To Conquer the Conqueror
Part 4 (conclusion)

by Ponyblue



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Voices rose, attitudes swelled, personalities collided. -Child against adult-

-Adult against child-. Everyone was all saddled and ready to go.

Everyone except Gabrielle and the kid.

“You are too young and inexperienced to ride a horse all the way to Amazonia by yourself.” Gabrielle had argued.

The kid wasn’t going for that, but Gabrielle was adamant.

“You will ride with me. You’re holding us up Avia.” She said for the umpteenth time to the stubborn child to no avail. The plan had been for them to ride together.

“If she were my child I’d have smack her on her little tail and we would be on our way.” Solari criticized.

“But she is not your child.” Xena threw Solari a threatening look.

“She is just like you headstrong, reckless, and self centered.” Eponin threw back at Xena with a threatening look of her own.

“And that is supposed to be a bad thing.” Xena retorted before she hopped off her horse.

Eponin’s comment stung and now she was ready to go. She grabbed the kid with every intention of throwing her on the back of one of the royal guards horses.

“Mom No!!!” The girl exclaimed.

Xena and Gabrielle froze. The kid flinched then look up at Xena.

“I--I’m sorry.” She said.

“It’s okay.” Xena said softly. She sat the child in Argo’s saddle and placed the reigns in her hands. She whispered something in the horse’s ear then pulled Gabrielle to the side.

“She had a rough night. You know you don’t like riding anyway, so explain however you want to your Amazons and lets go!” Xena said avoiding Gabrielle’s eyes.

Gabrielle watched as Xena mounted her horse then offered her arm. She took hold of it and Xena effortlessly pulled her up on the back of the horse.

“So the brat got her way.” Solari laughed.

‘C’Mon Gabrielle don’t let her get away with that.’ Xena thought stiffening.

Gabrielle felt her go rigid and saw Avia react somewhat self-consciously.

“Am I to answer to you for my actions Solari?” Gabrielle answered mimicking Xena’s air of authority with her own touch of humanity.

“No---I--.” Solari stammered

“Let me set your mind at ease. This is family business. Which has nothing whatsoever to do with me being Queen so it does not concern you. Therefore is not open for criticism on how we choose to raise our child. I hope you can understand that.”

“Yes my Queen.” Solari said straightening considerably.

“Now everything is settled we may start off.” She commanded.

Gabrielle eased up after they were safely on their way. Guiltily the kid had rode alongside them.

“Gabrielle can I go ride up front with the guards?” She asked timidly unsure if Gabrielle was mad at her.

“Ask them first. Avia, I am not trying to keep you from enjoying yourself. It’s just that you are so much smaller then them and I don’t want you to get hurt.” She explained to the child.

“I’ll ask but you don’t have to worry mo---I mean Xena is watching out for us.” She said galloping away.

Gabrielle wanted to ask Xena how she felt about the child claiming her as her mother. She just couldn‘t. She was not allowed the familiarity the child was allowed.

Xena responded as if she knew what Gabrielle was about to ask.

“She is a silly child who is getting to attached. Will you protect her from the treachery that is I?” Xena voiced the question softly.

The bard did not know how to answer so she remained silent.

Xena felt the bard the night before standing over her and the child. She’d waited for the slave to take her vengeance but it never came. This deeply troubled her, but she felt more assured that she had made the right choices, and now they were going to play out for better or worse. She looked back towards her kingdom knowing it was the last time she would come and go as she pleased.

“My lady I-----.” She was cut off.

“Do not even propose to think that you or the child means anything to me.” Xena snapped at the bard “I need no one.” She said low enough that only Gabrielle heard her.

“With your permission. I was thinking there is no one better to protect her from the treacheries of the world, as my lady has protected me.” Gabrielle dared to whisper in Xena’s ear.

A warmth went through Xena that she refused to acknowledge.

All too soon they arrived in Amazonia. Right away Ephiny noticed the change in Gabrielle in the presence of the conqueror. Despite herself she started to feel more assured in Artimess Goals.

The girl stood proud and full of authority. To anyone else she owned the warrior and the child.

The Amazons were assembled to receive there soon to be Queen. Xena dismounted.

Ephiny tensed. This was the moment of truth.

Xena pulled her sword from her scabbard easily twirling and sending it into the ground at the queen’s feet. She then removed her chakram sliding it down the handle of her sword. The child stepped forward with a leather bag. Xena placed stars her whip and various daggers including her breast dagger inside. The child handed the bag to Gabrielle.

The Warrior bent down on her right knee behind her sword facing the Queen.

“On my honor to the Queen of Amazonia and My lady.” Xena spoke bowing her head respectfully.

Only Gabrielle heard the slight strain in her voice as she took up the warrior’s weapons. She found she was speechless.

“Rise warrior.” Ephiny said taking note of Gabrielle’s state.

“MY queen we have received instructions as to you and your family’s lodging. The queen’s hut has been prepared.” She stated proudly noticing the queen’s bewilderment at this statement.

“Thank you.” Was all the queen offered back.

“The Elders would like to speak to you privately. Xena and the child will be escorted to your quarters for now.” Ephiny informed her.

Gabrielle looked to Xena.

Xena’s eyes conveyed reassurance but outwardly looked on coldly.

“Is that what you wish My Lady.” Xena asked completely in character.

“Yes Xena, Avia look’s tired she may need a little rest.” Gabrielle stated having noticed how the girl was leaning warily against Xena’s side.

Xena looked down at the child as if she had not noticed she was there. In one fluid movement she swept the child up into her arms defensively.

Teris caught the movement and exchanged looks with Eponin.”

“What of the child My queen?” Solari Questioned suspiciously.

“What is your problem now Amazon. Do you have something against the child?” Xena snapped coldly.

Gabrielle stood transfixed. The child had the same icy heartless look in her eyes as Xena as they glared at Solari. She felt her temper flash.

“Avia, you will respect your elders! Wipe that look off you face this minute, and apologize for your disrespect.” The girl simply turned away.

Xena turned a feral look at Gabrielle but held her tongue. As she sat the child down.

“Apologize to the mean Amazon Avia.” Xena stated not taking her eyes off Gabrielle. The girl apologized.

“Now ask......respectfully what her...problem is?”

Solari spoke up defensively

“The child has a very adult looking sword and scabbard on her back.” She stated something Xena or Gabrielle had not noticed. Xena had assumed that it was the wooden sword, but as she pulled it out it was just as sharp and real as any adult sword. She held it out to Gabrielle thinking she could shed some light as to where it came from.

Gabrielle noticed Xena’s crest and Royal Amazon markings on it and assumed it was Xena’s doing. She nodded to Xena who placed the sword back in the child’s scabbard.

