Time Flies

Part 9 - Conclusion

by Ri

        They went through the entrance of the ancient tomb. "Grandmother is this place booby trapped?" Lara asked the warrior as she grabbed Sarah's hand to pull her beside her they both closed their eyes. Xena's chuckle was heard as their eyes focused on the warrior and the bard, Of course it is. Start walking toward the cavern and when I stop you close your eyes and Lara give me complete control. Don't worry nothing will happen to you. Lara opened her eyes and nudged Sarah. They looked at each other and Sarah took a deep breath as they walked to the archway of the tomb chamber. They both felt gentle hands stop them just a step from the archway. Both women closed their eyes and saw that their grandmother's arms were around their waste's holding them back.

        Xena smiled and said, "Ok girls we have a lot to do. Lara take one step put your hand on your Chakram open your eyes and clear your mind."

        Lara opened her eyes and followed the instructions exactly clearing her mind of all thought through a meditation technique she knew.

        Xena went into action. She threw her Chakram at a precise angle and force that it hit the tomb's back wall. It ricocheted through out the large tomb except where the girls stood. As the Chakram hit all the booby traps a frightened Sarah her eyes opened inched toward Lara's side. As a huge spray of arrows hit the wall to the side of them, the boiling oil fell from its hiding space across from them, and the logs fell into a pit on the other side of the tomb. She ended up hugging tightly to Lara's waste hiding her face against her shoulder. Lara was under Xena's control and she smiled gently and waited for her Chakram to come back to her. She put her arms around Sarah and held her close trying to comfort the frightened girl. When the Chakram came she caught it well away from Sarah and put it on the belt.

        Xena gave control back to Lara who immediately hugged her frightened love even tighter, Kissing her cheek and saying quietly, "Its ok my Angel, shhh it's ok. All tombs have traps to protect it from thieves. And considering whose tomb we are about to enter this isn't surprising to me." She continued to kiss the smaller woman all over her face as she whispered comfortably into the little ear.

        As Sarah's eyes met Lara's she felt better and said quietly, "I do know about that but to actually see it..."

        "Shh, it's all over. Now close your eyes so we can communicate to our Grandmothers."

        Sarah nodded and they both closed their eyes. When Xena and Gabrielle came back into view Xena rushed to Sarah's side she took her hand and said, "I'm so sorry Sweetheart. I should have warned you about what to expect." She looked very upset about scaring her young descendent.

        Sarah looked up at the anxious warrior and smiled, "It's ok. You couldn't have known I would react like such a big baby..."

        "Hey, you didn't react like a baby at all," scolded Lara shaking her head.

        "No Sarah you didn't you've never been in this kind of the world. Reading is not the same as living it. I should have said something before we even entered the tomb. I am so sorry I scared you this badly, Sweetheart." Said the Warrior sincerely.

        Sarah looked between Lara and Xena and only saw love and concern in their similar blue eyes. She said quietly, "That isn't necessary Xena I love you and I know you love me. I...I...just wish I was stronger."

        "Sarah you are a lot stronger then your realize," Gabrielle said quietly to her great grandchild standing next to Xena. "You couldn't have made it this far if you didn't have a deep inner strength."

        "Why would you say that?"

        "Because it's true, Sweetheart." Said Xena lovingly.

        "You are the strongest women I know," Said Lara bringing her even closer and rubbing her back.

        Xena sighed and kissed Sarah on the cheek. Then she pulled back and put her hands on her hips. "Ok girls we have a lot to do before it gets too dark. The first thing I want you to do is to take rubbings of our sarcophagus's."

        Their eyes opened and met, they smiled at each other. Lara winked and took Sarah's hand leading her to the packs that were leaning against the wall. Lara pulled out the wax paper and charcoal. She handed them to Sarah and got up.

        "Come on Angel, You do Gabrielle's and I'll do Xena's."

        Sarah nodded and they walked toward the sarcophagus's separating when they reached their own ancestor. Sarah looked at the lovingly drawn faceplate and felt tears sting her eyes. Lara was having the same problem looking at the beautiful faceplate of Xena.

        "Lara?" Said Sarah in shaky voice.

        "I know Angel its hard to look at this from an academic point of view anymore. They are our family."

        "Girls," said Xena's voice in both their minds, "We are not our bodies we are our souls. Please..."

        Lara closed her eyes so she could speak to her Grandmother and see her." Ok, Grandmother, tell you what you can do for us. You can distract us by telling us why you set us up."

