2001 -Vertigo-



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This story depicts an explicit love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

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The bard strolled leisurely towards the water. It had been a rough day and she looked forward to the cool water of the stream. While disrobing, Gabrielle studied the water as it rolled over the smooth rocks and pebbles along the stream's edge. Crouching down, she fingered the rounded edge of a good sized stone. Just like Xena. It takes time, but once you work away the rough edges... The bard's thoughts were interrupted by a long shadow falling over her. At the sound of the appreciative grunt behind her, Gabrielle knew her current naked position was well received. She turned her head to speak to her warrior and needed to shield her eyes from the sun.

"Just let me wash some of this dirt off first Xe...OH!"

It was a warrior alright, but not her warrior. This one appreciated her current condition just as well. He sneered, displaying what appeared to be teeth and winked down at the naked woman. He couldn't believe his luck! Xena had cut down nearly all of his men and he was sure he was next, but instead of killing him, she let him walk away. Running with his tail between his legs was humiliating enough, but to have her kick him in the ass on the way was mortifying. All he wanted was a drink and lo and behold... the bard. Naked. His whole expression changed and he chuckled confidently.

Gabrielle slowly reached for a rock while this big ugly idiot gathered wool. She was in no position to fight at the moment, crouching naked by a stream, weaponless and Xenaless. Come on Gabrielle.. think!

The evil man stepped on the bard's wandering hand and she grimaced. He crouched down to meet her eyes and leered openly at the naked beauty before him. Reaching out and wrapping his filthy hand around Gabrielle's arm, he snickered. "I think this must be my lucky day."

"Think again."

He whirled around taking the bard with him, only to be face to knee bracer with The Warrior Princess.

"I think your luck just ran out." Xena delivered a kick to his face with such force, he was airborne. So was Gabrielle.

"Aaaaah! Xeeeennaaa!"

Gabrielle's scream of pain jolted the warrior who ran to the lump of arms and legs. "Gabrielle!"

The bard moaned from under the weight of the dirty unconscious creep. Xena kicked the man off of her bard and kneeled down. "Oh gods Gabrielle, I had no idea he'd take you with him."

"Well he did. I think my arm's broken." She tried to move it and shrieked in pain causing Xena to shrink back and wince. "Oh yeah... its broken."


Later at an inn somewhere along the Grecian countryside.

"If you hadn't been staring off into space, he never would have gotten so close!" The warrior banged her fist on the table.

"Xena," the bard paused, tired of this argument, "I told you, I thought it was you. I heard the noise from where you were and that's why I didn't react!" Gabrielle lay back on the bed.

"Great. This is just great." Xena fumed.

"I'm sorry if my broken bones ruin your day." Gabrielle said with exaspiration. She knew Xena had big plans for them today. It was the anniversary of their first time and the warrior planned to make it special.

"No Gabrielle," Xena's voice held apology. "I'm sorry you got hurt. I'm angry and I'm taking it out on you. I could have lost you." The warrior took a deep breath. "Did you finish the tea I made you?"

The bard sat up and glared at her splinted arm and shook her head. This was not what she wanted to be doing either. She often wondered how she could be so annoyed with her lover, yet want her just as much. "Yes, it was awful, but I barely feel the pain any more. Look Xena, we were both scared. I guess after fighting all those men, we're a little high strung."

"All my parts are high strung Gabrielle."

The tone of her voice and the way Xena said her name told Gabrielle exactly what parts were being talked about. "How about a nice bath and I'll rub your back."

"With what?" Xena pursed her lips and raised an eyebrow in amusement.

"One hand?" Gabrielle grinned. "My tongue?"

Xena narrowed her eyes and crossed the room. She sat next to the bard and bounced up and down on the bed. "You know, this bed would have been perfect for what I had in mind."

"I bet," Gabrielle's green eyes examined the bed then sparkled with mischief as she stood up. "It'll suit my needs just fine," she added with a saucy wink and walked towards the door with a wicked wiggle.

