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Mel Pappas felt the heat of a flush spread on the coolness of her pale, smooth Southern skin. She realised she had unconsciously placed her right hand against her chest, above her rapidly beating heart. She cleared her throat and spoke to the beautiful blonde archaeologist whose earnest green eyes gazed back at her.

"Oh please get up, Janice," Mel breathed. "It wouldn't be nice if people saw you like this."

"So do I take that as a 'Yes'?" Janice asked huskily on bended knee, a bouquet of expensive flowers flown from Holland grasped awkardly in one hand while the other offered a grand engagement ring, an exquisite mix of platinum and gold. Very beautiful, very grand, very expensive.

"Of course I do, Janice dear," the Southerner burst out passionately as the stout Yankee stood up. Mel blinked back tears of happiness as Janice slid the ring easily unto Mel's finger. "I love you, Janice."

"I love you too, my dear Mel," the tanned archaeologist smiled at the beautiful woman before her. It had been merely months since the first time they'd met but things had gone well for the two of them. Janice, with a huge grand swell of heart, was more than happy that the beautiful Melinda Pappas was now her fiancee.

"It's beautiful," Mel gushed as sunlight revealed the brillance of the engagement band, reflecting light on the gorgeous gold and platinum highlights. The ring had their initials finely engraved on its inside.

"You're beautiful," Janice smiled as she touched the side of Melinda's face, caressing her soft, smooth cheek. "So beautiful."

An abrupt shuffle of feet and a cough alerted her that someone was behind her. Janice swirled around, angry at being interrupted. She realised it was Mohd, one of the Marcedonian locals working for her that she knew she could rely on.

"Covington," Mohd addressed his boss with his shaky English.

"What is it Mohd?" Janice frowned. Had to be bad news. The guy didn't look that good. He was pale and sweat beaded at his lower lip. His fingers were trembling a bit too.

"Bombs hit site in South dig again," Mohd gestured wildly with his hands something which seemed to Mel like grapefruits falling from the sky.

"Goddamn Nazis," Janice swore. She gave a nod to indicate she understood and the little man scurried out.

"It's the Nazis?" Mel made a statement more than a question. The Nazis had been bombing the lands since a week ago but recently the bombings had been more frequent. Some silly locals had taught the gods were out to punish them for unearthing ancient treasures, much to Janice's chagrin.

"Yes," Janice sighed as she shook her head in disgust. "Those goddamed bastards again. How I wish I could give them back their #@%$*&! shit."

Mel blushed at Janice's foul language but said nothing of it. She was rather used to the blonde woman's use of colourful language by now. As Janice was to her habit of sleeping in the nude during the hot season. Not that Janice minded it one bit, really.

"Mel, I need to talk to you about something," Janice said suddenly, facing the blue eyed beauty as she continued her serious tone. "You may not like it but but I wish you'd agree because I know it's best for you."

"What is it Janice?" Mel asked, suddenly afraid. As long as she wasn't going to send her away...

"I need you to go back and stay home until the war is over," Janice pleaded as she held Mel by her sides. "I don't want to worry about you."

"But what about you Janice?" Mel questioned, a quivering pout forming on her full red lips. "You're not going to stay here while the bombings are going on, are you?"

"Mel, someone's got to stay here," Janice stubbornly injected.

"Then why can't the two of us stay?" Mel argued with equal stubborness.

"You don't under-," Janice dropped her head, shaking her head miserably before looking back up again at Mel with sad liquidated green eyes. "Mel, I don't want anything happening to you. If anything ...happens, I'll blame myself. The Nazis might come down here. They're bastards. They'd rape, kill, anything. It's a war, Mel."

"But-" Mel began but Janice shut her off.

"I'm sure I'll be able to handle this," Janice squeezed her hand. "But it's you I'm worried about. So please, for my sake, go home. It'll be safe there. I'll send for you once the coast is clear."

Mel felt the fight in her decline. She nodden her head sullenly. "All right."

"Thank you," Janice grasped her hands and brought them to her lips. It hurt her too, that she had to send Mel away but it was for her good. For Mel's safety.


Melinda paced the house for the hundredth time that morning. It had been three agonising weeks since she left Marcedonia and her darling Yank. It had also been three days since Janice wrote to her. Something had to be wrong. She hadn't got a message from the archaeologist who wrote to her daily.

"Madam," Robbie the new butler informed her crisply in his smart uniform. "I just checked- postal service has been disrupted due to the war."

For the first time in her twenty nine years, Mel swore.


