To Love, To Need, To Desire Part 2c
By D.virtue

Xena studied Diana for a moment, and then she said as she went to sit next to

“ Are you sure kitten?”

“ Yes. I’m sure. And you know what else I’m sure about?” Diana said with a
sweet smile for Xena.

“ What?” Xena asked moving a lock of hair back behind Diana’s ear.

“ I love when you call me kitten.” Diana purred as she leaned on Xena’s arm.

“ Hmmm....I know, that’s why I call you it, well part of the reason.” Xena
added with dubious meaning, as she patted Diana’s cheek.

“ What’s the other reason?” Diana said lifting off of Xena’s shoulder to look
at her.

“ It’s reasons, and does it really matter?” Xena said pulling Diana back to
her, but this time Diana was sitting across Xena’s lap, and one of Xena’s
hands was making dangerous moves towards Diana’s flower.

“ Xena no, tell me first?” Diana said catching Xena’s determined hand from
disappearing under her skirt.

“ How about I tell you during?” Xena said offering a more suitable option, as
she once again tried to move her hand underneath.

“ No, because then I won’t be able to focus on what your saying, and I want to
know your reasons for choosing that nickname for me?”

“ Well, I guess we’re at a standstill, so neither one of us gets what we

Diana knitted her brows at Xena and then she sighed and said with a pouting

“ Okay, fine, but you have to tell me, before I get to the point where I won’t
be able to concentrate, okay?”

“ Okay!!” Xena said lasciviously as her hand disappeared rapidly under Diana’s

Diana gasped as Xena ripped off her underwear and begun to rub firmly against
her hidden peak.

“ O..kay....” Diana said blushed and quickly rising to breathlessness.

“ The first reason I started calling you it was because I thought it fit you.”
Xena said with her own cheeks flushed from her excitement, at the feel of
Diana’s slick flower.

“ And....” Diana managed, as she begun kissing and sucking on Xena’s neck.

“ And because I saw how you looked at me each time I used it, you take on this
sweet innocent cherub type look, as if your about to just melt.” Xena
explained as she now moved to Diana’s flower and played at the opening.

“ Xe..n...a....aa?” Diana moaned.

“ I also say it because, THIS is as soft as a kitten.” Xena emphasized as she
pulled at the soft curls of Diana’s womanhood.

“ Ahhh......Okay?!” Diana gasped as she opened Xena’s Robe and took one of her
nipples in her mouth and begun sucking with ardor.

“ HAAA, Kitten......” Xena gasped at the capture, and then buried her fingers
deep inside Diana’s flower.

Diana nearly came off of Xena’s lap with the forceful entry, and then her mind
begun swirling as Xena’s pace and rhythm was both maddening, and nearly
fulfilling, except for the fact that Xena would pull almost completely out and
stop, and then, she would suddenly fill Diana and thrust deep inside for a bit
and just as Diana would begin to tremble, she would pull out almost

“ Xena?!” Diana scolded with her mind.

“ Okay, the final reason is because THIS....” Xena said thrusting her fingers
deep inside of Diana once against and rubbing against the walls of Diana’s
quivering muscles, and then pushing in to connect to Diana’s core, Diana
gasped, and her mind went blank. But Xena finished her statement. “ It’s as
silky and soft as a one day old kitten’s fur.” Xena said breathless as she
felt her peak close at hand, or in this case Diana’s mouth, sucking ravagingly
on her nipples, while drinking at times.

Xena then changed her fingers that were buried inside of Diana and soon she
was thrusting purposefully, A rhythm that now had Diana biting on Xena’s
nipple. and soon, she made her request and Xena approved and before long, they
both felt the spreading sensation spread through their bodies..

After their ecstasies ended, Xena removed her hand from within Diana, and she
fell back on the bed to catch her breath. Diana went over with her, but after
only catching some of her breath she then slid off and down Xena’s long legs,
and Xena tried to reach for her, but for some reason she was still breathless,
she figured it must have been due to the fact of Diana trying to keep her
senses about her in order to hear the reasons, she called her kitten.
Something about Diana’s efforts intensified her own release.

“ Kitten.” Xena called as she felt Diana spread her legs and then felt Diana’s
fingers on her nethers, spreading them. “ HAA!!! KITTEN?!!” Xena exhaled
sharply when she felt Diana’s mouth seize her hidden peak and begin sucking on
it the same way she had done to Xena’s nipples. “ For Gaia Sakes Kitten, let
me catch my breath?!!” Xena gasped as her passion was relit.

