To Find Shelter

By Bard Di



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Violence and Content:  There is only mild violence in this fiction.  It does portray physical love between women in a graphic manner. If you are under 18 you should go read Katherine Anne Porter or Eudora Welty.  If you are over 18 and are offended by love between women and decide to read this anyway please spare me your comments. 

This story takes place after season five and before season six. 

Message From The Author:  I am of the opinion that the subtext in the Xena Princess Warrior series should remain and that confirming whether “they are” or
they are not” ruins the seduction of the creative mind taking away great fodder for hungry bards.  I am hopeful this subtext will return in season six.

Other Disclaimers:  Some of the wisdom of Yacoot is from the Greek Poet and Philosopher, Heraclitus.

Dedication:  This is written for my twin sister, Deb.  There can never be enough hopeless romantics in the world!

I would love feedback unless you’re one of those adults who feel it’s necessary to spread hate.  We are all entitled to love and to romance regardless of our sexuality.  I can be reached at

Gabrielle felt alone as she watched the soft breathing of Xena who lay across from her on her bedroll resting peacefully.  The fire was warm and illuminated the building walls but the strange place kept the bard alert and pensive.  Rain fell softly on the stone roof almost rhythmically with the rise and fall of Xena’s breast.  The warrior’s sword, stained from a day of battle lay nearby, unsheathed.  Her strong hand twitched while she slept, inches from its sharp shaft.

            She was exhausted; Gabrielle knew this.  Earlier today Gabrielle had watched the look of power and determination on the now calm face. Even after years as a warrior it was evident she still loved danger.  It shined liked sugar on her lips. Sparkling sweat had covered Xena’s face, arms and legs as strong muscles took swift action upon the strange people who had dared to become squatters on the ancient burial grounds of the Northern Amazons. 

When an exhausted rider had handed a tattered paper to Xena two weeks ago she had not hesitated in quickly arriving at this place.  The daughter of Yacoot had sent word that her help was needed. Cutell knew the pair was alive and protecting their daughter.  She sent a legion of powerful Amazon warriors to stay with Eve while Xena and Gabrielle came to help them. 

Strange men with heavy accents had built a temple on the outskirts of the shamaness burial grounds in two days.  They were large in number and had strong powers and the amazons were unable to chase them from their land.  There was no question that Gabrielle would accompany Xena.  There were never anymore requests from Xena to stay behind.  After too many years and too many fights they now never left each other’s side.  In life and in death they remained together.  Xena felt certain, trusting her instincts, that Eve would be safe in the protection of the warriors. 

            So much had happened to them since the last time they stepped on these grounds. To return knowing most of the Amazon’s they had known from the region were passed on to the spiritual realm or had grown very old was difficult.  Because they stepped into a fierce battle as soon as they arrived there had been no time to find friends and Gabrielle was almost thankful.

            “How do we put our lives back together after losing twenty-five years?” Gabrielle said aloud. 

Settling down on her bedroll and running her hands through her cropped blond hair she listened as the rain begin to pick up it’s cadence.                 


With increasing comfort, Gabrielle studied the face glowing in the yellow-orange glow of the fire.  Dark hair fell innocently across strong cheekbones, a stark contrast that brought a smile to Gabrielle’s face.  She had lingered too long with Xena’s clothing, washing them in a marble basin within the strange temple.  She drew the scent of Xena into her nostrils, savoring the heady scent as she washed dirt, blood and sweat from the leather bodice.  Too exhausted to do more than undress, wash and pull a clean shift over her head, Gabrielle knew that Xena would not catch this indiscretion.  She had not eaten in two days but was even too exhausted to partake of the warm bread, cheese and apples that

Gabrielle had prepared.   Xena had crawled into her bedroll near the fire and as

soon as she laid her head down, sleep pulled her into his arms and embraced her.

Gabrielle searched her soul and staring at the sleeping warrior spoke the things that she would only share with deaf ears.

“Xena, it must be clear to you that I love you.  I don’t know how it is possible that you don’t see, feel and hear my love for you.”

Gabrielle ran her hands up and down her bare arms bringing warmth to the muscles that had formed so strongly these last two years.  She had become warrior, protector and mother and the changes in her body still surprised her.