Janice should have heeded Mohd's persistant begging for her to evacuate the site. But she wouldn't. Nothing would make her leave. She couldn't bear to leave their findings.

"Are you crazy?" She yelled at the man. The waiting vehicle full of scrambling yelling locals was outside her tent, impatiently waiting to leave the area.

"No! YOU are crazy!" Mohd wailed when he realised his boss was not budging. The German warplanes could be heard over them and bomb shells started dropping.

"Too late! Too late!" Mohd screamed as the ground shook beneath them. There was a giant blast that ripped apart the tent and Janice felt a great pain hit her before her world went black.


25 years later...

Melinda Pappas sipped her tea wearily as she gazed out of her window. She had been staring out of it for the last twenty odd years. She had watched the lush green meadow grow, its flowers blooming. She had watched men clear the green away and in its place, tarred a road. She had watched for the postman every day for decades now, while she waited for her mail.

Janice Covington. The name sounded so full of mystery now. Almost as if the brave young rebel she'd known in her younger days had been a mere frigment of her imagination. But it was not. And she knew that too.

She still wore the lovely engagment ring Janice had given her the week she had left Marcedonia. It was her greatest treasure, the best gift anyone had offered her. She wore it on her finger still and cherished it.

She had cried during those lonely nights, especially when it rained. She had no idea if the couragous Yankee she had given her heart to was still alive or dead. If she was still alive, why than hadn't she written? If she was dead, then...

Melinda closed her eyes wearily. She told herself she would cry no more. She had wept and mourned for the past twenty five years. All for a woman she'd lost during the war.

She saw from her window, the postman as he cycled up the drive. During the years she'd sat by her window in the early afternoons, she'd noted there had been three postmen. When one died, the other came. They were all from the same family. Funny how they resembled each other, all so tall and handsome.

Her heart started its rapid dance of hope as she eyed Henry pass the mail to Robbie, her dear butler. It could be the usual bills. Or it could be a letter from Janice. Melinda set her teacup down and clasped her feeble old hands in a silent prayer.

As normal, Robbie climbed the stairs a moment later and knocked on the strong oak door polietly. Upon her 'come in', Robbie stepped into his mistress' room and shut the door.

He was dressed in his smart suit as usual. His snow white hair that had once been an inky black was combed neatly. His blue eyes twinkled merrily out from his pruney face as he beamed when he passes Mel an oddly familiar blue coloured envelope.

"Thank you Robbie," Melinda said as the loyal worker nodded his head, making his way out of the door. Her trembling hands worked on opening the envelope.Something fluttered in her stomach, and all senses screamed that it had to be a letter from Janice. But was it just too good to be true?

She unfolded the neatly typed letter and started reading after putting on her reading glasses. She cleared her throat and read its contents.

Dearest Mel,
It has been a long time. I'm truly sorry I hadn't written all this while but I had been ashamed to let you know that I was alive. Something happened to me during the war. Something bad that changed me. Back then I decided to end our correspondence even though I'd recited your address by heart. I thought it would be best that you remembered me as the Janice Covington that had been young, bold and strong. Not this broken old useless thing now.
You must be married by now. How many grandchildren do you have? I wish to see you again, Mel. I've thought of you always. All this time. Every night I've dreamt of you. You are still beautiful to me. Please come.
J. C.

Melinda willed herself to stop the tears. Tears she's sworn to herself she'd never again weep but it was no use. They kept coming. She crushed the precious piece of paper to her chest and cried until she was weak.

"Oh Janice!" She cried. Janice Covington had been alive all these years and evading her! She felt anger, relief and want all together. She checked the address on the paper. It was one of a hospital for the elderly. Melinda called out for her butler immediately. She couldn't wait to see Janice Covington again.


Robbie insisted on going with her even though his back wasn't very good. They took a plane and then a taxi to the hospital. It had been quite expensive but with Melinda's inherited wealth, it wasn't a problem.

"You're excited at seeing her again, aren't you?" Robbie asked kindly as he eyed his edgy mistress beside him.

"Oh Robbie, I'm a nervous wreck," Melinda confessed, a hand upon her chest as she tried calming herself down. "It has been so long."

The butler's eyes smiled with understanding as Mel's ring gleamed brillantly in the passing sunlight. The taxi stopped outside the hospital and they got out,Robbie handling their two luggages even though Melinda objected.

They walked into the bright, cheery place and asked the nurse where they could find Janice. The young nurse smiled at the name as if Janice had been a favourite around. Melinda would be surprised if a Yankee like Janice hadn't been a hit.

