A Trip in Time

Part 8 - Conclusion

by Ri

        Gabrielle and Cyrene were alone in the kitchen making breakfast. They worked well together working in a rhythm from a long acquaintance. They seemed to sense each other's movements as much as Gabrielle did with Xena when setting up their camp.

        "When is my baby and her baby coming down stairs?"

        "As soon as she finishes feeding Eve. I don't think baby is a very accurate description of your Daughter Cyrene, "Said Gabrielle with a smirk.

        Cyrene looked up from her batter with an answering smirk, "She's my baby, Gabrielle."

        "Mother," Said the amused low voice that was the topic of conversation at the moment. Xena entered the kitchen with Eve cradled in her arms. She bent down so her mouth was to the side of her babies ear and whispered in a stage whisper, "Don't worry Sweetheart, I won't embarrass you in front of your friends and loved ones like some one who shall remain nameless," She then looked up at her mother with amused eyes and a huge lopsided grin.

        "You know Xena that daughters grow up almost exactly like their mothers and believe me. my beloved child that paybacks are a bitch."

        Two sets of eyebrows shot up in reaction to that one. "I always thought that you were a little angel Mom, Grandma always said you were perfect." Xena replied trying to keep her face stoic but failing miserably since she wanted to laugh so hard her teeth hurt.

        "Well Sweetheart, I think my mother exaggerated a bit. I was...a little head strong and opioniated." Cyrene smiled and shook her head, "Honey we are a lot alike. In a lot of ways our determination and intelligence. Unfortunately we are also alike in our pig headedness. With you it came back ten fold though I tried to guide you I couldn't fight fate. I have this feeling Eve will be both of us put together, your both going to need a lot of patience."

        Gabrielle looked at the sweet innocent child nestled in her mother's arms and then looked at her mother and grandmother and rolled her eyes, "Oh boy."

        "That's one hell of a revenge you want Mom. Especially if you consider who I was before I met Gabrielle, "Xena said with a suddenly serious and worried face as she cuddled her baby even closer in love and protection.

        "I don't want it, Xena I'm just telling you how it is. I was a terror and you were worse. Poor little Eve inherited all that determination, intelligence and slyness. She also will have your physical strength too we will just have to very gently discipline her and keep a motherly eye on our little one..."

        "Man, you sure will, "Said Aphrodite from behind them.

        "Aphrodite, could you please give us a little warning!" Said a startled Gabrielle.

        "Did you do something about, Ares?" Asked Xena she gently passed their child to Gabrielle and then walked to the Goddess with her arms crossed and her eyes impatient.

        "Yep, the Enterprise crew won't be bothered," replied the goddess proudly.

        "How did you do that?" Asked Gabrielle amazed.

        "Unfortunately I had to start a little conflict...OK Xena war, but I got him to hightail right to Sparta."

        "What did you do? "Asked Xena annoyed, she was tapping her foot and trying very hard to keep her temper in check, "I just wanted..."

        "My big brother out of the way. I did. A certain Spartan Princess has disappeared so her father and fiancee are bit miffed and the war wagons are circling. I am just giving the Enterprise crew enough time to get out of here then love and peace will be restored. I promise...Xena..I.."

        Xena shrugged," As long as no one gets hurt that good. Well-done Aphrodite, good job..."

        Riker came in with a scroll in hand," Sorry to interrupt....um...This guy who delivered this said it was urgent Xena."

        Xena rolled her eyes, "They always are, Thanks Commander." She said as she took the scroll with a smile. "Mother, how would you like to take a little trip with us?" She asked as she handed the scroll to Gabrielle and took Eve back into her arms to allow the bard the chance to read it.

        "Really? I would love to go with you. I will write Terris and ask him to watch the tavern."

        "Good, Riker, Tell the Captain he can leave any time. Ares has been temporally diverted from you. I think you better leave today though."

        Riker looked surprised but nodded and left to tell the others to get ready.

        "Xena how will we get to Alexandria on time?" Gabrielle asked after reading the scroll.

        Xena smiled looking right at Aphrodite, "With a little help from a certain Goddess."

        "Who little me?"

        "How would like to help save Egypt, Aphrodite?"


