Tell Me

By: Teagen2






Alternative Warning: This story contains scenes of a loving relationship between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.


Author’s Notes: This short story is my attempt to get back into the flow. Be gentle. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to





Questions. Worries. That’s all that seems to be in my head at the moment. I love her. I can’t deny that. She says she loves me too, but how can I really be sure? Xena is the most important thing in my life. Sometimes I feel small standing next to her.....and I don’t mean physically. Though she towers over me by a mere eight inches or so.


I watch her at the bar. She is in a relaxed state, but she is also in full warrior mode. I guess I’m the only one that can tell when she is in both. Xena has a very causal walk as she strides towards me. If she were swinging her hips just a little more, it would be a seductive walk. “Here ya go.” She places the mug in front of me.


“Thanks.” I say quietly.


“What’s wrong?”





How can I get the answers I’m looking for? I could try the direct approach, but somehow I don’t think that will work. Then it hit me.....Tell. One thing that my mother taught me was a very discreet game to lure your partner into a trap. A verbal trap. Using only the tone of your voice and style in which you present it, to make your lover talk. I’m a bard. I can do this. Xena’s very smart though. Once she realizes what I’m doing, she may force me into direct conversation. Either way I’ll get what I want. to begin.



Perfect. She’s eyeing a soldier in the corner. I know why she is. His armor. Its very elaborate and Xena is always one to admire good weaponry. “See anything interesting?” Her head snaps back to its original position.


“No of course not.”


“Really.” I sit back in my chair slightly.


“Yes really.” She mocks my tone, taking another drink.


“So why don’t you go over and......tell him you like his choice of armor.” She looks up at me which a stern face, but only I can see the smile that’s behind those eyes. I’ve got her.


“Because I’m taken that’s why.”


“Who is this fine specimen that has won the charms of the great Warrior Princess?” I lean forward and place my forearms on the table.


“She’s very......” She appears to think for a minute, bringing a grin to my face. “Beautiful and kind.”


“Must be a knockout to win your affections, Warrior.”


“She is.”


“She must be a warrior, too.”


“No...Well yes, but only when she has to be. She’s a wonderful storyteller and writer.”


“Oh.” I say, sounding unimpressed. “A bard.”


“Best one in the world.”


“That good huh?”


“Damn right.”




This verbal banter is really becoming fun. I can tell Xena is totally immersed in what we are doing and I have her complete attention. That is rare in a public setting. I managed to bring her out of her warrior mode. “So I couldn’t talk you into straying.”


“No way.”


“Does she love you that much?”


“I love her that much.” she said sincerely. I wasn’t expecting that. “She’s my world.” Xena takes another drink and takes her time swallowing. I love it when she does that. It makes her neck very appealing. Momentary distraction. Back to it.


“Come on. There’s gotta be something wrong with this....bard. Something you don’t like.”


“Can’t think of anything.” she grins.


“Does she tell you she loves you?”


“Oh yes....It makes me feel ten feet tall.”


“Not too far off there, Warrior.” I smile. She smirks. “So, you would never betray her?”


“Never. I’ll throw myself off a cliff first.”



I got what I needed. She does love me. How did I earn the privilege of being with her? I hope I never lose it. I meet her eyes. Somehow I signal to her, without words, that I am through with our little game. “I love you, Xena.”


“I love you, Gabrielle......Were you really doubting me?” she asks as we stand to leave. I grab my staff as I move away from the table.


“Not really. Its just that sometimes I like to be reassured.”


“That’s a pretty neat game. Finding out what your partner might say...What do you call it?”




“I like it a lot. Better than that guessing game you made up.” I feel her hand rest on my lower back as she guides me towards the stairs, leading to our room.


“Wanna play again sometime?”


“Sure....but I have something to tell you.” I look at her with concern.


“What?” Xena leans in, so close I can feel her breath in my ear.


“I’ll have to tell you upstairs.” she smiles. Oh how I love this woman.




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