Time Flies

Part 4

by Ri

        Lara awoke to the feel of sweet lips against her neck. The lips gently gave Lara a string of kisses down her neck to her already aroused breasts. Without opening her eyes she whispered in a voice roughened by passion, "What are you doing, Angel?"

        "Trying to wake you in the sexiest way that I can think of because I want to do what you said I could last night."

        "And what was that?"

        "That I could do anything I wanted to your beautiful body."

        Big blue eyes opened to meet amused beautiful green eyes that were just above her own, "Oh yeah," she said with a rakish grin.

        A gentle finger traced a line down Lara's long swan like neck and said gently, "You did lie last night."

        Lara closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of the soft finger against her skin, "I did? What did I lie about?"

        The finger stopped and Lara felt a tiny little slap on her shoulder. She opened her eyes to meet amused green eyes, "Lara, I saw what you did at the cave opening last night. I may be a virgin but I do know all about satisfying yourself. I have done that myself you know?"

        Lara smiled back at the beaming blonde with a wicked gleam in her eye. She pulled the soft sweet lips to her own and kissed the beautiful girl deeply. When they pulled apart she gently rubbed the little nose with her own and said, "You are so damn smart, My Angel. I did...um fib, but I had a very good reason."

        "Which was?"

        "Angel, if we kept going I don't think I could have stopped and we really did need our sleep. I really wanted to make love to and enjoy you making love to me till we both couldn't move."

        "So the only reason you stopped was so we could rest?" Sarah asked the beautiful dark haired woman beneath her. Lara nodded and tilted her head waiting to see what the beautiful woman would say. "Now that we have rested can I...Um...well try...you know...."

        Lara pulled the smaller body right on top of her own and caressed the skin of Sarah's shoulders. She softly whispered into a now bright red ear, "Do whatever you would like to me."

        "What do I do?" She whispered back softly kissing the beautiful neck that was exposed next to her lips.

        Lara's eyes closed again as she replied softly, "Just follow your instincts Angel. If you need advise just ask," Lara's head fell back as that warm mouth began to suck at her pulse point. Lara was already wet and her whole body was reacting to the soft skin touching her own. Her hands left Sarah's body and gripped the mattress tightly. The mouth was now on the move to her aching breasts. She felt her nerve ends lighting up as the mouth captured one of the nipples with a soft teasing tongue.

        Lara moaned in pure ecstasy and Sarah pulled back and whispered, "Are you ok?"

        "Yes," Lara panted, "Don't stop my Angel, Please!" She moaned.

        The warm tongue was once again licking the sensitive nipple. Lara couldn't believe how her body was reacting. She was hardly a virgin but no one had ever turned her into mush like this before. Yet every nerve in her body seemed to sing with electricity from the slightest caress of this innocent young woman.

        Sarah's lips began to pull and suckle the breast and Lara moaned again throwing her head back against the pillow in pure reaction. Lara reached for the little hand and placed it on her wet mound patting the hand and then gripping the side of the bed again in expectation of what was about to happen to her.

        Sarah was unsure of what to do but followed her instincts and gently ran her fingers through the soft damp hair. Lara now lost control of her body and was wiggling and jutting against the stroking hand. Lara pressed her chest against Sarah till almost her whole breast pushed its way into Sarah's warm mouth.

        Sarah followed an inner voice that had her gently using her teeth on the nipple and slowly enter the soaking apex with her finger. Lara moaned saying "More please, Angel more!" In a passionate whisper.

        Sarah released the breast and kissed the nipple and looked up at Lara. Her head was thrown back and she looked like she was in pain but didn't care. Her knuckles were white from gripping the mattress and this strong woman was actually whimpering with need. Sarah had not stopped her finger so she added a second finger thinking that's what Lara meant by more. She could feel that the woman that she now knew she loved was very close. She leaned down over the other breast and started to suckle it with the same rhythm as her fingers below. Lara suddenly stiffened when the warm mouth captured her breast she called out Sarah's name in ecstasy and fell over the edge.

