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A finger trails down the soft inner skin of a long muscular arm. A hand swats with lightening speed. The finger escapes, just barely, and a soft giggle dusts the morning air. Again, the finger starts it's trail down the sensitive skin. This time the lightening speed of the hand is to fast, and it curls around the wrist of the tormentor. A gasp is heard, as green eyes widen, in shock. Slowly dark lashes lift, and eyes the colour of the morning sky, look up into the mischievous green ones.
"Morning, Gabrielle." Xena's voice still husky from sleep, sent shivers through Gabrielle.
"Morning, sleepy head." Gabrielle, couldn't help the chuckle that rose in her throat. It was nice to be able to wake Xena up for a change, and it was nicer still to be responsible for her sleeping in.
The blue eyes, burned a sensual trail, as they took in the sight before them. The heat created from that look, warmed both women, and their bodies responded by moving toward one another. Gabrielle's eyes never left Xena's as she lowered her lips, and caressed, and taunted Xena's.
"Mmmm, I could get used to waking up this way." Xena's lips vibrated with her words. She reached around Gabrielle, and pulled her down so that their bodies could make fuller contact.
Gabrielle's lips trailed across Xena's smooth skin, as she made her way to the ultra sensitive ear lobe of her warrior. As she suckled and nipped, she whispered in the ear, "Lover, you had better get used to this, cause your mine." A bite, accentuated her next words,"Forever. Isn't that right, Xena." Gabrielle's eyes sparkled and her lips drew into a playful smile at Xena's responding groan. She decided she liked this new power she had gained, and her confidence grew with everyone of Xena's moans and groans. "Is that clear?" Gabrielle demanded, biting a little harder on Xena's ear.
"Gods, Gabrielle!" Xena's voice came in a choked gasp, as the pleasure of the bites, coursed through her body.
Gabrielle, took Xena's hands in her own, and using her body weight, pushed them until they were above Xena's head. "I asked you a question, and I'm waiting for an answer." Gabrielle's voice had dropped at least two octaves, as her passion started to unleash itself. To make her point, she leaned down and sucked at one of the strong muscles in Xena's neck. Then taking it between her teeth, she held it there, demanding her answer. As each second passed, her teeth tightened their hold.
"Gabrielle!" Xena's body, was arching up into the bards, as she called out to her. By now Xena couldn't even remember the question, and she wasn't even sure she could articulate the answer, if she did. "Gabrielle, pleeeaseeee....AHHH!" Xena screamed as Gabrielle teeth clamped down solidly on her neck, her body bucking in response. The heat of her desire mingled with the dampness that she now felt growing between her thighs. This was a side of Gabrielle she was not used to yet, but she had to admit, she loved it. Never before had she ever let anyone dominate her, not even in bed. Yet she found Gabrielle's insatiable hunger, and growing dominance of her, more exciting than anything she had ever experienced before.
Gabrielle felt an incredible fire building within herself, with each of Xena's responses. It almost seemed as if her bodies physical strength grew, and now she used that to pin Xena's legs under her own. Sliding her body down the warriors, while still keeping the arms pinned, she trailed her tongue down the strong neck, and across the breast bone. Sliding further still, she started to circle the right breast, with teasing licks and nips.
"Gab...ri..elle..." Xena choked out, in torment. Her body positively writhing now.
Not even looking up or stopping her tormenting, Gabrielle asked the question again, "Are you mine, all mine, forever?" Her tongue swirled oh so close to the hardened nipple.
"Gods Gabrielle, your driving me insane." Xena moaned, as she tried to turn so that the aching nipple, would find an end to it's torment, but Gabrielle would have none of that.
"That's not what I asked you, now TELL me, are you MINE!" Gabrielle fairly vibrated, with the intensity of her excitement. She touched the tip of the aching nipple with her tongue.
"Yesss" Xena hissed through her teeth. "Yesss, Gabrielle." This time it sounded more like a plea, as Xena's voice broke, into a small cry. "Uhnnn"
Gabrielle's mouth hovered around the nipple, it was taking everything she had not to just take her lover, but the struggle was worth it. Her breath hot on the sensitive nub, she pressed herself into her lovers body, and continued her torment. "Yes Gabrielle, take me, or yes Gabrielle I'm yours?" "I need to hear you say the words Xena." Gabrielle voice was so husky, with her own need, she almost didn't recognize herself. Raising her head she looked straight into Xena's desire hazed eyes and said these words with her eyes, as well as her voice. "Tell me that you are mine, and then I'll show you just how much you are."
