Troubles of Getting Joined
Part 2

by Xenia


This is my sequel to "Troubles of getting joined". Yeah, I know it took me a while to write it down, but I was very busy. But as we like to say in Germany: Better late than never. And I'm happy that I have these newest chapters finished. So now sit back and enjoy. As for the rules, they are the same like in the other story.

I would like to thank some people here: At first Noriko, who helped me editing it, and encouraged me to write this sequel.....thank you my friend. Then to Gabriele who is a very good friend of mine, and helped me when I had no ideas left. Lynka, who was the first person in the internet and encouraged me some years ago to write a Xena story by myself. Thank you my friends.

And last but not least, to all my fans outthere. Without your comments and critics I would be nothing. Thank you all. So enough sweettalking. Lets go on with my story.

Gabrielle wanted to enter the hut, but was stopped from Xena.

"Just one moment, something is missing."

And with a swift motion she took Gabrielle in her arms, and carried her over the threshold.

"That brings luck."

"There can't be more luck for me. I found the love of my life, and married her. I never felt so happy in my whole life, Xena."

"Me neither."

Xena closed the door with her foot, and set Gabrielle down. Gabrielle laid her hand on Xena's cheek and stroked it tenderly.

"My wife.......or my husband?"

Xena had to laugh. She took the hand from Gabrielle and kissed her palm.

"That isn't important. The only thing that counts for me that we are forever bonded and happy."

"Yes, you are right."

Xena took Gabrielle in her arms and kissed her deep and passionate. She just started to undress Gabrielle, as Gabrielle broke the kiss and layed her hand on Xena's.

"Oh no. Not this time. Everytime it was you, who undressed me and then quick herself. Today is different."

Xena raised her eyebrow. But Gabrielle just smiled.

"Trust me. I just want one thing from you. Don't move, while I undress you. And you are not supposed to touch me. You got that?"

Xena could just nod. She was much to excited. Gabrielle went behind Xena and her hands glided from Xena's forearms to her upperarms then to her shoulders, which layed under the cape. Gabrielle pushed the cape to one side and kissed first the right and than the left shoulderblade. Xena closed her eyes to enjoy every moment of this torture and to help herself being under control. Gabrielle's hands wandered to Xenas neck where she massaged the muscles. After that she opened the cape, which landed softly on the ground. Xena's hands clenched into fists so she couldn't grab Gabrielle and make passionate love to her. Gabrielle's lips followed the way of her hands. Xena turned her head to one side, to give Gabrielle better access to her neck. Slowly Gabrielles hands wandered to the fastenings of Xenas leather. She opened one buckle after another, and as all buckles were loosened she let her hands glide in the now free room of the skin. Xena had a very hard time to control herself. Her knees went weak. But Gabrielle went on her trek without mercy. Her hands landed on Xena's shoulders, where she loosened the straps and let them fall down to Xena's arms. Every centimeter of the free skin she kissed tenderly. Xena begun to moan. Her leathers fell down to the ground, and Gabrielle could see Xena's wonderful breasts over her shoulder. Her hands wandered to Xenas breasts and massaged them softly. Her thumb and her forefinger pinched one nipple and Xena breathed deeply.

"Oh Gabrielle, you're making me crazy. I want to touch you."

"Not now. But soon. Until then enjoy every touch. Feel it. Take it."

Gabrielle's hands wandered to Xenas breeches. She stroked the skin above it, but suddenly her hands were inide Xenas breeches. Xena moaned loud. Gabrielle stroked her thighs and she touched very lightly Xena's patch of hairs. It was so hard for Gabrielle to go slowly. Her own juices were flowing and she was very much aroused. She closed her eyes for a moment to come under control and swallowed hard.
She didn't know how long she could play this game. But she was determined to end it.
She helped Xena to get the breeches of her body. Then she leaned all her weight on Xena, so Xena could feel the fine and cold silk on her back. And that drove her crazy.
Gabrielle again kissed Xena's shoulders and her back, before she turned her around. In front of Xenas eyes Gabrielle undressed. Soon they both stood naked, only the wedding gift from Xena was hanging between Gabrielles breasts.

