To Love, To Need, To Desire
By D.virtue

“ Send out the scouting parties, I won’t information as to any and all
weaknesses!” Xena commanded from behind the large command desk. “ Questra you
know this woman better than I do, so tell me what you think she is capable

“ She’s capable of winning if we’re not careful, and I’m not just saying that
because she’s like me, I just know what I’m capable of, and with Callisto as
her 1st, makes her that much more deadly, and I can't even begin to think of
what we’re in for if your clone is out there with them.”

“ Yes, well that’s true, and I didn’t take any offense in your statement of
her being able to beat me, because no matter who the enemy is, I treat them
all the same, with only one goal, and that is to eliminate any and all
threats. The only difference here is we can’t kill her.”

“ Right, But you know what really bothers me is the fact that we have not seen
your clone so far, I mean we’ve been here for almost two weeks.”

“ Yes, that bothers me also, but I’m not going to dwell on that, right now we
have to find a way to break through Questra’s defenses, I don’t want this
thing to drag on forever, I really have a hunger for my Consort, you know?”

“ Oh, I know.”

Meanwhile, Diana and Gabrielle were thinking about things, although Diana was
thinking about the wrong things.

“ Oh, come on Gabrielle, it’s not like we’re going there to fight we’re just
going to be advisors, I mean I AM one of Xena’s advisors right?

“ NO! Your one of her advisors on things not dealing with war or battle or
anything like that.”

“ Gabrielle?”

“ No, I am not about to go there and have Questra and Xena go nuts about us
showing up there after they specifically said we were not to AND they went as
far as to remind us of the last time we showed up in the camp during a war.
No, no I am not going to disobey them this time. Plus I don’t want to be
pulled crossed Questra’s lap, and I would really think you really don’t want
to be pulled crossed Xena’s?”

“ Okay, you have a point, that is something to think about, but Gabrielle I
have GREAT needs of Xena.”

“ And I don’t of Questra? Diana I know what your saying, and normally I would
agree with you, but no telling what they will do if we show up there, plus I
don’t like to disappoint Questra.”

“ Gabrielle, I don’t like disappointing Xena either, I mean they both have
this way of fueling one’s guilt. Okay, so what are we suppose to do?”

“ Wait.”

“ Hahaha, very funny. No really Gabrielle, I want to go there and help?”

“ No Diana, please, let’s just go watch a play or something, so we can take
our minds off of things?”

“ No, I don’t want to, I want to go to the camp, please please please?”

“ n.o.o.o.o.o.o.......Diana.......don’t make me give in...pleaseee....?”
Gabrielle whined back.

“ Shoot! Okay fine! I want to go to the lake and swim for a while.”

“ Okay good, see we’ll have fun.”

“ Yeah right, knowing that our mates are out there fighting against those
demented Questra and Xena and Callisto., right let’s go have fun Gabrielle.”

“ Diana that’s not fair.”

“ What?”

“ The way your making me feel.”

“ And how am I making you feel?”

“ Guilty.”

“ Good, then it worked. ‘ Diana said as she turned and strided for the doors
to go out to head for the lake.

Gabrielle’s mouth fell open at Diana’s blatant honesty.

“ Diana??”

“ I’m sorry, you know I didn’t mean it....really?”

Diana said with a smirk.

“ Well okay, but I still think you did mean it, in a way.”

“ Gabrielle, I know your scared, but we’re not going there to do anything

“ But Diana, it is wrong for us to go there, we were told not to go there.”

“ Well actually we were told, and I quote, “ Don’t make us have to wear you
two out for showing your faces at that camp. If we see you one time, we’re not
even going to give you a chance to explain before we pull you over and whip
your behinds, right there and in front of wherever and who ever just happens
to be there, so be good and do what your told to and that’s to stay HERE!” End

“ Well see, there it is, we’ll get our behinds whipped before we can even say
why we’re there, and why we’ve disobeyed them yet again! No Diana it’s not
worth it. I’m sorry.”

The two then made it out to the lake and stripping out of their clothes they
then waded into the water, and then Diana dived under the water and came up
with her hair slicked back behind her.

While she and Gabrielle were floating quietly along, Diana suddenly winched as
if in pain and sunk under the water, but then came up after a moment
sputtering water and Gabrielle grabbing her arm and helping her out of the

“ Are you okay Diana?”

