The Real Thing

by Vertigo



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Xena leaned against the wall of the tavern, letting her attention drift from her thoughts to the bard. Gabrielle was talking to the owner after making a few dinars doing the bard thing. Xena's thoughts were what had been driving her to drink what was now the fourth mug of ale. If she watched the bard, it brought the thoughts. If she started to think, the bard became the thoughts.

*Why is this happening to me?* she wondered. *Ha! Look at her. Why wouldn't this be happening is more like it.* she snorted to herself. More and more she found herself thinking about the many different ways she could take Gabrielle. If she could, that is. But she can't. At least that's what she kept telling herself. Those errant thoughts were what gave fuel to the warrior’s daily fantasies, which had developed into nightly wanderings to satisfy the ache that these fantasies caused.

Xena sighed heavily. All this thinking had brought her right back to square one. She needed to wander away. She glanced at the bard and received a bright smile and a raised hand that meant: "be right there." Another loud sigh escaped the warrior. She would have to wait for the bard to fall asleep. Which wasn't so bad. At least she got to look at the actual Gabrielle when she pleasured herself tonight. *Hades!* Xena slammed the mug down. *Why did I go and think THAT?* Her breeches were way too uncomfortable for her liking. And she'd have to wait hours.

Gabrielle had her own thoughts about a certain warrior princess. The more she looked at Xena, the more she wanted her. ALL of her. All over her. *Gods,* she groaned *Now I've done it again.* The tavern keeper had been talking forever and she hadn't heard a word. The sight of her warrior helping the townspeople rebuild the stable kept replaying in her mind. Xena was wearing a man’s shirt. No, it was less than a shirt the way it clung to her torso with sweat. And a pair of short britches, that showed off her magnificent legs.

She thanked all the gods for the heat this day. For Gabrielle, every bead of sweat that rolled down the warrior’s body, was her tongue. *Uh oh,* she thought, *that one just did it* She was sure she'd slide off the saddle now. *Is he still talking?* In her current state, if she didn't leave immediately, she would become the entertainment and then they would come and shut the place down. Excusing herself, she abruptly left.

Deep in fantasy, Xena was looking right through Gabrielle as she was approaching. She jumped a little when the bard grabbed her elbow to direct her towards the door. "Dinar for your thoughts, Xena." Xena blushed a bit. She couldn't very well tell her she was thinking up way #36 on her "how to take the bard" list. Clearing her throat she mumbled about how dark the night was. Silently though, she was dreading that Gabrielle would want to ride Argo back to their camp now that she had to mention how dark it was. She frowned and mentally kicked herself.

Later, with the dead weight of a sleeping bard smashed against her back, Xena was in horrible shape. Argo's lope was causing a bit of friction to areas of the bard’s anatomy. Those areas were poking deliciously into Xena's back. She was also experiencing a bit of friction herself, as the sleeping body had pushed her mighty close to the saddle horn. To make matters worse, there were lips pressed against her neck, breathing moist bard breath on her skin. *Tonight is going to be the quickest orgasm in the known world.* Xena nudged Gabrielle and helped her down. Each were relieved when there were no visible signs of struggle left on the saddle.

After setting up camp, Gabrielle stripped down to her breeches and slid into the blankets, leaving enough room for Xena. Once underneath, she quietly slid them off too. She'd wait till Xena left, as usual, to get down to the matters at hand. She closed her eyes and said her goodnight.

Xena took off her clothes and placed them by the bard’s. She slid into the blankets in all her glory as well. Turning to face her fantasy, she allowed the thoughts to appear. Gabrielle's hand was touching her skin, stroking her breasts, fondling her nipples. She sat up and for a moment and actually thought about taking Gabrielle in her sleep. It was too much. She had to turn away in fear of really touching the woman next to her. Turning back over, she folded an arm under her head and went to work.