        Xena's eyebrow shot up and she shook her head in amusement. "Ok, I will. You girls get to work, I can project my thoughts to both of you like I did earlier so you can work while I explain."

        Lara smiled and nodded, "Fair enough." She opened her eyes and started to work on the rubbings of her great grandmother's, " Angel, start working while Grandmother entertains us."

        Sarah smirked and nodded. They both heard Xena and Gabrielle's laughter then Xena started to explain this quest. "Our last incarnation in the body ended in the early 1920's. We spoke to the powers that be and it was decided that we delay our next incarnation till our legacy was given to someone we trusted and loved. Gabrielle and I went everywhere in the known world at that time. There was a lot of knowledge in the scrolls that would benefit mankind. Gabrielle has forgotten knowledge recorded in her writings things that were destroyed by the Roman invasion. Prominently in Alexandria when the great library burned down there was a lot of medical knowledge and literature that was permanently lost. Several original tales that Gabrielle had written and given to Cleopatra among them. My Gabrielle tried to save those scrolls, I was....um unavailable at the time, so she fought hard to try and save all that knowledge. Their was also writing that are unknown of philosophy, history, politics...um, Gabrielle, my Love...?"

        Gabrielle's voice took over, "Wherever we went I wrote everything I saw and learned down. Sometimes it was just lists of things for future use. Some of it I did use later but in the scrolls you girls are about to receive there are facts that were lost to future generations. We wanted to leave them to people we trusted..."

        "Who could we trust more then our own descendants?" Interrupted Xena, "We knew that this was the right time in history everything was happening and it was all happening quicker then it ever had in any of our lifetimes. We wanted to find the right people. When I helped Janice and Mel I knew they were the right pair but..."

        "The politics of the time, the wars, the cold war all the paranoia, it was all against Janice and Mel completing their quest." Gabrielle picked up the tale again. "My poor Janice was fit to be tied. Because of all the craziness that was happening in Greece at that time they couldn't just enter and do the quest. The cold war was very much in that country as well as the United States."

        Xena growled as she interrupted, "It was really painful for those girls. Then in the 1970's Janice started show signs of sickness. As you know Sarah she had a very long horrible fight with cancer. My Mel cared for her lovingly through out that horrible illness. I started to guide Janice and Mel in their dreams as I did for you two. I guided them to set up for our next pair of descendants, you my loves, and helped them arrange the exhibition that joined you." Said Xena sweetly.

        Lara and Sarah had finished they both had tears rolling down their cheeks as they listened to the tale of how they entered this quest. Lara put down the wax paper and charcoal and held out her arms for her love. Sarah dropped her supplies and ran into them. They hugged each other tightly and then closed their eyes again.

        Xena and Gabrielle were looking at them both with such love it was almost overwhelming to the two young women. "You know we love you and how important you are to us, why should any of this be a surprise?" Asked Xena reasonably.

        Lara looked at her Grandmother and shrugged, "I guess to just hear it all was a bit...much."

        Xena lifted an eyebrow and looked at Gabrielle who was smiling as Xena said, "Ok kids now let's get on with this we have a limited time frame and I'm sure your Joxer like friend out there doesn't like waiting."

        "Brice is used to it," Lara said with an amused smirk.

        "I need you girls to go to the wall behind you, there is a marker there but its' different this time. Sarah unholster one of your sais and Lara draw out your sword. Place the chakram over the marker, then cross the sais horizontally and sword vertically then push as hard as you can."

        Lara and Sarah opened their eyes and followed Xena's directions. Lara pushed against the marker and the wall slid open. There behind the door displayed like a tree were all of Gabrielle's lost scrolls.

        "There are scroll bags beneath the tree," Said Gabrielle's voice as they approached the treasure with awe. Sarah picked up the bags and handed one to Lara with a smile on her face. They both silently put all the scrolls into the bags. Then Lara took both bags picked up the rubbings and brought them to their packs still leaning against the archway by the entrance to the tomb.

        "Ok, Lara now keep the Chakram and put the rest of your things with packs by the entrance." Xena said quietly.

        Lara did as she was told and stood up. Sarah joined her and they closed their eyes again. "Now my darling children it's time for us to go. Go back to our sarcophagus and stand by our heads."

        Sarah and Lara's eyes popped open at the same time. Lara looked into upset green eyes and held out her hand leading Sarah where they were told to go. Then she squeezed the hand and said quietly, "Angel you knew they wouldn't be able to be with us forever didn't you?"