“You have said so many things that make me think you love me too but just when I think you will let down the shield around your heart you pull it up strong and keep me out. When you told me that you ‘felt something’ with Ares it drove me crazy for days.  I hated that feeling.”  She stopped her speech as Xena rolled to face her directly but deep sleep still controlled her body.

“I don’t know when my love for you changed Xena, but it has.  I don’t want to spend the rest of this life without physical love but it’s only you that I want.  I can’t even think about anyone else and there have been plenty of offers,” Gabrielle smiled as she thought of all the men who had wanted her as well as a couple of amazons.  And, of course, there was poor Joxer.  She became even sadder as her mind brought forth his smiling face as she remembered it in youth.

“I have searched your face when suitors come my way hoping to catch a glimpse of jealousy, a hint you would fight for me.  Not for my life Xena, certainly you have protected me and fought for me many times.  I know you need and want me by your side.  But do you want me in your bed?”

Her head hurt as she placed more wood onto the fire.  A crack of thunder shook the building and the warrior rolled, subconsciously reaching for her sword, but the effort ended quickly as sleep pulled her back.

Gabrielle caught the scent of wisteria and turned to find an open bottle of blue oil on a ledge jutting out of the stone wall.  Something encouraged her to pick up the bottle and as though she acted only on reflex, poured the liquid into the flames. They responded with a spectacular colorful dance.  Gabrielle swore that within the pallet of colors she saw herself and Xena embraced in a long, sensuous kiss.

            “Enough torture,” she spoke aloud and thunder shook the building again.

Looking to the heavens she responded.  “If that is a sign I will have to accept my fate to love her from afar.  I will try to find peace with celibacy and love her as a sister, as a friend.” 

“I’ll never be able to give myself to anyone else.  Xena you’re my home, my soul.”


A tear fell down her cheek as she prepared herself for rest.  Pulling her brown leather battle gear free she washed it and placed it to dry next to Xena’s leathers.  Gabrielle hoped that the strange worshippers would not return to try and reclaim the building.  Everything in the small room faced East toward the rising sun.  She wished that it had at least one window but it was simply stone. They knew very little about these people only that they intended war with the Amazon nation.  The Amazon warriors they fought with today told Gabrielle that the most powerful shamaness’ including Cutell were hidden in a cave nearby.  Gabrielle hoped when they could talk with Cutell they would find out more about these men.

            Pulling a clean white linen shift over her head she grabbed her sais swords and a small emerald studded blade Xena had given to her after her battle with Alti and laid down to find sleep.  The rain continued to pound overhead as she studied the face across from her in a sleepy haze.

            “Eli if you can hear me, help me find peace in my heart and help me release this torment of jealousy,” Gabrielle prayed and reached across the short distance to Xena to touch the warm silk of her lips, but withdrew her hand as she had many nights.


Xena sat up quickly searching for focus in the near darkness.  Something had startled her.  Quickly she remembered where she was and found Gabrielle asleep near her.  Their fire was dying and a chill climbed her spine.  She stood, feeling tired muscles and an aching neck and quietly lifted more wood to the dying flames.

Near the fire she found a plate of food that Gabrielle had made for her.  She was starving and devoured the warm apples, cheese and bread as she

warmed her legs and feet near the fire.  ‘Gabrielle is the best cook,’ she thought to herself as she savored the last bite of apples.  ‘How does she make them taste like that?  Mine always have a hint of charcoal.’  She laughed to herself.

Sitting back on her bedroll she sat cross-legged, her cotton shift rubbing her nipples that had hardened in the cool air.  She wore nothing else, remembering how exhausted she felt when she laid her head down.  She reached for sore thigh muscles and massaged the tension while observing their surroundings.  She sensed no danger as she listened to rain hitting the top of the their shelter.  She briefly thought of Eve but felt certain she was save.  Someone or something whispered to her not to worry.

            “Who’s there?”  She questioned but an answer did not come.

