To Live
by: de Bonheur

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Tender fingers softly tracing thin pale lines, accepting...

Gentle lips carefully circling faded bruises, trusting, believing...

Soft cheeks tenderly pressing her head her heart closely but not too tightly, touching fragile inside, healing.

Touching fingers touching kissing on ears on cheeks on brows on lips on fingers...

Drawing closer...

Lips on lips wordlessly pledging.

Tenderly sealing... touching...

Yearning lingered.

. . . . . . .

A figure, standing for a moment, eyes locking with a pair of blues for a moment, disappeared as she had arrived. Door silently closing.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The blue of the sea blended with the sky. Waves crashed upon the shore bringing white foam pale stars to the sand. A few fish, their scales silvery in Apollo's glory, swam past and disappeared into the depths.

The wind blowing in from the ocean blew sprinkles of sea mist against her face, and chilled her exposed skin. But there was a rare beauty there, so rare so beautiful, that she desired not to return to the village.

Lying on her back, crossing her arms beneath her head, surrounded by soft green blades, she let her thoughts drift. Drifting like the waves of the sea, without direction, like the restless wind.
Answers to the questions occupying her mind, elusive.

Solitude was nothing new to her. Despite all the company she has had, she had been alone most of her life. Seclusion was something she sought, something she preferred, for the longest time...

A soft rustle brought her from her reverie.

"Hey sis, can I join you?"


"Nice out here today, don't you think?"


"Could have used your help threshing the corn though, harvest is good this year; but of course with you just recovering..."



"Did mother send you out here?"

"No, why?"

"Oh, nothing."



"Is something bothering you?"


"I'm your brother, and I know you well enough to know that you're troubled."

So he had noticed. He was more observant than she gave him credit for... She ran her hand through her dark hair, and sighed.

And she told him, told him everything...

And what he in turn told her, she knew, she had always known... only unwilling to admit.

When she was alone again, she stood and gazed out at the waves. Miles of sand flashed before her eyes. Millions of crystals danced about, to the rhythm of the warm spring breeze, brushed against her face.

Then a voice whispered from far away, through the crystal clouds, from far beyond the horizon, from the deep sea. The same sweet sound again... whispering softly, her name.

Shining through the thick prism, shining within silverish circles of hearts, a Smile... A Smile which warmed her memories, which smoldered her core.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Door silently opening. Eyes locked with a pair of blues for a moment, the ghost of a grin hovered upon her lips for a moment.

"Mother, I'm sorry about this morning... sorry you had to find out that way..."

"Are you happy?" She needn't ask, but she wanted those words she longed to hear from her child.

"Yeah. Very." An almost bashful simper.

"It's about time." An ardent hug.

"I assume you'll want this back?" Pulling a small satchel from the pocket of her apron.

"Yes. Thanks..." Taking and holding tight the item from days long past in her palm, for a long long moment.

Mother and daughter prepared the evening meal in companionable silence.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"You missed a great singing contest today."

"Yeah, well, you know how much I like festivals."

Soft chuckle. "I missed you."

"I missed you too, my bard."

"How are you feeling? Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, I guess. Come here..."

Recognising the expression. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I need this, I need... you." Admitting.

"Then show me."

She reached for her bard, filled with a surge of longing and tenderness she didn't understand. Her whole being on fire with need and a yearning she could no longer suppress.

When they touched, the world dropped away. Leaving only the two of them - Xena and Gabrielle. Silence crackled along with the cord that throbbed between them.

She smelled of wildflowers in a burgeoning emerald glade. She smelled of sea breeze in a warm spring night... Words are inadequate to describe what they were to each other.

Slim fingers fastened in dark tresses, pulling closer. Holding her head between her hands and kissed her. Warm lips brushed her mouth with addictive softness.

Hot, smooth tongue began captivating dance over her lips. Sucking, nipping, before exploring the inner warmth, moving slowly, surely into mouth. Tongue eagerly seeking tongue.

Arms went around her neck, body pressing closer. Sultry. Her name whispered, murmured, with such love such desire, her heart shuddered.

Tongue exploring, tasting, claiming. Mouth ravenous, devouring lips pressed to her own. She kissed them thoroughly. Hard and demanding.

"Take me." Alluring invitation, whispered, voice hoarse with desire. Green eyes gazing up into her own, holding her prisoner.

Slowly lowering herself, molding herself. She felt the rising passion beneath her mingle with her own consciousness. She felt an exquisite bursting of inner joy that carried with it its own incredible energy.

Eyes moving over pale body hungrily. She wanted Gabrielle more than she had wanted anyone in her whole life. She closed her eyes, trying to cope with the naked desire shivering through her.

Lips fluttered over eyes, forehead, cheeks, into mouth. Mouth gently meeting and teasing. Flesh melding to her ardent caress.

Lips finding pulsing hollow of throat. Waves of ecstacy tumbled over and around and through. Quivering, pulsing. Stroking delicate mounds. Mouth fastened to delicious nakedness. Sucking first gently. Then harder and harder upon engorged nipples.

Body began moving rhythmically beneath her. Slowly, deliberately, her fingers, her body drift downward. Pushing thighs over shoulders, she looked into green eyes, almost hypnotised.

Smiling, twisting fingers in her hair. Shifting slightly, presenting more of herself to eager lips. Smiling.

Bending dark head. Licking up intoxicating sweetness. Tongue sinking farther and farther into her. Tempestuous waves rolling through her.

Fingers wending their way down to slim, firm buttocks. Long fingers sliding into heat.

Their cries at this union merged.

Hips rose again and again of their own accord, meeting wickedly skilled fingers. Fingers gliding, hand sweeping up over thighs and buttocks.