"Oh? Where are you going?" Xena was very interested in what Gabrielle's body language was insinuating.

"Never you mind Xena. Just get in the tub before it gets cold."

Xena watched as her bard's hips swayed out of the door. "Hmmm, I think a bath is an order."


Xena lowered herself into the tub and sighed contentedly. She was quite pleased that the bathing room was empty. Expecting her bard at any time she didn't lock the door behind her. She had also brought her dagger in with her just in case anyone else, especially the smelly thug, came wandering in. Xena stretched out her arms and then laced her fingers behind her head, grateful for this chance to relax.

Gabrielle had bathed first, at Xena's insistence. The warrior wanted her all clean just in case there were any other bruises that needed tending aside from her obvious injury. So Gabrielle took the opportunity to gather a few things from the shops nearby as she gave her warrior time to bathe. She knew Xena often sat in the warm water just relaxing for a long while before she began actually washing, and that she'd have a few minutes to spare before she could watch her warrior wash. Gabrielle loved to watch Xena as she bathed. She'd been doing it for a long time before they'd become intimate and now, even though it was no longer a secret, it remained her guilty pleasure just the same.

Xena dipped the sponge into the water and let it soak up the water. She lifted her arm up and squeezed the sponge out over it. Just then Gabrielle entered the room and stopped moving to watch. Xena soaped up the sponge and began to put on a show for her audience, smirking to herself as she heard the latch slide closed on the door.

"Oh yeah, just in time." Gabrielle said as she settled herself against the edge of the tub.

"What have you got in the bag?" Xena asked, running the soapy sponge up and down her left arm.

"Oh this?" The bard held up the small sack, then dropped it on the floor as Xena lifted a long leg up out of the water. "Uhn... nothing," she stuttered.

Xena felt a little guilty as she saw Gabrielle's wince when her splinted arm attempted to reach out reflexively to touch her leg. It was at this time of her bath that the bard always lost herself and dove right in to help.

"Ow Xena." The bard whined.

"I'm sorry Gabrielle." The warrior washed her other leg in a much more seductive fashion to make up for the pain. The distraction worked as her bard's breathing hitched.

Gabrielle licked her lips. "Oh... it's quite alright," she said in a lower than normal voice.

Xena took the opportunity to give the bard a real show. She held the sponge under the water and let a seductive grin slowly slip across her lips. "Do you know what I'm washing now, Gabrielle?" she drawled.

The bard groaned. "Yes, I know. Gods I wish it were me," she breathed, her cheeks becoming a little flushed.

"Do you want to see?" Xena asked, narrowing her left eye while showing her trademark lopsided grin that drove the bard crazy.

Gabrielle nodded rapidly. She lost the ability to speak as her naked warrior suddenly stood up, a torrent of water sluicing down her long body. Gabrielle wanted to touch her slippery warrior all over. Her splinted fingers twitched, and her mouth watered. Other parts further south were as wet as they were in the bath, from simply watching Xena in the tub. Gods I'm hopeless. Green eyes watched mesmerized as Xena dropped the sponge and ran one soapy hand between her legs, the other across her abdomen. The bard groaned as her heart began to pound. "Xena, you better hurry!" Gabrielle urged. "I'm going to die here."

"Not so fast my little one." The tall woman dropped down under the water and rinsed off. Standing once again, she chuckled at the red cheeked bard in obvious distress. "I have plans for you yet Gabrielle," Xena reached out for a towel but one arm beat her to it.

"Oh no, stay wet." The bard grinned and snatched the towel away, throwing it on the bench.

"Very well, if you wish." Xena lifted one leg over the tub and Gabrielle got a clear view of the warrior's parts. She whimpered in anticipation of touching that warm wet place. Xena stepped out of the tub and Gabrielle was overwhelmed with desire. She backed up into a support beam and wrapped her good arm behind her to hold on.