A large clap of thunder shook the ground and Xena knew the storm had wakened her.  Beside her Gabrielle laid, blonde hair falling softly around her face.  Xena found her beautiful in every way.  Why she continued to stay by her was a wonder to Xena. Each time she thought her past was finally behind her fate seemed to put dilemmas before her forcing her to return to the pain of her days as a warlord.  She feared she would never be free of the shackles of her previous life. How could she continue to put the bard in such danger?  She could never live without Gabrielle but on several occasions now that is almost what had happened. 

            Xena resisted the desire to touch the soft cheek in front of her. Gabrielle had changed over their years together and Xena enjoyed thinking of her transformation.  She enjoyed the ripple of muscles in her arms and stomach and the definition of her calves when she ran. 

Pain struck her heart though as she remembered her thoughts the day that Cutell’s messenger had reached them.  She feared the melancholy slump that had enveloped Gabrielle.  Her normally gregarious friend was sad and detached.  In fact, she had not seen the old Gabrielle in so long she feared she might be gone forever.

Xena wrestled with the meaning of this mood change.  She knew that her destiny had forced Gabrielle into the roll of warrior.  When was the last time Gabrielle wrote in a scroll or told a story?  Her fate had also forced Gabrielle into

the roll of parent and protector.  She had not asked for this change to her life.  Xena stared across the room and watched the shadow of fire dance against the stone.  She swore she could make out the image of a woman’s face but it faded and she shook it off as only fatigue.

She loved Gabrielle.  This she had known for some time.  Each time Gabrielle looked at her she fought the passion inside that wanted to hold her, kiss her and caress her.  She did not act on these feelings of love.  It would be too selfish to expose this desire.

Xena spoke to her sleeping companion, “Gabrielle what a mess I have made of your life.  It’s fine for me to screw up my life but not yours.”

She continued to talk to the woman softly snoring next to her.

“We have been friends through so much.  Gabrielle you have been beside me through all my attempts to make things right, through battles with past

enemies and through gut-wrenching mental and physical altercations with Gods and demons.”  She traveled the length of her sleeping friend with her eyes and added, “How would it look now to have the one person you truly trusted betray you?”

“Because of me you have lost twenty-five years of time and many people you cared for.  I can’t expose my passions.  I owe you the balance of this life and any other lives we have together to honor our friendship.  And I swear I will Gabrielle.”

            Thunder roared from above startling Xena who looked to the door that shuttered from the force. 

            “Xena, what is it?” Gabrielle spoke, pulling herself up on her bedroll as she came out of deep sleep.


            “It’s only the storm my love.  Go back to sleep,” she responded, lost in the thoughts in her head.

            “Oh,” Gabrielle responded sleepily allowing her body to fall back to her blanket.  As she melted back into the warmth of her bed Xena’s words registered.


“What did you just call me?” Gabrielle asked, rolling to look at Xena who sat in front of her dumbfounded.

“I…I don’t know. I just told you the noise was only the storm.”  She reached up and ran a shaking hand through her dark tresses.  ‘Gods, please don’t let this unravel here.  Not this night.’

“No you called me ‘love’ Xena.  I heard you,” she replied.


“I was just lost in thought Gabrielle.”

            “Were you thinking about someone you loved then?”  Gabrielle asked, knowing that if Xena told her of a love she held for someone else especially Ares she may simply breakdown in tears. 


            Thunder rang down again, louder and stronger than moments ago.  Xena saw two bottles of oil from the stone mantel above the hearth crash into the fire.   Gabrielle watched as well as a beautiful array of colors jumped up from the flames dancing in erotic fashion, twisting into each other, around each other.  

Among the mixture of colors a vision appeared.  They both saw it.  There they were, embraced in a kiss.  It lasted only moments and then vanished with the waves of bright textures.

Gabrielle turned to search deep blue eyes.  ‘Please tell me you saw that Xena?’

            Xena studied the fire a few seconds longer and sharply turned to Gabrielle.  “Did you see something?” She asked not trusting herself.

            “I saw what I have desired.”  Gabrielle responded looking to the stone floor, unable to be bold enough to tell the warrior that she wished to touch her in that way.  She had normally been able to speak all truths to Xena but this truth peeled the skin from her chest and exposed her most fragile tissue.  She sat motionless.

