The Gift

by Noriko

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This story takes place after the infamous "Gabdrag".

The Gabdrag "Discussion"

Xena and Gabrielle had been traveling for days. They finally had reached Amphipolis and both had taken comfort in Cyrene's acceptance. Xena had finally told her mother everything... Caesar, Solan, Brittania, Hope and Illusia. Cyrene had listened and allowed her only daughter to talk it out. Not something the warrior found easy, and her mother knew this.

Gabrielle, too, had gone to Cyrene seeking advice. Hope. One small word, yet Gabrielle still needed to talk about it, about Illusia and how she and Xena had found each other again. Yet, Gabrielle confessed that they never really talked about about Xena's attempt to kill her. About how Gabrielle still had a small want to make Xena know exactly how she felt during that drag behind a nameless Amazon's horse. How she felt as she and Xena drifted apart and Xena's dark side once again took control. Cyrene had offered words of encouragement, and had given Gabrielle a small gift. Something that they both thought would help Xena to fight before giving in to her old ways. A gift that would help Gabrielle's desire to completely forgive the woman she loved for trying to kill her.

In their room that night, Gabrielle decided to push the issue and finally have the discussion that both so desperately needed, yet were afraid to have.

"Xena I know we went to Illusia and made up, but I still think you need to be reminded that you tried to kill me by dragging me behind a horse. More importantly, not to let your dark side take over every time you have an emotional crisis in your life."

"I said I was sorry and you forgave me Gabrielle. What more do you want?" Eyebrow arching as she looked at the bard.

"I want you to get over here right now and drop those leathers warrior princess." the steel in Gabrielle's voice Xena had not heard before. The phrase, she had... but usually it preceded their love play. An erotic spanking in which the warrior allowed herself to give complete control to her lover.


"Come on Xena, get over here now!"

"But Gabrielle...." Xena's blue eyes questioning and searching Gabrielle's green ones.

"I'm waiting." those green eyes staring deep into the warrior's soul. The eyes showing her pain at the idea the fact that her lover tried to kill her.

Sighing, Xena relented somewhat."Okay, okay. But I still think this is unnecessary Gabrielle. You forgave me. We don't have to do this." she finished as she crossed the room in easy steps to be standing in front of the Amazon Queen.

"I think we do. Otherwise some one lets their dark side take control without thinking. Maybe next time you'll think twice before listening to Ares and dragging me behind a horse." Tapping her foot impatiently, Gabrielle glared at her friend as sat down on the bed. "Xena, if I have to do it for you, you will really regret this."

A threat. If Gabrielle hadn't looked so determined, Xena might actually have smiled. Instead, Xena slowly removed her leathers and leaned over Gabrielle's lap. Gabrielle made the warrior move until Xena's bottom was placed perfectly over her knees with Xena's chest on the bed.

"Xena, this is not going to be our usual love spanking." the bard stated. "I intend for this to teach you something and allow me to show you how much I love you. I love you enough to do this and forgive you completely. For trying to kill me, for dragging me behind that horse." Gabrielle then picked up her hairbrush and slowly began to warm the warrior princess' backside.


No words were said as Gabrielle knew Xena wouldn't hear them anyway.

Expecting Gabrielle's hand, Xena was surprised to feel the hair brush instead and she noticed how quickly her bottom began to heat up. However, she also couldn't help but notice a burning somewhere else as Gabrielle continued the barrage.


Xena's pain and humiliation began to change to open lust as she felt the warm wetness grow between her legs. Gabrielle was unaware of the seething volcano that she was igniting with in Xena. As the warrior princess' backside turned a healthy shade of pink, Gabrielle began to notice her lover's juices flow.

"Wait a minute" Gabrielle thought, "this is supposed to be punishment." Deciding a new approach was needed so to speak, Gabrielle, stopped the descent of the hairbrush.

Xena was startled when the next stroke didn't fall on schedule. She turned around to look up at Gabrielle. Gabrielle saw a look in Xena's eyes that she had not seen before. Now it was Gabrielle's turn to be surprised, and a little fearful..what was Xena up to? Shaking the thought from her head, Gabrielle once again took control and put a steel to her voice that she had heard so often in her lover's voice.

"Get up Xena." the bard said.

"You're finished?" Xena was hopeful as she was ready to quench the desire between her legs and she could think of nothing she'd like more than to take Gabrielle right now.

"No Xena, I'm not done." Gabrielle's eyes began to blaze as she recognized Xena's inner brat about to surface "March yourself over to the corner, right now, young lady!" Gabrielle commanded, each command punctuated with a smack on Xena's round backside from the hairbrush. Finding herself standing in the corner, Xena's hands began to wander to the front of her body.

