To Know Thyself Is to Love Thyself

by Indigo

All rights reserved by author 1998

Disclaimer: The characters in this story are property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance
Pictures and no infringement is intended. References to actual events in XWP episodes are
purely intentional and only used when necessary. Episodes referred to are: The Quill is
Mightier and Warrior-Priestess-Tramp. No gain was made in the writing or the posting of
this fanfic just a relieved Psyche.

Story Disclaimer: This story does include both covert and overt references (mostly overt)
to love and sex between two consenting adults that happen to be female. If your not old
enough to legally read this where you live then go to bed, it's past your bedtime so you'll
have to use your own imagination. For those old enough to read and comprehend mature
subject matter, you can also go to bed if you cannot handle physical expression's of love
between two women, lite eroticism, or violence.

Writers Disclaimer: No bards, Virginal Priestesses, nor any of the naked Gabrielle's were
harmed during the writing of this scroll. Aphrodite, however did need a serious bath and the
bard is no longer frustrated.

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Chapter 1 Virgins - Harlots - Heroes

Once again Xena and Gabrielle found themselves settling down by the nights fire, Xena
sitting somewhat off to the other side of the flickering flames. Gabrielle, the blonde bard
(and sometimes thespian) picked up her quill to finish her most recent scroll. She smirked
in a please manner as she edited the beginning of her story, for she couldn't have made up
a better situation.

In preparing her thoughts the bard grinned to herself. It tickled Gabrielle a great deal to
know there was a virgin Priestess walking around that looked just like her warrior
companion. What irony! She began to think of her task of escorting Priestess Leah to
Meg's place and began recalling the events.........

In trying to make Leah believable as Meg, Gabrielle started tearing the conservative
portions of Leah's attire off of her. A little shoulder here, a little thigh there, hmmm
that'll do. What an interesting possibility......... why, I'd pay a hundred dinars for the
chance to tear Xena's cloths off of her, the bard privately thought to herself.

" You really are very nice, albeit misguided young person, Gabrielle. It's a great pity I
didn't get a hold of you sooner, you would have made an excellent Hestian," the priestess
said as Gabrielle finished destroying her modest smock. "Thanks," Leah quipped.

"I don't think so," Gabrielle replies as the bard laughed to herself at the thought.

The priestess continues, "But the chaste life isn't so bad really, once you get used to simply have to follow Hestian rules."

"Rule one. Know thyself."

"Rule two..."

The bard interrupts Leah, "If I have to go the rest of my life without companionship,
believe me, knowing myself won't be a problem." The Priestess accepted the wanton
bards reply at first, then got quite concerned at the implications. Gabrielle didn't notice
Leah's lost expression and began coaching the unlikely woman in the art of sultry cuisine.

The young bard thoughtfully made the last changes to her new scroll, while her companion
Xena methodically sharpened her weapon. "Xena what do you think? I like this beginning
a lot better." The young woman took in a deep breath to orate her recent craft. Abruptly,
Xena commands, "Why do you always have to write about me? Why don't you try writing
fiction for a change, Hmmm?"

Gabrielle thought for a brief moment about her companion's suggestion. "Well, I've
thought about it, do you really think I could?,"she asked. Xena sheathed her weapon as
she raised her brow, "yes I do, but do it quietly." As the strapping warrior turned into her
bedroll she added, "and this time make someone else the hero!"

Gabrielle thought for a moment and wrote, Xena went fishing and the lone warrior......
Gab- ri-elle awoke with a jerk... The bard spoke softly to herself in rhythm with each entry
on the scroll.


Chapter 2 Bad Boys - Sluts - and Love's Eye Times Three


Gabrielle was still trying to keep the unraveling events under control. The bard's mind had
already begun to think about when Aphrodite enchanted her scrolls to make her fiction
become the truth. The bard woke up with Joxer by her side and Barbarians attacking her.
Xena was no where to be seen, and there was port pouring from the roof of the local
tavern. What would Xena do?, the lone bard thought to herself.

In the background Ares and Aphrodite were arguing over who was to blame for enchanting
the bard's scroll. "If you had not been so manipulative Ares, I wouldn't have even gotten
involved in your sham," Aphrodite harped.

Aphrodite didn't even notice that everyone who passed her paused, sniffing in the air in an
attempt to identify the foul decaying smell that permeated around her.

Sniff, Joxer inhaling the pungent odor, contorted his lips as if choking back the heave of
last nights meal.