“Solari the child’s weapon is none of your concern. Now if there is nothing else proceed.” She waved them off.


“As you wish My Lady.” Xena spoke over dramatically having caught Teris and Eponin watching to close for her comfort. She followed the royal guard to the queen’s hut. A very sullen child following behind her.

Gabrielle sat at her appointed place in the elder’s hut.

The elders were assembled as well as top official Amazons.

Suddenly a blinding light shimmered into view and all action froze except for Teris, Gabrielle, Eponin, and Ephiny. Artimess stood there in all her glory.

The four Amazons exchanged looks.

“Yes the meeting has been called but it is I you need to speak with. You must make haste my queen for life as you and your conqueror know it is about to change. Right now as we speak one known as Challis is leading a savage revolt against one known as Samuels for control of the conqueror’s land.” Artimess explained what was going on that very moment in Xena’s land.

“He will never succeed. The people will never let Xena’s Elite Assassins take her place. He is the greater of the two evils.” Gabrielle spoke instantly taken aback when the Gods eyes turned a fiery crimson color.

“Nor Xena for that matter. Blood is flowing. The one known as Challis is---no more. The one called...Samuels stand victorious with his companion Urthro.” The god spoke in a trance.

“His what---.” Gabrielle choked unable to believe that piece of information.

“They may never speak the words to each other, but the feelings are still there.” The goddess proclaimed as she drifted back into the trance.

“The people demand a new leader. Her Entire realm threatens her death if she returns to rule.” The god spoke with a slight smile on her face.

Gabrielle’s heart fell as she imagined the pain Xena would feel, and if she refused to relinquish her command the pain she would endure.

“They demand that Samuels Reign in the Conqueror place and make their land peaceful.” She states.

“He will never betray her trust.” Gabrielle stated with iron conviction.

“He has no choice it is either he rules and forbid any harm come to her or decline the position offered him and die. She will die as well when she attempts to return. The people have decided to have peace no matter what the cost. She raised a nation that has grown even to strong for her. The mortal Xena is truly remarkable” Artimess stated concentrating on the goings on in the Conqueror’s realm.
“No! She will never accept this. She’ll return and they’ll kill her.” Gabrielle cried her feelings pulled one way then another.

“He has accepted. He had no choice, but know this he did it to protect her in the end. He’s vowed to bring peace to the land as long as no harm comes to the Conqueror if, or when she should ever decide to return. You need to take control now my chosen.” She said looking down on the girl’s doubt filled face.

“No I can’t she is too strong.” Gabrielle said feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders.

“Yet you must if you do not she will die. She may be dirtier then a Hydra’s belly but her lands have forsaken her. She does not even know that we are the only one’s to stand behind her now. We are still bound to the alliance for your Samuels fought with Challis to keep it intact.” The Goddess told the girl not wanting to tell her too much.

“She is Xena. She’ll regain her lands---.” Gabrielle exclaimed Artimess cut her off savagely.

“She will never regain her lands. The people hate her and her viciousness. She is not a god My Chosen. If she enters her land under the guise of the Conqueror they will kill her. Samuels is loyal to her and will do all he can to detour her. HER REIGN IS OVER. It is up to you to keep her from turning into an even larger monster by starting a new campaign of destruction.” Artimess waved her hand raising the bard off the ground to her level.

“You Must Conquer the Conqueror.” Artimess told her shimmering out of view.


Xena waited impatiently she needed Gabrielle to be here when the message came. Not to mention the fact that she was beginning to worry.

She’d made the Kid take a bath in the fresh water that had been brought in. She’d toweled off the exhausted child pulled a sleeping shift over her head and sang her a lullaby. She’d felt pretty silly but the kid liked it and was now in a deep sleep.

She’d rinse the grit off her own body in the still warm water and cleaned her leathers, sharpened her weapons that she was forbidden to carry, but was conveniently left in the Queens quarters, ate dinner the Amazons brought, tried to get a very groggy child to eat before letting her sleep in peace, and basically wondered where in hades Gabrielle was.

Just as Xena was drifting off Gabrielle entered.

“Where in Tuataras have you been?” Xena roared.

The child sat bolt upright apparently in the grips of a nightmare of her own. Xena’s outburst did not help the situation.

Gabrielle sat on the mat pulling the child into her arms as Teris entered the room.

“I see a child’s presence has not softened you disposition.” Teris said handing Xena a piece of parchment with her crested seal on it.

“What do you want witch.” Xena insulted not wanting her around when she opened the small scroll.

“I was nice enough to bring this message murderer. Gabrielle asked me to come because you have something to ask me.” Teris said smiling sweetly at the warrior.

“Don’t talk to my mom like that.” The girl lashed out in an all out panic.

“Your mom does not need you to defend her little one. I do however remember you being warned about your disrespect by my Queen.” Teris said gently.

Xena turned to Gabrielle ready to snap. The girl was trying to soothe the panicked child. For the life of her she couldn’t help but notice how alluring the bard looked in her regal Amazon robes.

Gabrielle gestured to Avia.

Xena narrowed her eyes and almost pouted. Gabrielle took a deep breath but before she could say anything Xena did.

“My godmother’s name is Lindy. Have you ever heard of her? Xena asked.

“Yes.” Teris answered not offering any more information.

“For my godmother to refer you over all the healers in my land means that she really respects the thing you are capable of.” She stated honestly.

“Well thank you tyrant. I don’t know what to say.” Teris said enjoying pushing Xena’s buttons.

Xena let out a heavy sigh and dropped her eyes not for the first time in the presence of Teris. She needed the witch yet one more time.

“Help my child.” She said emptying her mind and speaking from her heart.

Gabrielle’s mouth dropped wide opened. She’d never heard the conqueror speak with so much compassion as she did when she spoke those three little words.

“Oh yes Gabrielle. She is capable of great compassion. You should have seen her when she pleaded with you to wake up when you were unconscious.” Teris said. Daring Xena to deny it.

She didn’t, she just turned and took the child from Gabrielle’s arms and took her to Teris.

“I’ll need to keep her with me for a while to get to know her. She will stay in quarters with young Amazon’s her age. That should be okay. You two have issues you need to take care of anyway--.” The child cut her off.

“No.” She said grabbing a hold onto Xena. “You said you would raise me and now your giving me to the Amazons.”

“No, I‘m not.” Xena said calmly to the child.

“YOU’RE LYING.” The girl screamed.

Xena grabbed her by her arms and shook her gently, but she still shook her. She crouched so she was on eye level with the child

“Have I lied to you yet?” She asked the child sharply.

Gabrielle was at her side immediately placing a hand on her arm. She pushed it away.

“Back off bard. We’re in our quarters remember.” Xena threatened. Gabrielle stepped back.