        Sarah nodded, "Yes, I knew that but I really love them so."

        "We love you too, Sweetheart. We won't be going forever we are going to our next life and we are all apart of each other by blood so we will be seeing you again." Said Gabrielle gently.

        "Kids, you are in our hearts and that will bring us all together again. I promise and you know I would never break a pledge like that." Added Xena's voice softly.

        "We both love you so dearly, It's hard for us to know that we won't be able to talk to you like this when we need you," said Lara sadly.

        Sarah's voice was very choked when she added, "I never had any grandparents before."

        "Now my love, you have two who love you deeply. Come on girls, you know we are in your heart and your in ours. You will always have us because we love you." Xena said gently. They could hear Xena clear her throat and then say; "Come on kids lets do it. Stand up by the faceplate and you will find a grip at the end grab hold of it tight. Then Lara hold out the Chakram with your other hand and Sarah you hold the other side of the Chakram when it comes close to you. Then take a deep breath and hold on tight to those grips you will need them."

        Lara nodded and let go of Sarah's hand as she opened her eyes. She met Sarah's gaze and they nodded to each other following the directions to the letter. It felt like heat was going through their bodies as they held on tight to the grips, when they looked at their arms going to the Chakram they appeared to glow. The glow slowly became an intense light that seemed to use their arms a conductor. The light now shining from the Chakram was now twice as strong. The room was now a blinding pulsing light and they felt like they were flying as they held on tightly to the grips as a lifeline. Just before everything faded to blackness the girls heard two well loved voices saying, "We love you, we love you, we love you..."

        ***                ****                ***                ***                ***

        They woke up an hour later it was almost dark so they quickly gathered their precious parchments and other things and left the tomb. They walked quickly to where Brice was waiting with the car to take them back to Athens.

        Lara had Brice drive while she cuddled in the back with Sarah, "Are you all right, My Angel?" She whispered in the smaller woman's ear.

        "Uh huh," Sarah murmured into Lara's shoulder.

        "Are you sure? You really don't sound all right to me," said Lara gently kissing her cheek.

        "I know it's ridiculous but I miss them already. They just left on a great new adventure and I feel so sad." Said Sarah very quietly.

        "Well my darling, if we had been their daughters during the own time this is what it would have been like. Remember Gabrielle's scroll "The Prodigal"? Lila was really pissed that she had been gone so long and didn't even write once."

        Sarah nodded and then her head snapped up so she could meet the sparkling eyes above her, "When exactly did you have any time to read that scroll?"

        "I did a bit of research before I left home on the net. There is a wonderful site from your university that published all the known scrolls. I down loaded all of them and read them on the plane coming to Greece. There all at our place in Athens if you want to see them."

        "Our place?" Sarah asked surprised.
        "We are married my love, what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine. Isn't it?" Said Lara kissing the sweet lips deeply. She pulled back and rubbed noses with the surprised young woman and continued, "Speaking of yours after we rest we are going to your place. I think the best and the safest place for the new scrolls is the institute our Aunts started there."

        "I think you will love the house, Auntie Mel was really your Aunt and you should see it. Um, Did you really mean what you said before?"

        "I've meant everything I have said to you since we first met but which are you talking about?"

        Sarah giggled and leaned into Lara's shoulder, the sound of that mirth delighted Lara who gently put her head on top of Sarah's "About us sharing everything with each other."

        "Of course."

        "Good. I love you so much."

        "I love you too, my little Angel." Said Lara kissing the forehead beneath her and cuddling her love even closer.

                ***                ***                ***                ***

        When they arrived at the estate Lara put Brice in a wing on the other side of the house and gave him full access to her private computer system. As she led Sarah to the bedroom that they would share from now on she said, "That should keep him delightfully busy for a while."

        As soon as they got in the room and shut the door Lara engulfed Sarah in a warm embrace and kissed her passionately. They enjoyed exploring each other's mouths while busy hand removed all of their clothes. They left a trail of clothes, gear, and weapons on the way to the huge four poster bed.

        Lara scooped Sarah up into her arms and gently placed her on the soft silk sheets and pillows. Then Lara got on top of the heavenly body and kissed her way down the woman she loved till she reached her soft neck sucking gently at the pulse point. Sarah's head fell back among the pillows as her hand massaged the already aroused breasts above her.

        Lara moaned and arched her breasts into Sarah's hands wanting more contact. Her hands caressed down Sarah's soft body till she reached the already soaking wet golden mound. She softly stroked the soft hair back and forth making the small woman crazy with need. Sarah was desperately butting her body into the playful teasing hand.