Diana worked Xena to a frenzy and then after Xena released a few more times
and Diana was comfortable, she then crawled back up Xena’s body and laid on
top of her and rested her head on Xena’s chest as she listened to her
heartbeat wildly at first, and then slow to a regular ease beat. Diana moaned
against Xena’s chest and closed her eyes and drifted off.

Xena wrapped her arms around Diana’s silky body and levitated herself along
with Diana up onto the bed further so that her legs were not hanging over the
edge, and they would be comfortable.

When they awoke the next morning, it was Xena who once more who jumped out of
the bed ready for the day. Diana on the other hand, was once again not as

“ So kitten, are you ready to face the woman who wants a clone of you?” Xena
asked wondering what Diana was thinking about, although she could simply just
read it, but she rather have Diana tell her.

“ I think I’ll be fine, it was just strange to think about cloning myself, for
her, anyway, let’s get through the party and afterwards we can go home?”

“ Yes, but you know she’s going to want to know if you’ve thought about it, or
at least tried to convince me to allow it?”

“ Yes, I know, but I think I have the answer.”

“ Oh, what?”

“ Well, for one thing I think it diminishes the standards of life, also, how
could we even think about doing something like that, I mean, I have almost as
much power as you do, and if she goes dark again and finds a way to make the
clone do the same thing, it would be an absolutely deadly combination.”

“ Hmm...” Xena said as she casually finished dressing as she listened to

“ What?”

“ What? “

“ You said there was some sort of possibility?”

“ No, there is NO possibility, it’s just that as far as cloning you , I
wouldn’t be too concern about the power between the two of them.”

“ Oh....and why is that?!” Diana asked now really curious.

“ Because, if I were to allow it, then I would make sure that the only power
she the clone of you had would have would be just those dealing with her
connection physically to her, and the things that go along with the lovemaking
aspect, and maybe some skills to protect herself from harm, not anywhere near
what you have, but more like a normal woman who just happen to be able to
fight. But as far as everything else, she will be more like Gabrielle, only
Gabrielle has more abilities than she will have.” Xena said as she fastened
Diana’s top on.

Diana was looking at Xena as if she had three heads suddenly.

” What?” Xena asked noticing the look.

“ You sound as if your thinking about doing this?”

“ NO, I was just telling you that I wasn’t concerned about the powers.” Xena
said correcting Diana.

“ Well....that’s fine then, you have me worried for a moment.” Diana said with
relief in her voice, just as Xena finished fastening Diana up she then turned
Diana around to look at her, although she just wanted to look at Diana’s

Xena then stepped up behind her and leaning over Diana’s shoulder from the
back, she purred in Diana’s ear.

“ You know we have time?”

“ we don’t, we have to go.” Diana said as she started to move away.

Xena gripped Diana’s behind and held her in place despite Diana’s yelp. She
then let go of one of the cheeks and wrapped her arm around Diana’s waist and
held her still.

“ Xenaaa...?” Diana whimpered as her pants were efficiently removed and she
now stood nude from the waist down.

Xena then turned Diana around and laid her over the bed, she then caught
Diana’s earlobe in her mouth and she nibbled on it while her fingers slipped
into Diana’s flower, from the back and she begun pumping into her with
passionate intent.

Diana moaned, and pushed back against Xena’s passionate now converted fingers,
as Xena also sucked and bit on Diana’s neck. Xena was moaning her own pleasure
from Diana’s hot flower, and when she felt Diana’s core begin to quiver she
herself felt her own release right at the edge.

“ Xennnnnaaaa.....?”

“ Yes.” Xena answered huskily.

Diana’s back then arched back towards Xena, which also exposed her neck more
to Xena, which Xena took full advantage of as her own release washed over her.
Xena bit hard into Diana’s neck, but not enough to draw blood, but enough to
make Diana’s release even more intense than it already was.

By the time the two recovered, it was just time to make it to the party before
the kids were to arrive. When they had redressed after cleaning up once again,
Xena went to turn Diana around once again to look at her clothing, to make
sure everything was okay.

“ No.” Diana said as Xena smirked and then said in a sincere tone.
“ No, seriously I just want to look to make sure I’m satisfied with the way
you look.” Xena said as she once again went to turn Diana.

“ No.”

“ Diana?”

“ No.”

“ You don’t really think that I’m going to take you again?” Xena said as she
crossed her arms. “ Diana, come on now, turn around?”

“ No Xena, I turn around and you’ll end up taking me down, no, now let’s go.”
Diana said as she begun backing towards the door.

“ Diana..” Xena said with more firmness in her voice.

“ No, besides if we don’t go right now, we’re going to be late, and you know
you have never been late?”

