To Love, To Need, To Desire - part 1c
By D.virtue

“ What is it My Lord?”

“ I will expect for you to come to me like this all of the time, or greet me
like this, do you understand?”

“ I think so. May I ask you something?”

“ Anything.”

“ Will you allow me to travel with Nebula in discovering other lands?”

Xena’s hand traced over Diana’s lips and then she said in a loving yet
commanding tone.

“ I will consider each and if I receive the information I want to hear, then I
will probably let you go, under conditions.”

“ And what other duties will I have besides your Consort while we are at the

“ You are still one of my advisors, you also function as a magistrate as well,
your also the developer.”

“ So I’m back as your primary advisor?”

“ As far as things that has nothing to do with war or battle or any of that.”
Xena said with a smirk at Diana’s attempt.

“ Well you can’t say I didn’t try?”

Xena’s brows then dipped in thought.

“ What is it Xena? Have I said something to disturb you?”

“ Diana, do you miss the things of war that much?” Xena asked looking at Diana
with a steady gaze.

Diana went to lift up to sit up, but Xena held her down on her back.

“ Answer me.”

“ I don’t know if I miss the things of war so much as it is that I miss seeing
that power in you show itself so explosively, so determined, so...focused,
it’s like a beacon lighting the way through your enemies. I think out of the
many battles that have taken place, we have actually never ridden into battle
together. I mean....may I sit up please?”

Xena moved her hand from Diana’s chest and allowed her to sit up.

“ Thank you.”

“ Continue kitten.”

“ Xena it’s not that I miss battle, it’s just that I long to ride by your side
into it knowing I’m helping you, taking some of the heat off of you, I mean,
sometimes I envy the fact of Miki and Draco, and all of them riding by your
side doing something that I’ve always long to do with you, I see how you
depend on them to take their share of the heat off of you, and that’s what
their suppose to do, I realize that, but sometimes I wonder if you would have
that same type of confidence in me as you do in them in such a situation.”

“ How can you possibly think I wouldn’t?” Xena asked completely caught off
guard by Diana’s feelings.

“ It’s just that I’ve never experienced it with you, so I don’t know.”

“ Diana, let me alleviate any and all doubts about my feelings for you. There
is NO ONE on this planet, past ,present , or future that I trust completely
and totally with my life. I have never had any doubts about you riding into
battle with me and not being able to absorb a lot of the heat off of me.” Xena
then cupped Diana’s chin and made her look her in her eyes. “ Diana I have
never had any doubts about your abilities. I did not forbid you from riding
with me into battle because I didn’t trust your skills, your skills are as
deadly as my own, but it was not about that, you are too precious to me, I
didn’t want you to ride into a battle and another chosen be out there and you
run up against him or her, and something bad happened to you as a result.
Diana that concern was a part of the whole reason you were initially sent
here. That I will admit was the smartest thing they did for you, and I was not
about to let you come here and end up being killed because of a slip in
judgment. Diana the first day I saw you I wanted nothing more than to possess
you and hold you in my arms and just absorb all of that passion in you, I
wanted to break that will of yours, to let you feel my power over you for
challenging me in the first place. But then I wanted to control it and make it
mine, make you mine, I was successful beyond my wildest dreams. The day you
offered yourself to me, I was so moved. All of the things you have offered to
me of yourself, and despite my asking for more, you always deliver, I could
not be more proud of you. I know I am a VERY demanding person, and although I
told you that from the start, you accepted it and have dealt with it better
than anyone ever could. So despite the fact that I don’t let you ride into
battle with me, it does not mean I don’t have the utmost confidence in your
ability, or that I don’t trust you with my very being. I just want My Consort
to be here for me, to love me and let me love her. Do you understand?”

“ I understand.”

“ Then your going to be able to get past the need to ride with me into

“ I’m past it, although I will always worry about you until you return to my
arms safe and sound.”

“ That is the only reason I will always fight with all my strength to get back
to these beautiful arms.” Xena said quietly as she caressed up and down
Diana’s arms with her fingers.

Diana smiled demurely and lowered her eyes in deference to Xena. Xena's eyes
narrowed in desire, and lifting Diana’s chin up with her fingers, she laid a
searing kiss to Diana’s receptive lips. Then pulling back she smiled at Diana
and said with some disappointment ringing in her voice.

