To Love, To Need, To Desire: Part 3d
By D.virtue

“ No, you’ve done enough, the least I can do is put the meal on the table.”
Xena said insisting.

“ No, please Xena let me? I insist.” Noor said insisting, in a demure way.

Xena looked at her, and then with a smirk, she asked, “ this what I
could expect everyday I come home from....a hard’s day work?” Xena asked using
Noor’s own words.

“ Maybe, if you behave yourself and sit down, I’ll think about it over our
meal?” Noor raised a inquisitive brow at Xena.

Xena pinched her lips together and then she gave a slight nod of her head and
sat down in the chair at the head of the table where Noor held it out for her.
Noor then went about serving the meal and then she sat down and the two of
them sat and enjoyed the meal, they talked over the meal and by the time the
meal was over with, Noor went to stand up to clear the table.

“ No. This time I insist, I will clear and clean the table and dishes, you go
into the other chamber and get comfortable.”

“ But at least....”

“ Now.” Xena chided gently.

“ Alright.” Noor then stood up and moved to go to the other chamber, but
before she left from the table, she turned back to Xena and said with a
meaningful tone of voice. “ I think I REALLY like.....the way I’m feeling
right now, but maybe it’s just the food, we’ll see. Hurry and finish and come
and join me, okay?”

Xena let a satisfied smile come to her face and then she said with an overflow
of feelings racing through her.

“ I’ll be there before you know it.”

“ I’m glad, see you soon.” Noor then turned and strolled out of the eating
chamber. Xena watched her go with a look of love in her eyes.

Xena made it to the other chamber a few minutes after Noor had, and Noor
smiled brightly when she saw her.

“ Did you miss me?” Xena teased.

“ Yes. I felt empty, like something was missing, and now that your here, and I
see how completely content and secure I feel, I know what it was that I was

“ Me?” Xena asked stunned.

“ Yes, you. I have such a profound feeling of love coming from you, and it
just makes me feel so warm and joyful, it’s and exquisite feeling in my
heart, and I don’t want to lose it. Does that make sense?”

“ Perfect.” Xena said moving to stand in front of Noor.

She lifted Noor's head up so her eyes were sparkling at her.

“ You already know how much I love you, and I feel the same love coming from
you, I know this is all happening like a tornado, but I can’t let this day end
without knowing for sure.”

“ what?”

“ Will you stay in my life as my paramour?”

“ Xena I.....”

“ Please don’t say no? I don’t know how I would handle it.”

“ Xena I.....”

“ By The Gods, I need you in my life, I want you in my life, please?!”

“ Xena hush!” Noor scolded tenderly.

Xena stood with her face being held by Noor's small hands on either side of
her cheeks, and she let the young girl finish what she was saying.

“ That’s better, what I was going to say was, Xena, I thought you would never
ask me.” Noor said with a bright smile for Xena the clone, and Xena didn’t
know how to take it, or how to react. So she just let her reflexes take over.

Xena threw Noor in the air and Noor yelped at the action, but Xena caught her
as if she were a feather and she kissed her with all the love she felt for
her, as she spun around with Noor in her arms.

The rest of the night was spent with Xena and Noor holding each other and just
kissing whenever their hearts leapt to much that they had to let their
feelings show for each other.

The next morning Noor had awoken and had slipped out of the bed and went and
made breakfast for the two of them. When Xena awoke and felt for Noor, her
heart practically jumped out of her chest to find her gone.

“ It wasn’t a dream, Gods it couldn’t have been?” Xena thought with panic, as
she snatched up the pillow next to her, she instantly smelled Hyacinth. “ Oh, wasn’t.” Tears of relief ran down her face, and then after a moment
to collect herself, she then cursed to herself. “ This is the last time I will
wake up with that fear in me.” She jumped out of bed,and because the two of
them had fallen asleep in thier clothes just enjoying the feel of each others
embrace, Xena didn’t have to take the time to dress.

Xena went downstairs and found Noor setting up a tray of food for them, so as
to bring it upstairs for them to eat.