“Have I?” She addressed the child again.

“No, but---.” She said tears spilling from her eyes.

“No buts trust me. We will not leave you here. I may go on a couple runs but when we are ready to go for good you will be with us. I need you to concentrate on doing what Teris tells you. I want you to get well. You deserve that. She does not like me and I don’t like her but she likes Lindy and Gabrielle and they like her. Understood? You are not going to let these Amazon’s think you are weak.” She said sensing she had won the kid over.

“No, I won’t.” The child said solemnly.

She pulled the child’s scabbard with the not so child like sword out of their saddlebags.

“I’ll let you take you sword with you. Understand the responsibility. You need to keep it sharp and clean. Gabrielle is an Amazon Queen and you can’t use it against her people. I want you to keep it to understand that I trust you with it. As you can see the Amazons don’t trust me with mine and they shouldn’t. I want you to show them the honor that runs in this family. If you claim to be hers and mine you will honor our wishes.”

Gabrielle watched as the child went from a scared child feeling she was being abandoned to a child that was put in charge of upholding her new family’s name. The child stood proudly scrapping her little sword to her back and moving to stand beside Teris. What she did not like was the cold heartless look on the child’s face she’d apparently got from Xena.

“She takes her mannerism from the both of you. Keep heart My Queen some of her mannerism are also from her past.” Teris said sensing what the queen was feeling

“Come child.” Teris push the child outside. The child slightly faltered as she looked back at the two people who had come to mean the world to her.

“I wish you not to speak to her while she is under my care.” Teris said before she too left the hut.

Xena unrolled the scroll and read it.

Gabrielle already knew what it said. Artimess made a point of telling all of them with a great deal of pleasure.

She watched Xena very closely until she turned her back on the bard. She watched the Warriors shoulders slightly slump. She saw her shake her head “No.” Gabrielle panicked.

“My lord I will order you a bath and dinner.” She said not wanting to see the pain she was sure the Conqueror must be feeling.

“I’ve already bathed and ate dinner while you were out.” She said tightly catching Gabrielle’s arm in a vise grip.

Gabrielle bit back the pain.

“Are you hungry my queen?” Xena said all to sweetly.

“No, My lady I’ve already eaten as well.” She said trying not to betray the pain she was feeling at Xena’s hand.
“I am sorry my lady. I’ve hurt your arm.” Xena said rubbing where she had grabbed the bards arm.

“It is okay My lord.” Gabrielle said confused by this all too polite conqueror.

“DON’T CALL ME THAT.” Xena yelled pushing the bard roughly to the ground.

“My lady, I’m.......” Gabrielle cried not knowing how to handle this Xena. She knew the royal guards were right outside, so she was trying to keep it quiet.

“THAT EITHER.” Xena yelled louder.

There was a knock on the door. Gabrielle moved to answer it but Xena was faster.

“What do you want?” She said grabbing the first of the Royal guards by the collar.

Gabrielle knew Xena was upset and sympathized, but the very people she was attacking Gabrielle had made a vow to rule and protect this very night at the coronation while Xena was in her hut. She had to do something.

“Xena let her go!” She said summoning up every piece of control and courage she had in herself.

Xena turned to her raising a brow.

“May I remind you that you swore to an alliance?” Gabrielle stated trying to look confident because she knew Xena would respect that.

Xena tightened her grip lifting the Amazon off the ground causing her to cry out in pain.

“So have you my queen and they have no right interfering in what goes on behind closed doors as they just did.” Xena said an evil gleam in her eyes.

The young Amazon almost wet her pants.

“Fine Xena; let me talk to them. Now let her go.” The queen commanded.

Xena dropped the girl and moved into the other room.

Gabrielle could not help her pulse from speeding up. She also could not help but to wonder what the Conqueror was up to.

She stepped out of the hut and took a deep breath.

“I am going to the dining hut please have Ephiny meet me there.” She informed them.

“That is a good idea my queen. That woman in there is much too dangerous for you to be left alone with.” The young Amazon that Xena had handled so roughly stated.

“Listen I am sorry but Xena had just gotten very bad news when you knocked.” Gabrielle offered by way of apology.

Gabrielle searched her mind for a solution to this problem as she walked to the dining hut. She found Cook in the back and asked for fresh fruit and a skin of wine. Eponin and Ephiny were in the dining area with Solari when she entered.

She approached them.

“May I join you?” She asked shyly. She did not know how to take the three women as far as Xena was concerned, but she liked Ephiny and got the feeling Ephiny liked her. Eponin had seen her as a spoiled child but she had won her respect. Solari, she confused her because she did not know how to take her.

Xena. How did they like Xena?

“Please sit my Queen. I am surprised to see you. I’d thought you’d have used your time to enjoy me not dragging you through drill sessions all day.” Eponin said goodheartedly.

Gabrielle sat while she waited for Cook to bring the items she requested. She stared just past Ephiny’s shoulder at the wall.

The Amazons exchanged looks.

“How did she take her dethronement?” Eponin asked straight to the point.

“I need to ask the Royal guard not to guard my hut tonight.” Gabrielle avoided the question. Her eyes not moving from their spot.

“Out of the question they are there for your protection especially tonight.” Ephiny refused.

“Would you rather they here what I’ll be put through. I remind you and Xena stated before I left to find you Ephiny. For them to interfere with what goes on behind closed doors is to go against the alliance. That is exactly what one of the guards did. That only makes it harder on me.” Gabrielle said shaking her head.

“Why don’t we banish her like her people did? We still got the alliance with them. You don’t have to take this my queen.” Solari argued.

“Or at least until she learns to respect others.” Eponin stated watching Gabrielle closely.

“That is going against the alliance in so many ways It’s not funny.” Ephiny stated.

“I know it sounds funny but I can’t do that to her. She thinks she’s lost everything. Can’t you see she must be hurting now?” Gabrielle said.

“So she’s going to take that hurt out on you. She’s got you so brainwashed that your asking us to ignore what we hear coming from the hut---.” Solari had risen out of her seat outraged.

“I can’t help but to feel it is my fault this happened. Before me she was so focused she knew things that were going to happen before they happened. How was she going to keep up with that if she was rescuing me all the time? I made her weak” Gabrielle said close to tears.

“Then it seems we owe you a Thank You.” Solari said bitterly.

Eponin pushed Solari back into her seat.

“Term #8 states we are not to interfere in what goes on behind closed doors between you. I would say to just never go behind closed doors with her but term #3 states that you will stay with Xena under Xena’s terms and even though it was not meant in this way it does apply, but I would remind you that term #9 states that she is not to harm you in any way. Tonight Eponin and I will act as Royal guard. If you feel you can’t handle her call out for the Guards. If you state she was hurting you, we are within our rights to seek justice.” Ephiny stated.