Xena's eyes closed as another wave rippled through her body, her muscles clenching as she held on to the ball of fire resting deep within her. Slowly she reopened her eye's, and looked into the hungry eyes of the woman she loved, more than life itself. Another ripple took her, this time she shook with it. She saw the knowing smile spread across Gabrielle's face, and watched in amazement as her lover's eyes turn yet an even darker shade of green. Swallowing, she struggled to find her voice, to finally answer her bard, "Gabrielle, uhhnn....gods Gabrielle, I ...I can't...uhnn..I can't answer you if you keep doing that."
Gabrielle just smiled and press herself against Xena once more. Seeing Xena's eyes close again, and feeling the shutter that ran through her, she finally took pity, "Ok, I've stopped, NOW TELL ME!"
Xena fairly jumped out of her skin at the dominance of Gabrielle's voice, the pure power of it rocking her to her core. She moaned once, before trying again, "Gabrielle, I..I am, yours, heart, body and soul...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......!"
Gabrielle had finally taken the aching nipple into her mouth, and the hunger with which her mouth possessed the sensitive nub, almost made Xena topple over the edge.
"Gabrielle, take......."
The breaking of a twig, had them both frozen, for a moment. The next moment was a blur of activity, shifts were back on, weapons in hand, and the two stood ready, back to back, scanning the surrounding woods.
Xena swung to her right as another snap was heard, and her icy blue stare pierced the forest wall. Gabrielle followed her movement, working in the tandem, that made them such a deadly team.
Xena's voice, as icy as her eyes, carried out into the woods, "I don't know who you are, but if you don't show yourself, you'll die before you get the chance to introduce yourself."
Gabrielle raised an eyebrow at her lover's uncharacteristic flow of words. She'd have to ask her about that later.
The forest wall seemed to sway, as six amazons stepped out of it. Both Xena and Gabrielle looked on in surprise, relaxing slightly.
Suddenly four more dropped from the tree's, grins on their faces.
Gabrielle blushed, she had a feeling she knew what those grins were about. "How long do you suppose they've been in those trees?" She looked at Xena, hoping she'd say not long, but the slight colouring and the lopsided grin on her lover's face told her, her own instincts had been correct. Gabrielle's blush deepened to crimson.
Xena let out a little chuckle, trying to relax the bard. She herself wanted to rip their heads off for interrupting them. Then of course, there was the fact that the four in the trees may have been there for a time. She didn't know which made her madder, and she let her displeasure with them sound in her voice. "So, I presume you have a good reason for being here, at least you'd better be sure it's good."
One of the amazons that had dropped from the trees, stepped forward nodding to Xena, then bowing to Gabrielle. She knew the legendary temper of Xena, and her protectiveness for the amazon queen, she had not known they were lovers, and knew that just added to the danger they were in. Clearing her throat, and hoping her nervousness didn't show the amazon spoke. " My name is Kiran, and I offer my most heart felt apologizes for interrupting your ah... morning." She glare back at some of her warriors, when she heard them snicker. Turning back to the two women she continued, as a slight blush coloured her pretty face. "I ..uh ...we were sent by the regent queen, we are to escort you back to the amazon village, for a special celebration." She squirmed under the intense glare she was getting from the warrior princess, who obviously felt this was not a good enough excuse for having barged in on them. Kiran rushed on, "Ephiny, said to tell you that Queen Gabrielle, could not miss this celebration, as it only occurs every twenty-five seasons." She saw the warrior raise an eyebrow, so she continued, "It's imperative that the true queen be present, as it is said that Athena herself attends this celebration." Kiran's grip on her staff nervously tightened, as she waited for Xena's reaction. She relaxed just a bit when she saw her queen, place a calming hand on Xena's arm.
"Since when do we require an escort?" Xena said, in a steely voice, not yet ready to give up the anger of the interruption yet.
Kiran's eyes widened, this was the question she had been afraid of, and she silently swore at the regent queen, for getting her into this. "We are just following Ephiny's orders." She swallowed and straightening she continued, "Ephiny sent us to make sure you didn't get.... waylaid." Kiran backed up slightly, needing the support of her warriors, as the beautiful blue eyes before her grew darker.