“ I have to go meet with my commanders, but I’ll be back as soon as I can.
Remember, your feet are not to touch the ground without your slippers or
outside of that curtain, if we are going to be gone for more than a day or
so, I’ll send word back to you. Your so very lovely kitten, thank you.”

Diana smiled brightly, and then said, “ your welcome, but you know I’m going
to make mistakes right? I mean my will has not gone anywhere, and speaking of
which, Kalissa said that if you were pleased , then you would give her a
position as our personal chaperone?”

“ It’s true, I did tell her that, and guess what?”

“ What?”

“ I am very pleased.” Xena said with a quick peck to Diana’s open mouth, just
as she jumped up out of the bed. “ Now help me get dressed kitten.” Xena

Diana was ready to say something.

“ No.” Xena said raising a hand to stop Diana.

“ Xena?”

Xena cut her eyes to Diana and Diana went silent and begun to just assist Xena
with getting dressed.

“ Very good Kitten. I’ll see my soft one soon, be ready for me.”

Diana bowed her head as she stood completely nude in front of Xena with only
the slippers on her feet. Xena raked over Diana’s body, and then lifted one
hand up to Diana’s breast without touching it until Diana looked up at her
with curious eyes.

Xena then squeezed one of the glowing peaks with her fingers, and held it
tightly as Diana’s eye flashed blue, but rather than letting go, she squeezed
tighter and Diana’s breathing became ragged almost instantly, as she gasped

“ Are you going to let go anytime soon?” Xena cocked her head as she continued
to look at Diana, then Diana added. “ My Lord?”

Xena squeezed harder and rolled the taut peak in her fingers and Diana’s eyes
became lidded.

“ M...My Lord....I.....I’m......not sure.......Ahhhh!”

Xena continued to watch Diana, and when Diana’s hands were about to come up to
pull Xena’s hand away due to the fact that she was about to release, and she
didn’t think that was Xena’s intentions with her sudden touch. Xena simply
glanced at Diana’s hands on her arms and Diana reluctantly removed them.

Then with a final squeeze and roll in her fingers Diana’s breath caught and
she climaxed as a result. Xena watched Diana tremble from the release and
once it had past, Xena let go and stood watching Diana tremble now because of
her concern as to how angry Xena was going to be.

When Diana lifted her eyes to look into Xena’s she couldn’t tell what Xena was
thinking, and when she tried to feel Xena’s mood, she found Xena had total
control over her emotions.

“ My Lord I.....I’m....”

“ Very good kitten, your quite a sight, now I have something to take to battle
with me, something to feed my battle lust as I feed the blood lust. Then I
will return to you. be good kitten.” Xena said as she then leaned down and
kissed Diana’s open mouth again. “ See you soon kitten.” Xena purred, as she
strided out from behind the curtain and out the tent.

Diana sat back on the bed and just took a few minutes to just breath. The day
past fast, although it past slow at night and every night that Xena did not
come back.

“ Your Majesty, Princess?”

“ Yes, Diana answered from the bed as she looked at the soldier who was
staring with his mouth open at the site of both of the woman. “ Close your
mouth and tell me the message.” Diana ordered.

“ Forgive me Your Majesty?”

“ Forgiven, now tell me what is the message?”

“ My Lord has sent me back to tell you that things are going well, and they
have gain ground over the opposing army, but it will be a few days before she
returns, but she wanted to make sure that you did not worry about her or Lord
Questra, they are fine, and so is Miki.”

Diana smiled at the thoughtfulness of Xena, then gestured for him to continue.

“ She also said that Ephiny and more of the Amazons have Joined them in the
battle as well as Princess Nebula, all are well, she sends her love both she
and Lord Questra, she told me to make sure I told you, she’ll need the
softness, it’s loud out there. She said you would know what that means, the
both of you?”

“ Yes, we do. Are you returning to the battle?”

“ Yes, to return your messages, as well as rejoin the battle itself.”

“ Okay, first be careful, second, tell My Lord I understand and her comfort is
all I want.”

“ And tell My Lord, that I miss her and will be joyous in my heart when she
returns safely to me.”

“ And make sure to tell both of them that we love them, and we think of them
every moment of the day and night. “

“ Oh, and tell Queen Ephiny and Princess Nebula that we will look forward to
their safe return as well, and that we love all of them.”

“ Very well Your Highness’s I shall be faithful in my delivering of your
messages, and I thank you for the kind words of concern.” The man bowed and
then was dismissed by Diana.