"Now you can touch me."

"With pleasure my love. Now I'm going to show you how much I love you."

Xena took Gabrielle in her arms and kissed her deep. Gabrielle opened her mouth and invited Xena in. Xena took the invitation and soon their tounges battled for dominance in Gabrielles mouth. Gabrielle went a step back and Xena followed her. Still kissing both fell in the bed. Xena layed on top of Gabrielle and her hands wandered Gabrielle's body up and down. Xena let her lips trail to Gabrielles neck. Gabrielle moaned loud. Her hands glided in Xenas dark mane, and she opened her legs so Xena cold lay between them. It was such a wonderful feeling for Gabrielle to feel her warrior on top of her. But suddenly she knew what she almost forgot. She wanted to pleasure Xena this night. So she took the head from Xena in her arms.

"No, not this night. I told you, this night should be something special."

Gabrielle get out from under Xena and went to Argo's saddlebags. There she searched for a while until she found it. In her hands she held three red cloths made from the finest silk. Gabrielle turned around and slowly made her way to Xena.

"Do you trust me?"

Xena swallowed hard. Usually she didn't like it to loose the control about everything. But on the other hand she was in the Amazonvillage, and in this room she was alone with Gabrielle, the woman she loved more than her life, and whom she could trust. So she slowly nodded.

"Alright. I want you to get a hold on the sticks of the bed."

Xena did what she was told. Gabrielle crawled in the bed, and binded Xena with the cloths on the bed. The third cloth she used to bind Xenas eyes. Now only her feets were free, and Gabrielle thought for a moment if she should bind them, too. But she decided against it. To try this, they had their rest of their lifes. So she stood up, and
enjoyed the sight Xena was giving. Xena just had one sense organ left. Her ears. So she tried to hear every movement Gabrielle was making. Slowly Gabrielle came back to bed. She crawled above Xena and kissed her passionate. Xena opened her mouth and her tounges met in an erotic dance. Gabrielle slowly layed her body on top of Xena's, and as she felt Xena's skin under hers she moaned. Xena's breath began to quicken. The whole lovegame aroused her incredible. To be totally under Gabrielle's control, never knowing which spot Gabrielle is going to touch with her lips or her hands. Her whole body was under fire. Gabrielle broke the kiss, and let her lips trail down Xena's neck. She sucked on the spot were she could feel Xenas heart beating. Xena moaned loud and her feet wrapped themselves around Gabrielle. Gabrielle whispered in Xenas ear.

"I love you my warrior, and tonight I'm going to show you how much."

With her toungue she circled Xena's ear, before she let her lips wander down to Xenas breasts. Xena thought she would explode. She just sighed and moaned.

"Oh Gabrielle, this is so wonderful. Don't stop."

"I'm not stopping. So I take it, you like it?"

"Yes," came the replay through clenched teeth.


With these words she kissed Xena again. Without breaking the kiss, her hands went to the cupboard which was standing beside the bed. She opened the drawer and grabbed the surprise for Xena. It was a phallus, carved from the finest wood. Gabrielle bought it in Athens when they had their adventure with Perseus, but she never dared to ask Xena if they could use it. But tonight everything was different. Still kissing deep, she put it on. As Xena felt the phallus touch her thigh, she screamed. But the scream was swallowed by Gabrielles mouth. She knew what was coming now, and only the thought of it brought Xena almost over the edge. Gabrielles hands discovered every centimeter of Xena's body. She was also very aroused. Her hand was wandering slowly to the phallus. She clasped it and guided it to Xenas nub. With circular movements she touched again and again the hard nub. Xena just whimpered. Gabrielle kissed Xenas neck.

"Oh Gods, Gabrielle. Please. I can't hold it out anymore. Please....."