“Do you honestly think she would harm you?” Eponin asked Gabrielle.

Gabrielle got the feeling Eponin and Xena had developed a friendship and she did not want to change her opinion of Xena. It was apparent there were things Xena had not told her.

“Not normally, but this is out of the ordinary.” Gabrielle stated honestly.

Cook brought her the wine along with fresh fruit and cheese.

Gabrielle entered the hut cautiously. She forced her body to loosen up. She didn’t want to resist Xena in anyway with Eponin and Ephiny guarding the outside.

Xena was seated on the floor her back propped up against the footboard of the bed. In her hand she held the unrolled scrolls. At her feet were her saddlebags and weapons. She did not acknowledge Gabrielle just kept staring ahead.

“Xena I brought some wine and fresh fruit.” She said sitting them down next to her. “I also reminded them of the terms of the alliance.

“What alliance bard?” Xena asked still looking straight ahead.

“The alliance still stands Xena. They swore to it regardless of what happened.” Gabrielle stated watching Xena carefully.

“Since I never told you what was in the scroll I guess you’ve met Artimess. Tell me did they have a party to celebrate my misfortune. You do look pretty dressed up. Did you celebrate with them?” Xena accused.

“It was just a coronation. I couldn’t enjoy it knowing what happened, but I went through it because I knew this is what you wanted.” Gabrielle said quietly.

“Why are you pushing this bard? They swore to an alliance with the destroyer of nations, the conqueror. That is no longer me. My nation no longer wants me. You are no longer my slave. Enjoy your new power bard.” Xena said getting to her feet and moving to pick up her gear.

“What are you doing?” Gabrielle panicked blocking her way.

“I am leaving. If I may ask? Don’t abandon the kid. Raise her as your own.” Xena said looking into Gabrielle’s eyes.

“Why shouldn’t I abandon her that’s what you’re doing?” Gabrielle argued.

“I can’t take her now. Do you know how many enemies will be out for my blood? They’ll go after her just to spite me. This is for her own good” Xena said amazed Gabrielle would even consider she took the child.

“You’re not leaving me and I won‘t let you go back on your promise to Avia.” Gabrielle said trying not to cry once more today.

“I have worked very hard to find a place for you to be safe if I could not protect you any longer. Really you don’t want to make me mad by pushing this.” Xena said pushing Gabrielle out of the way.

In her frustration she screamed for the guards as if hades himself was coming at her. They immediately slammed through the door. Eponin was the first to get to Xena. It took a good nine of them to subdue her and fasten the special restraints they made especially for her to her arms and legs.

“What....” Xena choked out in disbelief.

“Gag her.” Gabrielle cut her off.

Xena was left standing there completely immobile and gagged.

‘What did you expect? You finally let her take you down.’ Her mind told. That did not ease her pain of betrayal.

“My Queen. If I may say so, I’ve seen Her in a rage. I’ve seen her in a semi rage. If anything right now and when we entered the room she just looked shocked.” Eponin said looking in Xena’s eyes, and taking note of the grateful look she gave her.

“I needed her restrained, had I given her warning you would have never been able to do it.” Gabrielle said nervously.

“Seeing that she is tied up with nowhere to go. I want you all to go home and relax.” She could not believe what she’d just done herself.

Eponin stayed behind after everyone left. She looked at Xena.

‘I guess I could stop being mad at her she has lost a lot today and here she stands outsmarted by a little bard.’ As Eponin looked over at Gabrielle she couldn’t help the smile.

“She may be stubborn and ruthless but she did not deserve that Queen Gabrielle.” She said out and out laughing.

Gabrielle just kept her eyes on Xena she did not know if her bonds would hold and she was very worried about what she was thinking.

Teris came crashing through the door.

“My apologies my Queen but when I heard I could not help but to come and see with my own eyes. If I ever doubted your ability to lead us I have been proven wrong.” Teris said in awe and shaking Gabrielle’s hand.

Xena could not hold her anger back any longer and threw herself at Teris.

Eponin grabbed her. Even restrained once she was angered she was still very hard to stop.

“Teris throw a couple ropes over the beams in the ceiling.” Eponin said as she struggled to keep a hold on the enraged warrior.

Teris move quickly placing the ropes so the warrior’s arms would be spread in a V. Her and Gabrielle wrestled with the warrior’s arms until they were securely in place. Eponin relaxed a little as the healer secured the warriors legs so they were also spread in a V. They both collapsed on the floor breathing hard from exertion.

“You know you are unnaturally strong.” Eponin said.

Gabrielle stayed behind the Warrior she did not want her to see how hurt she was by the whole thing.

“ an appealing sight. As I sit hear my sight reaches underneath to see your breeches.” Teris said laughing.

She got the desired effect the destroyer reached in deep and with all her might strove to break through her bonds.

The restraints weren’t meant to harm her. They were made of two layers of thick strong leather with soft fur lining the inside, chains were interlinked along the outside of the restraints with rings on the end that were locked with two sturdy pad locks. Two for her arms, two for her legs, and a belt around her waist with a sturdy strap at the back that could be extended so her legs could be locked in a hog tied manner and a ring on the front that her arms could be locked to.

They watched as the leather strained and the warrior’s muscles bulged and bunched and the ceiling beam creaked.

Minutes passed and finally the warrior fell forward her body sagging in the restraints as they alone held her up.

“I would have told you not to try but I know you was not going to believe me. What are you going to do with her Queen Gabrielle?” Eponin asked.

“I know one thing now is a good time to do that one thing. I prepared a poultice for afterwards to keep infection from setting in.” Teris said pulling a brand out of her bag and showing it to Xena.

‘This can’t be happening. They want to brand me as Gabrielle’s property. I never agreed to this.’ Xena thought her eyes widening. She pulled herself from her sagging position to a standing position. She watched Teris place the brand next to the fireplace, and a small bag next to it.

Gabrielle moved to step in front of Xena and took off the gag.

“I am sorry for all this. One day you may forgive. For now I can’t offer you an explanation.” She said trying to look Xena in the eyes to give her assurance. Xena turned away.

“All I know is one of the terms in your alliance forbid you doing anything to....hurt me as well--.” Xena stated tightly.

“It has to be done Xena can’t you just trust me--.” Gabrielle said staring at the brand with revulsion.

“No I can’t...” Gabrielle cut Xena off by replacing the gag hating herself. She walked towards the door but Teris stopped her with a comforting look.

She turned to see Xena staring at her with complete and total hate, or was it hurt she could not tell. She composed herself and stared back.

‘May as well have fun with this Artimess was right everything has changed.’ She thought and turned to her audience of two.