The cheery redhead smiled as she showed the elderly couple to the sunny garden where a small group of elderly residents sat in comfortable garden chairs around a small fair haired woman of around seventy who was at the center of their amused attention.

Melinda knew who she was immediately. Twenty years worth of wrinkles did nothing to change Janice's appealing charisma. Janice Covington was still as spritely and dramatic as ever. Her voice rang clear and alive amidst her entertained audience. Observing her, Mel realised there was something wrong with her eyes. Those green gems had lost their sparkle. Janice was blind.

The group burst into raw laughter at something Janice had said. Mel smiled fondly at the small woman in the limelight. So much like Gabrielle the talented Amazon bard from Potedaia.

The small crowd started disbanding when Janice grabbed her stick and started out for a lone walk in the garden. Melinda started out after her. Janice heard a scurry of footsteps behind her on the grass and turned her head quizzically around. "What's the hurry, honey?"

Mel paused for a breather before her, her heart racing as she took in the beautiful sight of her lost love she had not seen for 25 agonising years. Melinda felt a strong urge to hold her close and evaporate the decades between them instantly.

Janice froze for a minute, her nose inhaling the familiar perfume Mel had loyally used since before she'd even met her. Melinda saw her hand tremble and her stick fall. Tears started to form and dampen her green eyes. Janice's lower lip trembled and she whispered Mel's name.

"Mel?" Janice swallowed as she reached her hands out before her. "Is that you?"

Melinda snatched her hands immediately and smiled as tears ran down her cheeks. "Yes Janice, it's me."

Janice gave a brillant grin, but still a shadow of her original self. "Mel!" She engulfed the dark haired woman before her in a tight embrace as the two wept tears of relish at the sense of touch they had been longing for decades.

Arms wrapped around each other for what seemed like forever, they finally pulled away when Robbie walked up and stood beside his mistress. Janice heard his heavy manish footsteps and looked up, a blush on her face. She looked down as if guilty of a crime. "You brought him?"

"He insisted on coming along," Mel laughed lightly at her butler. "Robbie has been very good to me all these years."

"Oh." Janice sounded weary suddenly, withdrawn. But all that disappeared in an instant. Her face perked up suddenly although the sparkle in her eye that had been there a moment ago had dimmed. "Mel, will you take me to Sara? I'm going to book out today and spend the time with you. Just you Mel." Janice paused, looking at Robbie's direction with her chin slightly tilted. "Sorry about
that Robbie."

"Sure Janice," Melinda smiled as she helped her pick up her stick. The fair haired woman smiled when their fingers touched briefly.

Robbie nodded with a smile. "Very well, I'll arrange our bookings at the hotel then pick you here at nine?"

"That would be fine Robbie, thank you," Mel said as she linked arms with Janice. Robbie watched with a knowing smile, the two women who shared a chemistry which was more than just close sisters as they made their way to the matron's office. Such a sweet couple, he chuckled.


The Matron agreed but warned Mel to take good care of their precious Covington. Janice was almost childish at the Matron's nagginess like she would have been twenty years ago. Mel laughed inwardly. Some things just never change.

"Bah!" Janice exclaimed when they shut the door to the office. She shook her head with a hint of a smirk on her lips. "Sara can be such a nag sometimes. Besides, what can two women in their fifties do? Rob a bank or sumthing?"

Melinda smiled as she took hold of Janice's free hand. She saw that she used her seeing stick with ease. Did she loose her sight during the war? Must have been.

They walked hand in hand down the street, to a coffee house which Janice declared as the ultimate coffee place. They settled themselves comfortably and ordered their drinks. Their drinks promptly came and they began catching up on their twenty five years of lost speech.

"I was angry at you," Melinda confessed as Janice stirred her coffee. "I was so worried Janice. I didn't know if you were dead or alive. I didn't know what to think."

Melinda adjusted her glasses, a habit she still did from time to time. She touched the fair haired woman's hand. "Tell me Janice, why didn't you write?"

Janice was silent for awhile, her eyes staring off into vacant space that she could not see. She had not seen light for over two decades anyway. And most of all, unable to see Mel's face again. But rather, only live in her memory.

"I couldn't," Janice said simply as she placed her spoon down on the saucer. "I was too weak. I was hurt quite badly then. And because of me too, Mohd and the rest lost their lives when the bombs hit. I had been so stubborn. I refused to leave. Mohd pleaded and begged but nothing could buldge me. Then the Nazi shells fell.

"One hit the van the men were in. Another fell some distance away from my tent. Mohd blocked me from its full effects and he died. I woke up finally, and thought it was dark but then when they found me, I realised I was blind.