        "Not yet my Angel, patience."

        Sarah slid under Lara and captured one of her breasts in her mouth teasing Lara with her tongue as wickedly as the dark woman was teasing her. Lara moaned in pleasure but did not give in. She reached out to a drawer in her end table and pulled out a little toy she had been saving whispering hoarsely, "Wait Angel look what is coming out to play."

        Lara shuddered as the tongue took one more lick and then came off the heaving breast. Sarah's eyes widened as Lara got on her knees to strap on the toy saying wickedly, "Only one owner and never been used."

        "Um, Why would you...?"

        "Curiosity, I saw it in a shop in Athens the day before I met you." She placed one end of the toy within her moaning in reaction to its placement eyes closed for just a moment in pleasure. Then she carefully positioned herself over Sarah and said in a purr, "We'll take this really slow if it starts to hurt even a little just tell me and we'll stop. Ok?"

        Sarah's face was scrunched and she looked like she was readying herself to be punched in the stomach. She had her eyes squeezed shut and she nervously nodded her head.

        Lara shook her head and rolled off to the other side of the bed, "Open your eyes, Love."


        "I only want to bring you pleasure and joy not pain and fear. I love you too much to ever hurt you like this. I'm taking it off..."

        "No...I want to try but I never...and it looks so big...and I..."

        "It shouldn't hurt at all, your very wet and I have stuff here that will help if you need it. I guess I got the idea because you were soaking wet and wide open. Are you sure you want to try this? You really don't have to it won't upset me if we don't. It was just new and fun. I won't if your too scared though."

        Sarah nodded biting her lower lip. Lara looked sweetly at her and kissed her tenderly. She slowly deepened the kiss exploring the mouth greedily. Then as she passionately explored her loves mouth she positioned herself over her again. She started to play with the nipples of her breasts with one hand while balancing her weight with the other. As she felt her love get more and more excited she released the breast feeling to soft hair below to see if it was ready. Slowly she lowered herself till she entered the golden mound. As she entered she released the soft lips and opened her eyes so she could see her loves face. Sarah had flung her head back in reaction but she didn't seem to be in pain, as Lara began to pump she could feel herself going up the spiral and she could see her small love flying up it. When Lara felt they were going to climax she brought her mouth back down to Sarah's they screamed right into each other's mouths and fell over the edge together.

        Panting Lara reached back to unstrap the toy and then she gently removed the toy from their bodies as they both shuddered in pleasure in reaction to the removal. Then she crawled up the bed and cuddled close to her love holding her tight against her.

        "You ok?" She asked softly.

        "Mm, hmm," murmured Sarah sleepily.

        "Should we keep the toy?"

        "Yes," said Sarah as she fell into a deep sleep.

        "Good," said Lara as she followed her in an exhausted sleep.

                                ***                ***                ***

        The long black limousine pulled up in front of the old elegant antebellum mansion. Two very tired women got out of the car as the driver pulled two large suitcases out of the trunk and headed for the front door. A tall striking woman pulled out a backpack, knapsack and two overnight cases balancing it all on her own shoulders.

        "Excuse me but I do believe two of those are mine," said Sarah with an amused expression on her face.

        Lara looked at Sarah after she closed the trunk with an equally amused expression on her face, "I believe they are, so?"

        "Sweetie, I can carry my own overnight case and knapsack I made it all the way to Greece on my own you know."

        "I know that Angel, But it is my privilege to do that for you and I'm taking it." She tilted her head and looked at the small blonde with her adorable lopsided grin.

        "You are such a nut! Um, ok if it makes you happy to lug extra stuff then you have to, then who am I to take that away from you."

        "My wife, which is the reason that this is my privilege as well as my pleasure." Said Lara as she put her arm through Sarah's and escorted her to the front door. "The house is beautiful, Angel."

        Sarah looked up into sparkling eyes and replied, "It's my favorite place."

        "Then its mine too," Said Lara lovingly.

        The driver nodded as he passed the women on the way back to the limo.

        "Don't you have to pay him?"

        "He was prepaid, Love. I hope I didn't give airport security apoplexy when they x-rayed that luggage and saw all those weapons. I felt naked without my knife," She said with a cute pouty face.

        "With what's happening now a days it's understandable. Also considering all the paperwork you filled out at the airport in Athens I'm sure everyone in the whole airport knew what was in our cases."