‘What if I have offended her?’ Gabrielle thought eyes locked on the cold gray marble.  ‘I couldn’t stand for her to be disgusted by my desires.’

Xena rose to her feet and crossed the short distance to Gabrielle.  Sitting within a whisper’s distance she replied, “Look into my eyes Gabrielle and repeat what you just said.”

“I can’t Xena.  These feelings torment me. I don’t know where they have come from.”

Xena reached a hand to comfort the top of the still bowed head before her.  She felt Gabrielle push into the warmth and tenderness.  She saw Gabrielle tremble at her touch and was surprised at the rush of excitement that ran up her own spine.  This was a moment she felt certain would never pass between them.  This was a beginning but fear choked her. 

            A voice spoke from the flames. Xena knew it was Yacoot. 
”Love grows from the inside out.  Love never grows tired.  Let go of the barriers of your past.  Let go of the fear.”

            “Yacoot?” Xena called.

With a large of crash of thunder the wooden door of the temple was pushed aggressively open.  Wind and rain and noise intruded into the building.  Xena turned to grab her sword and jumped to her feet.  Cool wind blew her cotton shift taut against her naked skin.  She was oblivious to the exposure and

only concentrated on the assessment of their intruding enemy and Gabrielle.  Next to her Gabrielle stood, sharp sais swords in hand, similarly exposed.  Their bare feet firmly set on the cool stone floor, side by side yet again to face the foes of their life. 

Before the pair stood three men dressed in strange battle clothing with weapons drawn. 

            “Who are you that you dare to intrude upon this land to challenge the Amazon nation?” Xena yelled, sword raised in preparation for a quick fight. 

A small man with olive skin, sickle at his side spoke. “Don’t address me woman.  You do not know your place.  I am here to kill you both for dishonoring the holy one. You will die a painful death for entering this holy temple reserved only for men.   All amazons must die.  This world belongs to the chosen people of the immortal one and no woman should bare sword or weapon.”

            A smirk on her face Xena replied stepping forward.  “Well, this woman carries a big sword and she knows how to use it.”

            A piercing battle cried filled the small temple and Xena charged.

            As both sides advanced a crack of thunder shook the temple and a bolt of lightening swept through the door and struck the ground behind the strange men knocking them to their knees.

Xena stood above the leader as he fell to the ground, his life taken by the power of the electrifying bolt.  Only one of the three survived and as he gasped for air Xena leaned over him.

            “With whatever life you have left crawl out of this place and tell the rest of your clan to leave this land immediately.  If one of you is left in the morning I will find all your people and destroy every last one of you!” Xena finished and raised her sword as the man gathered every ounce of energy he had to leave the building.

            Gabrielle tended to the two men left on the floor as Xena secured the door.

            “They’re dead Xena.”

“Well, I’ll take them out,” She responded and grabbed each by the collar of their armor and began dragging them to the door.

            “Let me help,” Gabrielle insisted, shocked by what had just happened. She took one of the men in her hands as they struggled with the door. They left them in the pouring rain and quickly returned to the shelter of the temple, their shifts clinging to their skin.


“I don’t think they’ll be back,” Xena smiled, her confidence evident.

As they fully secured the door Gabrielle watched the strong muscles in Xena’s back.  ‘Where do we go from here Xena?’ she thought to herself.

“That should do it,” Xena finished and turned to Gabrielle. There was an

awkward silence between them.

“Gabrielle we need to get out of these wet clothes.  I’ll get a couple of clean shifts from our bags.  Why don’t you put more wood on the fire?”  Xena suggested, realizing she had to stay in control.

They changed in silence and Xena pulled their bedrolls completely together near the fire that was warming the building nicely.  She sat down in her clean shift, her hair combed through and waited for Gabrielle to join her.  This was a usual occurrence, something she found comfort in every night. 

Their bedrolls had always touched.  The only time that anyone had come between them at night was during the short time they had Eve as a baby.  They had always positioned her between them for security.  While Xena wanted Eve in this safe place she had missed the nearness of Gabrielle.  She remembered this as she watched Gabrielle approach her.