“ DRACO WATCH THE RIGHT FLANK!! “ Xena’s voice rung out above the chaos.

“ I got it covered!!” He yelled back.

“ XENA!! There’s Callisto.! I’m going after her!!” Questra shouted to Xena.

“ I’ll locate Your Clone, Questra remember the code word!” Xena sent with her

“ I will.” Questra sent back with her mouth.

Then Questra rode off into the fray heading towards Callisto,. When she
finally reach her, Callisto looked her way and after removing one of the
soldiers that tried to run her through she then cocked her head and rode
towards Questra, not sure of whom she was riding towards. Questra noticed the
uncertainty, and Questra took advantage of it, she threw a kick at one of her
own soldiers, sending him flying back out of Callisto's reach, thus saving his
life, but also getting the reaction she wanted.

“ Callisto.... come with me, I have a plan!!” Questra called to the woman, who
then truly did put her horse in forward motion to follow after Questra.

As Questra lead Callisto out of the fray of things towards their temporary
camp, she sent a thought to Xena when she saw Xena’s eyes following them with

“ Soft. Bring the army to surround her, just in case she slips through.”

“ I’m with you.” Xena called with her mind in understanding and knowing for
sure whom she was speaking too.

Xena then gestured to Draco, to bring his troop of soldiers and follow her,
she also sent word along the line to have the Commanders push forward, then
she and some of her soldiers retreated to surround Callisto, and the Clone’s
commanders began to retreat to regroup, not knowing that Callisto was not with

Once Questra had lead Callisto close enough to the temporary post, Xena’s
soldiers came up behind her and surrounded her from behind.

“ Callisto, I don’t know how you escaped from prison, but it is my intentions
to put you back.” Questra said as she turned to face the shock stricken woman.

“ Lord Questra?! The real one?!”

“ Yes.”

Callisto. screamed and charged towards Questra, but before she could get close
enough, Questra lifted her up off of her horse with her mind and sent her
flying backwards, with an invisible strike.

Callisto hit a tree and was stunned by it, but then just as she was about to
jump to her feet to run the other way, Xena had her sword drawn and leveled at
Callisto's throat.

“ Move and die.” Xena said simply with flashing sapphires.

Callisto stopped all motion, because she saw the truth in Xena’s eyes. Xena
then produced shackles and threw them at Callisto's feet which they clamped
around, then she threw another pair that clamped around her wrist.

“ Take her!” Xena commanded, but Miki rode up next to her and whispered to
her. “ Don’t worry about that, the shackles will drain that, and eventually
she will be back to her regular self.” Xena informed the warrior.

Miki sent a few soldiers to take hold of Callisto., and then they all headed
back, to the temporary camp. While Xena was interrogating Callisto in her own
SPECIAL way, one of the soldiers arrived back with a message that Questra’s
army was pulling back, and asked if Xena wanted them to continue to push

“ YES!” Xena shouted and then went back to talking to Callisto. “ Now
Callisto, the first thing I want to know is how you escaped?” Xena didn’t
really expect Callisto to tell her with her mouth, but she knew if she could
get her to think about the answer, then she could read her mind and thereby
get the answer.

Callisto glared at Xena and then snorted and said with contempt, “ You don’t
really expect for me to tell you how I got out do you?”

An evil curl came to Xena’s mouth as she had already got the information she
wanted without Callisto knowing. Xena then gestured to Miki and whispered to
her some instructions.

“ Right away My Lord.” Miki replied and then bowing she cast a fleeting glance
at the shackled warrior and then disappeared out the tent.

Xena then turned back to Callisto and asked another question.

“ Okay, since you won’t answer that one, who knows, I may get lucky with this
one? What does Questra want?”

Again a snort from the warrior, but this time Xena’s eyes narrowed and she had
to consciously control her impulse to just cut the woman’s head off in front
of her and then go after Questra and dismember her without killing her.

Xena sent a message to Questra and Questra was barely able to contain her own

“ Where is Xena?!” Xena asked, but this time she was surprised what answer she
received from the unsuspected woman.

“ She doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Do you think it is possible that
she’s not with them in this?” Xena asked of Questra with her mind, without
showing any expression except what she had been showing.

“ Well if Questra hasn’t told her 1st about the other one, then maybe she’s
not here because she actually does have feeling for Diana?”