Xena slowly approached her entranced bard, and stopped in front of her. She let Gabrielle's eyes take her in, and when the smaller woman nodded, Xena dropped to her knees.

"Gods Xena, yes." The bard grew even wetter with her warrior at her feet. She was so looking forward to feeling that mouth between her legs that she shifted, opening them more for Xena to crawl between.

"No, Gabrielle. Turn around."

Gabrielle cocked her haed to the side in confusion, but feeling Xena's wet hands on her ass ended any questions and she turned around to face the wooden pole.

"Hold on now." Xena instructed, and rubbed her wet cheek on Gabrielle's ass.

Gabrielle shivered as Xena pulled her underpants down, she groaned when the warrior lifted her skirt.

"Back up." Xena instructed and pulled the bard's hips back.

Gabrielle rested her cheek against the wood and spread her legs. She's going to take me right here, in the bathing room! She blushed for a moment then gasped as Xena pulled her ass cheeks apart. "Xena, what are you doing?" she asked nervously.

"Beautiful." Was the husky reply.

Gabrielle groaned as Xena's tongue trailed the length of her sex. The warrior dwelled a bit at the bard's soaked entrance and used all her strength not to plunge her tongue inside. No, she had plans.

"Ohhhh, Xe..."

Xena nodded, sending a shudder through her bard. She scooted lower and beginning at Gabrielle's hairline, she dragged her tongue from the top of the bard's sex, all the way to her tail bone.

Gabrielle wiggled her ass in Xena's face, moaning like the warrior had never heard before. It drove Xena on. She continued to work her tongue along the length of Gabrielle's crevice, this time lingering longer at the important parts.

The bard felt a little embarrassed, knowing how it must look with her lover's face buried up in between her cheeks. She also felt a tingle knowing that the Warrior Princess was on her knees licking her ass. Gabrielle let out a rushed breath when she felt Xena's cool wet hair on the inside of her thighs. She looked down between her legs and instead of seeing Xena's chin like she hoped, she saw the top of her head. What is she going...

"Ooohhhh..." The bard moaned in length as her warrior rubbed her head then her face up the same trail as her tongue took moments ago. She was excited that Xena was so into her love making.

The warrior was besides herself and wished she could fit her whole body between Gabrielle's legs, but instead she settled for her head.

When Xena stopped moving, the bard once again looked between her legs to see the warrior's wet flat tongue extended all the way, sitting just beneath her sex. The bard quickly lowered herself onto the warm muscle and groaned at the delicious contact.

Xena didn't move, instead she took a firm grip on the bard's hips and moved her instead. Back and forth over her tongue. Saliva was building in her mouth and she let it mingle with Gabrielle's juices, savoring her bard before swallowing.

"Xena, yes!" Gabrielle could only see Xena's chin now, but she could also see the warrior's wet patch of hair clearly between her spread knees. She stared at it, willing Xena to feel all the wonderful things she desired to be doing to it.

The warrior worked her bard's hips faster, and she made her tongue pointy. Gabrielle threw her head back and groaned and Xena's tongue speared harder through her folds. She wanted more.

"Xena, please!

The warrior stopped what she was doing and turned her body around. Ducking her head between the bard's legs she looked up. "Please what?" she asked her voice thick with arousal.

"I want to come please!" Gabrielle looked down at the direction of Xena's voice and saw hunger filled blue eyes, her gorgeous face framed between her thighs. Something came over the bard and she suddenly pulled away from her warrior, yanking up her britches.

Xena looked shocked. She knew Gabrielle was so close, why would she pull away?

"You, me bed... now!" the bard panted.

Xena chuckled as she watched her bard stumble out of the room. She knew how hard it was to walk with that kind of arousal. Wrapping the discarded towel around her body, she grabbed her dagger and followed.

When Xena entered their room the first thing she noticed was the naked bard arranged on the bed. She was on her back, one leg propped up, one flat. One hand on her belly, the other one... "Hey! Don't you even think you're getting off that easy!" she scolded. "That's mine!" Xena whipped off the towel and dived on top of her.