“ Noor?” Xena contralto voice rang out.

“ Xena?! You startled me, I was just making breakfast for us, I figured you
could enjoy a hot meal before you went to work?”

“ First of all, I not going to work today, Kasi can handle the class for a
while, secondly, that was very thoughtful of you, but one thing will change
when we are bonded, and that will be that you will NEVER scare me like you
scared me this morning, I didn’t know if I had dreamed the whole thing or if
it were real, I didn’t know if you had changed your mind or what, from now on
you are not to get out of bed without my say so alright?”

Noor smiled indulgently, and then she answered.

“ Alright, it won’t happen again, and I’m sorry for scaring you, I won’t do
that again either.”

“ Good. Now come around here and greet me properly.” Xena said with amusement
and love in her eyes.

Noor came around the table and sat on Xena’s lap and kissed her good morning.
Xena was the one to break the kiss after a bit, with both of them gazing into
each others eyes with passion flaring, they then at the same time turned their
attention to the food.

“ These cherries look delicious don’t you think? ” Noor said, holding up a
cherry for Xena to inspect.

“ Yes, it does.” Xena said dubiously as she let her eyes rake up and down
Noor's, now blushing body.

Xena’s breath caught when she saw the material over Noor's breast stand out

“ Gods woman, what your doing to me, I think we better hurry up and get
bonded, I don’t know how long I can keep from ripping your clothes off.” Xena
managed to choke out, as her cheeks flushed with the passion she was feeling.

Noor was breathing hard also, despite the fact that Xena had not even touched
her, except for the kiss that she herself initiated. Suddenly there came a
knock at the door.

Xena snapped out of her fantasizing, but in fantasizing about Noor, she had
caused Noor to tighten unmercifully, so when she went to tell her they had to
just breath, and just make it to the Castle, she was startled to find Noor's
eyes sparkling their identifying color.

“ Haa.... N.o.o.r.r.r.r....We have to answer the door?”

“ Yesss!” Noor gasped as she stared at Xena.

“ Okay, I’m going to answer it.....your going to be alright?”

“ Yesss!” Noor managed again as her blush deepen in it’s obviousness, and
again Xena gasped, but then time she almost lost her balance. She managed to
catch herself on the door frame, as she was mesmerized by the lovely creature
standing in front of her radiating irresistibly, unintentional
provocativeness, with her eyes and her body, and her soul.

Xena lost her strength and desire to move from the door frame she was leaning
against. Noor stood, unable to move, from being captivated, and hypnotized by
Xena’s overpowering gaze.

The two just stood where they were, breathing hard, and gazing at each other,
unable and unwilling to lose the feeling they were experiencing. The people at
the door, decided to enter the house, out of concern that they figured the two
would or should be there, considering Xena had not gone to work.

Diana smelled fresh cooked food, and she whispered to Xena.

“ Let’s look in the kitchen?”

Xena had smelled the food from outside, but she wanted to make sure there was
no uninvited guest anywhere else in the house. They went into the kitchen and
was stunned to find the two women just standing and nearly hyperventilating
from just gazing at each other. Paralyzed in essence.

Xena looked at each of the women, who didn’t seem to notice that they had
come into the room.

“ X.e.n.a? Noor?” Xena called with amusement in her eyes.

Xena then chuckled and then went to speak to Diana.

“ Kitten, I think we should leave before all of this energy overwhelms you?”

When Xena didn’t hear a response from Diana she looked over at her and saw
Diana’s eyes sparkling just as brightly as they gazed at her.

“ I.....I think it’s to late?” Diana managed.

“ Oh...look at my little kitten.” Xena cooed as she caressed Diana’s flushed
cheeks, and Diana leaned into the caress and then she moved closer to Xena,
and wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and kissed her passionately.

Xena found herself being pulled in and she broke the kiss and with a
breathless announcement to all of them, she used her mind to fill three large
containers of water and then she floated them over each of the impassioned
women and let it pour over all of them.

All of the women gasped and snapped out of their trances of sorts.