“ I’m fine, I just felt my body tighten.”

“ But I thought that only happened whenever Xena was around?”

“ Yes, but it also happens when I haven’t been with her for a while, you know,
like when I was out on the road, my body would do this almost everytime I
thought about Xena.”

“ So what your saying is.....”

“ I want my Xenaaa......” Diana whimpered.

“ I know.....but we can’t, now, get over it.” Gabrielle teased, although she
had sympathy for Diana’s needs.

But sitting in a tree, off to the side of the lake, the two girls didn’t
realize they were being watched, mainly Diana. The woman sat staring at Diana,
raking her eyes up and down the vision she saw before her, but she knew she
could not go near her without making Diana uncomfortable, but she had a need
in her for the woman, mainly because of the natural connection they had.

“ You are so beautiful Consort.” The woman thought to herself, and every now
and then she would send an image to Diana to make her body react, just out of
the need to see that she still had some control over the young woman despite
the fact she was not active with it.

Diana and Gabrielle continued to go back and forth about Diana wanting to go
to the camp and Gabrielle determined not to. The two went back and forth for
days, with Diana experiencing intermittent episodes of tightness.

“ Gabrielle, I’m sorry, but I have to go, I understand you not wanting to, and
I won’t try to convince you to go, except to say, I know that Questra, once
she gets over her initial anger will want nothing more but to.....well you

“ Diana, I’m not going, Questra will be fine.” Gabrielle said trying to
convince herself.

“ Yes, your probably right, I mean what could possibly cause her any problems
that she doesn’t already have in trying to deal with those maniacs out there,
I mean it’s not like there’s any connection between us or anything like that,
I mean, there maybe some connection because she’s a Chosen, but outside of
that, it’s not like she’s going to pick up any energy from me while Xena and I
are together? Yes, I think your right, she’ll be to focused to have time to
take notice of her body curling in on itself, out of desire and need of her
love and Consort? Yes, you should stay here, that way you’ll be doing Questra
a favor by not distracting her.” Diana said with dubious intentions, she
really did want Gabrielle to go with her, although she knew the risk, and
although it scared her to think of Xena’s piercing eyes glaring at her, she
was also thrilled by the notion of Xena’s passions overflowing onto her. The
thought sent a shudder through Diana that Gabrielle just happened to be
looking at her at the time.

“ You were just thinking about Xena weren’t you?”

“ Yes, that’s all I seem to be thinking about since they have been gone.”

“ Okay Diana, I’ll go.”

“ Great!!”

“ But, you have to promise me one thing?”

“ What?”

“ If Questra decides to punish me for this, I will take the punishment and you
will not try to stop her, if I can’t get her to forgo it, then I will take it
from my mate willingly, I’m going into this with my eyes wide open, I know
what I’m doing is wrong in the fact that I was told something to do by Both my
Lords, but especially by my mate, and I am willingly about to disobey them and
her. So you have to promise me that you will....well for a lack of a better
way of putting this, mind your own business?”

Diana studied Gabrielle for a moment, and then with an understanding small
smile, she caressed Gabrielle’s blondish red hair, and then looking into
Gabrielle’s eyes she then spoke lovingly.

“ Hmm.....I wouldn’t think of interfering, the clone Questra taught me the
errors in that, I figure if I can get my butt beat that badly by the clone, I
can only imagine what the real one is capable of doing if she chose to,
anyway, I won’t have the ability to mind your business, because I’m sure Xena
will give me enough to mind of my own?”

“ hahahahahaha, your right. Okay, when do you want to leave?”

“ Well, considering they’re months from here without the traveller, I think we
should leave when it’s near dawn there, maybe they will be resting or
something when we get there, and that way they won’t be as adrenalin filled,
and we may get lucky that they will listen first?”

“ That’s a lot of....maybe’s Diana?”

“ I know, but it’s the best I can do, okay we’ll leave tomorrow sometime.”

“ I know what your trying to do Diana?”

“ What are you talking about?”

“ Your trying to protect me again with this hope that Xena and Questra won’t
whip us, mainly that I won’t get whipped in front of whoever?”

“ Well, you didn’t say I couldn’t try while we’re here?” Diana said with a wry
smile for Gabrielle.