Worked like a charm. The bard snickered.

The warrior immediately latched onto Gabrielle's lips and worked her hand between them. The bard managed to wiggle away from the kiss to speak.

"No, Xena... I want to be on top" Gabrielle said breathless from Xena's insistent hand.

The warrior wiggled her eyebrows and rolled them over, her fingers teasing Gabrielle, making her squirm. "Whatever you want," she whispered before capturing the bard's lips once again.

Gabrielle groaned. This is very good. She began moving on top of her warrior, rubbing her hard nipples against Xena's warm skin. She dug the fingers of her good hand into Xena's wet hair and held her head tight, not wanting the kiss to ever end.

Xena knew she had Gabrielle. The bard was ready, and she loved swallowing her cries as she came. She worked her fingers into the bard and couldn't stop her own hips from moving when the bard groaned in her mouth. She wrapped a long leg over the bard's back and pulled her down, groaning herself when Gabrielle collapsed on her heavily.

Gabrielle captured Xena's tongue between her teeth and sucked. She bucked her sex against the warriors hand as she came, grunting and moaning into Xena's mouth.

When Gabrielle settled down, she pulled her head back to look at her highly aroused warrior. The one that was gyrating against her thigh. Xena sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and Gabrielle narrowed her eyes. It was a sight alright when Xena came. But she was going to have to cease this now if she was going to go on with her plans. Extricating her leg from between Xena's she slid both her legs between the warriors and lifted up on both elbows. "Xena was a bad girl." she said with a smirk.

The warrior's eyebrow twitched. "I was?"

"Yes, you were. You tried to take me in the bath."

A smile crept across Xena's face. Her bard was feeling feisty and that was fine by her. "Yes, yes I did. Are you going to punish me now?" As she said those words, the warrior felt the heat creep out between her legs.

The bard felt Xena's hips twitch and knew she very much liked the idea. "I think I may," she glanced at her purchases. "But I tell you what, since you made me come so nicely, I'll only half punish you."

Xena narrowed her eyes suspiciously as her bard got off the bed and retrieved the small bag.

"Just what do you have in there?"

"This," Gabrielle held up a long leather strap.

"Just that?" Xena wondered. She's going to tie me up? That's not so bad. she thought.

Gabrielle took Xena's dagger and sliced the strap into three smaller ones. Then she climbed back on the bed and straddled her warrior.

"Is my bard going to tie up the bad warrior?" she smirked.

"Yes she is." If she can figure out how to do so with one hand.

Gabrielle reached up and with the aid of her strong teeth, tied Xena's left hand to the bed post and kissed all the fingers on that hand after she did.

Xena closed her eyes and smiled. Then Gabrielle turned around and gave Xena a lovely view as she bent down to tie her feet together. Xena was getting curiouser. "Gabrielle, aren't you supposed to tie my legs apart?"

"Shhh, I didn't tell you you can speak, " the bard wiggled her ass enticingly over Xena's breasts.

The warrior shook her head. Gabrielle was good at this. Whatever she had planned has to be good. The bard turned back around and ground herself into Xena's stomach a few times and the warrior growled.

"Ok, give me your other hand."

Xena lifted her other hand and her brows drew together in confusion. The bard took the strap in her teeth, and preceded to tie her good hand together with Xena's right hand, so that the larger hand was on top of the smaller hand.

"Since I am no good with my left hand Xena, you're going to help me fuck you." she sat back proudly and chuckled at the look on Xena's face.

Xena growled at her predicament. Here she thought she was going to be ravished by the bard where in reality, she was going to be participating in her own ravishing.

Gabrielle placed their hands on the warrior's chest, between her breasts and used them to brace herself as she settled her body comfortably on top of Xena's.