“ Lord Xena? Diana? What’s the big idea?!” Xena the clone fumed.

“ You too were locked and I had to bring you out, it was affecting Diana, who
was starting to affect me. We came over to see how everything was going with
you two, but it seems there wasn’t a need.” Xena said with amusement.

“ Well you didn’t have to dump water on us.” Xena stated and then stood up and
walked over to where Xena was standing. She then looked back over at Noor who
was still breathing hard, but she was slightly more calmer.

“ So, how is everything going with the two of you?” Xena asked as she turned
and headed over to the counter and picked out a biscuit, and breaking it in
half she offered a piece to Diana and then she ate the other half, as she sat
down and waited for them to answer her question. “ Mmmm....these are good.”
Xena praised, as she took another one and did the same thing.

“ Well if you hungry Lord Xena, I can make you and Her Majesty something to
eat?” Noor asked as she had finally calmed enough to talk.

“ That would be great, thanks, I didn’t have time to eat any today.” Xena

“ Your Majesty?! You allow Her Lordship to engage in her royal duties without
the most important meal?” Noor asked shocked of Diana.

Xena simply raised an amused questioning brow at Diana, and Diana knitted her
brows and then became defensive.

“ Now wait a minute, you’ve never had to deal with this woman’s temper, or any
of that, I’ve tried to make sure she eats, but she’s usually up before me, and
gone by the time I get up, or if I’m lucky enough to wake up before her, I
would have to wake her, because SHE doesn’t allow me to get out of bed while
she’s still in it, I think it’s a security thing, anyway, how am I suppose to
make sure she eats breakfast?”

“ You could wake up earlier, you could wake her and tell her what your plans
are, and then go and do it, you could have the servants make sure they have
her breakfast on the table when she rises in the morning, there’s quite a few
things you could do.” Noor Chided.

Diana looked at Xena, who now was moving her hair out of her face, with a
smirk on her face, while trying to hide the laughter she felt rising up in

“ Oh, you think this is funny, huh?” Diana asked glaring at Xena.

“ I didn’t say a word.” Xena said with a guilty smirk on her face.

“ Well fine.” Diana said as she stormed out the door of the kitchen into the
dining area and sat down in one of the chairs.

Both Xena laughed, at the interaction between the two look-alikes. But then
Noor spoke again.

“ Lord Xena, if I may suggest a few things to you?”

“ Yes.” Xena asked with curiosity.

“ First off, you need to go in there and see to Her Majesty, secondly, it’s as
much your fault as it is her’s that your not eating the way you should,
especially considering you are The Ruler, you have a responsibility not only
to yourself, and Her Majesty to make sure your at your best, but also to all
of those people you rule over, and your skipping of any meal on a regular
basis in not acceptable. Also, when she wants to surprise you with something,
you hinder her with your strict rule of her not getting out of bed, I think
those times when she wants to make you breakfast or do anything for you, you
should allow her, but if it’s just that she wants to go and work or anything
like that, then fine, your rule should be enforced. Now you go in there and
apologize to Her Majesty, and Lady Xena will join you and Her Majesty in a
moment, I need to talk to her about something, I will make the two of you
breakfast and bring it out to you all. Now go.” Noor said effectively
dismissing The Conqueror.

Xena looked astonishly at Noor, and then she looked at Xena the clone, who was
just as amazed, when she went to speak, Noor raised her hand.

“ My Lord, Your Consort is in there feeling really bad right now, anything you
have to say to me will and can wait, I assure you, please go and tend to Her

Xena stood up, and with her mouth slightly open out of stunned shock, she
rolled her eyes and strided out of the kitchen.

“ What was that about Noor?!” Xena scolded.

“ Excuse me Xena?”

“ You were COMPLETELY out of line.”

“ Maybe, but I simply told the truth, and I will not lie to her, you, or her
Majesty, I know how much Her Majesty and the two of you despise lies,
therefore, I have no intentions of being the one to break such a noble thing.
Anyway, I suggest you stop worrying about them, and concentrate on us.”

“ Excuse me?”