"I guess I was lucky the Nazis never found me. Maybe they did go through the place but I was unconscious and they thought me dead. I was brought back home and spent years in institutions. I nearly lost my sanity. It took me years to get used to the fact that I will never see again.

"It pained me so much Mel, that I could never see you again. I wanted you to remember me then as the young, courageous archaeologist that never feared anything. Not some broken thing who was useless without her sight. I thought... it would be better you forgot me and got married. And carried on without me."

Janice swallowed and picked up her cup, bring it to her dry lips as her tears fell from her green eyes into her dark drink.

Melinda had been silent all this while but suddenly clentched her fists. "How could you?" She demanded. "How could you think of that?"

"For twenty five years Janice, I have waited for a reply that would tell me if you were dead or alive. Never a day passed without me even thinking of you and every night in my dreams, you were in it. I'd worn this ring all these years wondering when you'd be back in my arms. Janice, and here you are telling me it would be better to forget you?"

Melinda sobbed as she shook her head miserably. "I couldn't."

Janice gripped her cup carefully. "But you're married... just now, your husband Robbie..?"

"Robbie is my butler!" Melinda exclaimed, horrifed that Janice had thought them married with kids, grandkids and great grandchildren.

Janice Covington looked blank for a second when all realisation hit her like a truck filled with bricks. She blinked eyes that could not see. "You mean you're not..."

"Of course not, Janice!" Melinda threw her arms around her. "I've been waiting for you all these years."

For decades, Janice actually smiled a genuinely happy smile. She crushed Mel with all her might. I'd been such a fool, she thought. As they pulled apart, her hand accidentally brushed past Mel's hand and she felt the ring she'd given her back then. It brought happy tears to her eyes.

"Come here," Janice whispered. "Let me feel your face."

Melinda leaned forward, her face inches away from hers. Janice's hesistant hands trembled uppward and Mel helped guide them to her face. She smiled upon the contact with Mel's skin as her hands felt around, fingers and palms reminising her lover's beautiful features.

Mel sighed as Janice lovingly ran her fingers across her eyelids, felt her cheeks, her chin and her lips. It had been so long. They had wasted so much time, both realised.

Melinda checked her watch. It was almost five. She touched Janice's cheek as she gazed into her soft green eyes. "Janice, I... I'm going to book us a room. Do you... should I..."

"Yes Mel, do it," Janice smiled in encouragement as she kissed her hand. "Then let's get the hell outta here and get unto the serious stuff."

Mel smiled as she pulled out a generous bill before leaving with Janice. They hailed a taxi and told him to send them to a nice, comfortable hotel where they could get a room.

The taxi brought them to a grand hotel and Mel tipped him handsomely for his fine tastes. A part of her was glad Janice couldn't see the place. The lavish place would have made her vehemently object. But Mel could afford it and a little expensive tastes wouldn't hurt.

Mel got them a fine suite on an expensive floor and they went up the elavator happily, lacing fingers as they walked. Mel opened the door to the room and guided Janice to the wide four-poster king sized bed.

Janice flopped on the bed and lay there on her stomach. She mumbled through the sheets. "This is SO comfortable."

"It is," Melinda agreed. A suite charging $800 a night had to be. She drew the curtains and instantly, the room darkened. Janice was oblivious to it as she sat up, waiting for Mel to join her.

The dark haired woman sat down beside her and smiled fondly as she felt her face. She could feel the small scars Janice had gotten during the war. Mel traced her fingers gently over Janice's closed lids,her finger pads brushing across her lover's lovely eyelashes and across her dark brows. They went past her lips, taking in their shapely softness before her own lips felt them.

They pulled together in a strong, deep, hungry kiss. Their twenty five years apart had taken its toil on their want for each other. And now was then. Janice unbuttoned Mel's blouse while Mel pulled over Janice's green cashmere sweater. Mel's long black skirt and Janice's red slacks fell to the floor and their underwear went next.

Janice pulled her lover to bed with her and they slid in between the sheets, the wonderful feeling of skin against skin making them hunger for more.

Janice allowed her hands to roam its course around Melinda's soft body, taking in its womanly curves and contours. She had waited so long, almost forever for this.

She felt around Mel's right breast, her fingers stroking it before teasing the nipple when it reached the hard nub of flesh. Janice used her lips to feel for Mel's left breast, planting kisses as she went along. Beneath her, Mel gasped and begged for more.

They finally found her left nipple and as her fingers worked their magic on Mel's right breast, her tongue and teeth played on her left one. She gave slow, deliberate strokes using her tongue which gave Mel lovely shivers up her spine.