The warrior grunted as she felt her bard's wetness slick the skin of her stomach. Looking down at their entwined hands, she wiggled her fingers, testing their ability to move freely. The leather was wound around her wrist, under her palm and around Gabrielle's wrist. Both of their fingers were able to move at will but not their hands. If one moved, the other had no choice but to follow.

Gabrielle tracked Xena's gaze and studied her handiwork. The way she tied their hands, her fingers were pointed upwards under Xena's which were pointing downwards. This could get interesting. The bard snckered to herself. She felt Xena's hand stir and knew she was being cautious in her movements.

"Come on Xena. You were never shy about touching yourself before," Gabrielle prodded giving her warrior a sexy pout.

Xena shifted her hips and frowned at her bound ankles.

"How am I supposed to do that if my legs are so close together?" she complained, wiggling her toes. Xena gave in as the heat from the bard's hand transferred to her hardening nipple. She brought Gabrielle's hand up awkwardly. I can do this. It's like backing up a horse. Everything's opposite. Her tongue poked out the side of her mouth as she concentrated on the direction of Gabrielle's hand.

Sensing Xena's problem, Gabrielle began moving her whole hand back and forth across Xena's breast, letting them both get used to the feeling. She saw her warrior's smile and knew she got it.

"That's it Xena, show me what you want." The bard hummed approval as she felt the heel of Xena's hand press into her fingers, instructing her to go harder. Gabrielle caught the stiff nipple between her fingers and pinched, the larger hand on top flinched reflexively, only causing the bard to pull on the rigid flesh.

"Gods!" Xena gasped as her nipple was being worked hard. "Yes!"

Gabrielle felt arousal tickle her sex at Xena's hiss of pleasure. She slid down lower on Xena's body until she was straddling her thighs and sat back. She followed with her warriors hand as it traveled to her other nipple and this time Xena made a point of placing the bard's thumb over the hard nub, bringing it back and forth quickly. Watching the warrior arch into their hands was a sight Gabrielle would etch in her memory. It was erotic as all Tartarus and she reminded herself to write a scroll about this scene.

Xena was loving this, it was the greatest sensation. While it was her moving her hand on her body, she wasn't making contact and it was arousing her to new heights. She squeezed her thighs together tightly, watching as the bard raised up a little higher as her leg muscled flexed.

"What are you doing Warrior?" Gabrielle questioned her new height. She felt the muscles under her behind lift her higher and knew Xena was taking relief. She lifted their hands off of the warrior and held them up.

"No." she scolded. "That's for later. If you can't control yourself, I'll tie you spread eagled and let you lay there all night.

Xena groaned and nodded her agreement. Instead of lowering their hands, Gabrielle lowered her head and began to lick a line from cleavage to navel and back again. The warrior shuddered and brought their hands to the back of Gabrielle's head, trying to guide her towards an aching nipple.

Gabrielle had to admit it felt weird with her own hand pressing into her neck, pushing her on. She removed their hands and brought them back up to a nipple and Xena took over from there. The warrior brought their hands to her mouth and sucked on the bard's fingers, then replaced them over her breast.

Gabrielle moaned into Xena's navel when her fingers were engulfed in Xena's mouth. Her soft velvety tongue sliding around her fingertips, making her wish it were elsewhere on her body. When her hand was placed on Xena's breast again, she shivered as her warrior groaned.

Xena ran Gabrielle's wet fingers across her nipple rapidly, trying to pretend it was the bard's tongue. She jerked and twitched as the wet tongue traveled up again and circled around her her breast, closing in on her straining nipple.

"Please Gabrielle!" Xena begged.

The bard felt a rush of arousal as she always did when her warrior begged. She closed her lips around the stiff nipple and caressed it with her flat tongue. She groaned when Xena tried to press her whole breast into her mouth. The bard's other hand was being roughly pulled back and forth across Xena's other nipple. Gabrielle couldn't help herself and pushed her sex into Xena's crotch.

"Gods Gabrielle! If you don't want me to move, you can't do that!" Xena practically whined.

"Can't help it." the bard mumbled around the breast. "Too hot."