Sighing, convulsing at the touch. Her breath came in ragged gasps. Utterly melting into her. Completely becoming part of her. Feeling the pulsing of her blood, the beating of her heart deep inside her. Hand, tongue, flesh becoming necessary to her every breath, every heartbeat.

Xena did everything within her power to burrow deeper and deeper inside Gabrielle. She felt delicious spasms. Jolting. They were on fire, within, without.

The more Gabrielle needed, the more she seemed to need her too. Her want so fierce it threatened to consume her.

Before she could immerse once again in the heat, Gabrielle drew away, still clasping tightly, and laid a finger on her lips.

"It's my turn." She whispered.

Her green eyes burned with the fever of her desire, her feelings, her thoughts. Searching, mouth soft with promise. Something of a rapture.

Mouth moving to the side of her throat as her head fell back. Inviting touch that was so like fire. Lips explored her sun-kissed face with feathery caresses. Finding the pulse at her throat. Leaving her trembling. A fever in her heart, a thirst, a hunger.

Pulling Gabrielle's mouth back over her own, capturing her lips. She wrapped her arms around her, letting wild floral scent filled her.

Skin against skin. Deep moans of pleasure poured into her throat. She arched into the caress. Fingers danced above her sweating skin, full of purpose and need. Outlining each muscle and bone.

Mouth found her breasts and drank in. Hungry. Sucking harder and harder. Tasting tiny moisture of pores. Fingers clawing down her back.

"Tell me."

"I need you."

She trembled. Aflame with desire. Hands reached out to touch strong thighs, to slide up over curved hips and taut stomach,
and around to smooth, strong back.

Reaching over. Licking her low on her neck. The sea lingering on her skin sharp and sweet against her tongue. Teeth sank gently into shoulder, into side. Hands created whirlpools of fire. Causing such heat, such desperation.

Under Gabrielle's fevered caresses, she was besieged with desire. Throbbing need. Hot for contact.

Hands pushed at her knees, parting them. Caressing bare, muscled legs. Fingers twirling in the triangle of lush, curly black hair at the top. Leaning over and blowing out a long breath. Ruffling the curls.

She shivered. And thrust her hips forward involuntarily.


Gabrielle put her fingers in her mouth one by one and sucked them. All the time her greens holding on to the darkened blues.

*Touch me.* Xena's eyes beckoned, summoned, willed, screamed. She couldn't speak.

Desperate, wanting her inside, every opening craving to be filled, every muscle in her body contracted sharply. Whole body tingled in arousal.

Sucking, biting, sucking. Shivering deliciously. Breathing quickly. Wrapping her leg around lithe body. Rubbing against her despairingly. Moist and hot between her legs.

"Please." She moaned. "Oh, please." Feeling exposed and naked and vulnerable.

"Tell me, tell me again."

"Please," she sobbed. "Please! I need you."

Stretched out on top of Xena, supporting herself with her arms as she rubbed against the slick, muscled curves. Gabrielle was beyond thought.

Gasping as her soul was pulled deep inside the hot velvet centre. Her body shuddered, and bucked against the charged flesh.

Fingers sinking farther and farther... Drawing themselves nearly out. Before plunging into her once again.


She arched against her, drawing digits, drawing hand tighter and tighter within her. Pushing into her very essence until she lunged up into the body above her. Refusing to release those fingers. Needing total merging of flesh as spasm after spasm rocked her.

Xena allowed herself to get lost in the wonderful touch. In the absolute intimacy she had never before experienced. She had opened herself to Gabrielle, given her her soul. She would
never be exactly the same. Would never let go.

"Oh, Gods!" Faces bathed in tears, aware only of their union.

Green eyes smiled down at her with such wonder, such intensity, such love. Her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

"Xena, are you okay?"

She answered with a searing kiss.

"Needyouneedyouneedyou." Her thoughts tumbled out in a litany as her body began to move again.

They lay caressing each other, kissing, affirming, demanding. Two bodies clinging, entwining, just as hot and desperate and loving as it had been their first time together. Reflecting all the things they are and want.

Mirroring power of fingers pressing into, again and again. Hearts pounding. Arms clasping. Legs clenching around waist. Wrapping close, pulling in. Tight.

Tumbling and mixing. Whispering, calling out each other's name over and over. Spectral of new colours bursting forth each time they came together.

Rocking gently back and forth, back and forth, closer and closer together until they were one. Pausing, advancing, advancing, pausing, prolonging the ecstacy. The ritual mating frenzy.

They made love until they could barely breathe, until they collapsed from total exhaustion. Sticky body against sticky body.

. . . . . . .

Moon poured a silver sheen over the warrior's nakedness, in deep repose and sleep. Green eyes seemed to deepen as she gazed intently lovingly.

*How vulnerable she looked now,* she thought. A great wave of tenderness rolled over her. Gabrielle pulled up the covers and stretched her arms and legs along Xena's, her arms went around her, careful, smoothing. In a few moments, she, too, was asleep.

. . . . . . .

Time fades as moonlight shimmer outside dusty windows.

Xena had no idea how long they remained like that. Hands and body encircling her, soothing, calming.

She knew that if she let go, Gabrielle would catch her. But she hung on because she would want her to. She knew that, too.

She drifted back to sleep, a smile on her face.

In your large hands
you hold my days
and I follow you through the streets
without sunday
for you are the wind, the one from elsewhere
the uninhabited.
- Ghiati isse o anemos

In my blood flows
superb spring-like music
and your smile;
like your face
makes its way deeper and deeper
into my destiny.
- Vathia sti mira mou
- Poems by Dimitra Manda,
translated by M. Pardoe

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