“You may leave. If it has to be done I’ll do it. I‘m the only one who I can trust to do this with the least amount of pain as possible.” Gabrielle said watching them leave.

She turned her attention back to Xena.

“It has been a long day.” She said pulling of her robe. She had on a Leather top and skirt on underneath. As with all Amazon outfits it was very scant.

Xena never took her eyes off her. The bard walked up to her and pulled off the gag.

Xena made no move to say anything.

“I couldn’t let you walk out of here and just leave me. I asked for none of this. I’m glad you pointed out the fact that I am no longer your slave. With that in mind listen to me when I say...I love you Xena. Regardless of all you put me through.” She watched a confused look cross over Xena’s face, but just as quickly disappeared.

“Release me and we’ll talk.” Xena said giving away no feelings

“No.” Gabrielle stated, running her eyes down Xena’s body and licking her lips.

“Then we have nothing to say.” She said stoically, but her insides tensed up as she saw the look that crossed Gabrielle’s face.

“Fine we’ve never had anything to say anyway, but there is something to do.” Gabrielle said licking Xena’s lower lip.

Xena did not respond Gabrielle licked down to her neck sucking gently, she licked a path back up to her ear.

“I am going to have my way with you tonight. Then you can leave forever if you so desire. I’ll never hold you back. Understand I want you to stay or take me with you...I love you.” She whispered fiercely and felt Xena shudder as she nipped her ear. She moved underneath Xena’s arms and pressed firmly into her back moving her hands up Xena’s thighs, hips, and sides. Tenderly she cupped her breast as she placed hot little kisses all over her exposed back and neck. Feeling the tremors she knew Xena could not mask. She cupped her breast with more passion.

Xena closed her eyes trying to concentrate on not responding but slowly she felt her body betraying her. She was painfully aware of her leathers being removed slowly followed by her shift and breeches. Closing her eyes she bit down on her trembling lips to keep her moans from escaping. She felt Gabrielle press into her naked body, as she felt the girl placing hot kisses down her back, and massaging the shapely curves of her behind.

“Tell me you love me.” She moaned. Kissing the fleshy cheeks.

Xena hung her head.

‘Why fight it tell her.’ Her mind told her. The conqueror inside pushed her to arch away from the touch. She heard a growl of disapproval come from the girl behind her. A gasp was forced from her lips as the girl unleashed angry slaps on the fleshy cheeks. The sting of the slaps increased, and so did the wetness flowing from her center, so did the shame that her body was reacting to this kind of treatment.

Gabrielle was outrage when the warrior moved away from her. The first slap had caused a red tint She was so enthralled that the conquerors bottom could be so sensitive she continued to slap harder and harder. When she notice the juices of Xena’s arousal she had continued the spanking until she needed a break.

She moved to face Xena looking deep into her narrowed eyes.

“You are full of surprises my love.” Gabrielle ran her finger through Xena’s wetness. Then brought them up to show her rubbing them across the warriors full lips. Xena bit at her fingers. Luckily Gabrielle saw it coming and pulled back.

“I’m going to pretend we’re playing a biting game and that you would not try to hurt me like that, but let’s turn the tables.” Gabrielle said as she pushed Xena’s face to the side. She ran sharp little bites all around her neck, down her chest she viciously tortured her nipples with her sharp teeth. She could hear the moans coming from Xena very clearly. As she continued her vicious bites down her body.

Xena was overcome with sensation as the normally gentle bard ravished her body. The closer she got to her center the more Xena’s breath caught.

“Stop.” She said softly.

Gabrielle ignored her biting even harder dangerously close to that oh so sensitive place.

“Please, I’m sorry.” She panted. Moaning loudly as the bard ran her tongue through her wetness and danced it over her clit.

Gabrielle moved back up to her lips and kissed her fiercely.

Xena couldn’t help herself as she answered the kiss with the same desire tasting herself on the bards lips and tongue.

All to soon Gabrielle pulled away leaving Xena aching with need.

“I just wanted to show you how sweet you taste.” Gabrielle said innocently.

Xena shook her head fiercely and closed her eyes to this temptress she so desired.

‘This can’t be the innocent who’s virginity I took. Why does she demand that which I can’t give?’ Xena thought. Her body on fire.

“Aaahh.” she cried out as she felt cold metal press into her right shoulder. Her eyes flew open.

“Relax my love when I finally do it. You won’t mind one single bit.” Gabrielle said.

Xena stared at the girl amazed at the reactions she was pulling out of her.

“Look closely the insignia is your own brand. My markings underneath is much smaller, but it will serve the purpose it will need to serve. It means mostly you belong to yourself, but that a small part of you belong to me. I take pride in knowing that the harlots you take after you leave me will know that you were mine at one time” Gabrielle said coldly.

“My body responds to your stimulation, but you already knew it would. I...hate you.” Xena spat the words out at Gabrielle.

“You want to talk about body’s and hate.” Gabrielle whispered quietly. “You infected me, and I HATE you for that.” She said glaring at the warrior.

“Infected you with what?” Xena asked. Her shocked voice rising, her eyes widening with disbelief.

“All that is you. I was given no choice. Why should I give you one.” The girl cried. Her pain showing as she slapped Xena across the face.

Gabrielle had to back off. That slap was out of anger.

“Okay fine it’s up to you I’d rather not scar up that beautiful body of yours. So if you do not tell me how to do this I’ll just use my imagination.” Gabrielle declared.

A shiver ran down Xena’s spine so she gave her complete direction on how to administer a brand. Her face burned deep red, so ashamed was she at being so vulnerable to the bard. Worse was the fact her body could not get enough.

Her eyes had been watering for some time. When the tears spilled over it was like a damn that could not be plugged.

Gabrielle watched from the fire place. The tears affected her more then the angry words. She knew it was hard for Xena to be in the position she was in.

‘I never intended to slap her, but she said she hates me and that hurt. She may have told me how much she don’t need me but never that she hates me. I will not feel guilty in the face of her tears. She’s never had any sympathy for mine.” She reminded herself of how heartless the Conqueror could be.

‘I have seen her sat her own dislocated shoulder back into place without so much as a whimper. That slap did not hurt her it’s something else causing those tears.’ She studied Xena.

“Do it....Whatever it is you plan. Vengeance is oh so sweet. GET IT OVER WITH.” Xena shouted angrily. The bard standing there watching her tears compounded her shame.

“I could never seek vengeance on you, but you can’t hide the fact that you don’t want me to stop touching loved that little spanking....You want me to ravish you. You can’t stand the fact that I know it.” Gabrielle knew every sign of Xena’s arousal, and she was very aroused. She walked slowly to her side.

“You will die for this if I ever get loose.” She raged. More tears streaming down her face.