The warrior was panting loudly as Gabrielle switched hands and mouth. Xena tried dragging their hands downwards and Gabrielle pulled them back up. Xena let out a frustrated breath and the bard held back a snicker. Their hands were torturing Xena's now soaked nipple and it seemed the harder she worked, the more Xena squirmed. The warrior was in a rough mood now and Gabrielle was more than willing to comply. The bard glanced up at her lover's face and bit the nipple in her mouth. Xena arched high of the bed and growled.

"Yessss, like that..." she groaned.

Oh yeah, hard and fast tonight Xena.

The bard continued to treat Xena's breasts roughly, alternating between the two, using hand and mouth. She continued to fight the pulling of their hands, the insistence to go lower.

"Please..." Xena panted, "Touch me please..." The warrior overpowered the bard and forced their hands into the small crevice between her legs. She let out a strangled whimper as she tried to figure out how to twist their hands to get Gabrielle's fingers to touch her deeply.

Gabrielle felt for the warrior, she leaned down and touched her lips to Xena's, waiting for the warrior to realize and kiss her. When Xena finally did, she impulsively brought their hands up to hold Gabrielle's head in place, and groaned at her loss.

"Mmph!" She pulled away from the kiss. "This is driving me crazy!" she held up their hands and glared at them.

With a cocky smirk, Gabrielle wormed her hand around until she turned it to point in the same direction as Xena's. The warrior stared at this new development and blinked in surprise. She threaded her fingers through Gabrielle's and pressed it into the back of her bard's neck, joining their mouths together hard.

Gabrielle moaned as her hand dug into her own neck. Now with Xena in full control of their hands, she lost her power to dictate.

Xena twisted her arm between them and shoved their hands between her legs. She was only able to fit two fingers of their hands between her tightly closed legs, but if she lifted her fingers, the backs of them brushed against Gabrielle's sex at the same time.

The bard moaned and twitched as Xena let out an evil chuckle. She worked their hands up and down, lifting her hips, trying to gain more contact to her clit, as she did, she gave the bard more contact and she shuddered on top of her, biting her lip accidentally.

Xena jerked at the sharp, sudden pain to her lip. Her arousal had dripped between her ass cheeks and it was all slippery and uncomfortable. She desperately wanted to open her legs and gather that wetness up.

The bard broke their kiss at Xena's movement and sucked the injured lip into her mouth. She then turned and placed her ass at Xena's chin and straddled her shoulders.

Xena groaned. Her arm was trapped between them and Gabrielle's wide open, dripping wet sex was on display right in front of her face. She blew on it and Gabrielle shivered. Xena pushed their hands between her legs harder, still not receiving the contact she craved. She growled loudly and flexed her legs hard.

Gabrielle gasped when Xena's strong legs snapped the leather that held them together. She winced expecting Xena to toss her on her back and ravish her, but instead was treated to the view of their hands plunging between her legs. Xena's groan of relief reverberated through the room as Gabrielle's fingers dug deeply into her. She bent her knees and dug her heels into the bed, pushing the bard's hand lower, trying to force fingers inside of herself.

Xena closed her eyes to the distracting view in front of her, rooting Gabrielle's hand around in her soaking crotch.

"Xena, touch your clit." Gabrielle ordered and the warrior felt relieved to have direction. She obeyed and brought Gabrielle's fingers to her clit and rubbed them up and down.

"Good girl. I'm going to taste you now."

The warrior nodded to herself and opened her eyes when she felt the bard crawl off of her chest. She watched as Gabrielle tried to maneuver herself between her legs with no arms to help her. She wished she could help, but couldn't stop stroking herself, it felt too good to stop now.

Gabrielle knelt between Xena's legs, her arm at a semi-awkward angle as her fingers rubbed Xena's clit. She watched their movement, feeling herself getting wetter by the second, her mouth watering at the strong smell of the warrior's wetness.