"I asked only for your help Aphrodite, it was you that enchanted Gabrielle's scroll," Ares
sneered at the accusation. "As I recall, it was the bright goddess of Looooove that was
stupid enough to let that irritating blonde have control over her writings and because of it I
don't have my powers!"

What can I do, there's got to be a simple solution to this ....., the bard hummed.
"Ahha," Gabrielle exclaimed outloud. She called to Ares, Aphrodite, Joxer and Minya.
"Hey would you all stop arguing and come here, I know what we need to do to fix this.
Joxer, you and Minya go find Xena. The last thing I wrote was that Xena went to see a
friend. Go back to Amphipolis and see if she's there. Ares, you and Aphrodite should start
working with each other and see if you can get some help from the other gods to get the
spell off my scroll. I'm going to the caves to find the man from the market. Maybe I can
talk him into giving me Joxer's scabbard."


Ares, cocked his head to one side, rolling his eyes up at Aphrodite. "Well, we don't have
our powers and now we've let loose Miss Thang who has a control complex. Come on lets
get out of here," Ares took a long thoughtful pause. "You really do need to take a bath

"I can't help it!" the love goddess, shaken by the pains of mortality, began to cry.

Joxer, of course being Joxer, jumped at the chance to lead Minya on their search for the
Warrior Princess. "Come on Minya, stay behind me, it might be dangerous," he wishful
warrior bravadoed. Minya, frustrated by the play at male dominance and feminine frailty,
roughly shouldered by Joxer and took the lead.

In the distance Gabrielle quests off for the caves.

The bard quietly enters one of the many openings to the caves. Somewhere inside there
should be a group of barbarians, the man from the market with the scrolls stuck in Joxer's
scabbard and three naked Gabrielle's. Gabrielle thought of how Are's face looked when
the bare and exotic Gabrielle's started dancing wildly above them. Great Zeus, he's
softening up too much. I can't believe I'm even thinking this, but I hope that his
disposition changes back when we get his powers restored.

Gabrielle grimaced at the thought of Ares lusting after her. "Auckkk!"

After walking around for a while, the sidekick decided to take a moment to map this stuff
out in her mind. In doing so her thoughts went to Xena and then the enchanted scroll.

Oh, I hope everything is all right with her, I could never forgive myself if wherever the
scroll sent her there was danger awaiting her, the bard thought.

Her imagination was still in full throttle. A light went off in the bards head. Gee, I wish I
had know that Aphrodite had enchanted the scroll to make false things come true. I could
have really used that against Xena, Gabrielle grinned slyly at her realization. It was then
that the bard really put her heart into her everlonging fantasies of her masterful warrior.

Gabrielle, closing her eyes to help her imagery started to project her desires and thoughts
about what she would have liked to have written into her scroll.


Chapter 3 "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Hotter"



"Xena!" Gabrielle awoke screaming.

"What is it Gabrielle?" the once slumbering warrior called. "Are you okay? It must have
been a bad dream for you to scream like that."

The princess rolled over to the bard and put her arm around her. "Here, here, it's okay
now, I'm not going to let anything or anyone hurt you Gabrielle," she cooed.

"Xena, it was awful! I can't remember what it was, but it was awful!" Gabrielle curled
herself towards the ex-warlord and Xena reciprocated by nuzzling into the bards exposed

Gabrielle could feel the honey warm breath of the warrior on her neck and suddenly her
fear turned to arousal. She ignored it though, at least until Xena's lips brushed against her
sensitive neck. Trying to gain her composure she asked, "Xena, you don't get tired of me
do you? I mean if you do, I want to know."

"No, No," the warrior replied, "you really must have been dreaming weird stuff. I bet it
was that eel you ate so close to bedtime."

"Hmm, must have been," Gab chirped. She was happy for it, if the consequence of it put
her in the protective arms of her dream lover. Xena curled her face into Gabrielle's neck,
this time sending rods of heat through the bard. An unintended moan escaped and the bard
froze, hoping Xena had not heard. Of course Xena wouldn't let on if she had.

One of the warriors' eyes popped open when she heard the ummhmh come from beneath
her. gods, if she does that again I don't know if I can stand being so close to her without
giving myself away, Xena thought.

"Uhmmm," the bard moaned again.

