Time Flies

Part 7

by Ri

        Blue eyes met the black seductive eyes of the God of War with a cold iciness, "Aries," it was Lara's mouth moving but the voice and facial expression was pure Xena.

        "It seems Apollo took out my operatives rather easily so I had to come finish the job myself. I should have known you and the battling bard would be all prepared." Aries said with an amused smirk.

        "You sent that rogue tomb raider after the girls?" Said Gabrielle's angry voice through Sarah's sweet mouth.

        "Yep, I sure did. I knew your little decedents were close so I thought I might just be able to stop them through your Great Granddaughter Gabrielle, she seemed really weak to me. I misjudged you so I guess I should have known better, huh?" He asked looking into the angry green eyes with a wicked smirk. He was leaning against the door to the living area of the cave. He was unarmed but they knew that would probably change quickly.

        "What the hell do you want!?" Xena asked angrily advancing on the God of War like a tiger.

        "Hey, Hold it Warrior Princess. I'm unarmed and your not in your own body..."

        "This body is in exquisite shape. My Great Granddaughter is a lot like me. Except she's never been lured to her dark side by you and she never will be."

        "Not that I haven't tried," he replied with a chuckle. "But yeah, Xena you're right she can't be lured that's why I ordered Peterson to kill her. Unfortunately she never got a chance your granddaughter is too damn good. So she failed and then Apollo took them both out. How did he do that by the way?"

        Lara's face smiled wickedly, "The ethers."

        "Clever, Whose idea was that?" Aries asked with a slight grimace.

        Sarah walked closer to Lara her sais in the ready position as Gabrielle's voice said, "Your sister, our friend."

        "Figures. She is such a sentimental slob."

        "That's why we like her. Aries, you once claimed to be in love with me. Several time in fact, this is a nice way of showing it."

        "Xena, Xena, Xena you know I never mix business with pleasure."

        Xena's laugh echoed around the cave as Lara's face showed her contempt for the total lie. She again advanced on the God of War, the sword coming up into the ready position.

        "Xena you're not seriously considering fighting with me yet again?" Asked Aries with an amused chuckle.

        Xena's battle cry suddenly came out of Lara's throat as she flipped through the air landing right in front of Aries with the sword at his throat and a wild gleam in her eyes, "Yep."

        "Ar, Would you give it a rest!" Said Aphrodite from above them. "Get the hell out of here and let the girls finish their mission."

        "No way, to make these scrolls even more famous and me more deviled, Nuh-huh, no way!"

        "Look at it this way it will make your name known again, " Said Gabrielle's voice as Sarah's body walked behind Lara. "After all most people today think of Aries as a sign in the zodiac to look up to see what their horoscope is." Gabrielle's and Lara's laughter was heard again at the thought.

        "Hm, That is true. Not bad, Bard. I'll tell you what I'll get lost for now but if I feel even a teensy weensy bit slighted by those stupid scrolls I will be back with a vengeance. Then watch out!" And he was gone.

        Aphrodite shook her head winked at her friends and said, "Later." Then she vanished in sparkle of pink.

        "Gabrielle lets bring the girls into the living quarters. You know how their bodies will react when we leave them and I want them to be comfortable."

        They walked toward the bed when Gabrielle asked, "Xena, Do you think the girls would mind if we kiss? I miss feeling you against me in the physical world and we haven't in such a long time..."

        "No Love, I don't think they will mind at all. They are both such loving women they will understand. Let's sit on the bed because after we kiss we will leave their bodies."

        Sarah's head nodded, they both put the weapons on the ground beneath the bed. Then Lara pulled Sarah onto her lap close to her Xena's voice whispered, "I love you my bard."

        "I love you too my warrior."

        They kissed deeply and passionately holding each other tightly feeling the soft skin beneath their fingers. When they ran out of air the warrior and her bard left their descendants bodies. When Lara and Sarah's eyes opened they were still kissing distance apart and they couldn't resist falling back into a deep well-connected kiss. They finished the kiss with loving looks in their eyes they parted only a few inches as Sarah in her own voice the southern accent firmly back in place asked, "Did what I think just happened really happen?"

        "I think so, Angel," Said Lara her rich clipped British tone back she looked down at the ancient weapons below them. They were both astonished by how they felt when they even looked at them.

        "Lara...I know how to use these...but I don't know how I do." Sarah said very confused.

        Lara nodded, "I know how to use this too," She said as she lifted the ancient sword and admired it. It felt like such an old friend.

        Sarah tilted her head and asked surprised, "Didn't you already know how to?"

        "No, I never learned how to use such a big sword, I was trained on the foil. I feel this...this is...um, apart of me." Lara said her voice full of awe.

        Sarah nodded and said, "That's how I feel about this too. I don't really understand I have never held a weapon before but I know I could use these. In fact I feel I could use them well. How could they have given us this...um, knowledge?"

        Lara shrugged, "I guess they left us the knowledge. I have no idea how."

        "How did Aries know about any of this? How did our Grandmother's predict he would and be here to meet him and protect us?"

        "Angel, I don't have any idea either," she said putting the sword back down on the floor and said sleepily, "I am exhausted suddenly. Come on lets get some sleep we have a very, very long day tomorrow."