        "Well I hope not everything in our cases that sex toy is suppose to be private..."

        "Lara!" She scolded as they got to the front door. The door was opened as soon as they got close and Sarah looked up affectionately at the older woman in the doorway. "Hello Mrs. Peterson."

        "Welcome home Miss Sarah." Was said with equal affection and then they hugged.

        Sarah stepped back by Lara and said, "Mrs. Peterson, this is Lady Lara Croft my best friend and soul mate."

        Mrs. Peterson's eyebrows disappeared she held her hand out and shook Lara's hand saying, "It's a pleasure to meet you Lady Croft." Then with eyes sparkling she said to Sarah, "That must have been some trip."

        "It's a my pleasure, Sarah has told me a lot of good things about you. Please call me Lara, I hate formality," She said with a glittering smile and turned to Sarah with a wink.
        When Lara turned Mrs. Peterson saw the load the young woman was carrying, "Miss Lara let me carry some of that, your going to give yourself a hernia," said the older woman as she pulled on the straps.

        Lara was amused and allowed the older woman to take the smaller bags, "I think I'll survive."

        "Would you like me to put Miss Lara in the room next yours?" She asked Sarah sweetly as they entered the main foyer.

        Sarah closed the door and then took Lara's hand she said to her friend and housekeeper, "Mrs. Peterson, Lara will be in my room."

        "But why? We have so much space why be all cramped up in one room?" Asked the confused lady.

        Sarah looked up at Lara who smiled and caressed her cheek. Then she looked at the charmingly innocent older woman and said, "Mrs. Peterson we are not just best friends, Sarah and I are a couple."

        "A couple? A couple of what?"

        Lara couldn't help it she burst out laughing which caused Sarah to laugh too. The older woman was even more confused and was now getting a little annoyed. "Sarah Deanna Covington, Explain yourself." Said the upset woman.

        Sarah had her hand over her mouth trying to control her mirth, then looked at the calm and amused Lara who asked with a smirk, " Deanna huh?"

        Sarah rolled her eyes and then looked back at one of the dearest people in her life. Mrs. Peterson was kindness itself and she loved her dearly. She took the older woman's hand and led her to Mel's study. Lara followed leaning against the door admiring the room she was waiting to see if her wife would need assistance.

        Sarah led her to the comfortable old couch and sat down next to her. "Mrs. Peterson, Lara and I are together, romantically. We fell in love at first sight. I know its shocking and not what your use to but it's the right thing for me. I love you dearly and I hope you will accept us."

        Mrs. Peterson smiled and said, "I accepted your Auntie Janice and Auntie Mel didn't I?"

        "Oh...I forgot about that," said Sarah who looked at a highly amused Lara who said with a smirk, "I didn't."

        "Gee, aren't you smart?"



        "Girls wouldn't you like to get settled in your room?" She stood up and hugged Sarah whispering in her ear, "I am very happy you found someone to give all that love you have in your heart to."

        "Thank you," Sarah replied quietly.

        Then she approached the formidable woman by the door and hugged her gently saying, "Welcome to the family Miss Lara."

        "Thank you and thank you for taking such good care of my Sarah till I came."

        "It was my honor to do so."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Sarah led Lara into her room followed by Mrs. Peterson who was carrying the lighter bags. Lara had taken possession of the two large suitcases and put them down just inside the door. Lara smiled brightly as she looked around her wife's bedroom. She was delighted by what she saw she could see her beloved in every object. Mrs. Peterson put the bags beside the suitcases and caressed Sarah's cheek and left the room with a wink toward Lara.

        The room was a medium sized obviously where the small woman had grown up. The bed was a Queen Anne style queen sized bed with simple wooden headboard all made in pretty chestnut colored wood. All the furniture was in the same style. The blankets and sheets were all in sea green. There were two large throws in light blue and multicolored both handmade and lovingly done. There were several framed pictures of sites of history mixed with movie posters. There were two bookcases crammed full of books of every description. The TV cabinet was stuffed full of vhs tapes. By the window on the window seat you couldn't see the cushion because it was full of stuffed animals. Enchanted by the room Lara smiled at Sarah and hugged her close to her.

        Sarah whispered, "Is this too babyish for you to stay in?"

        Lara pulled back and shook her head saying sweetly, "No this is so you. I love it. I can see you here; I can feel your essence in every object in this room. It's wonderful, it makes me feel like I finally came home."

        Sarah lifted her head as she met sparkling eyes above her and asked sweetly, "Really?"

