Taking Her Home
part 2

by lynka

Chapter Three

“Well, are we ready to get this trip underway?” Xena asked as she fastened the last of their gear on the saddle.

“Ahh… Xena… What about Suje? Do we put a rope around her or just hope she follows us?” the bard questioned as she held Suje's hand.

“Hmmm. I don't know.” She thought, “How about if you give her one end of a rope to hold and you hold the other end.”

“That's a great idea,” Gabrielle said reaching over and accepting the offered piece of rope.

“Okay Suje... hold the rope like this,” the bard showed her clutching the rope in her hand. “Hold tight, okay” Suje clutched the other end of the rope. “Okay Xena… We're ready. Where are we heading?”

“First to the Amazons,” Xena replied while she mounted her mare.

“The Amazons?”

“The dragon's realm lies past the Amazon territory so we'll stop off for a quick visit with Ephiny.”

“Sounds good to me.” Gabrielle was walking Suje toward Xena and Argo.

Xena shook her head trying to hide a smile that formed on her lips as she watched her bard walking the baby dragon. She kicked Argo into a walk and took up the lead heading toward Amazon Territory.

“We can travel on the road until the sun rises above us. By then we will reach the part of the road that is traveled frequently by armies and warlords alike. It will be best if we stay off the main road then. It'll take us longer but I'm sure we'll be safer especially given people's fears of the unknown.”

“Anything that's just a little unusual and people think it's the work of the gods or black majik. I just don't understand,” Gabrielle said shaking her head.

As the sun hit the high point in the sky, Xena slowed Argo motioning for Gabrielle to stop. “We'll have to get off the road here,” she said pointing to a path barely visible past the growth that time allowed to flourish. “This used to be road before the farmers decided it was too bumpy for their wagons. It should allow us to travel without being seen.”

“I don't know Xena. It looks kind of rough.”

“Naw. It will be okay. I hope. Anyway, we can't risk Suje being seen. There are too many people who think that dragons are worth a lot of dinars .” Xena dismounted Argo taking her reins in her hands leading the mare onto the new path. “Gabrielle, you follow close. Don't fall behind. I'll try and make the path easier for you and Suje.”

“I'm sure she'll appreciate that, love.” Xena turned to give Gabrielle one of her infamous 'raised eyebrow' looks but laughed as she saw her bard trying to imitate the warrior.

“Let's go.”

“We're right behind you, warrior princess,” Gabrielle chuckled.

Traveling proved to be difficult at best as Gabrielle and Suje walked around large patches of thick underbrush and trees standing to close together for Suje to amble through. “Gabrielle, this isn't going to work. The forest is just too dense. I'm afraid we're going to have to go back to the road. I was hoping to avoid that but...” She let her words drop as she looked over at understanding eyes.

“I know,” the bard whispered saying a small prayer to Artemis to keep them safe.

Seeing the unmistakable worry in the bard's posture Xena dismounted from Argo moving over to her and putting an arm around her lover. “Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to her.” She said running her fingers over the soft skin of Gabrielle's cheek.

“I know, I just want her to be safe. I mean. Look at her. She's just a baby.” Gabrielle said looking at Suje.

Xena tightened her hold as her arms circled her upset friend. “You've gotten pretty attached, haven't you?' she asked knowing the answer. “I promise we'll find a safe way to get her home.” Xena said bringing the bards eyes up to meet hers. “I promise” she whispered hugging her. “Tell you what, there's not much daylight left. Why don't we find a place to set up camp then we can get an early start tomorrow.” She could feel Gabrielle's head nod up and down as she squeezed her one last time then released her rubbing her fingers along her arm as she stepped away.


“How do you do it all the time” Gabrielle asked.

“What?” the puzzled warrior asked.

“You always seem to find the perfect place to camp. The trees are full of berries for Suje, the rabbit for dinner, water and grass for Argo.”

“Hum…just one of my…”

The bard cut her off, “…many skills. Yeah…yeah.. I know.

The moon was high in the eastern sky before Gabrielle got Suje settled beside Argo.

“Everything okay over there?” Xena asked as she was sharpening her sword.

Stepping around the fire Gabrielle kneeled in front of the warrior. “Yeah, she's okay but she sure didn't want to leave my side.”

Smiling and turning her head to the side. “Don't blame her,” she said putting her sword down and cupping the bard's cheeks.