Oh, gods, I can't stand this. I wonder if I intentionally breathe on her neck I can get her to
kiss me, Xena bargained with herself. That way if she really isn't interested in me I won't
be the instigator, at least not that she's aware of. The warrior's eyes moved from side to
side while she let off a self satisfied grin at her brilliance. Yeah, besides if she doesn't love
me that way she won't get it anyway, IF she gets it at all.

Xena positioned her mouth at the back of Gabrielle's neck, right at the curve. Inhaling
slowly through her nose the warrior braces herself for the suggestive blow.

Gabrielle shuddered violently. In trying to wrestle off the burn within her Gabrielle shifted
in Xena's arm and her lips accidentally brushed across the corner of Xena's waiting mouth.
"Oh, I'm sorry Xena! I didn't mean to!", which was true. She could kick herself for letting
her wishful thoughts penetrate reality, not to mention raising Xena's suspicions.

"I'm not sorry Gabrielle, why should you be?" Xena quipped so quickly she couldn't stop
herself in mid sentence, though she wished she had. "Really?" Do you mean that Xena?"
Gabrielle turned to peer into her warrior deep blue pools. She knew that if Xena would
only gaze into her eyes long enough she'd know if the warrior was sincere.

"Uhh?.. I mean..."

Xena stopped her cover story, when she saw the disappointed hurt in the bards eyes. "Yes,
I DO mean that," the sensual warrior admitted. "I've always welcomed any reason to be
close to you Gabrielle, haven't you noticed?"

"No, not really," the bard answered. "I was always just glad to steal some moments with
you." At the sound of Gabrielle's affirmation, the Warrior Princess wrapped herself around
Gabrielle as she slowly leaned into a kiss. Their tongues met like fire lapping at the air,
thirsting for more to fuel their cause. Gabrielle moved her arms across the warm leather
covering Xena's mature body.

"I can't believe this," she said to Xena. "You don't know how long I've dreamed of this
moment, I just never thought it would really happen!"

"I bet I can guess," Xena grinned. "Was it before Gareth and Hower?"

Gabrielle paused as if to force the memory, "Yes," she answered.

"Was it before I died?" Xena was almost making a joke of it, while teasing Gabrielle at
the same time.
"Yes, Xena it was," the bard reluctantly answered. It truly had been some time ago when
the first thought had come to her.

"Was it before the three fates?"
"No" Gab answered with a 'know it all' grin.

"Oh of course! When we helped Ulysses!" the dark princess proudly barked.

"No, not then," the bard teased back as she began rubbing her hands across the leather
that was keeping her from heaven.

"Does the warlord give up?"

"No way, wait! I know.... when Perdicus asked you to marry him?"
"Huhhh?" Gabrielle was getting impatient with this game. "No Xena, it was after we
killed Bacchus, at least it was then that I had wished I hadn't been a bacchae when I bit into
your neck." Gabrielle lifts her upper lip to reveal some very non threatening canines.

Just the thought of Gabrielle sinking her teeth into her neck drove the warrior over the
edge. Instantly she positioned her chest over Gabrielle's, gently holding one wrist above
the bards head. With the same quickness, she tore into the young woman's mouth with the
same fury she had before. Embedded in kiss with her warrior, Gabrielle masterfully undid
the lacing on Xena's leathers and slowly raked her nails down the warriors back.

A throaty moan curled from Xena's lips as she broke away from their lingual dance.

"gods! Gabrielle where did you learn to do that?"

Gabrielle lovingly smiles up to Xena, "I've had a long time to think about this moment
Xena, I may be inexperienced but I'm not dumb. Besides it would turn Me on."

"Oh really! Then you won't mind this!" Xena quickly released the bard from her clothing,
putting one arm gently behind the small of the bards back and raising her hips towards the

"Do whatever you want with me Xena, I want it all, please." Gabrielle whispered as she
hypnotically gazed at the warrior.

"You will have it all. I want to make this special for you my sweet bard." Xena then
slipped her knee between Gabrielle's legs, locking it in. The long skillful hand of the
warrior intently traced the curve of her new lovers hip first from behind and then up to the
fall of her waist and forward to the bards loin. Gabrielle shuddered at the lightness of
Xena's touch. The same long hand commanded the golden-haired bards flesh to race as it
filtered through the amber pubic hair.

Hmmmm, Xena thought, I've always wanted to play with this hair. It is so light and fluffy,
so different from mine. I love it!