“ You are sooo.....” Gabrielle searched for the right word, and then seeing a
vase with flowers in it she picked it up and smelled the flowers that she now
held in her hands. “ Aren’t these beautiful?” Gabrielle asked with innocent

“ Yes, they are, but you didn’t need to take them out of the vase for me to
smell them?”

“ Smell? Oh, no I didn’t take them out for you to smell them, I took them out
so they wouldn’t get in your hair and things.”

“ What?” Diana said not catching on to Gabrielle’s cryptic message.

“ I took them out so I could give THIS TO YOU!!” Gabrielle shrieked as she
threw the water from the vase into Diana’s face, and then to give herself time
to get away she tossed the vase up in the air and took off running, Diana had
to change her focus for a moment as she caught the vase to prevent it from
shattering it on the floor, and then after setting it down carefully, she ran
after Gabrielle.

Gabrielle dodged and jumped over and around things and people, Diana followed
her and as they ran with Diana not using her speed, but just chasing Gabrielle
for the fun of it, and impressed with Gabrielle’s skills of evading as she
jumped over and down things that would have normally scared her because of the
height of them, she was now using her levitating skills and flying up into
trees and then jumping down out of them as Diana arrived up, and then after a
few candlemarks of chasing and just playing around outside the palace and
talking to the palace guards and servants and having an eating contest and all
sorts of things.

Diana and Gabrielle finally made it back to their chambers and Diana gave
Gabrielle a hug, and after a while of visiting in Gabrielle’s chamber, Diana
left and went to her own chamber, and after taking a long soaking bath she
crawled in the bed and laid her head on the pillow with her arms behind her
head and took long deep relaxing breaths she closed her eyes and just let the
scent of Xena permeate her senses.

Diana had made sure that Xena’s pillow was not washed until Xena returned, so
that she could lay on it and be with Xena. But what Diana didn’t realize was
that she was not just smelling the pillow, but someone was in the room with
her, waiting for her to go to sleep.

“ Once Diana’s breathing had became shallow and light and regular, the watcher
knew that Diana had fallen asleep and she now came out of her hiding place.

She walked without making a sound, as she always had, unless she chose to make
her presence known, but right now was not one of those times. She made it to
the bed and looking down at the sleeping young girl her hands flashed out and
the result of them touching Diana put Diana into a sleep that she could not
wake up from for a long time, unless the woman took the touch off sooner.

The woman then stood up and went to lock the outer and inner doors including
those to the servants chambers, she then went back into the room and seeing
how Diana had not shown her nude body to anyone, including Gabrielle, while
they swam, because she made sure to wear a top that covered her as well as the
matching bikini panties. The warrior wanted to see Diana nude, so she untied
the robe and opening it up she then lifted Diana’s night gown up and off of
her body.

“ By The Gods!! Look at that.” Xena gasped when she saw the change in Diana’s

They were glowing brightly from the initial change to bronze color, but now
after her Xena had had her way, they now glowed like polished bronze. The
warrior immediately stripped out of her clothes due to not being able to wait
any longer to have Diana, even if Diana would not remember any of it, the
warrior would at least be comfortable for a while and could focus on other

She went straight for Diana’s glowing nipples and the moment her mouth wrapped
around them Diana’s body blushed fiercely, the warrior saw it and her body
tingled from the sensations that were racing through her.

She sucked hard and long on the nipples and relished in each and every release
Diana experienced because of the sensitivity of them , due to their change, it
was as if more nerve endings had filled the peaks.

The woman then finally with some reluctance left them and moved down to drink
her fill of Diana’s essences, despite Diana’s deep sleeping, her body was
still aroused. Xena feasted on Diana’s essence for candlemarks, as her own
releases were staggering. Xena then left Diana’s legs spread and crawling back
up along Diana’s body, she let her mind form the phallus and then she plunged
deep into Diana’s flower and at first she just let her body and mind remember
the feel of Diana around her, but the thought was soon overpowered by her
needs, so she begun thrusting wildly into Diana’s flower, and the more Diana
responded without realizing it, the wilder Xena became. Xena climaxed multiple
times with and after Diana.