        Sarah moved slowly up the heaving sweating body and held the quivering woman close. She kissed her cheek sweetly and whispered, "Are you all right?"

        In a very shaky voice, "You've no idea." Her eyes opened to find frightened uncertain eyes, "My darling Angel that was beyond what I ever thought possible. You were incredible."



        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Lara led Sarah through the forest holding her little hand. It was two days and she felt like she was very close to the first marker. Sarah was now a part of her heart but she couldn't seem to tell the beautiful woman that she was in love with her. She looked into worried green eyes and asked, "What's wrong Angel?"

        "Are you sure were going in the right direction? It's already been two days and its getting late. Maybe it's me. I'm slowing you down..."

        Lara stopped walking and held Sarah back by her shoulders, "Sarah please stop this. You are not only not holding me back you are my inspiration to continue. How many times do I have to tell you that I not only want you on this quest I need you? Please believe me."

        Sarah couldn't believe what she was hearing or seeing. Tears were now flooding the strong woman's eyes. The words and expression on Lara's face touched her deeply and she realized that she was hurting her, which was the last thing on this earth that she wanted to do.

        Lara was so frustrated. She loved this bright capable woman and she couldn't get her to believe that she wanted her with her. She couldn't believe that Sarah couldn't read the truth by just looking into her eyes.

        Sarah lowered her head and said in a barely heard whisper, "Sorry."

        "I don't want or need an apology. I want you to believe me," she said quietly lifting the quivering chin with a gentle finger till she could look into the tear filled eyes. "Do you?"

        "Yes," was the whispered reply.

        "Really?" Lara asked caressing the soft cheek with her finger.

        "Yes, I just don't want to mess this up for you."

        "You won't. I believe in you."

        "You do?"

        "Yep," Lara replied with loving smile.

        "Why?" asked Sarah curiously.

        Suddenly Lara tensed; she could feel the trackers. She literally scooped Sarah up and ran up to a large oak. She grabbed a vine with one hand and swung both of them up to the nearest sturdy branch.

        Milton with a bio scanner came running to the clearing. Lara shook her head in pure frustration. She took another vine and swung them to another tree and then another till they were at least 20 kilometers away.

        Then she gracefully lowered them to the floor of a meadow. She turned to Sarah and was about to say something when she noticed her eyes. They were glazed and unfocused. Sarah gently detached herself from Lara and walked straight to great oak tree. She motioned for Lara to join her, which she quickly did. Then Sarah took Lara's left hand and with her own pressed into the marker in the oak tree. Lara hadn't had time to notice the entwined circle and triangle when they came into the meadow before this. The wood slid over to reveal a bronze box inside. Sarah reached in and handed it to Lara with angelic smile on her face. Lara now realizing she was looking at the spirit of Gabrielle smiled back as she took the box.

        Then she heard the trackers tearing through the woods again. "Shit," She had no time to do anything but grab Sarah put the box in Sarah's knapsack carry the smaller woman up the oak. She scrambled up to the highest branch covered by leaves and hoped they wouldn't spot them.

        Milton and his partner Peterson came running into the meadow. Milton was throwing a fit as he realized that he lost Lara again. Peterson ignores him and looks around to find the open receptacle.

        "Milton," she called musically pointing at the tree and then looking on the ground for tracks. She ignored his cursing and said, "No tracks at all, Lara must be part cat."

        "Oh that's just great! You're making with the jokes and we missed her twice in one day! Wonderful."

        "Stop belly aching and look at this. See this symbol do you have any idea what it could mean?"

        "No, no idea at all. A circle and triangle could be anything."

        "Call the boss and ask him."

        "No way! Sure I call him and let that intense guy know I lost Lara not once but twice. Don't think so! Aren't there any tracks at all? The little girl must have left some? She sure as hell didn't fly here."