        Lara playfully licked the nose right below her mouth causing her beloved to squinch her face and giggle. "Oh yeah, I adore this room, this house, not as much as I adore you but close..."

        She didn't finish the sentence because her lips were captured by overjoyed blonde's lips in a happy passionate kiss. Lara found herself falling easily into the passion of the kiss she had just picked up the smaller woman and carried her to the beautiful bed when there was a knock on the door.

        "Shit," She whispered into Sarah's ear.

        Sarah shrugged and stroked her arm as she said sweetly, "Yes, Mrs. Peterson?"

        "Miss Sarah, your Aunt Anna is here."

        Sarah suddenly stiffened and held Lara tighter against her. Lara could feel that her loves heart was pounding when she pulled back slightly she saw that Sarah's face was suddenly frightened.

        "Is she the one...?"

        Sarah nodded her face looked like it was about to burst out crying. Lara's warm eyes suddenly narrowed and became icy.

        "Mrs. Peterson, Could you please put her in one of the rooms downstairs and set up for tea?"

        "Of course, Miss Lara."

        Sarah could see both anger and calculation in Lara's eyes and asked quietly, "What are you up to?"

        "Revenge my Angel, sweet revenge."

        ***                ****                ***                ***

        Mrs. Anna Covington sat straight as an arrow in the beautiful sitting room that Mel and Janice always used for entertaining. Janice had always despised her brother's wife. She had so much love for her baby brother that she put of with the snobby woman but she couldn't stand the sight of her.

        Mrs. Peterson also disliked the woman intensely. She carried the ice tea into the room for the mean spirited woman who she knew emotionally abused her sweet Sarah. She still kicked herself for not going right to Mr. Covington and telling him what she had seen his wife doing to the sweet natured blonde. But Sarah had insisted that her Uncle not be bothered with her problems. She had remained silent and regretted it ever since because of the obvious effect that bitch of a woman had on her little Sarah's self-confidence.

        Lara had changed from her comfortable T-shirt and jeans that she had worn on the plane from Athens to her very formidable looking outfit minus the weapons that her Great Grandmother had given her.

        She had lovingly instructed that her wife to do the same. She also told her to wait a bit in their room she wanted to see this bitch alone for a bit.

        She leaned against the door to the sitting room observing the woman unseen. She sat like she had an iron rod up her ass. She was actually sipping the ice tea with her pinkie sticking out. She actually sipped ice tea like a snob. She hated the woman before she met her and now she felt such a burning hatred that she had to quench it with a deep calmness so she could put her plan into action.

        Lara entered the room as quiet as a cat so the older woman wouldn't realize she wasn't alone till she was right on top of the bitch.

        "Mrs. Covington?"

        The older woman looked up shocked she was expecting her niece or some English nobility not this strange looking person. This woman did not fit the picture of what she thought a Lady of the realm would look like. She was very scary looking with all that black leather and the arm bands on each sculptured arm.

        "Yes, who are you?" Asked the woman snottily sure this had to be someone who worked for the titled friend of her niece.

        "Lady Lara Croft," She said politely holding her hand out.

        "You are Lady Lara Croft?"

        "Yes, why? Were you expecting someone else?"

        "To be frank, yes. I had heard through the grapevine that my niece was traveling with a Lady of the realm. I was very surprised since Sarah is such a dull, uninteresting girl. I thought you'd be an older woman who took pity on my hapless niece."

        Lara eyes went from coldness to ice in seconds. She was leaving nail marks in her hands trying to conceal her rage at this viper. "May I ask what business is it of yours who your niece travels with?"

        "I just wanted to thank you for taking pity on her and I of course wanted to show my appreciation by inviting you to dinner with some real society here in town." She said with a sincere smile that grated on Lara's last nerve she never wanted to hit someone so bad in her life before.

        This bitch is trying to steal me away from my Sarah! As if she could take me from my sweet Angel. I've got to control my temper or my plan won't work. Viper! She thought angrily to herself.

        "To be frank I am completely uninterested in either your appreciation or you invitation." Replied Lara coldly.

        "But surely you must be bored to tears by now with Sarah? My daughters would offer much more stimulating company I assure you."

        Mrs. Peterson almost dropped the tray of tea things when she heard this statement. She met Lara's angry eyes with her own and they silently came to a complete understanding.

        "Mrs. Peterson you can place that on that side table," Said Lara sweetly to the beloved housekeeper.