Xena snorted at the answer and then begun asking Callisto a series of
questions related to their defensive capabilities, as well as other tactics
and where their Command post was located.

Meanwhile, back at the primary camp where Diana and Gabrielle were located,
the two were about to turn in for the day and after saying their good nights
to each other, Gabrielle laid back and after a few minutes she was sound
asleep, she and Diana had played all sorts of games and messed with many of
the posted guards using their abilities.

When Diana had finally settled down and had closed her eyes she suddenly felt
a tightening in her lower abdomen, which caused her to sit up and hold her

“ Ahh! Goodness!” Diana gasped as she tried to ease the discomfort of her
tightening belly.

Then the curtain went back and Diana was taken back that Xena stood in front
of her. Xena stood with her mouth dropped open at the wonderful site of Diana
no longer buried in all of the soft covers, but now sitting in the middle of
the bed looking all the innocent.

“ Xena?!” Diana exclaimed and then went to go and greet Xena, but she was
stopped by Xena’s raised hand. Diana stayed where she was but now she was on
her knees.

When Xena moved to the side of the bed, her eyes locked in a predatory gaze
upon Diana, she came to stand at the side and Diana turned to face her, but
now her head was lowered and her eyes once again watched Xena.

A shiver ran up Xena’ spine from the behavior and the submissive posture that
Diana was now displaying. Xena’s eyes narrowed and decided to test to see if
Diana realized she was not HER Xena.

“ Come and remove my leathers Consort.”

Diana immediately came over and begun undressing Xena with excitement. Xena
studied Diana intensely, as she watched Diana’s eyes every now and then glance
up at her and then blush at the intensity of the gaze that was leveled on her.

“ Have you missed me Consort?”

“ Very much My Lord, how goes the battle?”

“ I don’t want to talk about that, I just want to take my Consort, but
first.... I want my Consort to Pleasure me.”

Xena then moved onto the bed and laid back onto the pillows with her hands
locked behind her head, she then gestured for Diana to take her place between.

Diana bowed her head and then she positioned herself between and begun
pleasuring Xena, or at least whom she thought was Xena, By the time Xena was
sated it was a few candlemarks before dawn, and Diana was out, so she dressed
quickly, and disappeared out the same way she had come in.

The next day Gabrielle had a problem waking Diana, due to Diana still being
worn out from the activities of the night. Finally after a few more
candlemarks had passed, Diana aroused and Gabrielle was right there with her.

“ Diana, are you alright?!”

“ I’m fine Gabrielle, why would you think I wouldn’t be, and Kalissa what are
you doing here, I thought we weren’t going to see you until we returned to the

“ No, I’m here until our Lords tell me to go on to the Palace, anyway,
Gabrielle called for me, she couldn’t wake you up.”

“ Oh...I see, well I’m alright Gabrielle, just feeling sooo...much lighter,
if you know what I mean?” Diana said with a wry smile.

“ Diana what are you talking about?”

Diana’s brows knitted together, and then she looked at Gabrielle with a look
of what do you mean, but she said,

“ You know what I’m talking about?” Diana said nudging Gabrielle.

Gabrielle’s brows now knitted together, then she turned to Kalissa.

“ Kalissa, will you excuse Diana and I for a bit please?”

“ Of course, if you need me you know where I am, just send the guard to get

“ Thank you, we will.”

Kalissa bowed at the two women, and then she turned and exited the tent.

“ Gabrielle what’s wrong with you, you know what I’m talking about, it’s not
anything new about me, it happens everytime She takes me to her sated point,
her endurance is a lot longer than mine?”

“ Diana....what are you talking about? Xena?”

“ Yes, who else would I be talking about?”

“ Xena? She was here? Last night?!”

“ Yes. Gabrielle what’s wrong with you, yes Xena was here last night with me.”

“ But how is that possible? Diana a messager arrived with a message this

“ What was the message?”

“ It was from Xena, she said that they had caught Callisto and she and Questra
had been interrogating her, and that they would be interrogating her long
into today, and then they were going to go after Questra the clone.”

“ Hmm...well maybe she decided to come back and take care of her kitten,
considering we did not make physical love the last time she was here.”

“ You mean the two of you didn’t?”

“ No, but she did give me an exciting departing gift, but I think she knew I
still needed more, so she took the time to come and deal with that need.”
Diana said completely oblivious to Gabrielle’s concerned brows.

