by Cath, Bard

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This story explores the somewhat erotic relationship between Gabrielle and Aiden, the villain of a Xena: Warrior Princess television episode entitled Paradise Found. It may not be to everyone's taste, but it does reaffirm what Xena fans already know...

If mild erotica offends you, please stop here. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

No offense is meant to the tantric practice; the author does not presume expertise in
that art, or in the practice of yoga. This story is for pleasure only. It helps if
you've seen Paradise Found-- one of the author's favorite episodes. Tantricks was originally written for my compatriots at LaLa and Netgyrl's "Tavern Wall." (Thanks for your feedback, fellow Wallers)

Whew…on with the story.

Aiden watched his student as she arched into cobra pose, stomach on the ground, head elevated, chest and back stretched. He instructed her to give him first her right arm, then her left, as he pulled her strong body up, further stretching her chest and back into the pose. Gabrielle was now spread, suspended beneath him. Her teacher reminded her to breath and labored to control his own breathing as he looked down at the beautiful young woman whose body and spirit soon would be his to command and drain.

Without warning, a memory flashed into Gabrielle's mind - the image of her daughter, Hope, killing Xena's only son, Solan. The sorrow and pain haunted her again.

Her lower lip trembled; her face became a mask of remorse. Tears clouded her eyes and her head slumped forward onto her chest. Slowly, Aiden released her arms. She sagged to the floor and rolled onto her side, curling into a fetal position. She could not control her sobs.

"Gods. I'm a monster," Gabrielle lamented.
Aiden sat beside her and took her head and shoulders onto his lap.

"Shhh..," he soothed as he stroked her hair and cheek. "No, you're not a monster."

Aiden comforted her with tales of overcoming his own dark past, then suggested they stop for the day. He held her as her tears continued, then abated.

Gabrielle rested in his arms and started drifting off to sleep. Just yesterday, her yoga exercises with Aiden had energized her. Now, she felt weak, limp, lifeless.

Aiden continued to stroke her long, blonde hair, then pulled it aside and ran his fingers softly down the side of Gabrielle's neck.

"Here, turn over on your back," he commanded gently.

Gabrielle obeyed.

Aiden placed a small pillow under her neck. He sat just at her head and began massaging her temples, then the areas around her eyes. Gabrielle relaxed visibly at his touch.

"So much trust," he thought, "so much goodness. Taking it will be my pleasure."

His fingers played deftly down her cheeks and he circled her full, lovely mouth with his thumb.

"Mmmm… that feels good," breathed Gabrielle. She looked blissful, with eyes shut and golden hair spread out on the pillow.

Aiden worked his way down her throat, to the hollow at the base of her neck. She tilted her head up and back slightly to allow him more access. Now, his hands found their way out her collarbone on both sides, to her shoulders. He massaged these tight areas thoroughly, until Gabrielle sighed with pleasure.

His strong fingers roamed back across her collarbone toward her neck. He hesitated at her throat and then moved both hands down her body stroking her chest from the sternum outward. He reached the sensitive area between two full, firm breasts and began playing at the inner edges.

This intimate movement surprised Gabrielle. Her eyes flew open, but she looked up into the hypnotic gaze of her teacher and saw him smile. She suppressed the small voice warning her to take care, and awaited whatever came next.

Aiden told her to roll over on her stomach -- face down on the comfortable, padded mat. She did as told, no longer possessing a will of her own. He rose to his knees and reached for the laces securing her body wrap. He pulled one end and undid the laces, moving the wrap to either side of her smooth, muscular back.

The mystic noted the woman's firm, toned beauty as he pushed aside her top and began feather-light touches. He followed with a full back massage. Gabrielle sighed again.

He ordered her to turn over. After an instant's hesitation, Gabrielle did so.

"Gods," she thought, "I'm giving this man everything he wants. I have no will to even ask why."

Aiden looked at her for a moment, then reached down and pulled away her top at the front, freeing her breasts. Her nipples grew erect and sensitive in the cool air.

She began to sit up, but he placed one hand on her chest and gently pushed her down.

"Today, I'd like to teach you something about tantric positions," he explained.

Gabrielle gulped and sensed herself beginning to panic. Bared to the waist, on her back, in front of someone she'd known only a few days -- this was not how she interpreted tantric practice during her previous studies. Paradise was quickly losing its appeal.

"Umm…. I'm not sure I'm ready for this." The Bard tried to buy some time, hoping Xena might wander in. She wanted to call for help, but her instincts told her that might make matters worse and, besides, she was curious. She had no reason to fear Aiden, yet.

"Gabrielle," Aiden almost purred her name, "this method of uniting two people is just another way to harness the energy that creates a perfect world. I know you find it a little frightening. I don't blame you. But, it's not like that. We're going to go only as far as you feel comfortable."

"Actually, I don't feel comfortable at all," replied the young woman as she folded her arms across her breasts attempting to cover them.