Seconds passed and Xena froze in the midst of her self gratification when she felt a warm body suddenly pressed up against her back. She groaned out loud. *Gods no!" she thought, mortified that she had been caught. There was a hot breath on the back of her neck, and she felt it straight to her toes. *Oh Gabrielle,* she inwardly sighed, *You have no idea what you've just done.*

After waiting a considerable amount of time, which wasn't easy as each breath tightened her nipples more, Xena hurriedly began to finish what she started. She reached up and pinched her nipples. Imagining that she felt soft lips hovering next to her skin, she started stroking herself faster. She felt those warm, wet, fantasy lips brush softly at her ear, then at the back of her neck. Then her fantasy moaned. She froze again; her hands rooted to the spot, her heart beating wildly. The softest of lips traveled slowly across the back of her neck making her shake. She felt the vibration of another deep groan against her skin. Answering in turn with a shiver and a gasp.


"Shh, it’s ok. I know." Gabrielle wrapped her lips around an earlobe and let her fingernails trace along the backs of Xena's thighs, digging deeper as they reached her firm cheeks.

Xena couldn't help it and started to lightly touch herself again as the bard's tongue thoroughly explored her shoulders and neck. She was just reveling in the feeling and not on a frantic mission for release anymore. This could all be a dream and if she was to come, it might end. She wasn't about to risk that. So she slowly teased herself to the feeling of her bard’s tongue leaving little trails of fire wherever it went.

Gabrielle had barely been able to keep her hands at her sides waiting for her warrior to drift off. While patiently pretending to sleep, she felt Xena sit up and stare at her for a good long time. She hoped the darkness would cover the blush that rose at the warrior’s stare. She lay completely still until she felt Xena lay back down again with a sigh.

*Come on, Xena!* she screamed to herself. *Check the perimeter... sharpen your sword... take a walk... Do something... DO ME! Arrgg!* While silently stewing, Gabrielle thought she heard an unusual noise from her warrior.

*No, no please… gods... don't let her be doing that. Anything but that...* Peeking at her, she noticed the movement of Xena's arm. She followed the shifting muscles till she saw where the hand was and what it was doing. *Groan.* Oh, what she would give to be that hand. She played the voyeur for some time, torturing herself with images of what Xena's face looks like now....

and now....

and now.

Xena's other hand moved from under her head to her breasts, causing her to shift the angle of her body. Now, to Gabrielle's dismay, her breasts were pressed clean against Xena's back but both their hips were flat on the bedroll. Giving Gabrielle a full frontal view that nearly took her breath away. The bard bit her lip in an effort not to throw herself on top of Xena's flushed body. She squeezed her eyes shut and was immediately assaulted with images of the warrior writhing beneath her. She turned her head and breathed in as much of the warrior as she could. Her mouth betrayed her and that’s when Gabrielle lost the battle.

Xena felt her body respond to the sensations in ways she had never felt before. Nearing her climax way too soon, she stilled the hand between her legs, letting the feeling of Gabrielle's tongue wash over her senses. The nails lightly scraping up and down her buttocks disappeared, and reappeared in her hair. Gabrielle dragged her nails erotically over Xena's scalp, a little harder down the base of her neck, and harder still when she reached the saliva and sweat moistened shoulders. The harder she dug, the louder the responding groan. Xena's skin was alive with goose bumps, giving Gabrielle even more incentive to go on. She needed to feel all of her warrior’s skin. Her nails traveled down trembling arms until they stopped and covered the hands where they were. She applied the slightest pressure to their hands causing Xena to thrust and whimper in need. Gabrielle took both of the hands, and brought fingers damp with the taste of Xena to her mouth.

Xena was living her secret wish. The power of this moment paled in comparison to her wildest erotic dreams. She felt a warm mouth surround her fingers, licking and sucking them clean. She backed her hips tightly into Gabrielle's heated skin. She wanted those fingers to know every inch of her body. She felt them burning pathways up her inner thighs, and her breath caught. It was then they both realized the other was naked.