“ Diana.....are you sure Xena was here?”

“ Gabrielle I know what my Xena looks and feels like.” Diana said as she
lifted out different outfits trying to figure out which one she wanted to

“ Well if that’s the case, then why didn’t Questra either come with her, or
after her?”

“ I don’t know Gabrielle, maybe she thought you were okay for a while
considering you two obviously made love when they were here?”

“ Hmm...maybe, but why would they send a messager to tell us specifically that
they were tied up ALL last night and would be all day today?”

“ Gabrielle....I don’t know, maybe they finished sooner than they thought? Why
are you asking me all of this?”

“ Okay Diana, I’m just going to come straight out with it, your not going to
like it, but I think you need to consider it?”

“ What?”

“ Okay!” Gabrielle said taking a deep breath and then blurting out in one long
exhaled breath.... “ Do you think it is possible that the Xena that was here
was not your Xena but the clone Xena, considering that the clone Questra is
here, logic would dictate that the clone Xena had to be also...There I said
it!” Gabrielle gasped as she begun to try to catch her breath from the long

Diana still had not spoken by the time Gabrielle caught her breath.

“ Diana?”

“ Gabrielle....” Diana exhaled weakly.

“ Diana look, it probably was OUR Xena, I mean out of all of this time, why
would that Xena risk coming here of all places, just to bed you?”

Diana turned away and pushed her hair out of her face impatiently, as she then
turned and sat heavily on the bed. Then she looked up at Gabrielle and before
she knew it, tears were rolling down her face.

” Diana I’m sorry for even bringing up such a thought, I’m sure it was Xena.”

“ Yeah....the wrong one, and I could not tell and probably will never be able
to tell, oh....I think I’m going to be sick, I don’t feel so well, I’m going
to lay back down for a while, I just need to breath for a bit.” Diana said in

“ Diana we have to send word to Xena and Let them know that the clone Xena is
around here somewhere and what she did to you?”

“ NO!! “ Diana screamed as she came off the bed to stop Gabrielle from
reaching the flap of the door.

“Is something wrong Your Majesty?!!” The guards asked as they ran into the
tent with their swords drawn.

“ Oh, No, everything is fine, the princess and I have just been talking,
everything is fine, thank you, thank you all.” Diana said as she dismissed the

“ Diana what do you mean no, we have to tell Xena?”

“ NO! I don’t want her to know about this, she can never know about this, I
couldn’t face her if she knew that I slept with that clone, again, please
promise me you won’t tell her, please?”

“ Diana we can’t keep something like this from her, if she found out by
accident from someone else other than you, she would be sooo...pissed, you
have to tell her.”

” NO! I won’t hurt her because of my inability to tell them apart.”

“ Diana that’s ridiculous, we all know there is no way for you to tell between
them, Xena knows that and she will understand.”

“ Gabrielle I’m asking you as your sister, please don’t tell them, I’ll handle
this in my own way?”

“ Oh, yeah right, like you did the last time, by letting Questra bed you, to
protect me? No, I won’t let you do it, besides that, you told Xena that you
would not try to protect us, but instead let them as warriors protect us, and
we.....were to be their comfort afterwards, you told Xena that, and gave her
your word on it! I won’t let you break that, just because you want to protect
Xena’s feelings, feelings I know your underestimating!”

Diana glared at Gabrielle and Gabrielle stared back just as defiant.

“ Now, are you going to tell them,or am I?”

“ it’s none of your business!” Diana said through her teeth.

“ Then I guess I’m telling them. Guards!!” Gabrielle stated and then turned to
call for the guards.

“ Gabrielle Please?!”

“ Yes Princess?”

“ Diana you either send for them, or I will?” Gabrielle threaten with defiant

Diana studied Gabrielle and although she didn’t want Gabrielle to send for
Xena, she was determined not to, so she rolled her eyes away from Gabrielle’s
and Gabrielle exhaled then face the guards who were looking confused as to
what the tension was all about.

“ Send a message to Our Lords and tell them we need to talk to them, it’s

“ Yes Princess, right away.” The guards bowed and then sparing a glance at
Diana, they then left the tent, the message was sent and within the candlemark
Xena and Questra both came running through the tent flaps.

“ Gabrielle?! Diana?!!” Xena called with tension in her voice.