“Maybe so...” She said tracing the tears from Xena’s eye’s with her tongue.

“...but this is worth it. Just to show you the monster you made.” Gabrielle leaned close to Xena’s ear. “You don’t want me to stop. My conqueror wants to be conquered.”

Xena strained against the restraints with a new determination

“Oh but don’t worry before it is over you will be begging, but it is a double edged sword isn’t it.”

Xena stopped suddenly and looked at her.

“You don’t beg do you? Well I’ve been trained by the very best.....” Gabrielle said kissing her neck fiercely as she could not ignore her own arousal any longer.

“You.” She moaned against Xena’s neck. The girl traced hot fevered kisses and small tantalizing bites all over Xena’s body.

Xena felt her willpower weakening with each and every touch. Even the air tortured her heated body.

---The bard dropped in front of the warrior. Letting her tongue dance all over the warriors swollen clit. She drove three fingers inside the warriors body---

Xena let out a shuddering gasp.

--Using her other hand she brought herself to orgasm time and time again making sure Xena heard her pleasure---

Whenever Xena’s climax came close she pulled her back.

---she moved up her body and kissed her lips---

At this point Xena was in such a state she was past any kind of talking as her moans filled the air, It was music to the bards ears, but Gabrielle needed to hear her say it.

She stepped back to survey her handy work.

Xena’s beautiful eyes begged for release, her hair wild and tousled, her body glistened with sweat, her breath heavy and uneven, her hands clenched and unclenched, her inner thighs drenched with arousal.

The girl had to force herself out of the spell of the warriors beauty so she hugged her fiercely.

‘I wish you could hug me back with the same love I feel for you.’ Her heart caught.

“I love you.” She choked out cupping the warriors sex once more.

Xena shivered as she threw her head back arching towards the bard.

“Who’s is this.” She said running her hand oh so slow along the warriors nether lips.

“Wh----ummm.” Xena chose to ignore the question and Gabrielle knew it.

“Stop the game’s now you are mine and I asked you. Who does this belong to?” Gabrielle demanded applying more pressure to the warrior’s achingly aroused clit.

Xena’s mind opened up to her suddenly knowing that this woman had been the only one who could satisfy her since she’d first seen her. The only women who could ever fulfill her, complete her.

“You---.” She whispered raggedly, but with her last string of will power she forced herself to say nothing else.

“I need more. You know what I want to hear.” The girl said seductively demanding.

“You are...You are my conqueror----and for always...I love you..for always.” In her crazed desire her will power crumpled. Xena screamed out those simple words sending herself over the edge.

“---for always...I love you...” She repeated over and over again. She felt a searing heated burning on her uppermost thigh. The shock of the strength of her climax, exhaustion, and the searing pain of the branding proved to much for the warriors over stimulated senses and she passed out.

The force of Xena’s release and the words she repeated over and over grabbed hold of Gabrielle’s heart with an unbreakable bond. With determination she’d retrieved the brand and.....

Teris had guaranteed Gabrielle that although her marking on the brand was smaller then Xena’s it would be very clear to see once the brand healed. Anyone who saw it would know who the conqueror belonged to.

Gabrielle applied the poultice and a fresh bandage to the brand while Xena was still restrained. Then she released her from all the restraints. She managed to get her to the bed.

She cleaned the warrior’s body and laid down to rest for a moment. The memories and words kept flowing into her mind. ‘..for always...I love you..for always..I love you..for always...I love you..’

The words formed a loving barrier of warmth around the bard, as she snuggled up to the warrior careful not to disturb the fresh wound. She kept watch over Xena and changed the poultice twice during the night. At first light she got up to take a quick cleansing swim.

She did not know what to expect from Xena but was going to be there for her when she woke. For better or for worse.



Xena woke as the door closed behind Gabrielle. She felt a dull ache on her thigh and raised the sheets and saw the bandage.

“No no no no no no no no.” She jumped from the bed repeating over and over again as she paced the floor. The memories of the night before flooded her mind as she repeated her denial.

‘The little bard broke me down. I can’t face her or anyone else in this village after that.’ She thought as she hurried to pack her things before Gabrielle got back.

Xena fled for the first time in a long time. She fled the village in the early morning light with Argo taking special care to cover their track and avoid any Amazon scouts. She found her self regretting setting Challis up to start a rebellion and turning her lands over to Samuels. The bard had torn her plan to shreds. With a broken heart and wounded pride she sat out for the closest route to cross Amazon borders.

Gabrielle met Teris in the dining hut as she went to get breakfast for her and Xena. She asked her to come back with her to check Xena’s wound.

As soon as she entered the hut she knew something was wrong. She dropped the tray and ran into the sleeping area of the hut. As she thought Xena was gone along with all her belongings.

She ran for the door shaking Teris off as she tried to stop her. She ran blindly to the stables. She knew Argo would not be there but she had to know.

Eponin had just finished breakfast and was on her way to the training grounds when she saw the Queen burst into the stable With Teris close behind.

“What in hades is going on now.” Eponin voiced as she ran to see what was going on.

Gabrielle stood there staring into the empty stables. Her heart felt numb.

“I chased her away.” She whispered.

“From what I heard last night she proclaimed her love for you to all of Amazonia for always.” Eponin said smiling.

Gabrielle’s felt her cheeks warm and welcomed it. It felt better then the cold she felt a moment ago.

“You got to go find her.” She said grabbing Eponin.

“She needs time My Queen. She’ll be back for you of that I am sure.” Teris said trying to comfort the girl.

“Eponin please.” She begged ignoring Teris.

“I’ve learned to trust that what Teris says will come about Queen Gabrielle.” She said not at all wanting to track down Xena. There was no telling what she’d do to her.

“I’ll go myself.” Gabrielle said heading for her horse.

Eponin watched the girl and her heart went out to her.

“I’ll go.” She said quietly. “It would not do my reputation any good if we find you cut up in little tiny cubes.

“Thank you.” Gabrielle said trying her best to hold back her tears.

“Eponin don’t try to force her to come back before she’s ready. Just be a friend to her. Let her know how bad the queen is hurting” Teris warned.

“It will be pretty hard to be a friend to her when I can’t stand the women.” Eponin said as she rode out of the stables. It wasn’t until mid morning that she picked up Xena’s tracks. She had never had such a hard time tracking someone before in her life, but at least she was on her way.

Xena made it without no interference from the Amazons. Deep down it hurt that the queen had not sent anyone to try to apprehend her, but she pushed that thought out of her mind. This was not the first time she had to start fresh. At least she only had a brand to answer for this time around. The last time Caesar had broken her legs and killed her lover.