“ You asked me to be your mate....well, when are you going to send for the
priestess, or priest? It seems you are distracted by the arrival of Lord Xena
and Her Majesty? Are they more important than our plans?”

“ Well No, but?”

“ Why is there a but, either you want us together, or you don’t?” Noor asked

“ Of course I do, bu....”

“ No, no buts, please send for the priest/ess? I want our life together to
start as soon as possible.” Noor said as she kissed Xena, and then Xena leaned
back and looked at the young girl. “ Go.” Noor ordered.

“ Alright.” Xena smirked and then left the kitchen and went to summon the
priestess. Shaking her head in amazement, that she was doing what Noor told
her to, without questioning.

“ Have the priestess sent here, and tell her to bring the scrolls for
bonding.” Xena commanded of her servant.

“ Yes My Lady, right away.” The servant said as she rapidly went to carry out
her ordered chore.

“ Bonding??” Both Diana and Xena asked in surprise.

“ Yes, I asked Noor to be my mate, and she’s agreed.” Xena said bubbling.

“ Wow, that’s pretty quick?” Xena said not really surprised by the rapidness
so much as it was that she was seeing how she looked when Diana accepted her

“ I know.”

“ Well that is absolutely wonderful, congratulations, you have a spitfire to
contend with.” Xena smirked as she cut her eyes to Diana.

Both Xena’s laughed once again, and Diana raised a brow at them and then
looked at the kitchen door as it swung open and Noor came out with the food.
The two warriors went to help her, but she shooed them away and told them to
sit down.

They both sat, and Diana was now looking at Xena as if she had two heads.

“ What?” Xena asked humorously.

“ What indeed.” Diana said as she noticed that Noor had not brought any of the
drinks out yet. “ Noor, why don’t you allow Lord Xena to help you bring the
drinks in?”

“ Diana?”

“ I know My Lord, you feel bad about having had Noor make all of this
wonderful food for you and you at least want to bring in the drinks, go my
Lord, help her?”

Xena glared at Diana, and Diana simply smile sweetly at her.

“ Yes Noor, it is only right, and I insist.” Xena said taking charge. She
stood up and went to go and help bring the drinks in.

“ My Lord, may I ask you something before we return?”

“ Sure, as long as it’s not another tongue lashing.” Xena stated sternly.

“ No, I just want to know how well you know Lady Xena?”

“ Quite well, we have a history, but I think she should be the one to tell you

“ Hmm, yes, but I’m just picking up a vibe from you that something is
bothering you.”

“ really?”

“ Yes, I mean I see how you looked at her a few times since you’ve arrived
like you want to get it off your chest and then you’ll be fine, am I wrong?”

Xena studied the woman, and then she said,” well there is something on my
mind, but it’s something I need to handle with Xena.”

“ Okay, wait here.” Noor then went out with the drinks she had in her hand and
then spoke to Xena. “ Xena, Lord Xena will like to talk to you about something
serious, please join her in the kitchen please?”

“ Of Course.” Xena said as she excused herself and went to the kitchen, just
as she entered the door and it closed behind her, she was caught by the arm by
Lord Xena and Struck with a powerful fist across her jaw.

Xena staggered, and would have been knocked backwards had it not been for
Xena’s vice like grip on her arm. The clone looked up at Xena dazed with a
small bit of blood dripping from her mouth. Xena let go of her and handed her
a cold towel to put on her jaw.

“ Why?” Xena the clone managed.

“ That’s for bedding My Consort.” Xena said factually.

“ I see, well I’m sorry, and it will not happen again.” Xena said while
tending her jaw.

“ I know it better not. Anyway, I feel better, don’t you?” Xena said with a
light tone in her voice.

“ Yeah, great.” Xena returned.

The two women then headed back into the dining area where Diana and Noor were
talking, and looking all the more like twins in their movements. Noor looked
up to see Xena holding a towel to her jaw and she became concerned.

“ What happen?”

“ Lord Xena had a few words for me.” Xena said dubiously.

“ You hit her? Why?”

“ I think Lady Xena should tell you herself?”