“ Here My Lords.” Gabrielle answered from Xena’s and Diana’s area.

The curtain was pushed back and Xena and Questra both stood towering over the
two girls.

“ What’s going on?” Xena asked noticing the two looking at each other.

“ Something happened the other night while you two were away.”

“ What?” Xena asked impatient and becoming more so with every passing moment.

“ The other night...”

“ Gabrielle please don’t?” Diana said interrupting Gabrielle, and then
glancing up at Xena and Questra who were both now standing with knitted brows.

“ What’s going on?” Xena said through her teeth.

“ Are you going to tell her Diana?”

Diana looked away as tears formed in her eyes. Xena’s heart leapt at the sight
of Diana on the verge of crying.

“ Gabrielle you tell me right now what’s going on!” Xena commanded as her eyes
bore into Gabrielle.

“ Last night someone came to visit Diana...”

“ Who?”

“ YOU.”

“ Me? Gabrielle I was not here last night I was with Questra interrogating
Callisto., I sent you both a message about that.”

Gabrielle didn’t say anything else but just watched Xena, with fear in her
eyes now. Suddenly All of them saw the moment Xena and Questra caught on.

Xena’s mouth opened to speak, but then snapped shut, then she tried again, and
again they snapped shut.

“ Gabrielle are you saying that Xena’s clone was here....with Diana....last

“ Did she f... you?” Xena snapped at Diana.

Diana moved back on the bed away from the storming warrior.

“ I thought it was you My Lord I swear, I didn’t know...”

“ Leave us!” Xena snapped at Questra and Gabrielle, the two went to leave but
Questra caught Xena’s arm and whispered to her.

“ There’s no way for her to have known, remember that before you lose your
temper too much?”

Xena looked at Questra’s hand on her arm, and Questra gave a slight nod of her
head and let go. Xena then stormed to where Diana sat and grabbing her arm she
pulled her out of the bed and snatching out the traveller she threw it and
stormed through it with Diana. They came out at the palace in front of their
bed chambers, the guards immediately opened the doors and they went through.

The doors were closed and Xena then whipped Diana around and glared at the
tearing woman.

“ You weren’t going to tell me were you?”

Diana could only look at Xena, her throat felt like it was shut completely

Xena shook her and shouted again.

“ WERE YOU??!!!”

“ NO!”

Xena jerked loose of Diana’s arms and turned and stormed away a short
distances and then whipped back around to level her gaze on Diana.

“ Come here!’ Xena commanded.

Diana didn’t speak, she just moved to stand before Xena once again, with her
eyes lowered.

“ Look at me!”

Diana lifted her eyes to look into Xena’s storming Sapphires.

“ We made an agreement that you would no longer try to protect me, and I would
do all of the protecting. Did we or did we not?”

“ We did My Lord.”

“ Then what were you doing?”

“ I knew you would be angry with me for not knowing, and for allowing myself
to be bedded by her, I am so sor.....”

“ Stop!” Xena said raising her hand up. “ For one thing I am not upset with
you about not knowing the difference between us, I know you can’t tell the
difference between us, why would I blame you for something like that?! If
anything, I blame myself for not taking safeguards with you, I should have
given you a code that would allow you to know the difference. Better than
that.” Xena suddenly whipped out her Dagger and Diana stepped back

“ I am not about to use this on you kitten.” Xena assured Diana, and then she
removed her armor and brought her hand up with the blade and place it right
next to the jeweled area on her breast, Diana’s hands came up to stop her, but
Xena simply removed her hand and then she cut an x into her skin. Unnoticeable
to anyone looking casually, but obvious to Diana.

“ Why did you do that?” Diana asked as she immediately begin to tend to the
self inflicted wound.

Xena caught Diana’s busy hands and held them firmly in her hands. Then,
looking hard at Diana, she said in a warning tone.

“ No more excuses, clear?”

“ yes.” Diana answered abashedly.

Xena cupped Diana’s chin and lifted it up.

“ Now, about not telling me, the next time something happens and you even
THINK about not telling me, remember this, anything I find out about you from
ANYONE else, including Gabrielle, I will punish you severely, do I make myself
perfectly clear Consort?”

“ perfectly!” Diana choked out.

“ Good Girl. Now strip.”

Diana started to speak but Xena's hand came up and her mouth twitched.

“ Not a word.” Xena warned.