Gabrielle knew what Xena meant, and she also wanted it. So she guided the phallus to Xenas opening and with a slow and tender movement she entered her. Xena screamed loud and her feet wrapped themselve tighter around Gabrielle. Gabrielle felt a light pain but she didn't care about it. She was just too aroused. For a moment she was still, until Xena loosened her grip a little. Slowly Gabrielle begun to move her hips. Xena just felt Gabrielle and her movements. While Gabrielle loved her with long and slow strokes, her hands went on the treck again. She touched just every spot she could reach. It felt so wonderful to love Xena like this. She often imagined it in her mind, but it was so much more. And to know that Xena really let her guard down and completely surrender to Gabrielle was more than she ever dreamed of.
Xena just moaned and sighed. Pearls of sweat were gliding down their bodies. Gabrielle wiped the sweat from Xenas face before she kissed her. Their tongues met and both moaned by this contact. It seems they would kiss for ages, but it was only a passionate moment. Gabrielle let her lips wander to Xena's neck and then to her breast. Without stopping the movements of her hips for a moment, she kissed around Xenas nipple, and took then the whole breast in her mouth to spoil it with her tongue. The second breast she massaged with her hand. Xenas smashed her head from one side to the other. She moved her hips to get more of Gabrielle into her.


Gabrielle understood this, and supported her weight now on her hands, so she could enter Xena deeper. Her movements were getting harder and faster. Xena just moanded and whimpered. But she didn't want nothing more than to touch Gabrielle.

"I want to see and to touch you."

Gabrielle smiled and bend her face to kiss Xena again. While she kissed Xena she loosened the cloths from Xenas hands and her eyes. Within seconds, Xena wrapped her arms around Gabrielle. With all the force she had, she pulled Gabrielle down to kiss her. She didn't ask for entrance in Gabrielles' mouth, she took it. Her hands wandered down to Gabrielle's back then to her buttocks, where she pushed Gabrielle down. Gabrielle support her weight again on her hands, and with all power she pushed the phallus inside. Xena moaned loud, and bit Gabrielle in her shoulder. As she saw Gabrielles breast's, she took the opportunity and massaged them with her hands, then she bend forward and sucked first on one nipple then on the other. Gabrielle let her head fall back and sighed. Her movements were getting faster and harder. Xena support her weight on her hands, and with her toungue she made a wet trail between Gabrielles breasts up to her neck, until she finally reached Gabrielles mouth. This time they kissed for minutes. Gabrielle felt it couldn't be long now, until Xena would explode. She looked deep in Xenas eyes.

"I love you, my darling. Let go. I'm here."

This was all Xena needed. With a loud "GABRIELLE" she screamed her climax out of her body. Then she layed hard breathing back on the bed. Gabrielle stroked over her hair, and whispered words of love in her ear.

"By the gods, Gabrielle that was wonderful. Where did you get the phallus?"

"I bought him when we were in Athens. I hoped you would like it."

"Like it??? That was incredible. I love you so much. Everything you do is wonderful."

And again they kissed. But this time there was no hurry in the kiss. In a short time Xena recovered and wanted to make love to Gabrielle. Of course with the phallus. She turned around, so Gabrielle was underneath her. Her lips wandered to Gabrielles neck. But suddenly Xena was stopped by Gabrielles hand.

"No, please not."

Xena didn't understand.

"Why?? I just want to give you what you gave to me."

"To be honest, it was a little bit exhausting for me and I'm really tired. Please don't be mad, but we have the rest of our lives for it."

"Gabrielle, I could never be mad at you. I understand you. Come here."

"Thank you my warrior."

Xena turned around and took Gabrielle with her. Gabrielle layed her head on Xenas shoulder and her feet wrapped around Xena's. It didn't took long until she could hear Gabrielle's even breathing.

"It seems it was really exhausting for you. But tommorow will come. I promise.
I love you."

She kissed Gabrielle on her still damp face and closed her eyes. It didn't took long and Morpheus had her in his arms too.


