Talk To Me

By Chiva

I just saw the South Park movie so this is kind of STUPID.

This fan fic is alt. Fanfic and is not recommended for the young.

"I do love you Gabriele!"

"Xena we don’t even talk any more. All you want to do is make love to me."

"Honey how can you say that! We talk."

"Some how I don’t think telling me to go down on you qualifies as conversation."

"Okay baby look I’m a warrior with needs and you are my woman, so you must satisfy my every

Want and desire. I thought that’s why we got married!"

"Is that the only reason you married me, So you could fuck me!"

" Well it’s not like you were giving it up before!"

" Dame you Xena, if all you want is some body to warm your bed and fuck, then you are totally
fucked up!"

"Baby I’m just playing with you! Don’t be mad at me. Come to bed and we can make up!"

"That’s it Xena, I want you out of my hut! I should have listend to Ephiny."

"First of all it’s our hut and second what did Ephiny say to you?"

"Fine I’m going to mothers for a while, You can stay here and fuck your self!"

"You are not going to potedia it’s to far."

"I thought we had a loving relationship but I guess I was wrong."

"I do love you and we can talk more if that’s what you want to do. I’m sorry that I love the way you
feel under me while I’m thrusting in and out of you, But dame it feels so good to know I can make
you feel that way with my touch baby!"

"Oh baby I love the way it feels to but I need you to understand that I am more than just your fuck
toy! I’m also your wife and I need to know that we can talk about things other than SEX."

"I will do anything you want me to do but please don’t go to your mothers, I hate the fact that she
thinks I’m no good for you."

"Well it would help if she didn’t see the hickeys every time she visits me Xena."

"What now I can’t kiss my wife's neck?"

" Baby you can kiss but try not to suck so much!"

"Gabriele can we talk about something else I’m starting to get horny!"

" Look Xena I think that maybe we should just try and use control in that department."

" I have control, Believe me otherwise I would be taking you all over the place!"

" It’s not like you haven’t Xena!"

"Fine, I won’t touch you at all okay!"

Ten minutes later……

"Love look at me."

"Why so you can tell me how horny I am!"

"After all this talking I think I’m horny too."

"Unbelievable all I had to do was talk!"



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