Just as she was about to cross out of Amazon land Argo stopped and would not budge. She dismounted and took her reigns to lead her. She’d only took a couple of steps when some kind of force knocked her back two body lengths. The force of impact knocked the breath out of her. When she caught her breath she moved forward Cautiously. This time she bounced back softly off an invisible barrier.

“You could have warned me.” She taunted Argo.

“Your horse did warn you, but you don’t even listen to your heart. Why listen to your horse?” Artimess piped in.

Xena turned sharply pulling her sword.

“You have your Queen and your alliance is still intact your Amazons are safe. Let me go.” Xena stated.

“Although you are right the terms are still intact. I not only made an alliance with your lands. I made an alliance with you. You are to serve as the Queens advisor or have you forgotten that. You and the Queen are not to be parted.” Artimess smiled.

“The alliance also said I was not to be harmed but your Queen branded me.” Xena scowled.

“You mustn’t run away--.” Artimess started.

“I don’t--.” She cut Xena off.

“You may reign supreme in a battle but you are a coward of the heart and that keeps you from greatness.” Artimess snapped.

“That is none of your concern.” Xena replied angrily.

“Granted, but Ares is just waiting for you to cross out of my lands. He intends to take advantage of your warrior nature. I will not let that happen. You’re too dangerous. You may not leave without Gabrielle under the terms of the alliance you swore to. I will not release you from your oath.” The goddess said fading.

“You may as well go back to the village before she have you dragged back. She has already sent for you.” Artimess laughter echoed through the air as she disappeared.

“Artimess.” Xena screamed. Angered at the goddess because she knew she had her trapped by this alliance.

Eponin heard the scream and shuddered. All the same she turned in that direction.

Xena sat up camp and decided to start back on the morrow.

As she settled by the fire that night she pulled out the wineskin Gabrielle had brought back from the kitchen the night before. She had brought it with her, as well as the poultice Teris had prepared for her brand.

She could feel someone watching her but was surprised when that person made their presence known by taking a seat besides her on the log a wine skin of her own in her hand. Xena knew who it was before their eyes met.

Eponin extended her arm for a warriors hand shake. Xena accepted. They continued to drink quietly at ease with one another.

A weeks time passed before Ephiny came to the queen as she was having historical lessons with the elders

“If I may interrupt.” She said breathlessly.

“Interrupt and go.” Ephiny was told

“Xena and Eponin are in the dining hut. They just came in. She ask that I tell you that she will be staying with Eponin, as she do not trust herself to stay with you.” Ephiny said.

The queens expression had went from sheer joy to jealousy and hurt. Everyone saw the pain on her face clearly.

“My queen it is clear to me that the warrior is scared of what you make her feel. Just keep being yourself. Keep letting her know you love her.” Teris offered.

A months time went by and Xena was completely stir crazy. Avia had been released from Teris care and was staying with Gabrielle in the royal hut. Xena remained in Eponin’s hut the little time she was in the village.

Her heart was aching and she wanted to leave the Amazon’s lands. Samuels continued to send word of how her lands was growing in peace. She was sure if she told Gabrielle she wanted to leave she would honor her request. She just could not face the bard.

She joined every hunting, fishing, scouting, and training party she could. Anything to keep her out of the village. When she was in the village she stayed in the cabin. She refused to come out to eat so Eponin brought her food from the dining hut.

Avia was put in charge of taking care of Argo as well as Gabrielle’s horse. The kid often came and spent a lot of time with Xena. Xena found her heart was not as heavy when the kid came to visit. She would tell her what was going on in her and Gabrielle’s life.

Gabrielle had tried to see her as well as Teris and Ephiny but she would not let them in. Whenever she left the village she left at night. She’d checked many time’s to see if she could cross the borders of Amazon land and the barrier was always there.

She’d just gotten back from a hunting party that night and was very tired when a loud knock woke both her and Eponin up.

“If it is one of your women let me know. I’m tired but I can leave.” Xena said groggily.

“How you know its not one of your admirer’s. All the furs skins and spoils from the hunt you send to Queen Gabrielle and that brat of yours, an Amazon would have to be a fool not to want you for her mate.” Eponin said turning over. “Maybe they gave up and went away.” She whispered.

The knock sounded again.

“Sweet Artimess. This better be important.” She said getting up to answer the door.

“Why can’t you answer the door sometimes.” She fussed at Xena but did not get an answer because the warrior was fast asleep.

She opened the door and glared out at Ephiny.

“State you intentions women.”

“You know it has to be important for me to wake you up in the middle of the night.” She snapped .

“I need to speak to Xena.” She said firmly

“You know the answer to that Eph---. Eponin started, looking back and seeing Xena sitting up.

“That was fine before when the Queen ordered that we leave her in peace, but it is time she fulfilled her part in the alliance. We need her at a meeting tomorrow as the Queens advisor. Teris needs to speak with her when I am finished.” Then she leaned in closer.

“The honeymoon is over the Queen wants her Warrior back. If the Warrior is to much of a coward to face her on her own. She has decided to pull her out by demanding she keep her word.” Ephiny whispered to Eponin as she pushed pass.

She spotted the Warrior sitting on the edge of her bed sharpening her sword.

“Xena the Queen sent me to talk to you.” She said watching Eponin pull on her boots and leave the hut. Xena never looked up to acknowledge her.

“There is going to be an alliance discussion between the nations you’ve destroyed and joined together, as well as the centaurs, as well as the northern amazons, and several nations over the seas. It seems as though you Samuels took up your cause and has been hard at work to keep his word to bring peace to not only your lands but the lands you were planning on attacking.” Ephiny stated suspiciously.

“He is a sap and his destiny will be at the end of my sword, the same destiny I plan for your Queen.” She said never looking up.

“Your words are strong but it is very strange to me that Samuels keeps constant contact with you through pigeons. If you truly felt he was a sap you would not reply to his messages. As for our queen you would have to get close to her to kill her. I don’t think you have it in you.” Ephiny said her hand on her sword.

“Why don’t you ask me if I care. The only reason she is alive is your god insist I can’t leave your lands without her.” Xena spoke.

This caused Ephiny concern. She thought Xena loved Gabrielle and that was why she did not take vengeance on her. Hearing her state plainly why she had not killed her sent chills down her spine. Xena spoke too quietly for her. She moved back towards the door.

“Whatever Murderer but you are needed tomorrow mid day to advise the Queen if you cooperate she will accompany you to the borders and release you. If not it’s just as well to her. For some reason she loves you and would rather watch you from a distance than not see you at all.” Ephiny said leaving the Warrior.

Xena put her sword down just as Teris entered the room.

“Long time no see Warrior.” Teris said sitting on the bed besides Xena.

“What do you want witch.” Xena said narrowing her eyes.

“I want to check your brand.” She said taking hold of the warriors sleeping shift. Xena pushed her hand away.