“Xena,” she began, sitting next to her, “That was Yacoot talking to us before wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” Xena said, her heart pounding.

“Well?” Gabrielle asked, touching Xena’s thigh with her hand.

“Well what?” Xena replied, knowing she wanted to bolt out the door into the pouring rain and whatever or whomever else was out there.

 ‘I could handle that.’ Xena thought, her palms sweating as she stared at the small hand burning into her skin.

“Xena,” Gabrielle began but stopped and rose to walk to the stone mantel.  One large bottle of oil remained.  Without hesitation she removed the cork and poured the blue-green liquid into the flames.

“Hello Xena. Hello Gabrielle,” the voice rose from the flames and the image of Yacoot appeared.  “I won’t have much time.”

Gabrielle moved to join Xena on their bedrolls as they listened and watch Yacoot.

“All is well with Eve.  Don’t be concerned.  She is safe and will be until your return.  The men you have battled are fleeing this land as I speak.  The Amazon’s would have beaten them eventually but my motive was to bring you here. On this land my image and presence will always be strong.  Remember that.   Much is changing in the spiritual realm.  There is a strong presence of both good and evil.  I have chosen to serve as one of your spiritual guides.  My spirit will be around you though you may not always be aware of it.   Xena you saved the Amazons and released me to the spiritual realm.  I hope that I will be able to guide you both during your travels.”

Yacoot’s image began to fade and her voice trailed away.

“Yacoot?” Gabrielle yelled.

“Yes Gabrielle,” the voice returned but the image did not.

            “About what you said earlier…”

            “You have much time left together in the mortal realm.  Xena let go.  You won’t lose control.  Gabrielle, speak your heart.  I must go.” And with her last word the flames died down.

            The pair sat in silence, but Xena reached within.  ‘Let go.’ She told herself and reached for Gabrielle’s hand.  It felt different than before.  It melted into hers, strong and warm.  It felt as if it had always belonged there.

            “Xena, I love you.” Gabrielle proclaimed.  “I have been in love with you for so long.  I will do whatever you want and if you don’t feel the same for me I will still stay by your side.”

            Gabrielle covered their clinched hands with her free hand and looked into puzzled, wide blue eyes.

            “You know I feel better just telling you how I feel,” Gabrielle paused and then continued, “It’s like a stone has been lifted off my chest Xena.”

            “I…” Xena started, staring at a face that was changing before her from friend to lover.

            “Uhm…I…” Xena tried again but was getting nowhere.

            “What is it Xena?” Gabrielle asked, trying to coax her to speak.


            ‘Let go.’ Xena told herself, eyes tightly shut.

            “It’s okay Xena.  I never expected you to love me in that way.  I understand.”  Gabrielle said releasing her hands.

            “No!” Xena finally spat out and reached for Gabrielle, pulling her in.  “Don’t let go,” she demanded.

            Gabrielle moaned as her body pressed tightly into Xena’s, muscles and curves fully felt through the thin material covering them.  The moan was all that Xena needed.  She let go.

Xena pushed Gabrielle back onto their bedrolls and pressing into the smaller frame in a way she had only dreamed about kissed Gabrielle deliberately, long and slow.  More moans and arms surrounding her encouraged her kissing.  Gabrielle’s tongue pierced the barriers of her lips and Xena returned with a guttural moan of her own as Gabrielle explored her mouth.

“Xena,” Gabrielle gasped after pulling away for air.

“Mmmhh,” Xena managed as her hands moved without direction from her head.  She needed to feel every inch of Gabrielle.  Her fingers followed down the line of Gabrielle’s neck, collarbone and breastbone and reached for the hard nipples pressing through cotton.

Gabrielle pushed her breasts up to meet the wanting hands and after seconds of Xena’s touch teasing her breasts she pleaded, “Xena, please take this off.  I want to feel you.”

Xena first pulled her own shift off, dark hair pulling out of the collar as she threw it across the room.  Gabrielle took in the site of her warrior straddling her and felt wetness grow between her legs. 

‘As soon as she touches me I going to come,’ Gabrielle thought.