        Sarah yawned and nodded putting the Sais with Lara's sword. She cuddled close to the taller woman as Lara pulled up the covers up over them.

        "Good night, my Angel."

        "Goodnight, my sweet."

        They fell into a deep-exhausted sleep nestled comfortingly in each other's warm embrace.

        ***                ****                ***                ***

        Lara woke up with the most heavenly weight on her chest and shoulder. Just the feel of her skin against Sarah's against her made her smile. She opened her eyes and looked at the head comfortably nestled against her shoulder. She bent down and gently kissed the forehead then she stretched her arms out and yawned quietly.

        Her eyes fell on the bronze box on the table next to their bed and narrowed. She didn't remember her or Sarah taking it out of Sarah's nap sack. She pulled it over and opened it. She pulled out the unreadable scroll and tried once again to decipher the strange puzzle and blinked. Then she suddenly sat up straight as an arrow.

        "Sarah, wake up Angel. Come on it's very important," she murmured into the little ear next to her. Sarah's eyes fluttered open and she muttered, "Mmm?"

        One thing the two soulmates didn't have in common was Sarah's total reluctance to get up in the morning. Lara found it strangely endearing but right now she needed her to get up.

        "Angel, I need you to wake up all the way. Come on, right now." She said as she gently bestowed a string of tiny kisses around the pretty sleepy face.

        That worked, Sarah's arms suddenly wrapped around Lara's neck pulling the dark woman into a deep kiss. They enjoyed exploring each other till Lara remembered the scroll and tried to pull away from her affectionate mate.

        "Come on Sweetheart, I need you to look..."

        Sarah opened her eyes and pulled Lara back to her kissing her passionately. That ignited Lara's fire and not only did she fall into the kiss her hands began to explore other avenues of luscious body above her. She removed Sarah's robe and began to feel her way to very aroused breasts. Soon they were tasting and grinding into each other lost to everything but each other and their shared passion. They reached the pinnacle together falling over the edge their screams echoing in the large cave.

        Cuddling and stroking each other Lara said in breathy voice, "Did you know you could be quite distracting, Angel?"

        "Didn't you enjoy it?" Sarah asked seductively fingers caressing the breastbone and tracing the line to long neck making her love purr in contentment.

        "Oh yeah...but...a....Ohhh..." Lara lost her grip as the small mouth began to suckle her breast hungrily. Lara's hands slipped down the beautiful body till she reached Sarah's breast kneading them with both hands matching the rhythm created by Sarah's hot mouth. Lara suddenly removed her hands and Sarah stopped what she was doing in surprise. Then Lara moved down so she could ride Sarah's leg and gently put hand against the now soaking wet apex. She took her fingers and tangled them in the wet hair making Sarah slam back into her pillow. Then Lara brought the fingers to the opening not entering but skimming the surface making the blonde moan with need.


        "Anything you wish my love," Said Lara as she now entered the warm chamber creating a rhythm with her finger that she began to match with her body against the soft strong leg she rode. They both flew up the spiral of ecstasy together suddenly stiffening and falling over the edge crying out their loves name simultaneously. Lara crawled back up Sarah's body and curled herself around her love like a cat cuddling close. They were both panting and Lara kissed Sarah's cheek and gently brought the blonde head against her shoulder. Lara ran her fingers through the soft blonde hair while she waited for their breathing to get back to normal.

        Once they were both breathing normally again Lara said quietly, "Angel, You can be a wicked one every once in a while. Did you know that?" She asked her love kissing her neck softly.

        "Mmm, You bring it out in me. I feel so alive when I'm with you." She purred as she enjoyed the tender attention.

        Lara lifted her head and smiled into the shining eyes beside her, "Good, lets keep it that way for a long, long time."
        "Sweetie, wasn't there something you wanted to tell me?"

        Lara suddenly sat straight up pulling the blonde with her, "Shit! Yes, I almost completely forgot...Here sit all the way up Angel," She said as she helped the smaller woman sit up against the pillows behind them. "Ok look at the scroll its readable now. Everything but the last paragraph."

        "What?" Sarah took the scroll from Lara and her eyes grew larger and larger as she read it. "It's their will. They are saying that the possessor of certain objects are their rightful heirs...."

        "Which according to that we have 4out of the 5 objects," said Lara quietly nodding her head.

        "Everything except the Chakram. It's the last item listed too. Maybe it's at this next marker?"

        Lara smiled and shrugged, "I guess. It could be in their tomb too, we'll just have to wait and see. What do you make of that last paragraph?"

        "Its like the rest was before unreadable...except...um I think...Uh..."


        "I think it says what the heirs will receive from their estates. See here in this sentence it seems to lead you there and then you lose the words. It makes it hard to be sure."

        "A bit frustrating, huh?"

        Sarah nodded handing it back to Lara then she leaned against the pillow and looked agitated.

        "What's wrong?"

        "I'm terrified of the climb today."

        "Don't worry Angel I'm an expert and I will watch over you each inch of the way."


        "I am just like my Great Grandmother, I have many skills."

Part 8

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