“ No, I asked you, why did you hit her?” Noor persisted.

“ Noor, you need to talk to her, not me.”

“ I’ll talk to her after you tell me why you hit my lady, my Lord?” Noor said
standing up to Xena, despite Xena’s eyes starting to narrow.

“ I’ll tell you Noor.” Xena the clone interjected.

“ No, I’ll speak to you in a moment, right now I want My Lord to answer my
simple question.”

“ Fine Noor, I’ll answer it. Lady Xena recently bedded my Consort, and I was
making a point to her not to let it happen again, satisfied?”

“ Yes, thank you My Lord, and I’m sorry if I offended you, it’s just I like to
hear things from the person’s involved.”

“ I understand.” Xena said simply as she now sat down.

“ Now, My Lady, as for you, why didn’t you tell me you slept with Her

“ I thought you already knew, if I had known you didn’t, then I would have
told you sooner.” Xena informed Noor as she had a loving hand on her shoulder.

Noor studied her for a moment and then she covered her hand and smiled, “ I
forgive you, and I know it won’t happen again.”

“ No, never, I promise.”

“ Okay. Your Majesty may I speak with you for a moment?”

“ Certainly.” Diana said as she excused herself from the table and went to
stand with Xena and Noor.

“ Your Majesty, I have the greatest respect and love for both you and lord
Xena, and of course My Lady, and you know it’s important to start any
relationship off on an honest foot?”

“ Yes.”

“ Well we can’t do that at this moment until we get past this, both you and My
Lady were wrong, especially you, seeing how you are already bonded with Lord
Xena, but you two have obviously worked it out and I am very happy for you,
but because you knew I didn’t know and you didn’t tell me, I have to express
my disappointment to you, do you understand?”

“ Of course I do.” Diana said assuming that the tongue lashing was ending.

Suddenly Noor laid a slap to Diana’s cheek that turned her around. Diana
caught hold of her cheek and looked at the woman in sheer bewilderment.

“ There, now we can move on, and I hope this doesn’t interfere in our
remaining friends and becoming dear friends?” Noor said as if she had not done

Both Xena’s breath caught at the strike, their eyes wide with wonder in what
Diana’s response would be. Finally they got their answer.

“ You hit me!” Diana said in shock.

“ Yes.”

“ Yes, that’s all you have to say is YES?!”

“ yes, I gave you my reasons for my actions, and I’m still waiting for an
apology from you.”

“ Wh...What?? You can not be serious?!! You hit me!” Diana scolded.

“ I know what I did, and I would do it again, now apologize so we can sit and

“ You have some nerve little girl!” Diana hissed.

“ I’m not a little girl to you your Majesty, I am exactly the same age as you
are, and I would appreciate it if you will offer me your apology, so we can
move on?”

“ Why should I apologize to you? You hit me?!” Diana said arguing back with

“ Because you were wrong, and you owe me an apology, and if you were indeed my
friend you would offer it?”

Diana’s arms went up in exasperation.

“ Well?” Noor said with her arms now crossing.

“ well what?” Diana said crossing her own.

“ Apologize.”

“ You apologize.”

“ For what?”

“ For striking me.”

“ I struck you because of what you did.”

“ But I’m Queen Diana, there are just some things you don’t do to Royalty, and
one of them is slapping me!!” Diana hissed.

“ Okay, fine, your right, as a commoner, I was wrong for striking you, forgive
me?” Noor said contritely as she recognized Diana’s argument as valid.

“ Alright, I accept, and forgive me for not telling you about what happen, it
won’t happen again?”

“ Your forgiven, and I know it won’t happen again, but I wanted to clear the
air. Now let’s eat, before the priestess arrives?”

“ Fine.” Diana and Noor both walked over to the table where both Xena’s had
settled down at to watch the amusing yet intriguing scene.

“ Everything okay between the two of you?”

“ Yes..” Both girls said together.

“ Well good, you both had us worried.” Xena said looking at both of them.

“ No need, we’re adult enough to handle any problems between us.” Noor stated.