"And get those hands on your head!" Gabrielle shouted. "This is not supposed to be a good time for you." Sighing, Xena did as commanded knowing the sooner Gabrielle got this over with, the sooner she could once again take charge in their bed. Gabrielle turned to the stool by the bed.. laying down her hairbrush, she began to rummage through her bag... she dropped her pink nightie on the bed, followed by the matching panties ;-) until she found what she was looking for. Her gift. Cyrene's gift. Gabrielle hadn't understood at the time, but she did now.... Cyrene's words.

"Gabrielle, this is for you, to use in your travels with my daughter. I know you'll find a proper use for it. The gods know I did."

Running her hand over the smooth leather of the paddle.. Gabrielle smiled. Yes, this was just the thing. More wallop for her dinar. Turning around, Gabrielle saw Xena's perfect form still facing the corner. Placing her arms behind her back, Gabrielle called to her.

"Xena, turn around." Doing so, the warrior saw half the contents of Gabrielle's 'junk' bag strewn about the room. Shaking the question from her head she waited.

"Xena, I decided that the hairbrush just isn't what we needed in this situation." smiling sweetly she waited for Xena's response.

Smiling, Xena said "I told you we didn't need it. I'll never drag you behind a horse again. Gabrielle, I'll think before letting evil Xena take over. I love you and will never try to kill you." Xena's smile faded when Gabrielle brought the paddle from behind her back. "Where did you get that?"

"A gift. From your mother. Come here Xena."

Slowly walking toward her lover, Xena couldn't take her eyes off the paddle. Taking Xena by the wrist, Gabrielle led her to the bed. Once again putting her in position over her lap.

"Xena, this is going to hurt. I am going to paddle you for a long time."

"Gabrielle, please, I'm sorry." Pleading for what Xena wasn't sure. For Gabrielle not to spank her or for the Amazon to spank her bottom until she couldn't ride Argo comfortably for a week. She knew dragging the bard, almost killing her had been the worse thing she'd ever done. She knew she should be punished, but she thought Illusia had taken the need away.

"I know you're sorry, but we've agreed that you need this reminder." not in a position to argue that Gabrielle was the only one who thought she needed this spanking, Xena stayed silent. Maybe, maybe she still did need and want this punishment. The first blow took Xena off guard and it was all she could do not to gasp.


Raining down smacks on her lover's backside, Gabrielle noticed how quickly Xena's bottom turned from pink to red. She also noticed how Xena began to whimper and then cry under the paddle's ministrations. Knowing her lover wasn't using any of her warrior training to protect herself from this pain, Gabrielle continued with a renewed passion. She knew that Xena needed this as much as she did.


"Ga-gabrielle, pl-lease!" Xena said as the paddling continued. "I'm sorry! I'll think before letting go control."

"Glad to hear that Xena. But I think I need to finish my point." the bard said the paddle not once stopping the volley of strokes.


Xena's normally white backside was now a lovely shade of scarlet, and Gabrielle, noticed, not a drop of excitement was Xena showing for this.

Stopping, Gabrielle rubbed Xena's quivering bum.

"Are you done?" Xena asked through her tears.

"Not quite. I think 6 more. Giving no more hesitation, Gabrielle began her paddling anew. The final few strokes Gabrielle placed where Xena's thighs and bum met. This elicited a new cry from the now sobbing warrior.

"Ga-gabrielle! OW!!! Sorry, I'm so sorry!" Xena cried before sobbing into the bed clothes.

Throwing the paddle onto the floor, Gabrielle began to lightly rub Xena's backside. "'s over. All done." the bard said helping her lover up..she comforted her friend stroking her hair. "I love you Xena." she said as she held Xena.

"I love you too Gabrielle." Xena said as her sobs quieted. "I bet we gave mother quiet an earful." she stated with a wry smile.

"I imagine we did. But the paddle was her idea. Now, lie on the bed on your stomach. I'll get the salve." going once more to her junk bag, Gabrielle pulled out the salve container and returned to find Xena in the middle of the bed on her stomach waiting.

Gently sitting next to her lover, Gabrielle began to apply to ointment. "Xena, I know you didn't use any of your focusing training to block the pain. Thank you."

"I, I needed to be punished for what I did to you Gabrielle. I thought Illusia had taken those feelings away, but it didn't. Not completely." Xena stated as Gabrielle finished her task.

Placing the salve on the stool next to the bed, Gabrielle laid down next to her love. "Hold me Xena." she directed and the warrior did not need a second invitation.

Soon the women were locked in an embrace, their lips meeting, tongues exploring the other's mouths fully. Realizing that the pain in her backside only added to her lust, Xena began to undress her bard.

Untying Gabrielle's top, Xena smiles as the bards breasts were exposed. Lightly touching them, she completely removed the woman's top and began to gently knead Gabrielle's breasts eliciting low moans from the bard. Pressing her face into the bard's chest, Xena began to gently nip at the flesh surrounding the nipple before capturing the nipple in her mouth. Sucking the now taught nub as her other hand tweaked the poet's free nipple.