Diana swallowed hard and immediately begun to undress. Once she was undressed
she stood nude before Xena.

“ Have I neglected you so badly?”


“ No I haven’t , or no you haven’t been Neglected?”

“ No you have not in anyway neglected me.”

“ Hmm...well I think I will judge for myself. Have you cleaned up since?”

“ yes, a number of times.”

Xena smirked and then caught Diana around her waist and pulling her close to
her, she then kissed her passionately, and then gripping Diana’s behind firmly
and kneading it while she unmercifully ravaging Diana’s mouth.

Xena lifted Diana up by her behind and going to the nearest table she laid
Diana across it and raising the front of her leather skirt and removing her
underpants, she formed the phallus and without much foreplay she said, Reform
My Little Shield, and before Diana could realize it, Xena thrusted into her
and immediately begun pumping into her flower like Diana was about to
disappear or something.

Diana screamed at the entry of Xena into her and through her shield. But, the
pain was soon replaced by the bliss of Xena’s strong thrust into her. Diana
moved with Xena’s relentless thrusting and Xena wrapped her hand in the back
of Diana’s hair, and lifted Diana’s head and lips to her where she kissed her
so hard and fiercely that Diana tasted a bit of blood in her mouth from the
bruising kiss that Xena was putting upon her.

Diana moaned deep in her throat, and Xena’s passion was like the very sun was
inside of her. Diana’s nipples glowed brightly and when Xena seized one of
them in her mouth. Diana thrusted hard upon the phallus and Xena brought her
hands down to Diana’s hips and pulled her further towards her and holding on
to them she used her hands to pull Diana towards the phallus, and then she
lifted Diana up and turned and laid herself on the table and Diana was now
sitting on top of the phallus, Xena now lifted Diana up and when she brought
her down onto the phallus she lifted her hips to meet the thrust and Diana was
now pleading with Xena to allow her to release.

Xena acted like she didn’t even hear Diana’s pleads as she held herself back
from releasing, instead she made demands of Diana.

“ Breast, NOW!” Diana immediately leaned over and Xena’s mouth caught hold of
one and Diana was now removing Xena's top and finding Xena’s breast with her
hands, she gripped them, and the harder Xena sucked and bit, the more Diana’s
hands squeezed. Then Diana made the palms of her hands form into small mouths
and they quickly latched onto Xena’s taut nipples. “ AHH!” Xena gasped, and
once again Xena increased the already feverish pace, and with perspiration
dripping from the two of them.

“ Xe...”

“ No. Dont ask again?!” Xena ordered as she once again denied Diana release.

Xena suddenly stopped moving and lifting Diana up off of her she rolled Diana
onto her belly and pulled her to the edge once again and entered her this time
from behind. Diana, shrieked but once again the pain had disappeared only to
be replaced by exquisite pleasure.

After a while of this, when Xena saw that Diana was trembling constantly, even
when she stopped at times and just looked at Diana, Xena then decided it was
the perfect time to grant Diana release. Rolling Diana back over without
pulling out, she now entered Diana’s flower with her fingers, and forming them
into what she wanted them to be, she then leaned over Diana and said in a low
smooth as silk voice.

“ Now Kitten.”

Diana stiffen and all she could manage was a low but ever increasing call of
Xena’s name. By the time Diana’s voice reached it’s peak both she and Xena
were as stiff as their nipples were, they stayed that way for a long while, as
the waves crashed over them again and again, holding them hostage to the raw
blissful orgasms that were being pulled from every muscle in their bodies.

Finally, when they ended both Diana and Xena collapsed, with only a strangled
gasp escaping from both of their lips. Xena was the first to wake up and she
shivered when she felt herself still inside of Diana. A gaze of love and lust
filled her eyes, and the battle lust she thought she had spent was now back
and ravaging her insides.

But.....she needed to get back to the camp, so she reluctantly pulled out of
Diana, and Diana’s body trembled as she curled into a ball, as if the orgasms
had pulled her muscles tight and this was the effect of that. Xena smiled with
that of a satisfied smirk and then she lifted Diana up off of the table and
after pulling her clothes back on, she carried Diana and herself into the
apparatus clothes and all, and came out sparkling clean and refreshed.

Diana had not woken up and Xena really did not expect her to, so she dressed
her in a nightgown and robe and then throwing the traveller she stepped
through and went back to the camp, coming out in front of the tent.