Xena opened her eyes, and her first sight was that of blonde hair on her breast. She smiled and stroked softly the hair of her queen. Slowly she crawled out of the embrace of Gabrielle and out of bed. She dressed quickly in her leathers, and opened the door.
Xena greeted the new day with a yawn and stretched. The two Amazones who were the guard for the queen stood a little bit away from the queens hut, but as they saw the queens consort they ran to Xena. Xena grinned from ear to ear as she saw the guard.
She rememberd the remark Ephiny made, as she said Xena would kill any guard who would dare to come nearer the queens hut than 50 steps. Sometimes it is good to be known as the former destroyer of nations.

"Hey, you two. Come here. You can do your queen and me a great favor."

"Anything you want, Warrior Princess."

Xena had to grin again, as she heard the title the Amazon gave her. She was just in a too good mood to argue about it, so she smiled to the two gurads and told them what to do.

After the guards left their posts, Xena went back to their hut to wait for the things the guards should get for Xena. She stood near the bed, and her eyes wandered over the body of the beautful woman she married yesterday. She didn't want to be anywhere else. Xena swallowed hard as she thought how easy she could had lost this luck. A low knock on the door interrupted her thoughts, and she went to the door. Six Amazones came in with different objects. They put everything on the table, and went out again without making a noise. They could hear a little "thanks" coming from Xena. Since everything was here, what Xena needed, she prepared everything. Because she wanted everything perfect without any disturbing. Then she climbed out of her leathers again, washed herself, and went back to bed to her wife. Gabrielle growled as she felt the cool body of the warrior on her naked back. But she adapted her body to the posture of Xenas body. Xena looked to Gabrielle's abdomen and thought about what happened.
'Soon we are going to be a family. Everything I ever wished is coming true. I have a wife I love more than everything else in this world, and soon I'm going to be a mother'.
Suddenly panic overcame her. What if the child would be a target to her enemies. Would she able to protect the child and Gabrielle? But as Gabrielle skretched more into Xenas body, every thought was forgotten. She knewd she would do anything to protect her family. Gabrielle grunted happy, and get closer with her body to Xena. Xena had to use all her breathing techniques, so she wouldn't ravish Gabrielle right now. She planned everything so good, and now she risked everything because of her passion for this woman. She breathed deep, and tried to relax. That wasn't so easy, since Gabrielle buttocks rubbed on Xenas sex and drove her more crazy than ever. Her breath quickened and her blood rushed through her veins. By the gods, she wanted only one thing, to love this woman, right now. Her hands wanderd over the skin of her wife, and she moaned. She shoved her hips nearer to Gabrielle buttocks, and as she smelled Gabrielles hair, all walls broke down, and she sucked on Gabrielles neck. Gabrielle moaned and was suddenly awake. She felt the circular movements Xena made behind her and she grinned to herself.

"Hmm, you can wake me this way more often."


Xena turned Gabrielle around and kissed her. Both tongues met and played with each other. Xenas hands wandered over the warm body of her bard. After some minutes the two broke hard breathing apart.

"Good morning, my warrior."

"Good morning to you, too my queen. How are you and our little one?"

Xena touched the abdomen from Gabrielle and smiled.

"Well, we are feeling wonderful. Thanks for asking."

Again they met for a passionate kiss, as a loud growl interrupted them, and they looked both to Gabrielles stomack and laughed.

"It seems you are always hungry."

"Yeah, but most of the times after you."

said Gabrielle and pulled Xena to her to conquer her lips. But the growling was getting louder and louder. And the warrior knew that a satisfied Amazon Queen could hold more out in lovemaking. Grinning she turned away from Gabrielle and sat up.

"I have here something to satisfie your stomach before I satisfie you."

"Hmmm, looks like you have something on your mind, don't you?"

"Well I owe you one, if you can remember."

"And what are your plans?"

"Wait and you will open your mouth and eat."

Xena put a piece of nutbread with fresh cheese in her mouth and watched how delightful Gabrielle closed her eyes to enjoy these piece of bread. Xena smiled.


Xena knew, that only meal exist now for Gabrielle and she took the next piece of bread from the plate and layed it in Gabrielles mouth. Gabrielle closed her mouth around the fingers from the warrior and didn't let them go. The green eyes looked cunning. Xena felt how the bread vanished from her fingers, and a tongue gliding over her fingertips. The warrior shivered by this tender touch.