Blushing, Gabrielle was glad it was dark to hide the deep crimson her face turned as she looked up at her warrior capturing waiting and willing lips. Slowly Xena laid the bard back onto the bedroll. Gabrielle reached around untying the laces on the leather as Xena untied the laces of the bard's top. Gabrielle pulled the leathers over Xena's head and let them lay where they fell. The bard was already naked as the warrior settled back on top of her lying between her legs. Nibbling on Gabrielle's neck Xena pushed herself into the bard letting her hips rock with each returned thrust their breathing deepened. “Oh…..”
Gabrielle closed her eyes enjoying all the familiar sensations coursing through her body.

“Gab…ri…elle…” Xena moaned moving down capturing a nipple between her teeth. The bard moaned and put her hands on the warrior's shoulders gently pushing her lower. “yes…ohhh….X…e…n…a” Gabrielle's moans got slightly louder. She knew how much her warrior liked to hear her. A sudden chill crossed the bard's body and she opened her eyes just as Xena yelled “PUT ME DOWN”.

Gabrielle jumped to her feet. Holding out her hands trying to reason with the dragon and calm Xena down at the same time. Suje held Xena with one hand in the air while she kicked and screamed. Finally Xena clamped her teeth together and took a long slow deep breath. “Okay Suje put me down and I'll let you live” A long heart beat later “NOW!” she demanded. Startled, Suje let her go and grabbed her tail. Xena hit the ground with a thud. Gabrielle quickly stepped between them. “Come on Suje…Let go of your tail… It's okay…” She said looking over her shoulder at a seething warrior. “Her bark is worse then her bite.” She continued patting the dragon's hand while she walked Suje back over to where Argo was standing watching. “Argo, you were suppose to watch her.” Gabrielle reminded the mare as she ducked her head and shook it. Gabrielle laughed and scratched her nose affectionately.

“Okay…you two settled alright,” Gabrielle asked after rubbing Suje's belly for a few moments. Looking over at Xena who was laying on the bedroll with her hands behind her head she said quietly, “she's a sucker for a belly rub too.”

Kneeling beside the lounging warrior Gabrielle just looked at the amused grin on her lover. “You're not mad?”

“Humm…I guess I was at first but she's only trying to protect you and since I spend my life doing the same thing…” she let the words fall.

“I'm sorry Xena,” the bard whispered laying down beside her and pulling the blanket over them. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” the warrior said cuddling up to the bard's back putting her arm under her head and the other over her waist pulling her close. “Talk about a mood breaker. I guess we'll just have to wait a few days,” she whispered into the bard's ear sending chills down her back. “You cold?” she asked.

“No… no… just… um”

“Horny?” the warrior asked feeling the embarrassment rise in her bard.

Slapping her hand back at a chuckling Xena who caught it before it made contact, “You're feisty when you're embarrassed.”

“I owe you for that one,” Gabrielle said kicking her foot back making contact with the shin behind her.

“Ouch… okay… okay… truce,” Xena mused wrapping her body around the bards.

Chapter 4

“Alright…we ready back there?” Xena asked turning around looking at the pair behind her. Gabrielle nodded with her usual smile. Kicking Argo in the sides slowly they began down the road. The morning mist tickled Argo's nose causing her to snort. Suje tried to imitate her new friend by blowing air out her nose.

“Xena, I think they're trying to talk to each other.”

“No, little one. I think they're trying my patience. Now you both hush up.”

The morning was moving right along. They had covered so much more territory by sticking to the road instead of the dense forest of the previous day. Despite numerous warnings from a cautious warrior, Argo and Suje continued their battle of trying to out-snort the other and Gabrielle was chattering away working on a story as she held on to her end of the rope that Suje clutched in her hand.

Xena stood in her stirrups slightly and bent forward using her knees to steady herself. Whispering into her mare's ear she asked, “Well girl, what do you think of Suje?” Argo snorted and shook her head up and down in approval of the dragon. Xena started to laugh when she went flying off the saddle landing in front of Argo facing back towards Gabrielle and Suje. “HEY! What was that?.”

Gabrielle stood with her hand over her mouth trying not to laugh. Suje just sat down, replacing her lead rope with her tail.

“What in tartarus?” Xena questioned the bard as she stood rubbing her rear softly.