Then before she was done with Diana she rolled her over onto her belly and
with some oil she poured it onto Diana’s behind and then she used her hands
and then fingers to massage the round globes, then she slid down between and
slipping one finger inside of the tight gates, Xena checked to make sure Diana
was not virginal there again, and then finding that she wasn’t, she then
removed her finger and after making the phallus smaller, she slowly pushed
into the groaning woman who’s body seemed to be trying to get away from the

But then, the warrior slipped in suddenly, and Diana groaned and when Xena
the clone begun pumping slowly at first into the woman,then building to a
raging peak, the two once again climaxed, but this time the clone collapsed on
top of Diana and just breath until she could catch her breath.

Xena laid down with Diana for a while, but then she realized she had to leave,
otherwise she would be found out. She kissed Diana’s lips and Diana responded,
her body not knowing that it was not her Xena, especially now that this Xena
no longer had the darkness filling her, it was still there, but not like
before, plus the fact tht the clone Xena was just as much a Chosen as the Real

She then gave a final peck, and then she rolled out of the bed, she cleaned up
using the apparatus, she then picked Diana up, and laid her in the chair as
she gathered the linen and put it through the apparatus, she then fixed the
bed back and then walking through with Diana, she then laid Diana back onto
the bed on Xena’s pillow the same way she had fallen asleep, and then once the
Xena made sure everything was back the way it was before Diana went to sleep,
including the doors being unlocked, she then undid the touch she had placed on
Diana and then with a kiss that stirred Diana once again, the clone smiled
with satisfaction that Diana was still her’s despite Diana not knowing about
their lovemaking session.

Xena the clone then left the same way she had come into the chamber, and then
stole her way out of the palace grounds. The next day Gabrielle had woken up
before Diana, and she was surprised by it, so she went to Diana ‘s room and
the guards let her in and Ludmilla and Dancea were both up doing their chores,
while they waited for Diana to wake up.

“ Where is Diana?”

“ She’s in her bed chamber still asleep Princess.”

“ Hmm, that’s strange for Diana, well maybe she was more tired than she

Gabrielle then went into the bedchamber and walked over to the bed and bending
down she gave Diana a slight push to wake her.

“ Diana, Diana?”

“ Mmmm....yes, what is it Gabrielle?”

“ Are you alright?”

“ Yes, why wouldn’t I be?”

“ Your still in bed?”

“ Oh, well I guess I was more tired than I thought?”

“ How do you feel?”

Diana wiped her hair out of her face and then stretched.

“ Mmmmmm......fine, but I feel like I must have had some erotic dream about
Xena, because I don’t feel tight like I did, oops.....although the thought
didn’t do anything for me right now.” Diana said realizing she was quickly
becoming tight again despite having been taken throughout the night.

Diana started to get out of the bed, but she found she was a little stiff.

“ Hmmm, wow, that must have been some dream?” Gabrielle surmised.

“ Yes, well, the more I think about it the more I feel the return of my want
and need for Xena.

“ Okay, so when do you want to leave?” Gabrielle asked.

“ Around one of the mealtimes?”

“ well, how about we leave at noon?”

“ That’s fine, that'll give me time to get over my stiffness.”

“ alright, so are you hungry?”

“ Yes. give me a few minutes and I will be right with you?”

“ Okay, I’ll go and tell Ludmilla and Dancea to have breakfast brought up

“ No, I’d rather go and eat in the dining hall.”

“ Diana, it’s their jobs, it’s not like they don’t get paid to take care of

“ Well they don’t get paid in money, except for to be able to buy what they
need for themselves, but as far as being paid to take care of me or any of us,
they’re paid in room and food and medical care and friendship, and the freedom
to leave whenever they want to, well maybe not the last one, Xena made them
sign contracts that they would stay until she discharged them from her

“ Diana you’ve always had a problem with people doing for you, and I don’t
know if I understand that, I mean, you have always had people waiting on you
because of who you are or were, I mean with Rah you were a princess, with your
Chosen you were the riches woman alive in your time, here your a Queen, I mean
how is it that it bothers you so much, when you have been surrounded by it all
of your life?”

“ I don’t know, I just have always been like this, and Xena’s been so
wonderful about not really enforcing the loose way I ask the servants to help
with something or the fact that I do it myself. Although, sometimes it drives
her up the wall.”

“ Yes, I noticed that. I mean with all of the other Royals that we either
visit or that come here to visit, you are probably the only one who don’t use
the servants the way they are meant to be used, the others use their servants
to do everything for them, but you seem to have gotten Xena to let you do what
you pretty much want to, how is that?”