Xena groaned loudly when Gabrielle's tongue found her opening and plunged inside. She stilled their hands to concentrate on the feeling of the warm muscle working itself in and out, down between her cheeks and back in and out again.

The bard tried to move her fingers appropriately but being so uncoordinated with her left hand, only managed to tease the warrior. Xena laced her fingers through Gabrielle's and used her middle finger to touch herself. She had to move her whole hand in order to move that one finger like this and it was a whole new experience. The warrior knew how to please herself with her fingers, and knew just how to move them to do it. Learning how to use her hand at a time like this was driving her nuts.

Gabrielle moved her tongue up to meet Xena's frustrated finger and the warrior's hips ground into her face. The bard got incredibly wet feeling Xena's finger under her tongue as she lapped it back and forth over the pulsating bit of flesh. Xena was gasping and straining and Gabrielle knew it was a matter of seconds before her warrior would come and decided to give her a much needed push. She nudged Xena's finger away with her chin and sucked her clit into her mouth.

"Oh! Gabrielle!" Xena yelled. The bard sucked hard, moving her tongue rapidly across her clit. She used their hands to hold on to Xena's hip as she bucked up into her face, moaning and begging to come.

"Please!" she gasped as Gabrielle bat her tongue wildly.

The bard held on tight and prepared for the explosion. The way her warrior was straining, this was going to be a biggie and she couldn't have been happier to be the cause.

"Gods.. yes.. yes...oh.."

Gabrielle's own sex throbbed as she felt Xena's start to twitch. She worked her tongue relentlessly into the warrior's clit and when she felt Xena start to explode, she sucked it forcefully into her mouth.

Xena screamed wordlessly as she reached her peak, thrashing and shuddering. Gabrielle was aware of the hand on the back of her head, and realized it wasn't attached to her own, she let it hold her tight, pushing her face deeply into Xena's sex. She sucked greedily, appreciatively and gloated in the ability to make the warrior scream as she was.

Xena felt lightening bolts shooting out from her clit, consuming her whole body. Although it was the hardest she'd came in years, she felt as if it would go on until she collapsed. She couldn't stop her hand from holding Gabrielle down and whimpered and spasmed through her powerful release.

When the bard felt Xena's body loosen and her legs go slack, she removed her face from between Xena's legs. Licking her lips, she climbed up her twitching sweating lover. Xena weakly held up their bound hands and chuckled when they fell heavily back to the bed.

"I wiped you out huh warrior?" Gabrielle teased her panting twitching lover.

"Woo... you certainly did," Xena gasped.

Gabrielle lifted their tied hands to her mouth and wrapped her tongue around Xena's middle finger.

Xena shivered and a series of aftershocks wracked her spent body. "No more.. please," she panted.

"Why? Now I've got you just where I want you." The bard winked and extended her tongue for another lick.

"Gods.. I can't breathe!"

"Ok, I have pity on an old lady."

"Very funny bard," Xena narrowed her eyes.

"Next time you can tie me up and have your way," she said with a sexy smile.

Xena lifted their tethered hands again and untied them. "Do you promise?"

"Oh, I promise," she swore.

"You better remember that Gabrielle. When that arm heals, you're all mine."

The gleam in her eye made Gabrielle's shudder. She knew Xena was good to her word. The bard stared down at her broken arm and said a prayer to the gods to heal her as quickly as possible.

"But for now, you'll crawl on up here if you know what's good for you," The warrior pointed to her mouth.

Gabrielle grinned. "I thought you were too tired?"

Xena smiled rakishly and pointed again.

"Which way shall I face Xena?" Gabrelle began crawling seductively up her warrior.

"Just keep going." Xena urged making 'gimme' gestures with her hands.

Once the bard's knees were cradling Xena's head, the warrior held on to the bards hips and pulled her down. Without pretense she speared her tongue up inside the warm wetness and shook her head back and forth.

"Xena! Gods!"

The warrior grunted in response and began to slide lower on the bed, never breaking contact with the bard's delicious wet center.