“ Very well then, shall we eat?” Xena asked as they all then laid into the

The four of them finished their meal and Xena the clone stood up and went
about clearing the table, Xena watched her with wonder, and Diana watched

“ Don’t get any ideas kitten.” Xena warned.

“ What? I was just....”

“ I know what you were just doing, just get it right out your mind, she is not

“ I know that, it’s just interesting to see. That’s all.” Diana said ending
the conversation before Xena decided to get upset.

“ Hmm...” Xena muttered.

The priestess then knocked on the door and Noor let her in. Noor and Xena the
clone and the priestess spoke for a while, and then they all came back and The
Priestess asked Xena and Diana to stand up for the two as witness, at the
request of Noor and Xena.

“ Of course.” They both readily agreed and took their place in the Solarium,
where the sun was lighting the room nicely.

The Priestess then went into the ritual, and after the ceremony ended, she
told the two they could kiss to seal their bond. Noor looked up into Xena’s
sapphires and Xena brought her hands up to Noors cheeks and although they were
trembling, Xena pulled her close and their hearts meant in an enlightening

Xena and Diana both smiled at the feelings they were sensing from the newly
weds, and after Xena finally let go of Noor's flushed cheeks she then looked
deep into her eyes and whispered.

“ I love you. Your are My Light indeed. I will do all I can to make sure you
are blissfully happy.”

“ And I will be your comfort and joy, I will only look to build you up and
support you, I will always tell you the truth, with only the intentions of
love flowing from my lips. You are the master of our home, and I will follow
you wherever you choose to lead me, and I will only stop if I see danger in
front of us. I love you My Lady Xena, the educator of my mind, the foundation
of my strength, and the love of my heart.”

Diana now had tears rolling down her face, and her Xena smiled at her and sent
her own words of renewal.

“ I love your heart kitten.”

Diana looked up at her and a smile came to her face, and Xena leaned down and
kissed Diana tenderly. Then when Xena and Noor broke their kiss for the second
time they turned to the two who stood as witnesses for them.

“ Thank you Lord Xena, your Majesty, thank you for everything, I am so
grateful to you for such a wonderful gift, I can hardly speak. But I have to
say, thank you for your friendship, your trust and the second chance, you will
never have to worry about me, or Noor, I will never let a day go by that I
don’t tell her how much she means to me, or show her how much. I know it was a
hard decision for both of you, considering everything, and it for that reason
that I will always work to prove myself to you, and to make you proud of your
decision. Thank you.” Xena said as she and Xena locked arms in a warriors
grasp, and then with a bright smile she moved to Diana.

Before Xena could say anything Diana wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and
hugged her tightly, and then letting go she said, “ I am already proud of you,
and you have nothing else to prove to me, I know you and Noor will be as happy
as Xena and I are, I see and feel the love, and that is all I need to know,
and I do, so don’t worry about me or Xena, just be happy as you are at this
moment and enjoy your life together. Besides, you’ll be together long after
others are dead and gone, this is FOREVER.....”

“ And a day.” Xena added, with a smirk, and she received a poke in the side
for her addition from Diana.

Xena then took hold of Diana’s cheek and placed a quick kiss to her lips and
then she let go and looked back at Noor, who came into her arms and then Noor
added her own sentiment to Diana and Xena.

“ Thank you from our hearts, we both realize how fast this is, but when things
are meant to be, there is no need to wait, I feel complete with My Lady Xena,
what you two have done will flourish and bless both of you through us, and Our
happiness. My Lady said she will try to make me blissfully happy, I’ll tell
you both and her. I am. Thank you Your Majesty, Lord Xena.”

“ Noor just be happy, and we will be happy, both of you.” Xena stated with a
sincerity towards Xena the clone, and then leaned down and kissed Noor with a
friendly, yet loving kiss.

Noor blushed, and then turned to Diana and wrapped her arms around her, and
Diana wrapped her own around Noor, and the two let their tears roll.

“ Thank you.” Noor whispered to Diana.

“ No need, like Xena said, just be happy. Oh, and call me Diana?”