        "Yes Miss Lara. Miss Sarah will be down in just a few minutes."

        "Thanks Mrs. Peterson."

        "Wait a minute, Mrs. Peterson. Why are you being so familiar with Lady Croft? You shouldn't be calling her Miss Lara it is completely inappropriate." Said the snobby woman to the nervous older woman.

        "Ma'am, Miss Lara asked me to..."

        "That doesn't matter you know better..."

        "Mrs. Covington it does indeed matter." Interrupted a very angry Lara. "I actually asked Mrs. Peterson to call me Lara with out the miss in front of it but she feels more comfortable calling me Miss Lara and that's fine by me. It is my privilege to decide who can call me by my name and who can call me by my title."

        "I see Lara..."

        "I don't recall giving you leave to call me Lara, Mrs. Covington. You may call me by my title only. Thank you Mrs. Peterson please go see if you can help Sarah along."

        With a huge smile she nodded and said, "Yes Miss Lara." She left the room receiving a wink from the very calm brunette.

        "Why did you allow a servant to be so informal with you and not member of high society?"

        "Because I like Mrs. Peterson."

        "I beg your pardon."

        "Well I am not going to beg yours. In fact I am going to answer your earlier question very honestly. I find Sarah the most fascinating, beautiful and stimulating woman I have ever met in my life. After meeting you I am most certain your daughters would be as dull as dishwater," said Lara calmly as she poured two teacups full of the hot elixir pretty sure it would be just Sarah and herself enjoying it.

        "I was under the impression that English Nobility had some taste but I guess I was wrong. All I was trying to do was rescue you from the boring clutches of my niece..."

        "Gee Thanks, Aunt Anna it's nice to see you too," said Sarah from behind the two women. She had decided to wear her soft sexy wedding dress. Lara smiled thinking Oh yeah that's even better then the other outfit.

        Sarah calmly entered the sitting room as she watched the older woman deal with the way she looked. It amused Sarah to see the woman look so flabbergasted.

        "Tea My Angel?" Lara asked calmly.

        Sarah smiled and sat on the arm of the chair that Lara was sitting in. "Yes, thank you my Sweet," Giving Lara such a breathtaking smile that the dark haired woman's face lit up in reaction to it.

        The older woman was sitting across from them opening and closing her mouth. She was so shocked at how beautiful Sarah looked and how comfortable she was with this formidable looking woman in leather that she couldn't seem to speak.
        "She looks like she is about to hatch something," Lara whispered into Sarah's ear as she handed her a cup of tea. Her eyes were now warm and looking only at her Sarah with pure love. Sarah met Lara's eyes with the same expression she wish her Aunt would leave she wanted so badly to kiss her wife at the moment.

        "Sarah, your guest was very rude to me just now."
        "Aunt Anna, I was standing right in the doorway you know. I heard everything that was said she wasn't rude at all. I think she turned down your attempt to lure her away from me in a very polite manner."

        Lara reached up and caressed a soft arm saying quietly, "Thank you my Angel. I think I kept my temper very much in check don't you?"

        "Yes Sweetie, You sure did." She said looking deeply into the beautiful eyes beside her and caressing her cheek.

        "Sweetie?" Asked the stunned older woman.

        "Aunt Anna, The person you just tried to seduce away from me is my best friend in the world. For some strange reason she likes me just the way I am, flaws and all."

        "And I always will," Said Lara lovingly with eyes only for Sarah.

        "What do you mean seduce away? I just thought you would both like a some time away from each other since you were traveling all that time in Greece..."

        "Excuse me, but I haven't been acknowledged as a member of this family for years. Now all of the sudden you show up in my house to give me space from my new friend? I find that to be pretty damn transparent. Get out of my house now!" Sarah said standing up and pointing toward the door. Lara had never seen Sarah mad before it was an interesting experience. She found her incredibly sexy when she was pissed like this.

        "Are you throwing me out?"

        "Yep, you got in one. Out!"

        The old woman stormed out. As soon as the angry woman had left Lara got up embraced the seething woman and purred into her ear, "You are beautiful when your angry." Then she licked the rim causing Sarah to moan and lean into her.

        "I am?" Was Sarah's breathless reply as Lara began to suck at the pulse point of her neck.

        "Mm hmm," Lara murmured as she licked the pulse point then kissed it. She then pulled back and said, "So tasty too."

        Sarah looked up into the sparkling blue eyes and giggled, "Just like candy?"