"That feels so... oh!" Xena slid lower and was paying very close attention to Gabrielle's entrance, teasing her by dipping the tip of her tongue inside.

"Deeper Xena!"

Gabrielle soon had to adjust to Xena's movement and found herself on all fours, well, three anyway, with her warriors large hands kneading her backside.

Xena gave one long flat tongue lick the length of Gabrielle's center and when she reached the end she shifted so she was kneeling behind the bard. "Now, where were we?" she teased while sliding her fingers up and down Gabrielle's spread sex.

"Oh yes!" The bard groaned as two of Xena's large fingertips flitted across her entrance. She pushed back trying to force them inside, resting her weight on her good elbow.

The warrior halted the bard's attempt and continued to tease. Circling, dipping in briefly but never filling her completely. "You smell so good."

"Oh please..." Gabrielle whimpered, rolling her hips, trying to beckon her warrior to comply.

"Oh Gabrielle.. that looks beautiful. Do it again." Xena's mouth watered at the sight of her bards perfect ass dancing in front of her. She groaned as it did a repeat performance and bent her head to taste. "Oh yes, that's it."

Gabrielle squealed in delight as Xena's tongue swirled between her cheeks. She pushed back into her warriors face, once again loving the idea of Xena's position.

The warrior slid her tongue into the tight entrance as she did the same with her fingers in the dripping one below it. Gabrielle moaned deliciously and Xena shuddered from the sound. Xena wished for a second that she could be her fingers.

"Xe... oh Xe..." Gabrielle panted. "Touch me.."

The warrior pulled out her fingers and turned her hand around, entering Gabrielle's wetness with her thumb, rubbing her fingers on her hard clit. She needed her other hand to hold onto her bard's hip, trying to contain the erratic movement.

"Oh yes!" Gabrielle yelled, "Just like that..."

Xena grinned cockily from between her bard's cheeks. She moved her head to the side and nipped at the skin, causing Gabrielle to cry out. She felt her bard tremble and increased the movement of her fingers inside and out.

"You're so close Gabrielle, give it to me."

"Yes... oh gods..." The bard was breathles, hanging at the edge of orgasm. She whimpered and moaned continuously.

Xena growled and buried her face in Gabrielle's thrusting ass, plunging her tongue in and out as rapidly as her thumb. Her mouth was hanging wide open to get as deep as she could, saliva was drooling out the side's of her mouth from the smell of her bard's arousal. Gabrielle stopped moving altogether as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Xena didn't stop, and she continued her relentless assault, grunting her pleasure as Gabrielle fell onto the bed in extacy.

"Xena! YES!"

Gabrielle felt a great rush of wetness meet her warriors hand as she came. She throbbed everywhere as Xena filled her so completely. She exploded anew as her warrior took out her fingers and buried her tongue inside her sex, lapping the juices like a starving dog, groaning her delight in unison to her own sounds of bliss.

"Mmm, so good.." Xena licked her lips as she lifted her body up to lay over her trembling bard.

"Oh gods... Xena.. what you did..." Gabrielle babbled.

Xena wiped bonde hair away before kissing the bard's temple. "You're delicious," she purred, causing a shudder in the body beneath her. "Everywhere."

"Thank the gods. I like having your tongue everywhere." Gabrielle reached behind her and patted Xena's leg. "Roll over, I want to cuddle."

Xena did and when her bard turned over she gave a mighty grimace.

"Gods!" she squirmed digging the blanket between her cheeks. "What did you do in there?"

"So I drooled," Xena shrugged. She watched her bard's scrunched up face as she wiggled and she couldn't help snickering.

"Oh yeah, just wait 'til this arm heals warrior. We'll see if you appreciate the return favor."

"There's no way I'll be ass up on all fours bard."

"You keep telling yourself that," she patted the warrior on the head.

Xena narrowed her eyes at the top of Gabrielle's head. We'll see about that.


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