“ Okay Diana.” Noor said wiping her eyes at the same time Diana wiped her own.
Both Xena’s grinned at the actions.

“ Alright you two, I think it’s time for Diana and I to leave, it has
certainly been a very interesting day to say the least, but I’m sure the two
of you want to be alone for a while? The Gates of the Palace are always open
to the two of you, don’t be strangers.” Xena said as she wrapped her arms
around Diana’s shoulder.

“ Thank you, and our home is always open to you as well.” Xena the clone
stated as she once again shook Xena’s hand.

“ Thank you. Well Kitten, are you ready?”

“ Yes, Noor after you and Lady Xena get settled into the routines of your
life, you have to come to the Palace, we can go for swims, or walks, or other
things? I also want you to meet my sister Gabrielle and her mate Lord

“ You know there’s going to be LOTS of questions coming from them?” Xena
smirked at Diana.

“ Yes, but their going to love Noor and Lady Xena as much as we both do, I
know it.”

“ It’ll take them time to get use to the idea of the two of you, but Diana is
right, they will. Well we see you two lovebirds later.”

“ Alright, we’ll walk you to the door.” Xena the clone said as they followed
Xena and Diana to the door and opened it for them.

“ Thank you again.”

“ Your welcome.” Xena said once again and then she and Diana smiled at both of
the newly weds and then turned and strided down the stairs arm in arm.

“ We’re lucky to have such friends My Lady.” Noor said thoughtfully.

“ I was thinking the same thing, hmmm.....we are going to have so much fun, as
well as many memories.” Xena thoughtfully said as well, as she and Noor waved
at the two women whom gave them this chance at a wonderful life.

After Xena and Diana were inside the coach and it was heading down the road,
Xena then turned to Noor.

“ what shall we do?”

“ I don’t know, what do two newly bonded people usually do?” Noor asked
innocently, although of course she knew the answer.

“ They usually make love.” Xena answered factually not sure if Noor did in
fact know.

Noor laughed and closing the door with her foot as she wrapped her arms around
Xena neck, she whispered.

“ There are more than likely, quite a bit I don’t know, but that is not one of
them My Lady.” Then she leaned in and kissed Xena.

Xena Carried Noor up to the bed chamber and after breaking their kiss,
finally, Xena had the servant run a bath for her and Noor, and then excused
the servant for the evening after telling her to prepare some fruit and bring
it up to the chamber and leave it.

Meanwhile after the bath had been drawn, both women now begun to undress, Noor
was somewhat shy about undressing in front of Xena due to it being the first
time she would be nude in front of Xena.

Xena saw her timidness, and she smiled understandingly at Noor's, shyness.

“ I’ll meet you in the bath, okay?”

“ Okay, thank you.” Noor said sweetly.

Xena’s heart leapt at the adorable look on Noor’s face.

“ No need. See you in a moment okay?”

“ Yes.”

Xena then kissed Noor once again and then she turned and went on into the
bath, where she undressed and walked into the refreshing bubble bath. Noor
came in after a few minutes and Xena was leaning back against the wall of the
bath, with her bottom resting on the bench, the same type of bench that Lord
Xena’s bath had. She had her eyes closed when Noor first entered, and then she
opened them slowly to look at the young woman standing at the other side of
the bath holding her robe on, with trembling hands.

“ Your so beautiful my beloved.” Xena said adoring the young woman.

That was enough for Noor to finally relax. She slowly opened the long robe and
she let it slide off of her shoulders as Xena sat completely enraptured. Xena
had changed Noor’s breast so that they no longer glowed as Diana’s, but just
had the bronze color that was a result of Xena the clone’s influence. But
Noor’s womanhood was also changed in that it was the same color as her

Noor blushed and then coyly walked into the water and glided over to the still
gazing woman. Noor didn’t know how to take Xena’s silence.

“ Please say something?”

“ I’m overwhelmed at how breathtaking my beloved is.” Xena said as she
caressed Noor’s cheek with one shaky hand.