Gabrielle was looking up at her warrior, and a grin was starting to spread, as she thought to herself, 'Gods she loves this intimidation stuff. I have to admit I love watching her do it, too.' The arm underneath her hand relaxed, and Gabrielle let her grin grow even further.
Xena finally gave up the intimidation, as she chuckled, and said, "Well Ephiny would know, how easy it is for us to get sidetracked."
Everyone visibly relaxed, and Kiran heard a few of her warriors let out the breaths they had been holding. She was glad she wasn't the only one who found the warrior princess intimidating. "Would you mind if we rested for a candlemark or two, we've been traveling for two days non-stop."
Gabrielle finally spoke up, "Of course you can, make yourselves comfortable, while we go clean up at the river, and uh...dress." Another blush crept into Gabrielle's face as she remember again that some of these warriors had seen them making love. Not looking anyone in the eye, she went about collecting what she and Xena needed.
Xena watched, eye brow raised, amusement sparkling in her eyes. 'Well, well, the bard speechless, now that's a sight.' she though, with a chuckle.' Wonder where the dominant woman who was tormenting me, disappeared to.' That brought about a full throated laugh.
Gabrielle looked up, at Xena's laugh, and knew exactly what was on the warriors mind. Shooting the warrior, her best glare, she stomped pasted her, mumbling, then growling out, "Come on, let's get cleaned up."
As they left the clearing they could heard the giggles of the amazons they left behind. This only made Gabrielle stomp harder, and that in turn made Xena laugh harder. Gabrielle growled at the sound of Xena's laughter, and Xena's laughter erupted again. 'Gods I'm going to pay for this, but she's just so damned cute when she's like this' Her thoughts made Xena laugh harder still. By the time they reached the rivers edge she was walking doubled over. Her eyes watered as she watched Gabrielle throw their things on a nearby bolder. She almost collapsed when Gabrielle turned to her, hands on hips, barefoot tapping on the sand, glare in place. "Gods Gabrielle....I'm sorry.. but... you should see yourself." Xena choked out as she struggled to stop the laughter that was bubbling to the surface again.
"Xena!" Gabrielle voice growled out, as she started slowly stalking toward the warrior.
"Now Gabrielle, don't be mad.....Gabrielle....I don't know what your thinking, but don't do it....ah come on Gabrielle...I said I was sorry...Gabrielle?!" Xena had been backing away from the bard, as she stuggle not only to sooth the woman, but to keep a straight face.
Gabrielle let a smile slowly spread across her face, as she reached the warrior. She put her hands out infront of her, and waited for Xena to stop backing up. "It's ok my love, I know it must have seemed quite funny to you." Gabrielle tried to make her voice sound sweet and harmless. She reached out with her hands, laying them on Xena's chest, she slowly moved them in circles over the nipples. As she felt the warrior move into her touch, she looked up into her eyes, her own half lidded with desire. She heard Xena groan, and knew the ruse had work. Her face changed as the sweet smile turn menacing, and the desirous look in her eyes became, fiery. Then she push with all her strength, and watched the warriors shocked expression as she found herself falling off the bank into the icy cold waters of the river.
Xena cried out as the shock of the cold water hit her, and when she surfaced it was to see a very amused bard standing dry on the bank. Sputtering, and shaking the water from her hair, Xena headed for the bard.
"Now Xena, stop right there." Gabrielle ordered, as she took a tentative step backward. "You know you deserved that....Xena!...don't you dare....XENA! Gabrielle screamed as the tall warrior grabbed the front of her shift.
A noise brought both their heads around, and they stared at two of the amazon, who in turn stood staring at them.
"Uh...Kiran send us to check on you, we...uh..heard screaming..and..well...uh..we thought you might be ..um..in need of help." The blonde amazon's eyes widened as she spoke, realizing that they had again interrupted the two woman.
Xena looked at them, then looked at Gabrielle who was still being held by the front of her shift. Xena looked down at her hand that held the material, and watched as Gabrielle's eyes followed her gaze. The minute Gabrielle's head moved to look down, it snapped back up again, at the realization of what Xena was about to do. Xena pushed hard, and Gabrielle's scream could be heard all the way back to camp.
Xena turned to the two amazons, smiling as she started walking toward them.

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