"Are you satisfied?"

Gabrielle released her fingers and said chewing.

"No.....please give me something to drink, it seems I have a crumb in my throat."

Xena took the mug and Gabrielle wanted to take it out of the Warriors hand.

"Nononono, I told you I wanted to to anything for you today. So I'm going to give the mug to you."

Gabrielle looked a little flustered to Xena, she didn't thought that Xena would go this far, and she grinned by the idea what would happen today, before she felt a mug on her lips and the fresh milk running down her throat.
The rest of the meal went without any words of Xena and Gabrielle. But even a pregnant bard was satisfied soon, and so Xena put the plate away. Gabrielle was really satisfied. Only one hunger wasn't stilled, and so she went forward to kiss Xena, but Xena stopped her with a hand.

" queen, seems you didn't get the rules, did you?"

Xenas hands grabbed Gabrielle and hold them with one hand behind Gabrielles back. The warrior pulled Gabrielle to her and kissed her passionate.

"What do you want?"


Xena smiled and softly stroked Gabrielles cheek.

"I want to know, what we're going to do now?"

Gabrielle grinned back and thought what she would answer, she knew Xena.
If it wasn't the right answer, Xena would play this game again and again.

"Alright. Since you are asking, I have to go to a place were even Amazon Queens wen alone, and than I want to refresh myself a little. It was a strenuous night."

Well, that wasn't the answer Xena expected. She looked a little sad, but nodded and leaved the hands from Gabrielle. The naked bard vanished behind a partition and Xena went to the wash basin and checked if everything was here.
Gabrielle went to Xena and looked at her.

"And what now?"

Xena stood Gabrielle in a little tub, who was to little to sit down. Than the warrior took one of the jugs and poured it slowly over Gabrielles head. Gabrielle sighed happily, the water had just the right temperature. Then Xena grabbed the soap and begun to clean Gabrielle with little circular motions. The Amazon Queen moaned low and a shiver ran down her spine. Xenas hands massaged every muscle of Gabrielles body, but she leaved the spot between her legs and her breasts untouched. Gabrielle grabbed on the sides of the basin, fearing she would loose her balance without it.
Even Xena hadn't touched her in a sexual way, she was aroused beyond living. Her hips started to move, she just moaned and her head was thrown back. Her eyes were closed. She sighed.

"What are you doing to me?"

"Only what you like."

"Yes, please continue."

Xena bend over to Gabrielle and suckled on her earlob. With a voice this with desire she whispered.

"What should I do my Queen? Tell me."

Gabrielle gasped.

"Please Xena. Take me. I can't hold it out any longer."

Xena smiled, took the next jug and poured it over Gabrielle. As every bit of soap rinsed down from the Queen, Xena layed her lips on Gabrielles shoulders and kissed her wetness away. Gabrielle shivered by this touch, she couldn't hold out any longer, and she grabbed the black mane from the warrior to guide her lips to her. As their lips met, both moaned. Xena pushed herself in Gabrielle and put her thigh between Gabrielles thighs. Gabrielle was being caught between the wash basin and the stone hard muscle of the warrior. The bard clinged to the wash basin. She moaned loud as Xena moved her hips, and the strong hands of the warrior grabbed her buttocks to push her harder into her. The basin shake under this unusual movement, and since the movements of the two were getting more fierce the table was shoved away, and the two almost fell down. Xena lifted Gabrielle in her arms and layed her laughing on the bed.

"I don't want anything happen to you."

"Well, I guess it would be pretty stupid to explain."

Gabrielle said smiling and sucked deep on Xenas throat. Slowly Xena laid on top of Gabrielle and supported most of her weight on her arms.

"Well, where were we?"

"I think here....."

said Gabrielle and pulled Xena down for a kiss. Both get lost in the kiss, and suddenly the had to break apart to get some much needed air in their lungs.

"Are...we...going to do this....for the rest....of our lives?"

"I hope....until we forget to breath."