“Uh Uh don’t touch witch.” Xena said moving off the bed. Eponin entered.

“Xena I wish you would not call me that I do not call you the things I used to because I respect you.” Teris said standing and approaching Xena.

There was another knock and the door opened. Ephiny walked in and Gabrielle followed.

Xena was truly bone tired and did not feel like being challenged. She turned a weary eye on Ephiny and Teris and completely ignored Gabrielle. “What is this another late night disfigurement.” Out the corner of her eye she saw Gabrielle wince.

“Nothing like that Xena. I went and got Gabrielle because I think you two need to talk. I don’t want her to think I have any kind of...Romantic....ideas towards you.” Eponin said with a shudder.

Xena almost laughed...almost.

“I don’t trust anything you say as much as I trust your Queen you were the one who held me while they tied me down. I haven’t forgot.” Xena accused Eponin with a piercing stare.

Eponin did not bother to respond because it was true.

“I accompanied the Queen because you offered a threat towards her not even a turn of the sand ago.” Ephiny spoke up.

“PLEASE, everyone leave us.” Gabrielle spoke up for the first time.

“I--.” Ephiny started.

“Please, Eponin go to my hut and get some rest and watch over Avia.” They all reluctantly left her with Xena.

Xena moved back to her bed and scooted all the way back. She watched as Gabrielle dropped to her knees in front of the bed.

“Oh stop that Queenie. State your demands and leave me I am very tired.” She said looking away from the Queen.

“In my correspondence with Samuels I requested that Lindy come to see to the wound I inflicted upon you. I let her know that you would not allow Teris to touch you. She assured me that you knew how to take care of yourself but did agree to come---.” She said stopping when she saw the look on Xena’s face.

Xena stood turning her back to the bard.

“I want out. I want to leave. Will you grant me that.” She asked.

“I can’t, I still have work to do. We need to be at that alliance. Once everything is smoothed over we can go.” She said quietly.

“What do you mean we. I do not want to take anyone with me.” Xena spat out her back still to the bard.

“I can’t let you leave me here. I love----” Xena cut her off turning to her and grabbing her by her arms.

“STOP! Don’t you say it. You lie!” Her mouth dropped open as she remembered so long ago saying those very same words to Tara. She released her hold on Gabrielle and stepped back. Unlike with Tara Xena could not bear the thought that Gabrielle may be lying.

“Xena--.” She was cut off again as Xena grabbed her and pulled her close.

“Love is for fools.” She whispered in the bards ears, unable to resist her any longer. She started undressing the girl, kissing her viciously.

“There is only the here and now.” She said pushing the naked girl on her bed.

“I don’t want your love. I just” She said as she laid on top of the girl.
She straddled her pressing her hot overflowing sex onto the girls thigh.

“I offer you No promises and will tell you no lies.” She said plunging her fingers into the girls wetness.

Before she knew what had happened the girl had flipped her over and was now on top of her. Xena never even saw it coming or she would have been prepared.

“Then let me offer you a promise.” The girl said trailing hot wet kisses down the warriors body. “I do offer you love, and I want you now. This is my promise on my word I do not lie.” She said as she took the warrior’s clit into her mouth. “For always....I love you..” She repeated the warriors words back to her as Xena toppled into a bottomless abyss of rapture.

Xena woke up to Eponin’s face smiling at her

“Arise sunshine. From the look of it the little Queen wore you out.” Eponin teased.

Xena was laying on her stomach. Her sheets were around her ankles where she had probably kicked them. It left no doubt that she was indeed naked.

Xena got out of bed and stretched oblivious to her nudity.

Eponin’s mouth dropped wide open as she got her first glimpse of the epitome of beauty.

‘This is what I’ve been bunking with for a month and never bothered to touch.’ She shook herself and turned away as Xena poured water in the basin and washed. Eponin tossed her the royal advisors Robes and waited for her to finish dressing.

“What is that.” Xena asked pulling her breeches up over her hips.

“It is the Royal Advisor robe. The Alliance meeting has already started.” Eponin said.

“UUmph. Eponin stop it.” Xena said. Eponin was looking at her like she was a tasty piece of meat. “Do you people have robes for everything.”

“Just about that is why I am the Guards master. I need no robes just a weapon.” She said with pride. “You have to shed the breeches Xena. They want you to wear nothing under the robe.” She said enduring the long line of obscenities, and what kind of perverts are you people.

Finally Xena calmed down.

“Is this one of the conditions I have to put up with to get out of these lands” She asked.

“Yes.” Eponin answered watching as she got yet another glorious site of Xena’s beauty.

“Stop it.” Xena said extremely uncomfortable with Eponin’s stare.

“I’m sorry, you know you are truly beautiful no wonder the bard can’t let you go. She love’s you. It is a shame too because you don’t want to be loved.” Eponin turned and waited for Xena outside.

Apparently Xena was to be put on display at the end of the meeting and right before the signing of the alliance. Eponin came in behind her. Xena moved to stand behind Gabrielle’s right shoulder as an advisor would. She scanned the room beneath lowered eyebrows. Ironically Samuels was seated to her left with Urthro behind his right shoulder as his advisor.

“I am pretty sure you’ve all met the conqueror, Xena, destroyer of nations. She is going to be the enforcer of the alliance----. Gabrielle was cut off.

“This is an outrage. I will not have that monster enforce anything in my kingdom. She was banished from her own lands because of her ruthlessness.” Thrace’s king spoke up.

“--and who better to make sure no one steps out of the boundaries of the alliance you’ve given your word to uphold.” Gabrielle stood staring the king down. “I know our first meeting was not a pleasant one.” Gabrielle’s face burned a vivid red at remembering being forced to perform a tale completely nude. “..believe me I know, but even then it was I who spared your sons life. I assure that Xena now acts under my command and not her own. She belongs to me. I rule with compassion. It is just an alliance. We have no power over your land just that you keep the alliance that insures peace to us all.” Gabrielle said sinking back into her seat.

“How do I know this is not some kind of scheme.” Thrace’s king was not convinced.

Gabrielle took a deep breathe hoping that Xena would cooperate this moment meant so much.

She motioned for Xena to move to the King of Thrace’s side.

“Xena please remove your robe and show the king my mark.” She asked looking in the Warrior’s deep blue eyes.

Xena unbelted the robe and Eponin pulled the robe all the way off her. Mouth’s dropped wide open as the were treated to the conquerors nudity. They dropped further when they saw the brand on her right uppermost thigh.

“Who do you belong to.” Gabrielle said her eyes locked on Xena’s, Xena’s eyes locked on hers.

“You my conqueror and for always I love you.” Xena said revealing her truth to herself and all the nations present.


The end


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