Gabrielle turned and faced her over stimulated warrior. She spoke softly, giving voice to her actions. "Xena, feel my fingers touch the flesh of my dreams. Can you feel my heart beating? Can you feel my lips on your skin? Did you dream of this too?"

Each word spilled across Xena's lips like a fire, quickly igniting a wild desire. The bard’s mouth begged to be tasted. She reached up and pulled Gabrielle into a dizzying kiss. Each woman drowning in the feel of their tongues touching for the first time. Xena rolled over and let her hands begin their journey. She, too, wanted to feel every inch of skin she only dreamed of. Her hands were stopped and brought back to her sides. The look in her love’s eyes told her she was running the show. And what Gabrielle wants, Gabrielle gets. Xena lay back down and complied.

Gabrielle stretched the length of her body along the skin she so longed to touch. She let their flesh mingle, and lost herself in the bluest of eyes. She saw all the words that she hadn't heard. Love, trust, want, need, oh... frustration. She sat up and let her hands feel all of the places on the warrior’s body that before were only a dream. Her fingers followed along the sinews of strong shoulders traced every tendon in Xena's neck and throat.

Committing it all to memory.

Xena's gaze never left her own, conveying all she felt with her eyes. Their mouths met in a hungry kiss, lips biting and tongues searching, wild with passion. Gabrielle let her mouth follow her hands and was soon devouring perfect breasts, leaving nothing untouched. She licked and sucked each nipple religiously, growling into her feast when she felt a strong hand grab at her head. Xena's moans and groans were like music to her ears. She lifted herself up onto one arm, never parting with the delicious nipple she was loving. Bringing her hand down to the quivering muscles of the warrior’s stomach she paused to look at the writhing body underneath her.

This wasn't a dream. Gabrielle felt the whole world disappear when her fingers melted into the wet, hot softness she found. She moaned in delight knowing she was responsible for her warrior’s state of arousal.

Xena whimpered with need and lifted her hips in an effort to urge the bard on. Gabrielle began gently stroking the length of Xena's slippery sex, causing a flood of wetness to seep into her hand. Xena never looked more magnificent then at this moment. On the last downward stroke, she could feel the hot core sucking her in.

Xena gasped and shook. "Yes, Gabrielle, make it real."

Gabrielle slowly brought her body down the overheated warrior, leaving a trail of wetness glistening on Xena's body. She watched her fingers as the muscles drew them inside. She slowly moved them in and out, mesmerized by the responsiveness Xena's body was displaying. Every inch of her skin seemed to be trembling. Bending her head, she inhaled the scent of her warrior deeply. Learning this forever too. She stretched her tongue out to finally taste her lover for the first time. She was nearly thrown by the powerful thrust of her lover’s hips. She felt the fingers on her head tighten and the other hand take hers and capture it in a death grip. The needy muscles pulled her fingers in even deeper.

Xena was sure she began coming the moment Gabrielle tasted her breast. How else could she explain the sensations she was feeling? Her body was trembling uncontrollably and there was this hunger… she never knew. The feel of Gabrielle's fingers inside her was like fire. She groaned again in pleasure. When she felt that warm tongue and those soft lips wrap around her, she nearly fainted. Propping herself up on an elbow, she looked into sparkling green eyes. Gabrielle moaned at the sight.


Xena felt the heat flowing deeply from her core, radiating outward. She jerked upright with a feeling she was sure no human being could ever survive. These were the most incredible sensations and Gabrielle was making the most wonderful sounds. Her lips felt like velvet and her tongue felt like a thousand sparks. Xena felt herself writhing and spasming as she climbed higher than ever before. She grabbed Gabrielle's head with both hands and cried out, nearly doubling over from the first jolt of the most exquisite orgasm ever. Her bard’s mouth was not stopping and she shook and carried on until the last wave finally subsided. Xena crashed down on the bedroll in awe.