"OK, then, we'll stop for today." As he said this, Aiden drew a slow circle on her chest just above her folded arms. He smiled. "Let's finish with some cleansing breaths. Sit up."

Gabrielle sat up and reached for her top. Aiden stopped her.

"Don't worry about that."

She swallowed hard, but said nothing.

He allowed her to sit up and both of them assumed the full lotus position. Gabrielle concentrated on lowering her hips and knees to keep her back comfortable. She found it difficult to breath and focus, exposed as she was. Aiden appeared to look right through her and this eased her embarrassment.

When they had finished a few exercises, he gazed intently at the Bard and said, "You know, you really are quite exquisite. So much goodness and love, so sensual, and so responsive. You longed for someone's touch. Mine? Xena's?"

He reached over and placed a hand on her knee.

"I could teach you techniques that would help Xena release some of that darkness she carries. You could help her, Gabrielle. Heal her. Make love to her."

"I can't picture Xena going for this sort of thing," she responded, but her voice carried a note of uncertainty. In a corner of her mind, Gabrielle recalled more intimate encounters with her Warrior. She knew Xena could teach Aiden a few positions.

The creator of this illusory paradise saw an opening and pressed his advantage.

"Bear with me. I only want to show you something. You can stop me any time."

Gabrielle remained seated despite her desire to run -- frozen before this man's hypnotic power and his promise of a way to help, and perhaps pleasure, her soulmate.

Aiden positioned himself in front of her, his legs crossed. She lowered her eyes as he gazed at her. He reached out and placed his fingers under her chin, lifting her head.

"Watch me. Do as I say," he directed, his voice soft, but firm.

He folded his hands as in prayer. Gabrielle imitated him. He instructed her to take several breaths along with him. Soon, they were breathing in tandem.

Aiden showed the Bard several special positions. He maintained the teacher's attitude, never touching her sexually, but she could feel her arousal and so could he. They ended in a sensual embrace: he still in a cross-legged lotus position; she with her legs straight, draped across his thighs. They wrapped their arms around each other. Aiden drew her in for a kiss. At first, it seemed almost brotherly, or friendly. However, the kiss grew in length and depth until he was exploring her mouth and lips. Gabrielle tried to pull away, but he held her. They were dangerously close, their sexual centers almost touching, their breathing synchronized.

Aiden generated a heat that Gabrielle found frightening, yet enticing.

Last night, when Xena confronted her, she had denied that she liked him. She still did not like him, but he aroused a deep passion in her - a passion that she failed to recapture with Xena when she returned from Dahak's fiery pit. So much had happened to them. With the vision of their crucifixions foremost in Xena's thoughts, the Warrior Princess treated Gabrielle differently, as if she was afraid to get close, then lose her soulmate again. Xena's remoteness, combined with Gabrielle's trusting nature, made the Bard ripe for what Aiden had in mind, and it involved more than yoga.

Aiden placed his right hand in the middle of her chest, then moved slowly toward her heart. Her breathing accelerated and she felt a warmth rise to her cheeks. With his other hand, he took her hand and moved it to his heart. She felt his heartbeat - slow and strong.

"Gods, it's hot in here!" her mind exclaimed, but she remained silent.

He pulled his hand away and moved closer, drawing himself between her legs. His hands traveled to her breasts. He began a slow, sensuous kneading.

Gabrielle knew she was at the edge. Physical desire clashed with fidelity. She might learn something from Aiden, but at what price?

He moved down to her strong, tight abdomen, stroking lightly. Then, he positioned her on her back, her legs still draped over his thighs. Her flexibility amazed him, especially for one who had just begun her practice.

Aiden pulled the drawstring that fastened her pants about her waist and started to remove this final barrier. The warning voice in her head screamed through her arousal. She saw Xena's face and recognized the beginning of another betrayal.

"No!" Gabrielle spoke firmly and sat up.

Aiden looked stunned, but quickly recovered his composure. Without a word, he stood and offered his hand. He hauled her to a standing position and she backed away, seizing her top and covering her breasts. She blushed and stammered slightly as she tried to explain to her instructor.

"You see," Gabriele began, "it just wouldn't be right. Not for me. I can't do this to Xena. She's my friend, my best friend, …my …… love, …lover. I won't do this to her. Not again. Never again."

Aiden adopted an understanding expression to mask his disappointment and anger. He planned to use Gabrielle for pleasure, as well as drain her of her goodness to fuel the world he created. Her loyalty and love thwarted his plan, and frustrated him.

"I understand," he spoke with gentle forbearance, using a tone of disappointment to place guilt on the Bard. "We'll continue with a different lesson, tomorrow."

But he knew that tomorrow was the day he would take Gabrielle's very essence - her generosity and kindness. All that made her.

Of course, he forgot that Xena protected her Bard.

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