        "Oh yeah, My kind of candy," Said Lara as she scooped her up and carried her up stairs to their room. They were both giggling as Lara closed the door with her hip. Lara jumped into the bed with the beautiful giggling woman cradled in her arms. Lara kissed Sarah passionately as they quickly took each other's clothes off.

        When they had to part for air Lara whispered, "You were so damn sexy down there I wanted to tear your clothes off." She then proceeded to kiss her way down the beautiful body beneath her.

        "Was I? Just because I...um...I lost my...ah...temper," Laura was sucking the pulse point of Sarah's neck which was making Sarah forget how to say words. Lara's hot tongue then began a journey to a very needy breast that was begging to be touched. Sucking one breast and playing with the other till her little love began to forget who she was mad at and that the stupid woman even existed.

        Lara kissed her way down to the bellybutton diving in to the beloved inny and tasting her love at her navel making the small blonde go totally out of control in reaction. Lara's hand was playing with the soft wet hair at hair at the writhing blonde's apex. When she reached the beautiful mound with her tongue she lapped up the sweet ambrosia. She was not entering because she wanted to prolong her loves climax as long as possible.

        She was now fully involved in exploring every inch hearing Sarah moaning and begging her to end the delicious torture. Her hands were tangled in her sheets her head was thrown back eyes tightly closed she had flown up the spiral and was waiting for her love to release her. When Lara's finger entered and started pump the more then ready area Sarah screamed her loves name saying she loved her over and over again as she shuddered and shivered in pure reaction.

        Lara crawled back up her loves body and licked her fingers seductively in front of the still reacting woman. The she brought her lips to her own kissing her deeply so Sarah could taste her essence with her love's mouth.

        Sarah fell asleep in her loves arms a happy and contented woman. Lara had fallen over herself in reaction to her loves release so she was quite content to cuddle and kiss the sleeping woman in her arms. She was amazed at how big an orgasm she had considering that Sarah wasn't capable of touching her. She was just so deeply connected to her love that just feeling her shudder and screaming her name sent her crashing over herself. It's amazing, Lara thought sleepily as she fell into a deep sleep beside her wife.

                ***                ***                ***                ***

        They walked around the exhibit arm in arm and looking at the scrolls that were on display for the public. They had only opened up the scrolls with stories none of the scrolls that had lists were opened for anyone but Lara and Sarah. They wanted the beautiful story of the Warrior Princess and the Battling Bard to be open for all to see though.

        "You know our grandmother's were right." Said Lara as they looked at the central display of 10 early scrolls from Janice and Mel's dig in the 1940's.

        "About which of the many things?"

        Lara laughed and said, "You are a very strong woman. I am so proud of you."

        "Why because I lost my temper a few days ago?"

        "No Angel, Because you finally stood up to that bully. Have you noticed my Love that your getting more and more invitations?"

        "I don't care about them I only want to be with you," said Sarah nuzzling her cheek against a warm shoulder.

        "I only want to be with you too. That's not the point," said Lara as she led them out of the exhibition to their car.

        "Oh? What's the point then?"

        "That by finally getting rid of her, keeping me and holding your head up around town people are starting to see what they had right under their stuck up noses the whole time. What they don't know of course is what they're seeing all belongs to me." Lara said with a bright smile.
        Sarah blushed and looked away for a second. Then she looked into the amused eyes above her and asked, "What are we going to do now that this exhibition is all set and the researchers are hard at work on the rest of the scrolls."

        "Well Henry called," said Lara as she held open the door caressing Sarah's arm as she helped her in the car.

        Sarah looked surprised and asked, "And?"

        "How do you feel about Egypt?"

        "I have no idea I've never been there..."

        "You were never in Greece before either but you went. Would you like to see the Pyramids with me and solve a new mystery?" Lara asked closing the door and walking to the other side of the car getting in and then looking at her love waiting for an answer.

        "Um, yes I always dreamed of going to see the Pyramids with someone special..."

        "Well my Angel, your dream just became true," Said Lara with a blinding smile as she bent down and kissed her love.

        When they parted Sarah put a hand on each warm cheek looked deeply into the eyes she loved and said, "Actually my dream came true the day I went to Poteidaia and saw you across the site all back lit and beautiful."

        "Mine too," She kissed Sarah again enjoying the taste and texture of the woman she loved. Then she pulled back and picked up the cell, hit a button and said, "Henry, arrange Egypt for us..." Sarah met Lara's sparkling happy eyes and leaned back in the car seat, she was finally home.

The End

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