She had longed for these touches and those hands for so long.  More than needing Xena’s touch right now she needed to touch Xena.  The need was overwhelming.

Rising up to allow Xena to pull off her own clothing Gabrielle circled an arm around Xena’s waist and felt the firmness of strong muscles meeting the softness below.  As warm skin connected they both fought for air.  Xena’s full weight was again on top of Gabrielle, her thigh pressing to part moist legs, their breasts pressed together in wonderful sensation.

“Tell me Gabrielle,” Xena said, kissing her neck in quick motions, “what do you want?”

Gabrielle pulled Xena’s mouth back to her own and locked her in long, passionate kisses.  She reached up and pressed Xena’s hips down on top of her, their sex moving closer.  Gabrielle then thrust her leg hard into Xena’s wet valley and felt hot liquid spill down her thigh.  She was overcome by desire.

“That is what I want,” she whispered and began to push her warrior in motions against her upper thigh.

            “Gabrielle,” Xena moaned as she began to rock against the invading muscle.  She was creating a trail of moisture as she rode the firmness in bliss.  As Xena lifted herself to press harder against Gabrielle a warm mouth captured a dangling nipple and sucked and circled the hard nub.

            Another loud moan came from Xena as she closed her eyes sharply, blonde hair softly tingling the electrified skin on her breast.

            ‘I’m going to come right now,’ Xena thought and gave up any fight to hold back.  This was Gabrielle below her.  These were Gabrielle’s hands on her cheeks spreading them wider, pushing her wet sex against the leg she had always wanted to ride.  This was Gabrielle’s voice in moans of ecstasy.  This was Gabrielle’s mouth…’

            “Aahh!” Xena screamed as she came hard against Gabrielle.

            Gabrielle pulled Xena back down on top of her as she fought to recover her breath.  She ran loving hands up and down Xena’s back and arms enjoying the strong muscles in her shoulders and upper arms.  Silently she let a tear fall down her cheek.

            She looked to the heavens and whispered, “Thank you.”

            “What?” Xena responded through ragged breath.

            “Nothing Xena.  I love you.”


Xena rolled to one side of Gabrielle, draping a noodle-like leg over the thigh she had covered in wetness.  Propping herself up on one elbow she looked down into green eyes, eyes that were now a lover’s eyes.  “You’re crying...what’s wrong?”  Xena asked with great concern. 

            “Everything is perfect and nothing is wrong,” a smiling face replied erasing the pensive look on her lover’s face.

            “I haven’t seen you smile like that in over a year I think,” Xena responded reaching her hand up to brush blonde hair away from the eyes she was being drawn into.

            “If you come like that everyday for rest of our lives you’ll see me smile a lot,” Gabrielle joked.

“If you do this to me everyday my life will be short,” Xena countered, a dancing smile below an arched jet-black eyebrow.

            Gabrielle pulled her close and their kissing began again, deep, long and slow.  Xena’s tongue darting in Gabrielle’s mouth moved Gabrielle to action again.  She wanted only one thing now and that was to feel Xena, to taste her.

            Her hand traveled the length of the tall warrior, stopping to caress large breasts and swollen nipples, over a smooth stomach and into coarse, wet hair.  With her other hand she rolled the warrior completely onto her back.  Her fingers where posed to reach into the dark hidden treasure below her.

            “Gabrielle...” Xena managed as she attempted to reach up and pull Gabrielle back, but the bard would have no part of it.  She simply pushed Xena back onto the warm fur of their bedrolls.  As Xena’s head fell all the way to the floor, fingers found her mound and sent excruciating pleasure through her groin.  She was on fire again.

            Gabrielle, leaving her fingers in place, moved her mouth to within inches of Xena’s ear.  She finally grabbed an earlobe and covered it with warm dances of her tongue while sliding into Xena’s wetness. 

            “Gabrielle what are you doing?” Xena gasped as she felt Gabrielle’s fingers in rhythmical and out.

            Releasing the lobe she had treated like the swollen nub she was heading for she whispered a reply. “I’m going to make you come again.”