        "Well she didn't leave any tracks either. Call him Milton. That's why you have a cell phone. Maybe the symbol with a give us a clue where the next marker is."

        They walked out of the meadow toward their men. Milton was muttering something about calling the boss when hell froze over. Lara wasn't really listening she was too panicked. Sarah had fainted in her arms as they reached the safety of the high ledge and she couldn't seem to revive her.

        As soon as the trackers were out of ear shot Lara lowered them both carefully back down to the ground. She gently lay Sarah down and tried to wake her by gently shaking her. She only moaned but still not even of flicker of the eyes. She checked her breathing passage to make sure it was clear and it was and then for some unknown reason she had an irresistible urge to kiss her.

        She lowered her head till they were only a breath a part and her body seemed to be pulling her lips to Sarah's of its own accord. She intended to only brush her lips against Sarah's and then to pull back and find a way to wake up the sleeping beauty. Instead when her lips touched Sarah's she was overwhelmed with a deep need and she kissed her passionately with all the love she had been holding back in her heart.         

        Much to her relief Sarah returned the kiss the little arms went around her neck pulling her closer still. She rolled them so she was on her back and kissing the smaller woman deeply. They explored each other till they ran out of air, when they pulled back it was as if Sarah had just waken up from a deep, deep sleep.

        "Where are we, Lara?" she asked sleepily.

        "You don't remember?"

        "No, this is not the same place we were talking in before though."

        "No it isn't...Do you remember this?" Lara reached into Sarah's bag and pulled out the small bronze box. Sarah stared at it and shook her head no in confusion.

        "We reached the first marker and it was inside. I think you were off with Xena and Gabrielle was with me."

        "If I was with Xena I don't remember it. What's inside the box?"

        Lara shrugged, "Don't know. We had to hightail it out of there. Milton and company showed up." She smiled wickedly, "Man was he bloody pissed....then you passed out on me and I only had one worry as far as I was concerned. I had to find a way to revive you."

        "Is that why you were kissing me?"

        Lara looked sheepish as she nodded, "Yes, um that wasn't my original intent...but it did work."

        "Oh yeah it sure did, "Sarah replied with sweet smile. "So are we going to see what's inside?"

        Lara shrugged again and opened it. Inside was quill and scroll that was held closed by a beautiful silver ring. Lara pulled the ring off the scroll and looked at it. It was of Greek design and motif, it looked Thracian to Lara's trained eye. Inside written in ancient Greek it said; To my love G. Always X. Lara's eyes teared up when she realized what the ring really was. She smiled and handed it to Sarah who felt tears sting her eyes as well when she read the inscription.

        Lara was reading the scroll and shaking her head in frustration. She handed it to Sarah and said, "Here Angel, I can't make head or tails out of this. Maybe you can read it."

        Sarah read it over several times and looked frustrated, "I don't understand this. Its like there are words missing..."

        "Maybe I can help?" Said a soft female voice from behind them. Lara drew both guns and turned protecting Sarah with her body. She almost dropped them when she saw who spoke. Floating mid air doing her nails was a curly haired blonde with big blue eyes. She had on pink bikini and pink mesh floating around it. She had spiked pinked high heals on and looked very at ease.

        "Who the hell are you?" Said Lara her guns still drawn.

        "My name is Aphrodite and I'm a friend of your great grandmothers. You girls get to visit them for a short while." She said with a childlike giggle.

        The next thing they knew time seemed to slip and they were in front of beautiful log cabin in a forest full of beautiful colors. Everything seemed to glow and it smelled wonderful. On the porch of the cabin were Xena and Gabrielle swinging on a swing with delighted expressions like they were expecting them.

        "Lara?" Stuttered Sarah touching the other woman's back.

        "I have no idea Angel, but its going to ok. I promise." She said as she walked up to the patio toward their ancestors and asked, "What the hell is this, Grandmother?"

        Xena smirked at the younger woman and said with snort, "Our home of course."

Part 5

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