Bonding of Souls: Testing Fate

By CN Winters


Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine but Ren Pics and company. I'm just borrowing 'em. This Bonding of Souls story takes place after, “When Fates Collide”. Email the author at

“But you could have been-.”

“Without you,” Gabrielle answered cutting Xena short. “Look we've gone over all this at tandem tonight.”

“Don't go throwin' those big fancy words around Gabrielle. I might not be able to follow you seeing I'm just a simple warrior.”

Xena smirked with her answer, which prompted Gabrielle to grin.

“Sorry…Forgot who I was speaking to. Allow me to rephrase. We talked about this over and over and I'm to the point where I'm going to break out the sais. How's that?”

“Point taken,” Xena grinned. She took a drink for their flask and handed it to Gabrielle. “Have some 2 dinar wine. It's all a poor warrior can afford to get you.”

Gabrielle shook her head. She just won't let it go. Instead of taking a drink she returned it to Xena's lips again. She tilted it backward as Xena drank but moved it away before the warrior was prepared. A few drops dribbled down Xena's chin to her cleavage.

“Gee. Thanks Gabrielle,” the warrior retorted.

Before she had a chance to wipe the wine from her skin, Gabrielle leaned over and licked Xena's breastline. The warrior couldn't help but smile. She lost her smile, however, when the bard's lips claimed her own, her tongue tasting the sweet juice inside the warrior's mouth. Slowly the bard pulled back and took a place between the warrior's legs.

“On your lips,” Gabrielle whispered sincerely, “two dinar wine is better than anything on the empress table. Don't you see? Any life, any wine, would never be as sweet if we were apart. I might have been the toast of Athens Xena but I'd never have your love. I'd never know your touch. I'd never know what your cry of pleasure sounded like. Fame and fortune would mean nothing to me without you.”

“With me to the end huh?”

Gabrielle smiled.

“Always and forever. I promise.”

Xena pulled the bard into her arms and turned her so they both looked into the fire together.

“I know I can't give you everything you deserve Gabrielle. I'll never give you a house on the vineyard by the sea. I'll never give you more than a few dinars for some parchment and some quills now and then. With the way our funds look at the moment I'm not sure if I can even do that but…Please know, you're everything to me. I'd do anything for you…I would.”

Gabrielle rested her head back into Xena's chest and closed her eyes. “You've already given me so much Xena. I'm not sure what more you could give me. You've spent so much time teaching me and showing me everything I'll need in this world to go on…That first night when we parted last year. I made a fire and I thought of you. You taught me how to do that. You've taught me so much that I don't think I could ever repay it.”

Well there is one more thing, Xena considered. She leaned down and whispered into Gabrielle's ear. “Come with me.”

She rose and reached down for the bard's hand. Confused but accepting the gesture just the same, she gave Xena her hand and let her lead her to her feet. They walked to a small clearing where a few rocks and trees lined the area. The full moon shown bright in the clearing as Xena took her chakram from her hip.

Casually she handed it to the bard. “Throw it.”

Gabrielle looked at the discus and back to her partner. “Xena, I…I don't know what to say.”

“Don't say anything. Just throw it.”

Gabrielle moved back a pace and got her footing. She looked to Xena one last time, hesitant. But the warrior gave a firm nod and the bard heaved it in one mighty stroke.
They both watched as it hit a tree, bounced off a nearby rock, heading straight back to the bard. Gabrielle's eyes went wide and Xena smiled, waiting until the last minute to extend her hand.

Instead of pulling the weapon she held it out for Gabrielle. “See? See the way I have it now. That's how you want to place your hand on it's return. Let's try it again. This time I'll help.”

Xena fit snuggly against Gabrielle's back as she showed Gabrielle how to hold it. Once the bard had it firmly in her grasp, Xena's hand took hold of Gabrielle's wrist. “Keep it locked and steady. A smooth, even stroke is what you need here.”

“Smooth, even stroke huh? You know,” Gabrielle blushed. “This feels kinda kinky.”

“Like kink bothers you,” Xena retorted. “I've got a group of amazons that could say otherwise.”

Gabrielle bumped back to slam into Xena, which only prompted the warrior to chuckle. “Come on,” Xena said getting serious again. “Do you want to learn how to do this or not? It's your choice.”

Gabrielle looked back and grinned. “Teach me everything you know.”

Xena returned the smile but regrouped to her former location against Gabrielle's back. “Okay. On three….one…two…three!”

The chakram left Gabrielle's hand like a crossbow arrow. Just as before it hit the tree and then the rock and made its way home to her. As the discus came closer she steadied her breath and waited for impact. Xena's hand stayed on Gabrielle's wrist.

In one sweeping motion Gabrielle had the weapon in her hand.

“I did it! Well…You helped me catch it.”

“I didn't help. You caught it all on your own Gabrielle. My hand was on your wrist, not the chakram. You did catch it.”

“Really?” Gabrielle said looking at the disc and then to Xena. “Are you sure you didn't slow it down somehow?”

“Positive,” Xena answered honestly. “Wanna try again. I won't touch you this time.”

“Well where's the fun in that?” the bard chuckled.

“Gabrielle,” the warrior drawled in warning.

“Okay, okay,” she answered. “Warrior training time. I know.”

Gabrielle steadied her sights on the rock this time instead of the tree. Xena kept a watchful eye on the situation and was a bit surprised when she felt the peck on the cheek.

“What's that for?” Xena grinned.

“For trusting me. And being you…my warrior princess with the two dinar wine.”

Xena felt herself smile as she stroked the bard's back in one fluid movement. She didn't reply. She didn't trust herself in replying. After all she was the warrior princess, and warrior princesses didn't tear up at compliments from beautiful soulmates. At least not during training.

“Are you ready?” Xena asked with a simple nod.

“Yeah I'm ready,” Gabrielle answered becoming focused again. She watched the weapon fly from one point to the other and back to her. As she caught it a thought occurred. “Can you teach me how to bounce it? I mean sometimes it comes straight back to you and some times it goes all over the place. How do you know how to do that? Can you show me?!”

I gotta admit I love it when I see the little excited girl come back into her eyes. “Sure,” Xena answered. “But not tonight, it's late now but you've got the basics of how it works. That's the hardest part of all really.”

Gabrielle reached up and stroked Xena's face before standing on her tiptoes to kiss her lips tenderly. “Thank you for giving me many skills too.”

“It's my pleasure.”


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