“Gods Gabrielle,” Xena yelled and moaned an intense guttural noise as she felt Gabrielle’s mouth cover her sex.  She reached her hands to hold the blonde head between her legs.  She was lost in sensations.  Gabrielle’s fingers quickened their cadence and Gabrielle’s tongue...

            “AAAhhhhhhh good Gods,” Xena yelled and arched high into the air as wave after wave convulsed her body.  Her orgasm was strong and she could feel Gabrielle’s fingers deep inside her begin crushed by the spasms moving through her.

After Xena’s body had returned to Earth, Gabrielle slowly pulled herself from the warm cavern she had wanted to explore for so many years.  She nuzzled her body next to a completely spent warrior, raising a limp arm to crawl in tight, placing her head on Xena’s shoulder.

“You are going to kill me quickly,” Xena joked, pulling Gabrielle tight.

“I have wanted to touch you like this for a long time Xena.  I can’t help myself.” 

“Well, I’m not really complaining, it’s just…”

“What?” Gabrielle questioned, reaching up to trace a hard nipple.

“No you don’t,” Xena countered and seized the hand threatening to drive her crazy.  “It’s just I can’t seem to resist your touches.”

“What’s so wrong with that?”  Gabrielle asked with a giggle. Turning serious she spoke her heart.  “I never thought you cared for me this way Xena.”

“Well, I’m going to show you how much I care for you,” she replied, an evil look on her face that sent waves of pleasure shooting to Gabrielle’s core.

Xena rolled onto Gabrielle and began kissing her, taking time to run her lips over each eyelid, her nose, her neck, her ears and lingering for many minutes on her lips.  She explored Gabrielle’s mouth while allowing her hands to caress breasts she had admired from a far for years.  They felt just like she thought they would.

Gabrielle pushed into Xena, moaning with pleasure at the sensation of Xena’s hands on her breasts, on her stomach and now moving to her thighs.  A warm mouth devouring her nipples replaced the hand that was trailing down her body.

“Xena?” Gabrielle called through shallow breath.

Xena allowed her hand to caress the soft insides of Gabrielle’s thighs, her legs moving apart to allow Xena full exploration.  “Yes?” She responded.

“I’m going to come as soon as you touch me.  I know it,” Gabrielle said.

“It’s only fair,” Xena whispered into her ear and then moved her hand into the wet folds below waves of blonde hair.

She was deliberate and slow in her movements because she wanted to savor this feeling.  She gazed down at the beautiful face moaning in pleasure.  She sensed that Gabrielle would come quickly as she had promised.

Xena slipped a wet finger into Gabrielle’s core while concentrating pressure on her hot nub.  Gabrielle began to buck against Xena’s hand and they both knew she would explode.  Xena gathered Gabrielle in her free arm pulling her close with one strong move and whispered into her ear as she felt Gabrielle release with a lighting orgasm, “I love you.”

Xena held her as another orgasm washed over her body. 

As they lay in one another’s arms Gabrielle recovered her voice.  “I knew you would feel like that.”

No words were needed from Xena.   She agreed.


            Gabrielle woke to the feeling of sun on her face.   She sat up blinking suddenly remembering the hours before.  She looked for Xena within the stone building but she was not there.  The door was wide open exposing the day and Gabrielle wondered how long she had slept.  A blanket covered her nakedness and she swore that as she moved she could still feel Xena’s hands on her.

            “Good morning,” a voice called suddenly from the doorway.

            Gabrielle smiled at the sight of her warrior, fully clothed carrying a plate of food towards her.

            “How long have you been up?”  Gabrielle asked, accepting the warm food and making space for Xena to sit next to her.

            “Long enough to make this food, survey the area around us and find a path through all the mud to lead us back to the Amazon village,” Xena responded, assured and smiling.

            “Wow.  I guess a better question is how long have I been sleeping?” she smiled.

            “I love seeing you smile Gabrielle,” Xena managed. “Well, the way I remember it you needed the rest after all that work.”

            “Are you blushing?” Xena teased and reached under the blanket and touched a warm leg.  “I think you’re blushing.”  She joked and poked at the well-muscled skin of Gabrielle’s stomach.