Noor caught Xena’s hand and held it to her and then she brought it around to
her lips and kissed the palm. Xena saw Noor’s shyness, despite the kiss, and
she did not want to push her, no matter how much she wanted the woman before

“ Here, turn around and I will wash you.” Xena said as she turned Noor.

Xena bathe Noor with all the tenderness she had in her, and after she
finished, Noor was more flushed than before Xena had started.

“ It suits you my beloved.” Xena cooed in Noor’s ear.

“ Here, now I will bathe you My Lady?” Noor said as she moved behind Xena and
picking up the soap and towel, she begin to wash Xena, by the time Noor had
finished, Xena was flushed. “ Well I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who
blushes.” Noor said with a kiss to Xena’s cheek.

Xena caught Noor's head and she pulled her around to her as she kissed her at
first with tenderness and gentleness, but then when Noor wrapped her arms
around Xena’s neck the kiss quickly grew more needful, and wanting.

The Xena then broke the kiss and looking into Noor's lidded eyes, she then
gave a slight gesture of her eyes towards the bed chamber. Noor gave a gentle
nod of her head. It was all Xena needed. She lifted Noor up in her arms and
carried her out of the bath and then grabbing a towel she Dried her as she
carried her, and then she dried herself as she strided to the bed chamber with
Noor in her arms.

Xena laid Noor on the bed and she climbed over top of her and she let Noor
wrap her hand around her neck again, before she begun loving the woman. After
a while of familiarizing themselves with each others body, and both of them
perspiring from the need to release, but Xena withholding until she made it to
Noor’s effloresces. she started to slip a few of her strong fingers inside the
silky canal, but Noor gasped and said quietly.

“ That hurts.”

“ I’m sorry.” Xena replied as she kissed Noor, and then tried to slip only one
of her strong fingers inside. Xena was surprised to find Noor tight, but she
took her time with her, Noor was holding tightly to Xena’s shoulders as she
tried to endure the discomfort.

Xena kissed Noor again, and then whispered to her, “ try to relax beloved,

“ Okay!” Noor gasped as she tried to relax.

Xena then touched on the cause of Noor’s tightness.

“ By the Gods! Your virginal?” Xena asked amazed.

“ Yes, doesn’t that make sense, considering you are the first person I’ve ever
been with?’ Noor asked somewhat surprised By Xena’s reaction.

“ Ohhh, I love you my beloved it.” Xena said moved to tears, as she removed
her hand from Noor’s effloresce, and instead wrapped her arms around Noor's
waist and rolled over onto her back and bringing one of her hands up to Noor’s
head she caressed Noor’s thick tresses as she let her tears roll down her
cheeks at how touched she was by Xena and Diana, and the woman in her arms.

“ My Lady, are you alright?”

“ Fine, I just want to hold you, if that’s okay?”

“ Of course, but I thought you wanted to.....” Noor begun, but was shy to say
the words, considering she had no experience.

“ I do, but I just need to hold you tonight, just let the love I feel from you
wash over me, as I send a kiss to the Gods for the love I feel.”

“ Aww...Xena, you should be a poet, that was beautiful.” Noor said with a
loving smile.

“ No, no, your beautiful my beloved, nothing or no one compares.” Xena
whispered, as she pulled Noor closer to her, and Noor rested along the length
of Xena’s body, on top of her, with her head at the hollow of Xena’s neck, she
listened to Xena’s heartbeat a lilting tune, and then she put words to Xena’s
heartbeat and hummed it into Xena’s neck. Xena held Noor tighter to her as her
heart leapt with such joy she thought it would just give out from all of the
feelings racing through her about the woman in her arms.

“ Never will harm come your way My beloved.” Xena swore an oath with her mind,
about the woman.

Noor finally drifted off to sleep from the even beating of Xena’s heart, and
from the warmth she felt in her arms, after telling Xena once again how much
she loved her. Xena laid awake for hours just trying to think of a way to show
her enormous gratitude to Diana and Xena, mainly Diana.

After hours of thinking she finally drifted off.

The end of part 3
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