Xena grinned and bend her head down, to tongue Gabrielles neck. Gabrielle growled deep in her throat and made a trail with her fingernails over Xenas back. Xena moaned deep and bite Gabrielle in her shoulder, and Gabrielle sighed. Now there was no holding back for both and they began to ravish each other. But Xena was always a little faster than Gabrielle. She took the wrists of the Queen with one hand and layed them above the head of Gabrielle. Breathless she looked deep in Gabrielles eyes.

"I'm going to satisfie you, I already told you that, or didn't you understand anything?"

"Yes I understand. But I want to touch you, feel you. You're driving me crazy."

Xena stroked with her free hand the cheek of the bard and whispered tender.

"Oh yes, I love it to be touched by you. But today I want to spoil you, you should be happy like never before in your life. You shouldn't forget this day, this hour. Everytime you think of our wedding night, you will remember this morning. Do you understand?"

Gabrielle looked like hypnotized in the bright blue eyes of the warrior, these words spoken so urgent, hit her total unprepared and she felt like she was strucked by a thunderbolt. She swallowed hard, before she answered.


What had Xena in her mind?

"Good my love, I want you to turn around."

Surprised Gabrielle looked at Xena. Xena just raised her eyebrow. Gabrielle did what she was told.

"On your stomach."

Gabrielle was more surprised than ever. But she layed on her stomach anyway. Xena had to grin by the look on Gabrielles face, but she continued. Xena get some ropes out of Argo's saddlebag and went back to the bed. She took the hands and feets of Gabrielle and bind her to the bed. She nudged the legs apart, before she bind them to the bed. After that she layed on top of Gabrielle and whispered in her ear.

"If there is something you don't like.....please tell me...or I will go on."

Gabrielle was much to aroused to answer. So she just nodded. It wasn't uncomfortable. The opposite was it. Xena bend down and kissed Gabrielles neck.

"You smell so good, my Queen and your skin is so soft."

Gabrielle moaned by this words and the touches of Xena. Xenas lips wandered down, and her hands glided up and down Gabrielles body to discover every centimeter. In between she grabbed the phallus out of the drawer and put it on. All without knowing of Gabrielle. As she was finished she layed her whole weight onto Gabrielle. Gabrielle just whimpered. She just wanted to touch Xena, but she couldn't. So she just enjoyed every touch from Xena. Xena was aroused, she could hardly wait to love Gabrielle. She kissed her way to Gabrielles neck than to her earlobe and whispered.

"I'm going to love you now, like no one loved you before."

And with these words she entered Gabrielle. Gabrielle screamed loud and begun to read as far as the ropes would allow it. Xena get scared with this emotional outburst from Gabrielle.

"Is everything alright with you. Did I hurt you?"

"Oh gods, no. You could never hurt me. It just feels so wonderful. Please don't stop."

Xena grinned and started moving her hips. While she moved her hips, she supportet her weight on her hands, so she had a good view to Gabrielles wonderful back. Gabrielle lifted her head and turned around. Xena bend down and kissed Gabrielle. She layed everything she felt for this woman in this kiss. Her lips wandered down to Gabrielles neck than to her shoulderblades.


Xena knew what Gabrielle wanted and she moved her hips faster. Sweat begun to build on her forehead. She layed completely on Gabrielle again, and her hands grabbed them from Gabrielle. Her strokes were getting more fierce and deeper. Gabrielle just whimpered and moaned. Their hands entwined. Gabrielle layed her head to one side again, and Xena layed her cheek on Gabrielles. Gabrielle could feel the hot and ragged breath from Xena on her skin. She could feel the arousing of the warrior with each thrust of the toy inside her. Xena grunted with each stroke she gave to Gabrielle. Sweat were pouring down their bodies. Xenas thrust were coming hard now. She could feel that it wouldn't took long until Gabrielle would come. She moved her hips just one time more. With a loud "XENA" Gabrielle screamed her climax. Xena and Gabrielle were laying on top of one another for quite a time, hard breathing. Slowly Xena removed herself from Gabrielle, what got another moan from Gabrielle as the phallus was pulled out from inside her. After Xena breathed normal again, she stood and loosened the ropes from Gabrielles arms and legs. After that she layed on the bed again and took Gabrielle with her. Gabrielle was still speechless. But as well known, it wouldn't took long for the bard to caught her tongue again.