Gasping, Gabrielle arched her back giving Xena even more flesh to feast upon. Stopping for a moment, Xena's mouth moved in between the valley of Gabrielle's breasts, nibbling and kissing the tender flesh before moving to the other breast. Circling Gabrielle's nipple with her tongue Xena watched the flesh contract under the pressure. Smiling, the warrior opened her mouth wide and took Gabrielle's breast into her mouth.

Her desire rising in her, Gabrielle pushed Xena's head upon her breast and arched toward her lover even more. The pleasures she felt building inside her.

Xena's mouth released Gabrielle's breast and moved to her mouth again. The warrior princess bestowed a ravaging kiss upon her bard. The women gasped for breath as the kiss roughened, their lips crushing together hungrily. Tongues intertwined, in Gabrielle's mouth, and then in Xena's. Xena's hands roaming up and down Gabrielle's body, resting briefly on her thigh before moving under the skirt to feel the wetness there.

Xena removed her lips from Gabrielle's nipple and gently kissed her way down the bard's taught stomach, delighting in the definition she felt especially in the bard's abs. "Not your typical bard", thought Xena smiling a delighted grin.

Her tongue continued it's exploration of the washboard expanse circling Gabrielle's belly button before moving lower. Stopping at the wide expanse of belt that held Gabrielle's skirt, Xena gently removed the garment to expose her lover's glistening treasures.

Xena's fingers gently played in the light curls she found there, smiling in the knowledge that the bard would soon give her all she had willingly.

Gabrielle's moans grew deeper as she felt Xena's touch. She shivered as she felt her warrior's breath so close to her wetness, unable to speak, she gasped as Xena's blew gently across her swollen nub.

All of Gabrielle's senses were drawn to what Xena was doing. How Xena was making her feel. Thunderbolts, sent by Zeus himself went through the bard's body when she finally felt the warrior's tongue lightly caress her clit.

Her body tense, Gabrielle waited for the next sensation, but felt nothing. Moaning in want she pleaded, "X-E-N-A, please!"

Xena's cheshire grin spread. She would make the bard wait for release. Teasing her, bringing her to the brink before sending her over. Inhaling her lover's scent, Xena purred and focused.

Xena's fingers began a lazy circle in the blond tuft surrounding Gabrielle's nub. They gently and slowly moved downward, exploring the lips there, feeling the wetness.

Xena inserted one finger into Gabrielle, the wetness there claiming the finger completely, yearning for more. A second finger joined the first and Gabrielle thought she would die of desire unfulfilled. The fingers slowly exited the bard's body and Xena brought the fingers to her lips, enjoying the taste. Enjoying more the fire of desire in Gabrielle's eyes.

Xena's sapphire eyes, locked with Gabrielle's emeralds. No words spoken, none were needed. Each woman knew what the other wanted. Xena bowed her head and once again began her teasing exploration of Gabrielle's sex.

Xena used her tongue as a warrior uses a weapon. She began by drawing Gabrielle's attention. Licking in maddeningly slow strokes up one lip, down the other. Gabrielle's movements beneath her indicated approval and surrender.

Using her hands, Xena opened wide Gabrielle's lips, revealing how much the bard was truly enjoying this. Her tongue dipped into the wetness, slowly entering and exiting as Gabrielle moaned and writhed beneath the ministrations.

Tongue circling the bard's clit, Xena avoided touching the swollen nub. Instead, her lips moved to the bards, and she nibbled and sucked the flesh until moving once again to taste her lover's juices.

"X-eeeee-nnnn-aaaaa!" Gabrielle's plea came from deep within the bard. She was so close to the edge. Her body on the brink of release that was being denied. She thought she would die.

Xena, deciding that Gabrielle had waited enough and eager for her own desires to be fulfilled began to move her tongue once again toward the bard's clit as her fingers began a gentle exploration into the bard's treasures.

Xena's fingers began a slow and steady rhythm inside the bard as her tongue began to flick lightly across the tip of Gabrielle's clit. This energy was almost enough to push Gabrielle over the edge, but Xena knew she needed more.

Her tongue began to lick in earnest now faster and harder across the nub. Her fingers and tongue worked in rhythm as Gabrielle's moans echoed throughout the room. Gabrielle's body tensed and Xena knew her lover was almost over the edge. Seizing Gabrielle's clit in her lips, Xena sucked it rapidly as her fingers were squeezed in a powerful grip.

Gabrielle's entire being tensed and was seized by mind numbing bliss. Being pushed over this cliff by Xena, had never felt so good.

Her spasms stopping finally, Gabrielle opened her eyes to find her warrior grinning down at her.

"I take it, I'm forgiven?"

Gabrielle could only smile.



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