“I am not blushing,” she replied. “I’m just warm under this blanket.”  And with that Gabrielle threw the blanket off and sat completely naked in front of Xena.

            Swallowing hard Xena spoke, “Don’t even tempt me Gabrielle. I really think we should be going.  I want to find Cutell and then start heading back.  I feel the need to return to Eve.”

            She stood and patted Gabrielle’s head.  “Why don’t you eat and dress and meet me outside when you’re ready.”

            “Is anything wrong Xena?” Gabrielle questioned, concerned that after a night like they had shared that Xena said nothing and had not even attempted to kiss her.  Gabrielle was ready to pick back up where they left off.

            “No…no…it’s just I feel uneasy and I think we should be going.”

            Xena left Gabrielle and left the stone building.

            Gabrielle ate quickly in silence and decided that she was overreacting.  Certainly they needed to return to Eve.  Yacoot had said she would be safe until their return but it was selfish of her to think they should dawdle.

            Shortly afterwards Gabrielle emerged into the sun of midday.  She knew by the placement of the sun that it was late.  She did not immediately see Xena but walked to where Argo stood chewing apples and began to pack her things into the saddlebags.

            Xena had been watching from a little distance back and quietly slipped into the temple.  She looked to the hearth and tried to concentrate to summon Yacoot.

            “Yacoot let me hear you.”  She pleaded quietly.

            “I’m here Xena,” a reply came though Xena could not see Yacoot’s image.

            “Thank you…I…”

            “Words are not necessary Xena.  She’s your destiny.  No one, no matter what they tell you, will love you more than her.  You will be tested.”

            “I’m afraid Yacoot.  I fear I’ll lose control, lose my focus, maybe even lose her and…”

            Yacoot cut her off.  “Don’t give in to your fears Xena.  The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts.  Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the full light of day.  The content of your character is your choice.  Day by day, what you choose, what you think, and what you do is who you become.  Your integrity is your destiny…it is the light that guides your way.  And, it is why she loves you.”

            The voice faded away and Xena knew Yacoot was gone.

            Outside Gabrielle hummed as she doted over Argo.  Xena was warmed by the site and sound of her bard.  ‘I will remember those words Yacoot and promise to not let my fears stop me from loving Gabrielle.’

            Xena reached out and placed her arm around Gabrielle’s small waist and spun her around.  Looking into beautiful green eyes she lowered her mouth to place a long overdue kiss on her bard.

            “Excuse me,” a petite voice interrupted the union of wanting lips.

            Xena released Gabrielle and spun quickly around.

            “I am Cutell and these are the warriors Ainat and Savice.  We thank you for running these men from our land.  Xena and Gabrielle it is our honor to meet you.”  The young women, baring a striking resemblance to her mother ended and reached to embrace Gabrielle who stepped forward inviting the greeting.

            “Your mother was and is a special person Cutell,” Xena said watching Gabrielle embrace the woman who was slightly smaller than her bard.

            “I have taken on the ways of the shamaness myself but my powers are no where near my mothers,” Cutell responded.

            “In time…” Xena replied.

            “Cutell, who where these men?” Gabrielle questioned.


“Much is changing since you defeated the Gods of Olympus.  Many people from far away places are vying for land and these men felt without the influences of the Gods they might be able to take this region.  They came from the West with intentions of claiming our home in the name of their religion.  They believe that women must only be mothers and slaves.”  Cutell finished.

            “It’s so barbaric we wonder how their culture has even survived,” came a trite reply from Ainat.  She slammed her battle spear into the ground.

            Xena observed that Savice was watching Ainat the way she watched Gabrielle and it brought a smirk to her face.

            “I know you must be going,” Cutell said, already aware of their plans before they were spoken.

            “You are stronger than you think.”  Xena said.

            “Be safe and come back when you can.”  Cutell replied.

            “We will and let us know if you ever need us.”  Gabrielle added.

            “My mother will tell you.  Thank you again.”  Cutell and her guards turned and walked down the path they came from.

            “Where were we?” Xena questioned the young blonde who watched the entourage move into the trees.

            “I think I was going to be kissed,” Gabrielle smiled her reply.

            “I believe that was the plan.”

The End


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