“ Diana come here and turn around, I just want to look at you.”

Diana turned around where she stood and then said in a firm tone.

“ There, now let’s go.” She then opened the door and backed out and then once
she was halfway down the hallway she stopped to wait for Xena.

Xena casually stepped out the door and gave Diana a look of your in for it,
she then strolled to where Diana had stopped and taking Diana around the
waist, she pulled her to her.

“ I....Can....Take you......anytime I please, so don’t think just because
there’s people around that I won’t have you, because you know I will.” Xena
said making her point clear.

“ I know, but I hope you won’t, if only for the kids?”

“ It’s only because of the kids that I was taking you in our chamber. But I’ll
be good, if......”

“ What?”

“ If you promise to pleasure me the moment we arrive back at the palace?”

“ Okay, deal.” Diana said readily.

Xena then kissed her and just before letting her go she whispered to her, “
You should have not agreed so readily.” Xena then whipped the open mouth woman
around and strided to the reception area where the kids and their families
were going to be met.

After the kids had arrived the party, was in full swing, and Diana had stepped
off to the side to have a few minutes to herself, as she watched the kids run
about excitedly and full of energy.

“ There something aren’t they?”

“ Xena?! I mean lady Xena.” Diana said correcting herself with a quick glance
to Xena’s chest and back up to the sapphire eyes that were studying her.

“ Yes, I saw you over here, and I thought it was a good time to to talk to
you?” Xena said resting one hand on the wall while standing sideways facing

“ Really?”

“ Yes, Diana I know I’m making you nervous right now, and I truly don’t mean
to, it’s just that the request I made was not made without a lot of thought, I
won’t you to believe that?”

“ Xena, what do you expect me to say, yes it’s okay to clone me, for a woman
who admits she’s in love with me?”

“ Diana who better. It just makes the odds of things working out even better.
I’m already in love with you.”

“ But Xena it wouldn’t be ME as I am now?” Diana said trying to change Xena’s

“ Diana how about if I make a suggestion to you, based off of what you just

“ What?” Diana asked cautiously.

“ What if Lord Xena does the cloning herself, she can do whatever she wants

“ You mean like removing the powers?”

“ Yes, as long as she leaves at least the obvious one?” Xena said somewhat

Diana knitted her brows, rather than smile which is what she initially felt
like doing, but she didn’t want to lead Xena on at all.

“ Xen.....” Diana started, but Xena’s fingers came up and covered her mouth.

“ Please? I really love how I feel and I want to share it with someone, but it
has to be with someone who can satisfy all of me, not just one part of me,
well at least not just intellectually, I need the physical, but everything
else will come. Diana you have shown me the way of love, but I need someone in
my life full time who will show me how to love. I do love you, it true,and I
will always love you, but you belong to Lord Xena, and I will not interfere
with that, but I have to be honest with you, I don’t know how much longer I
can stand being without someone, you. but don’t get me wrong, I would never do
anything to hurt you, but my need for you is addicting, please allow me
someone to love, to grow with, to love me? I don’t mean to put pressure on
you, but what your feeling is nothing compared to what I feel everyday, it’s a
living torture for me, no matter how hard I try to put my mind on other
things, you just won’t leave my mind. I have a knot in my belly that feels
like it is a permanent part of me, but I endure it, because of you.”

“ Me?”

“ Yes, trying to prove to you that I have changed, but I need help, your help,
the same way Xena needed your help, please? I know I’m asking a lot, but it is
and will be the most important decision you’ll make, that will affect the rest
of my life.”

“ Xena, what about my life? How do you think this all makes me feel? Your
asking me to in essence split myself into.”

“ Diana by cloning you there is no diminishing of who, and what you are.”

“ Xena how did you make it before I came here?” Diana asked of the clone,
knowing she knew most of what Xena knew, and all of her past.

“ I took what I wanted and needed, and if I happened to orgasm, then great,
when I didn’t, which was most of the time I would just use that excess energy
to destroy, it fed my anger, and rage, it helped me stay focused on my goal.
To become The Conqueror.” Xena the clone said now leaning against the wall
with her arms crossed over her chest. looking at Diana with a concern look in
her eyes.

“ Oh. I see.” Diana said swallowing hard. “ Uh.....Xena, I think I am going to
go back and join in with the kids, Um....yes, that’s what I’m going to do,
excuse me please?”

Xena nodded her head and Diana headed for the activity once again, but she
looked back at Xena the clone who was now watching her with eyes that said

Diana turned back around and playing with her hair, she went into the melee of
excited kids. during the rest of the party, Diana caught glances of Xena the
clone interacting with the kids, or at times, just standing and watching, but
with a thoughtful look on her face. The real Xena noticed Diana’s knitted
brows at times, after the conversation Diana and the clone had had.