"Xena, that was wonderful. I love you so much my warrior."

Xena just smiled.

"I love you too, my bard. And that was something I wanted to doe for quite some time."

"Well yeah, I guess it was. So it was a good idea to buy this phallus, or?"

"Yeah, a very good idea. But we shouldn't forget the conventional ways."

"Hmm, you're right."

"Try to sleep a little bit Gabrielle. After that we should go and look after Iokaste."

Gabrielle nodded and was very fast asleep in the arms of Xena. Even Xena didn't took long until she was claimed again in the land of Morpheus.

But this sleep didn't last long. Because suddenly you could hear a scream outside.

"XENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!QUICK!!!!!!!!!COME OUT!!!!!!!!"

Xena and Gabrielle were awake within seconds and wanted to run outside, but Gabrielle held Xena back.

"Ahm, Xena if I were you, I would put this thing off before you go out. And we should dress."

Xena looked down and blushed. Than she put the Phallus of.
Again Ephinys voice came to the huts of Xena and Gabrielle.


The voice of Ephiny sounded really despaired. Xena and Gabrielle dressed quickly and went outside. On the way Ephiny came. Gabrielle asked what happened that Ephiny need to scream so loud.

"Why I scream like that??? Look to my hut and you will know."

Xena and Gabrielle turned around to Ephinys hut. They thought they couldn't trust their eyes. Instead of the roof they saw the head of Iokaste. She growed again overnight. Now she was a half head bigger than the hut. If the thing wasn't so serious, Xena and Gabrielle would had start to laugh out loud. She ran in Ephiny hut, and there was the next problem. How should they become the dragon out, without destroying the whole hut. While Xena, Gabrielle and Ephiny thought about it, they heard a little whimper. Xena looked to Iokaste.

"What is it, darling?"

A low sob was heard.

"I'm so sorry, Poppy that I destroyed the hut from Ephiny. I didn't want to to that."

"It's alright. It wasn't your fault. No one could know that you are growing so fast. We just have you to get out of here."

Tenderly Xena stroked Iokaste and thought. Suddenly an idea appeared in her mind. Iokaste had wings. And that means if Iokaste grows, her wings also grows. Maybe she could just fly out of here. Xena told all the idea. But only Iokaste seems to agree to the idea.

"Are you sure, that this is a good idea?" asked Gabrielle with an incredulous face.

"Do you have a better idea?? I would love to hear it."

But Gabrielle and Ephiny had no other idea. With a smile on her lips Xena said.

"Well....anyway....nothing can happen."

Xena went to Iokaste again and told her what to do. Iokaste just nodded and moved her wings. At first slowly and then faster. Slowly a fierde wind came in the hut, who became fast a storm. As Iokaste finally began to fly a hurricane
raged in Ephinys hut. Gabrielle, Xena and Ephiny were thrown in an edge of the room, and the furnitures flew through the air. But as fast as it came, it was gone. Xena crawled first from the edge in the middle of the room. Than she helped Gabrielle and Ephiny. Ephiny looked desperate around in her hut.

"Gods, that will take days until everything is alright again."

With a look that could kill she looked to Xena. But she just turned around quickly and went outside.

"I have to look after Iokaste."

Gabrielle and Ephiny followed her outside, and then stopped dead in her tracks beside Xena. From every single hut the roof was missing. They layed sprayed across the whole village. All Amazones were standing outside their huts and looked bewildered to their missing roofs. Ephiny clapsed her hands above her hand.

"I can't believe this. This can't be true."

She went to Xena, raised her eyebrow and said sarcastic.

"You were right, Xena. Nothing can happen. EXCEPT THAT ALL THE AMAZONES HAVE NO ROOF!!!!!!!"

The last sentence she screamed so loud, that her voice doubled over. Xena looked to her and couldn't surpress a smile.

