Gabrielle's muscles contracting in spasms around them, while she continued to stimulate her own sex against Gabrielle. After hearing Gabrielle's screams of pleasurable it didn't take much to send her over the precipice as well Xena came herself screaming Gabrielle's name then settling herself partially on top of her bard. 'I'm finally where I should be,' Xena thought, 'Where I've always wanted to be.' However, she only had the strength at the moment to whisper, "I love you Gabrielle."

Xena withdrew her fingers as Gabrielle's entire body began to shake. As she gathered up the bard into her arms she noticed that tears were streaming down her face. "What's wrong love," she ask, concern filling her voice and her heart.

"Nothing Xena. Absolutely nothing. I just can't seem to control my body… or my emotions."

Xena smiled and tenderly brushing aside sweat soaked strands of hair from Gabrielle's forehead so she could place a tender kiss there. "It's okay Gabrielle. I've got you. Just relax and let me take care of you."

Gabrielle smiled in response and relaxed back into Xena's arms. Xena rose carrying her over to the hot spring, gracefully climbing into the warm water.

The feel of warm water and Xena's arms wrapped around her allowed Gabrielle to calm down, accepting the pleasurable feel of her cascading emotions. "I love you Xena," she grinned, "that was incredible."

"Yeah," Xena smirked in return, finding a smooth rock to sit on. She sat Gabrielle on her lap and grabbed their bathing supplies. She helped Gabrielle remove the remaining, uneaten honey as well as the remnants of their passion. She then allowed Gabrielle to do the same to her.

After they finished bathing they climbed onto the blanket. A growl from Gabrielle's stomach made her realize how hungry she was. "I'm starving Xena. That workout left me famished. How about we finish our picnic?"

Relaxed for a change Xena reclined on the blanket, laughed, and replied, "Gabrielle, I can't imagine that you would be hungry." She then quickly moved to catch the grape Gabrielle had thrown at her in her teeth. "Thanks, that tasted good how about some more? Oh, and would you mind passing me the wineskin."

Gabrielle smiled; giving in she simply handed Xena more grapes, the wineskin, and some bread, withholding the honey. She didn't want to waste the precious sweet liquid that had so many uses.

Thus began the wonderful change in Xena's and Gabrielle's relationship. The true friends and soul mates were finally united as lovers. The best was left to come and today they both were able to realize it.

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