“ Kitten, are you okay?”

“ Xena? Oh, yes, I’m fine, I just have some things on my mind.”

“ I know, I saw you talking to her, or should I say I saw her talking to you.”

“ Xena....I’m really......”

“ Confused? I know.”

“ What do you think, am I wrong?”

“ No, your not wrong. Diana I don’t like this either, and I really am upset
that she upset you.” Xena said laying a loving hand on Diana’s shoulder.

Diana stepped into Xena’s arms and hugged her as she took a deep breath.

“ Xena?” Diana called from within Xena’s arms.

“ Yes.”

“ She said the same thing you said about removing most of the powers during
the cloning. Xena, I really think she’s sincere?”

“ What are you saying Diana? “ Xena asked now holding Diana back from her so
she could look in her eyes.

“ I don’t know, but I don’t feel as uncomfortable about this now, she made a
compelling argument. I mean look at her? She really has changed and she is
trying to maintain that.”

“ Diana?”

“ I know, I know, I not saying I want to do this, but I can now look at it
more realistically. Besides, I know how you told me you felt since I came into
your life, which by the way, I am so proud of you.” Diana said raising her
hand to caress Xena’s cheek.

“ Diana I don’t like where this conversation is going at the moment.” Xena
said with concern in her eyes.

“ Well it’s up to you, whatever you decide to do, I’ll accept it.”

“ Well we don’t have to talk about this right now, I think it can wait for a
while.” Xena said as she kissed Diana’s forehead and then pulled her back to
her and once again the two hugged each other.

By the end of the party, Xena and Diana excused themselves and after saying
their goodbyes to everyone, they then turned to Xena the clone and both Xena’s
looked at each other with steady gazes, but finally Xena spoke.

“ I’ll think about it.”

“ That’s all I can hope for, thank you both for considering it, I really hope
you’ll take mercy on me and grant this for me?”

“ I’ll think about it.” Xena said again just as stoically as she had the first

The clone bowed her head and Xena acknowledged it, then she stepped past the
woman and she the clone bowed at Diana. Diana acknowledged it with a small
smile, and then she stepped past her and Xena caught her hand and pulled her
on to her.

The two left and arrived back at the palace, and the moment they were inside
the door, having teased each other most of the way back. Xena now pulled Diana
over into one of the empty chambers and taking a seat she then placed one of
her long legs on a table, while motioning for Diana to come to her.

“ What are you doing Xena?” Diana asked with her hands on her hips.

“ Waiting for you to live up to your word.”

“ And what word was that?” Diana asked raising a brow at Xena, who simply
raised her own.

“ What do you think?” Xena asked gazing at Diana’s lips, and in reflex licked
her lips, at the thought.

Diana blushed fiercely at the provocative reminder.

“ Oh..... You were serious?”

“ Now.” Xena said cheeks flushed from her anticipation and want of her

“ But Xena, we have to unpack, and go and find Lord Questra and Gabrielle to
let them know we’re back, you have to get all of the reports and their
updates, we really.....” Diana listed before being cut off by Xena’s raised
hand, and then the following pointing of her fingers to where she wanted

Diana moved closer to Xena and she leaned down and kissed her, and Xena caught
her by her hair and held her to her as she buried her tongue deep inside
Diana’s throat. Finally, Xena let her go and Diana’s knees were weak from the
sensation, so that it caused her to go to her knees, even before she thought
about it.

Diana used her hands to caress Xena’s thighs, and then she slid one of them
down and into the soft slick curls of Xena’s jewel, where she teased for a
bit, and then she slipped a few fingers deep inside of Xena’s jewel while at
the same time covering her hidden peak with her mouth. Xena gasped and her
arms stretched out behind her as she relished the feelings.

Xena then closed her eyes and bring one hand down to hold Diana to her, and
the other she placed behind her own head, as she let Diana pleasure her to
heights of ecstasy, again and again.

After the little brief absence, Xena and Diana then went to talk with Questra
and Gabrielle. They all talked for a while, then Xena attended to some of her
duties, while Diana and Gabrielle talked about the trip, although Diana did
not tell Gabrielle about the clone,she did tell her about the kids and the
party and things like that. She and Xena agreed that this particular decision
should be made by just the two of them for obvious reasons. Finally the day
had come to an end, although long, it was still nice to be back in the palace
getting into their own beds. the next few weeks were spent on getting back
into the flow of things.

The end of part 2
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To Love, To Need, To Desire
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