"Ephiny think positive. It is summer and now all Amazones can watch in the night the stars without climbing out of their bed. That is wonderful, don't you think?"


Ephiny was short before a collapse. Xena noticed it, and smiled to Gabrielle.

"Gabrielle I think it is time to bring Iokaste back to her real parents. We will go the next candlemark."

Gabrielle just nodded, and made her way to their hut to prepare for this long trip.

Ephiny waited until Gabrielle was out of their sight and wen to Xena.

"Xena, do you think this is the right thing for Gabrielle in her condition?"

Xena thought short about it, and went then without saying a word to the royal hut.

"No Problem Xena, I loved it to help you."

Ephiny breathed deep, and went to some Amazones to talk how they could repair their huts.

Xena went through the door and saw that Gabrielle was finished packing all their belongings.

"Gabrielle we should talk."

"If you want to talk about, that I should stay here, than save your breath. I come with you."

"But Darling. You are pregnant."

"Yes, I'm pregnant not bed-ridden."

"Do you know, how long we will stay away?"

"In the book stood 2 days to the east then 2 days to the south. That isn't very long. And even if it would take us longer I wouldn't change my mind. Yes I know that maybe the child will come when we are on our trip, or I will get it on the island of the dragons. That doesn't matter Xena, as long as I can stay with you. That is all that counts."

Gabrielle went to Xena and wrapped her hands around Xenas hips. She layed her head on Xenas shoulder.

"I love you. Don't leave me behind."

That was something that Xena couldn't resist. She took Gabrielle in her arms.

"I don't leave you behind. But we will travel slowly. And if you feel bad, then I want you to tell it to me. We can make a break than. Is this clear?"

Gabrielle kissed Xena and nodded.

"Yes, alright mommy."



"I love you too. Come on lets go."

After everything was packed Gabrielle and Xena went outside. Xena saddled Argo and stuffed everything on her. Gabrielle went to Ephiny to inform her about their leaving. Ephiny gave Gabrielle some tips about being pregnant. Then they went all to Xena, who was sitting already on Argo. Xena helped Gabrielle climg up, than they said their good-byes to Ephiny and all others. Soon they were on their way in the forest to get Iokaste. She was waiting on a clearing for her parents. As they finally arrived Iokaste ran to them. Well with her height it didn't take long for her.

"Mommy, Poppy. Where are we going?"

Xena climbed down from Argo and went to Iokaste. Gabrielle waited for a heartbeat and went then climbed down too.

"Iokaste, Mommy and I have to take you back sooner as we thought. You are growing so fast. And we don't want anything to happen to you. And on the island you are safe. Their are many of your kind."

Iokaste looked very sad, but she understood. Gabrielle went to Iokaste and stroked her arm.

"It will take us some time until we are on the island. And we will visit you very often later. Because you have to see your sister."

Iokaste smiled and nodded.

"Yes, you are right. So come on lets go."

With these words Iokaste stomped away. But with each step from her the earth was shaking. Xena looked to Gabrielle and shouted to Iokaste.

"Iokaste I think it is better when you are flying. Because the earth is shaking under your steps, and it will be different for Argo to keep her balance. And you could warn us soon enough if enemies will come. Is this alright with you?"

"I can warn you?? Is this a important mission?"

"Yes, very important, because of mommys condition."

"Yes, you are right. Of course. I will fly and watch over the land."

Iokaste spread her wings and started to move them. Again a big storm came up, but because of the clearing nothing did happen. After some strokes Iokaste was in the air. Xena and Gabrielle stroked their whirled hairs. Than they went back to Argo. Xena helped Gabrielle again in the saddle, and so they were on their way to the Island of the dragons.

So. This was my sequel to "Troubles of getting joined". It will take me some time to write the newest story where Xena and Gabrielle will take the little dragon back. But I will do as fast as I can. I promise. Anyway I can use a little help from you. Since I wasn't pregnant I don't know what can happen, how you feel, what you are really eating, if your mood is changing from one second to the other. So please help me all. Write to me, so I can write another story of mine. Thank you very much for your help.

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