The flaps were moved out of the way and Xena carried Diana inside, and
straight to the bed and laid her on it and covered her up.

“ Is she okay?” Gabrielle asked worried that Xena had punished her.

“ She’s fine, just unconscious.”

“ From what?” Gabrielle asked. But then seeing the look on Xena’s face and the
fact that Diana was now in a nightgown considering how she had left in
clothes, Gabrielle blushed and then acted as though her hair was in her face
and she moved it as she turned away and said, “ Oh.”

Both Xena and Questra smirked and then Xena told Gabrielle that they had to
get back to the battle, but not to worry about the clone showing up and taking
advantage of Diana again, Diana now had a way to tell who was who.”

“ Well that’s a relief.”

Xena then looked back at the bed, and the softness of how Diana looked in the
bed made Xena sigh to herself , as she longed to join Diana in the bed and
just cover herself with Diana’s wonder body. But she had to go.

“ Questra are you ready?”

“ Yes.”

“ Guards!!”

“ Yes My Lord?”

“ Have female guards posted inside of here on both sides, and leave the
divider wall open at all times unless we’re here, is that clear?’

“ Yes My Lord, right away.”

“ Gabrielle.”

“ Yes My Lord?”

“ You did the right thing, if you had not told me, and I found out that you
knew, I would have punished you Myself, and quite severely. So thank you for
not making me distrust you with being with Diana. Good girl.” Xena said as she
gave a squeeze to Gabrielle’s chin, and then turned and headed for the opening
of the tent.

“ My Lords?” Gabrielle called.

“ Yes, what is it Gabrielle?”

“ Two things.”

“ What?”

“ Would it be okay if I sleep with Diana while you are away?”

“ Yes. What’s the other?”

“ You both know we love you?”

Both women smile, and then said in unison.

“ And we love the two of you, be good.”

Then Xena added. “Tell Diana, I want soft.”

“ That goes for you too Gabrielle.” Questra added.

“ I’ll tell her, and I’ll remember.” Gabrielle said as she gave a small wave
of her hand and then turned and climbed up on the bed with Diana and got under
the covers and taking hold of Diana’s hand, she drifted off to sleep.

Xena and Questra had not left the camp yet, they just waited outside for a bit
and then looked back in to see the two girls sleeping side by side, with their
heads turned towards each other, but their bodies laying flat on their backs.
Xena gave a wave of her hand and the curtain pulled in front of the bed,
blocking the tent’s opening from looking directly at the two. They then turned
and this time they left.

After Xena and Questra had obtained all the information they wanted from the
unsuspecting Callisto, the war ended relatively quickly after that, the only
problem was that Questra had managed to escape once again.

The two warriors returned to the camp and taking their mates up in their arms
they gave orders to Miki to see to the soldiers and especially to Callisto,
and have her sent to Agrinon’s underground prison. They then threw the
traveller and stepped through back to the palace, where both Xena and Questra
made a point to tell Diana and Gabrielle that the only sound they wanted to
hear from the two were those of passion. They then told the Royal Guards that
they did not want to be disturbed for any reasons, and that the search for the
Xena Clone was to continue, as well as for the Questra one and the servant

The next month was spent with Diana and Gabrielle locked in their respective
bedchambers renewing themselves with their battlelusted mates. Xena ever
correcting Diana in her behavior, and Questra indulging Gabrielle in one of
her tales she had worked on during Questra’s absences, and both pair loving

Meanwhile, in a cave deep in the earth, where Questra had escaped to, and Ares
had fixed it up to a lavish home, where he appeared when she called him.

“ ARES!”

“ You called my replacement warrior?”

“ Yes, okay, I’ve done what you wanted, you wanted to see if I could take on
Xena, well I did, and you got a very bloody battle in the process, now I want
what we agreed to.”

“ You want your opportunity to get Diana and Gabrielle as your lovers?”

“ Yes, Diana is a magnificent one, there is no one who can top her skills
other than Myself, and the two Xena’s, Gabrielle on the other hand is so
sweet....I just want to absorb that energy, and feed off of it.”

“ Okay, fine, but you realize, I can only do this one time, since I am also
making it so that they can’t follow you. So when you get there, if and when
you come back here, and I guess that will depend on if you are successful in
your plan, if you are and you return, you can not go back with my help.”

“ I understand, now give me what I need to know and send me.

The end of part 1

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