“ Well Gabrielle don’t get me wrong about Xena when I say she’s been
wonderful about it, I mean Xena WANTS the servants to do what they use to do
and still do for her, even more so for me, but she let’s me handle them the
way I want to, thank Gaia, because she could easily make them go back to their
strict ways, and I wouldn’t be able to stop her.”

“ So you let them do just enough to keep Xena from getting bothered by it?”

“ Yes.”

“ hahahaha, wouldn’t that be something?”

“ What?” Diana asked as she took off her gown and was about to stepped through
the apparatus to clean up and wake up, but then Gabrielle gasped and Diana
followed Gabrielle’s line of sight, and she blushed slightly. “ Oh, Xena did
that.” Diana said as she went through the apparatus and came out and put her
robe on.

“ Xena?”

“ Yes. Gabrielle close your mouth.”

“ Huh....OH, sorry, it’s just....”

“ I know what it is Gabrielle, you’ve never seen anything like it before, and
I can assure you, you probably never will again.” Diana assured.

“ You would think I would be use to things about you by now, but I’m not, your
just amazing.”

“ No, Xena’s amazing, she did it.”

“ Speaking of which, why?”

“ Because she didn’t like the change that had happened to me, as a result of
the clone causing the initial change, Xena couldn’t get pass the , and she
finally admitted it to me that it really just bother her to no end.”

“ Yes, well I would think it would piss her off, especially someone like her,
she’s totally possessive of you, and I guess, she felt somewhat out of
control, with the idea that someone other than her could cause a physical
change in you, even if it was a clone of her in every way.”

“ Yes, well we both know how controlling she is, and this was one more way of
showing that control. Although, I must admit......Haaa, it felt soooo....damn
good, oooo, it makes my teeth rattle at the thought of just how good it did
feel, Whew! that’s enough of thinking about that, let’s eat, I’m starving!”
Diana gasped as she and Gabrielle headed for the dining hall, where Diana ate
as though she had not eaten in months.

Meanwhile, Xena and Questra were engaged in active battle with Questra’s
forces, and the clash of steel against steel, and the cries of the injuried or
dying, and the smell of blood and death sent fire to Xena’s blood, her
warrior’s blood lust was raging and she and Questra rode through Questra the
clone’s and Callisto’s forces as if they were knifes, their forces cutting a
wide berth as they rode through the melee, after candlemarks of battle, and
many of the enemies soldiers either critically injured or dying as a result of
them, or dead, the ones who would make it were taken prisoners, and shackled
and lead away, when a retreat was called by Callisto’s 2nd’s.

Although there were many losses on both side, Xena’s numbers were
insignificant relative to the size of her army. But Xena did not bring her
full army to the battle because she did not know where the Xena clone was and
was concerned that she maybe out after Diana and Gabrielle and therefore she
wanted the most of her army there to guard them.

Questra also did not bring many of her army into the battle, for the same
reason, but the Amazons did send soldiers to battle by Xena’s side, although
Ephiny could not be there due to needing to stay and prepare her own defense
for her Amazons, just in case they were targeted.

If Diana and Gabrielle had known how high the two women’s blood lust would be,
they probably would have changed their minds about showing up in the camp, on
that day.

“ Okay Gabrielle, it seems like most of the army is out somewhere, let’s just
make it to the tent and get inside without being seen if possible, other than
by the guards guarding the command tent?”

“ Okay. Diana you know I am really worried they’re going to be really upset?”

“ So you want to go back?” Diana asked with excitement in her eyes.

“ What’s going on with you?” Gabrielle asked noticing the flashing of Diana’s
eyes in excitement.

“ What?”

“ Diana you look like we’re on an adventure or something?”

“ Well, aren’t we, I mean can’t you feel the energy here, the unknown reaction
of Xena and Questra, ahhhhhh....ooooooo...can’t you feel it?!” Diana asked
through her teeth as the energy was so intense that she had to control her

“ Diana I think if your not careful your going to climax and then Xena will
truly be pissed?”

“ ahahahahahha, wouldn’t that just be too dangerous....GODS!!!! We gotta go,
and we gotta go now!!” Diana shuddered, as her nostrils flared from needing
more air.