        ***                ***                ***                ***

        The Enterprise crew was gathered alone with Xena and Gabrielle in the clearing where Xena first encountered them.

        "I'd really like to say thank you for the all kindness you have shown us, I really appreciate it as I'm sure my officers do too," Said Picard with a big lopsided grin as he shook first the Warrior's hand and then the Bards.

                 "It was our pleasure, Captain. It is nice to know the future is in such honorable and capable hands, "Replied Xena with a charming smile in return.

        "Captain, I would be pleased to have you keep this scroll as a present and a keep sake," Said Gabrielle pressing the scroll back into Picards large hand. She also slipped a second scroll into his hand saying, "Here is another one I thought you might enjoy."

        Picard's eyes widened and his voice was horse as he replied in a crackling staccato, "Thank you
Gabrielle. I will cherish them both my friend."

        The Enterprise crew and the two women all exchanged hugs. Xena and Deanna stared at each other for a minute. Deanna smiled and said quietly, "To quote from an old movie, "I think I will miss you most of all."" Deanna had tears falling down her cheeks and a slight smirk on her face.

        Xena gently wiped a tear and asked quietly, "What's a movie?"

        Deanna smiled and said, "It's like a play."

        "Which movie? " Asked Riker.

        "The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy said it to the scarecrow as she was about to leave her friends and go back to her own world. Pretty similar huh?" Deanna asked with a tilt of her head. Riker nodded in understanding.

        "You have talking scarecrows in the future?" Gabrielle asked a bit confused.

        Deanna laughed, "No my friend, it's a fantasy."

        "Oh, I wish I could see it. It sounds better then our plays," Said Gabrielle sadly.

        Picard looked paternally at the two brave young woman and said, "I think your lives are exciting enough with out movies, believe me. Thank you both for helping us and protecting us," Then Picard looked at his own people and said, "Come on."

        They all disappeared as they walked through invisible security shield that surrounded their shuttle.

        Xena and Gabrielle looked at each other with surprised wide eyes. "Human's do get advanced, don't they?" Asked Aphrodite from behind them.

        Xena looked up at the tree where the goddess was perched, "Yea, so it would appear. So will you be able to send our family to Alexandria so I can help Cleopatra?"

        "No prob, Warrior babe."

        Xena rolled her eyes, "Could you please lay off the Warrior Babe stuff?"

        "Sorry, I'll see you at the tavern. Your brother should be there soon."

        Gabrielle and Xena watched the Goddess vanish, "Everyone gets to disappear except us, we always have to walk," Said Gabrielle with a smile and twinkling eyes.

        "I like to walk. It gives us a chance to talk and hold hands, It's the only bit of privacy we get each day."

        "Speaking of privacy, Why did you ask your Mother to come?"

        "I have a feeling that this is going to get really ugly and I want our baby well away from us and the action. I'm going to send Mom and Eve on a tour of Egypt while we do what we have to do. Cleopatra will provide them with protection and they will be well away from the action. I want them safe."

        "What about Ares?"

        "Oh he will get in out faces again and he'll be mad. He'll find some new way to be annoying, you know that's just his way." Xena replied with smirk.

        They walked in silence for a while holding hands enjoying the quiet privacy of their walk. "I love you, Gabrielle." Said Xena suddenly, not stopping but not going very fast either as they headed back toward town.

        "I love you too. Why the sudden announcement? I know you do."

        Xena shrugged, "I want to say it as much as possible. This is only going to get tougher as we battle against the Gods. That means I will have to get tougher so I want to keep saying it over and over so you will never doubt my deep and undying love for you, my bard."

        "I could never doubt it, I know it...Xena, how could you possibly get tougher then you already are?" Asked Gabrielle stopping and putting her free hand on her hip. Her head was tilted to one side looking so cute that Xena almost kissed her right there in public.

        Xena just shrugged though, "I don't know. I do know that the obstacles we encounter can distract me and I want to make sure you know you are everything to me before anything happens to distract me." Xena thought, Oh the neighbors be damned, She stepped closer to her love and lowered her head kissing the light of her life with all the love and passion that was sweeping through her soul. The result was that she picked up the bard and ran to the tavern and up the back steps. There was still time before Terris arrived to allow actions to speak louder then words.

                The End

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