Gabrielle was fascinated with the sight of Xena's face in the throes of the intense orgasm. She could feel the little tremors grab at her fingers and couldn't help but wiggle them. Hearing Xena's painful gasp, she drew her fingers out of her new favorite spot. She licked and tasted her way up the still quaking body, taking great care to lick away all the dampness on the warrior’s skin. Xena whimpered and lifted her bard up for a kiss.

Xena crushed Gabrielle's lips, invading every crevice of her mouth, the mouth that had just given her infinite pleasure, the lips that had just turned her into a whimpering mess. She gripped the bard’s hips and moved her higher up onto her ribs. She felt the wetness seeping out on her skin and needed desperately to taste it. She held the rocking hips tightly to her and broke the kiss. She needed to taste all of Gabrielle.

Starting at her chin, Xena bathed the salty skin, stopping at her nipples. She suckled and licked and nipped, tonguing both stiff, pink buds with more devotion than any god had received. Gabrielle shuddered with a small orgasm and a husky "Xena." Xena smirked and shivered herself. She could smell the bard’s arousal and it made her heart pound insanely hard. Reaching down she covered her fingers in her love’s essence and just slid her fingers around in the soft wet flesh she wanted for so long. She drew them around and around ever so lightly over the throbbing bud in slow teasing circles.

Xena turned her attention to the twitching stomach and lifted her head to run her flattened tongue across firm abs. Gabrielle was pushing herself hard into Xena's ribs and, with a telltale "Gods, Xena," and a quick jerk, had another little orgasm. But the warrior was no- where near done with her. Taking both of Gabrielle's hands with her own, she pulled them over her head. She stretched Gabrielle’s body so that the only things touching the ground were the bard’s shins. Her stomach rested on Xena's head. In this position, Gabrielle controlled the movement and, any way she moved, her pulsing nerves touched Xena's face.

Xena slipped her tongue into the sweet nectar and it tasted wonderful. She licked and sucked up every drop offered. With Gabrielle's cries coaxing her, she curled her tongue and entered the warmth. The bard enveloped the warrior and squeezed her in deeply. Xena pumped in and out slowly, letting Gabrielle set the pace. She felt the juices melting over her chin and over her throat. She looked up to watch her love riding her face. Her biceps were twitching with the strain, little drops of sweat fell off her face, her mouth open just enough to let out the wordless groans. She was never so captivating.

"I love you, Gabrielle."

Gabrielle opened unfocused eyes to look down and drown in the hunger she saw burning into her. Driven by the reality of Xena's confession, she managed to reply between breaths.

"Love... you... too..."

Xena felt the warm, velvety muscles pulsing tightly around her tongue, and trembling thighs close her head in a vice grip. Doubling her efforts, she pumped into her harder and faster and moved her head rapidly from side to side. Feeling her stiffen, Xena released Gabrielle's hands to wrap her arms around her back. Immediately, fingers wound into raven hair, holding tight.


Gabrielle hung in that euphoric place for a few heartbeats before bursting into a dizzying climax. She moaned loud and long as she spasmed and exploded, thrusting into the warrior’s face in abandon. Xena came too as she watched and felt her love’s fierce release. Groaning and shaking, she never lost a drop of the sweet essence as it slid down her throat. She licked and sucked until Gabrielle whined and collapsed on her head.

Xena lifted the bard and placed her on top of her. Gabrielle curled into a fetal position and shook with another aftershock. Xena chuckled and wrapped her arms around her love. After a few more ripples and "oh’s", Gabrielle relaxed into her warrior and sighed.

"That was truly amazing, Xena."

"That it was, my bard. That it was."


"Hmmm?" she yawned.

"Will it always be like this?"

"No," she chuckled again. "Even better. I've had 4 years to imagine making love to you." *And 35 more ways to go * she thought. Gabrielle whimpered at the thought. "But don't worry, love, we have the rest of our lives."

Xena wrapped her arms around her bard and they both drifted contentedly to sleep. That night for the first time, both of them smiled as they slept dreamlessly.

The End

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