“ hahahahahahaha.” Gabrielle could only laugh, despite the fact that they were
about to get their backsides redden in front of a group of people.

“ what’s so funny?” Diana asked again through her teeth with her eyes still
flashing amusement, and excitement.

“ You, this, we’re about to get in trouble and yet....I can’t help but this is an adventure all it’s own, only without the fear of being
hurt, well you know what I mean, but even that at the moment is an
incredible....aphrodisiac...OKAY let’s get there before I get completely
overwhelmed!” Gabrielle now said flushed with the excitement showing in her

Now it was Diana’s turn to laugh and she did, thus making Gabrielle blush

“ Funny, very funny, let’s get there.” Gabrielle scolded lovingly.

The two of them used their skills to sneak past the soldiers, although Xena’s
soldiers were well trained and with the constant changes in their routine that
was only known to Xena, and Questra, it was a challenge.

The two made it to the tent and had to make their presences known to the
Guards outside the tent.

“ Hi.” Gabrielle said somewhat shyly.

“ Princess?!!”

“ Hello gentlemen.” Diana said stepping out from behind Gabrielle.

“ YOUR MAJESTY?!! What are you two doing here, Our Lord Will go crazy! Please
don’t make us have to face her with you two here, I just know what she’ll
do....ooooo, I hate to even think about it.” The soldiers pleaded.

“ But isn’t it exciting?!” Diana said again through her teeth.

“ But?!”

“ Don’t worry about it, we’ll handle them.”

“ But you don’t know what it’s been like. Our Lord is truly in her
Conquerors’s state, she’s strict, focused, determined, her’s and Lord
Questra’s blood lust have been high after each battle, the fighting is
intense. The other day when they came back from one of those battles, one of
the food tasters got sick from eating something the cooks had made, and Both
of them personally punished the cooks, to say the least, we have new cooks and
there are new taste testers?”

“ Okay, we understand, But I need to be here.”

“ But Your Majesty?”

“ It’ll be okay, well she may get mad at you if you don’t tell her we’re here,
but then again she’ll probably get madder if you do, so, all I can say is, I’m
sorry for whatever she does to you, but know that you will have the respect of
myself and Princess Gabrielle.”

“ Your not going to leave are you?”

“ No. Sorry.” Diana said understanding the men’s concerns, and even sharing
them, but she had no intentions of leaving.

“ O.k.a.y...but when we’re laid up in the healers tent, we’ll still be better
off than you two are going to be.”

“ hahahaaha.” Diana chuckled at the man’s humor despite her knowledge that
Xena and Questra were going to be pissed.

Gabrielle smiled warmly at them and then as they headed inside the tent she
turned to the soldiers and whispered.

“ Your right you know, you will be better off than we’re going to be, I must
be crazy to be here!” Gabrielle admitted.

The guards smiled at her and then Diana called Gabrielle.

“ Gotta go, but let us know when they get here?”

“ Oh, you’ll know, you won’t have any problem figuring that out for

“ I see.” Gabrielle said looking at the two soldiers serious faces and then at
Diana who was unrolling and reading some of the scrolls on the desk.

Gabrielle walked over to where Diana sat half on the table reading.

“ Wow, Xena just constantly amazes me with her skills, look at these. Questra
is just as thorough, I am amazed at the combined power between those two, have
you ever thought about how much power each of them have individually, and what
power they have together? I mean it’s absolutely awesome.”

“ Staggering if you ask me.” Gabrielle agreed. “ I mean I still remember the
fight between them and the clones, and it was as if it were the clash of the
titans themselves. I mean the clash of their swords in deadly battle, the
earth itself shook, wow....I’m exhausted just thinking about all of that
power.” Gabrielle gasped as she sat heavily on the chair in front of Diana.

“ Yes, I guess it is exhausting to think about, but it’s also
so.....exhilarating, ooooo...better be careful.” Diana admitted as tremble ran
through her.

“ How long do you think it will be before they get back?” Gabrielle inquired.

“ I don’t know, it would depend on the battle itself.”

“ Well I guess we will have to just wait?”

“ Yes, but I think I am going to do a little.....reading.”

“ Diana I don’t think you should, remember your not suppose to have any
dealings with things of war?”

“ But Gabrielle, it’s just reading, it’s like reading a good book, that’s it.”



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