Gabrielle reached for Xena's midnight tresses, delicately fingering groups of flowing dark
hair. Almost as an afterthought, she grasped the locks tightly and steered Xena's mouth to

At first the sudden movement alarmed the warrior, but then she let out a deep breath and
gave into Gabrielle's command. No one but Gabrielle could come close to anything
resembling dominance over the warrior.

"Xena, I love you madly!" Gabrielle gasps between the flicks of her tongue onto the
warriors' lips. She then slipped her tongue inside Xena's mouth and began pulling Xena's
tongue into her own mouth, sucking lightly and wonderfully.

"Mmmm," the blonde groaned at the salty sweetness on Xena's mouth. Xena's tongue was
noticibly softer that Perdicus'. I was so naive. Oh, What was I thinking back then?

Gabrielle let off a loud groan as Xena's hand pulled the folds of her flesh apart finding the
basin of the bards excitement.

"Is that okay with you," the warrior asks. "Mmm huhm," is all the bard could muster,
seemingly drugged by the warriors loving touch. "More," escaped from Gabrielle's lips.

The warrior took advantage of the lustful dew the blonde's body offered her and slipped a
finger slowly into Gabrielle. This sent a tidal wave of sensation crashing through Gabrielle's
being. The bards eyes rolled as she arched her back and thrust her hips to meet the
warriors devouring hands. A minute passed as Xena continued to kiss Gabrielle. Her
finger lay still for now. Once Xena was sure Gabrielle had adjusted to the presence inside
her, she pulled out slowly and then proceeded to enter with two fingers.

"Ohhh, Xe...huh...Xenaaa," the bard breathes.

"Yes, my beloved bard?" Xena drawls in her deep soothing voice. Xena was quite aware
that she had opened up new territory. Gabrielle lay with her eyes half open and her head
tilted back, her sinewed neck outstretched in ectacy. She was so beautiful, Xena thought.
Both of the blonde beauties hands were willfully raised above her head, clenching the edge
of the bed roll.

Gabrielle pleads, "More..... I need you,......I want you, please Xena, please, I need your

Xena, barely able to stay conscious due to her own excitement and her own shallow
breathing, commits herself to her lovers pleasure. As her hand rhythmically thrusts into her
beautiful bard, she notices the reflection of the moonscape against her hair. Gabrielle
moaned with each thrust. "Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm." Xena pressed her long fingers
upward into the delicate inner wall of her bards oasis and would then nearly pull out
completely, sending rivets of joy thru Gabrielle's body.

"Oh, Xena.... oh......oh..." Gabrielle panted. An almost painful look crossed Gabs face as
she begins lifting her hip in a counter rhythm to Xena's hand, attempting to draw the
warriors' fingers deeper within. "Ohh.....gods....... ohhhh.....huh, huh ahhh," Xena knew the
bard was near her climax. Her tempo picks up......thrust......thrust.......thrust. Gabrielle's
pitch reaches it's pentacle....oooooohhhhh gods Xena!!, the younger woman yells, as her
body becomes rigid in its last thrusts of desire and then goes limp in Xena's arm. She felt
intoxicated with her warriors' love.


Gabrielle's breathing began to relax and deepen while her head still seemed prickly and
light from the rage of her orgasm. She lifts her hand from between her legs, her fingers
glisten from her excitement. She brushed her lips with the tips of her drenched hand, and
licks it away. She hears movement somewhere in the darkness, and grapples quickly to
appear together and composed.

Still frolicking, the three naked Gabrielle's skip and twirl through the cavern not noticing or
caring about the bards existence. Great Zeus, I could have also used the enchanted scroll
to make three naked warrior princesses. For the moment, Gabrielle was not concerned with
finding the trader from the market. No, she was relishing and enveloping the memory of
her enchanted scroll fantasy just a little longer, and longer, and longer.

How long have I been in here? I better get moving before they come looking for me. but
Boy!, I feel Better now, the relaxed love warrior thought to herself. As she peered into the
next cavern, she caught a glimpse of the trader. Quickly she ran and snatched the scroll
from his pouch and ran for it. Once Gabrielle gained a lead on the disheveled man she
stopped long enough to make a quick entry on the parchment. Suddenly without warning,
the man appeared again. Grabbing the scroll from her hands the trader ran from the caves
until he disappeared into the distance. Gabrielle strangely enough did not appear too upset
about this. The bard just casually walked outside the labrynth of caves a little lighter in
step and in heart than before.

The End

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