“Ahmm… When Argo snorted, Suje tried to imitate her…” Gabrielle tried to contain her giggles but was failing miserably. “Only instead of air a small ball of fire came out her nose instead.” Her giggles became louder but she managed to finish her sentence, “and hit you right in your rump.” Gabrielle arched her arm up imitating the warrior princess' flight off of her steady warhorse. “I'm… ah… I'm… sorry… But you should have seen yourself. And poor Suje… I thought she was going to run the other way. You really do intimidate her you know.” The bard couldn't help herself any longer and fell to her knees laughing. She looked up at the warrior whose mouth had curled up into a grin as she tried to maintain her menacing look. Seconds later she joined her bard on the ground in the unsolicited comedy relief. Tears were rolling down the bard's cheeks as she struggled to compose herself. Xena stood up pulling the smaller woman with her. “Oh Xena look,” the bard nodded towards a frightened Suje. “Go tell her it's okay.”

“What? I get zapped with a fireball and it's okay?” the menacing look had no effect on the bard.

“Xena,” the storyteller lowered her tone.

'Grumble…grumble' Xena kept muttering under her breath as she stepped closer to a very frightened dragon. Gently Xena reached out and touched the hand she clutched her tail with. “Okay, I know you didn't do that on purpose,” she scolded but kept her voice soft. “Just watch next time.” She smiled patting the hand under hers. “Okay, all fixed. Let's go” the warrior said rubbing the tender spot on her rear.

“Let me look at that first,” Gabrielle said lifting the leather strips. Xena swatted her hand away. “Let me see that. We might need to put some suave on it.”

“Ow…” the warrior gave in bending over in front of a grinning bard.

“Looks pretty tender,” the storyteller told her.

“Huh… how do you know? I still have my pants on.” Xena tried to look at her behind.

“Maybe it's the hole in your pants the size of my fist.” Gabrielle closed her hand into a fist for a visual effect.

“Oh! Great. Great. That's just great,” scowled the warrior.

“Come on. It's getting close to lunch time anyway. Let's find a spot and I'll sew them up for you.” The bard tried to ease the warrior into a better frame of mind.

Walking into the forest the warrior had noticed for the first time just how tender it really was. She stepped carefully trying not to put anymore stretch into her buttock then necessary.

At Xena's insistence Gabrielle settled Argo and Suje before she walked over to the still standing warrior. “Okay, let me help you off with those.”

“I think I can still pull my own pants down… thank you,” the taller woman growled.

“Okay,” she shrugged stepping back to watch.

Xena hooked her fingers into the waistband and began sliding her pants down until she reached the point where tender skin began. “Ouch!” she complained. “Okay… so help me… but not a word… not a giggle… not a sound… understand?” she warned.

“Okay, let me get this suave on the burn first,” she told the older woman who turned around and lifted the leather strips to her skirt. Gabrielle gently rubbed the suave in giving her companion almost instant relief. When she was done she leaned forward and kissed the tender area while massaging the other cheek. “Here, sit on this.” She folded her blanket over several times trying to make it as soft as she could for her. Carefully Xena sat down and balanced herself on one side.

“This is embarrassing. What if we were attacked. They would die from laughing. A warrior without her britches. I can hear the stories now,” she commented to the woman that was busy sewing her britches while tapping her fingers on her thigh.

Chuckling the bard looked over at her, “Come on Xena. We both know you would just kill them all and no one would ever know… except…” she let the sentence drop and smiled to herself. The look wasn't missed by the experienced warrior.

Her eyes narrowed at the bard, “You wouldn't?” she threatened.

“I've been wanting to write some comedy…” she was unable to finish her sentence when the warrior's body covered her. Arching an eyebrow skyward the warrior growled.

“Okay… okay… I promise,” giggled a surprised bard.

“Now that I have my britches off, how about…” she didn't finish her sentence as she looked up and saw a very large baby dragon heading her way. She opened her finger at her and Suje stopped in mid step. The warrior turned her attention back to the bard, “When we get to the Amazon Village, Ephiny is going to baby sit for a few hours, maybe a few days,” the frustrated warrior said.

Kissing her tenderly the bard whispered, “I completely agree. Now let me finish sewing that hole.” She patted the warrior's bare cheek. “Okay, all done.” The bard held the britches open so the warrior could step into them and helped her pull them up over her boots and knee armor.

“Oh… that material is rough.” The warrior commented blinking at a watching blonde. Shaking her head and smiling, Gabrielle pulled over the saddlebag to retrieve a soft piece of cloth. Spreading more of the suave on it she put it between the rough material of the warrior's britches and her soft skin. “Better?” she questioned.

“Yeah… thanks,” Xena said. “Now, how about lunch?”

Part 3

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