Grinding her pelvic bone gently at first against Mel's, Janice gradually fastened the movement and Mel went along. Janice's fingers travelled down her lover's body. Past her navel, past the curls of hair and down to Mel's hot center.

"You're wet," Janice exclaimed mischievously, a cheeky grin on her lips and her green eyes twinkling as her finger slid in. It came out wet and Janice brought it to her lips, relishing every drop of her partner's juices.

Melinda moaned as she watched Janice flick out her tongue to taste her. Janice ran her tongue up and down, her eyes full of love as her tongue did their job perfectly. She thrusted her tongue inside suddenly and Melinda gasped. It went in deeper and deeper and until she came all over Janice's mouth.

With a growl that earned an amused grin from Janice, Mel flipped her back into bed before straddling her. She kissed her lips, only to find herself and taste her musk upon Janice's tongue as it slide past her lips.

Mel massaged Janice's breasts with her hands, her thumbs flicking across her nipples which got harder and harder before being gradually erect. Janice moaned as Mel took a hard nipple into her mouth and suckled at it, her tongue rolling across its contours and flicking against it occassionally. Her fingers played with the other as Janice had done while her knee shockingly and rudely
thrusted Janice between the legs.

"Why Mel..." Janice gasped while her face radiated pleasure. Her finger nails raked across Mel's back which seemed to turn her further on. Mel bit her nipple gently and tugged, causing Janice to get wetter by the moment. With a passionate rage, Mel thrusted her finger into Janice's wet enterance and found that she could slide another in.

Janice made sounds of pleasure as Mel slid in and out of her. She threw her head back as she came. When it was over, she blinked back the tears in her eyes. She smiled as she felt Mel's face with her hands. "You are so beautiful, Mel... so beautiful."


The sky was dark and they held each other in their arms. They had made such sweet passionate love in the afternoon, Melinda had cried out for more. She didn't give a furk if Robbie was waiting for her back at the center. All she wanted to be was to lie in bed with her lover Janice.

"You're finally awake," Janice smiled when she felt the flutter of Mel's eyelashes across her shoulder.

Mel smiled as she traced Janice's lips with her finger. "I love you, Janice."

"Always," Janice smiled as she kissed Mel's wandering finger. The smell of musk still on them.

They both felt a sudden heavy weariness overcome them and knew this was it. Mel slid closer towards Janice while Janice held her close. Their legs enterwined, their heartbeats in perfect harmony, both rested their eyelids and slowly eased into eternal sleep.


Dena Ambers closed Janice Covington's diary and replaced the worn brown book back into Abby's satchel. She cleared her throat and slung Abby's satchel behind her back. She hid her moist red eyes behind her shades before lumbering out of the room. She was going to get Abby back. No matter what the cost.


Abby Piers shook the groggy feeling out of her head and blinked in the darkness. Her mouth felt dry and she realised there was a gag rag stuffed in her mouth. Her wrists and ankles felt sore too, due to the tightly knotted rope that held her bound.

'Where am I?' Abby asked herself as she surveyed the dark place. It looked to be some kind of storage house. She suddenly saw a dark womanly figure before her and before she knew who it was, she was struck across the cheek.

Tears stung her eyes as Abby felt the growing searing pain spread its blush across her face. The blonde gritted her teeth, feeling the dry rags in her mouth. She attempted a feeble kick at her tormentor but it was easily blocked.

The woman clicked the lightbulb above them and as dim light emitted out of it, the bulb swayed across their heads, casting shadows around the old, damp storehouse. Her eyes smarted initially at the sudden brightness and black dots danced around before her, hiding the face of the woman who'd struck her.

Within seconds, her vision cleared and Abby saw a tall, slim beautiful woman before her. Long blonde locks of hair cassaded down, framing her face. Her elegant brown eyebrows were slanted downwards and there was something cruel about her gaze. Abby felt a shiver as she gazed into those cold hazel eyes.

There were some men standing in the background, decked smartly in business suits. Abby raised her brows. 'Were they guys from the Underworld?'

The blonde woman, who seemed to be in charge, swooped down before her and removed her gag. She tossed it aside and looked up at Abby. Cold, unfeeling eyes that showed anger, hurt and loneliness stared into Abby's green pools.

Abby moisted her dry mouth, her green eyes locked into a deathly gaze unto the stranger's face. "Who are you?"

The blonde woman smirked and got up, adjusting her black jacket as she stood up. She turned her back towards Abby and she heard a click of a metalic zippo being opened. The lady boss turned towards her again, the orange flame from her zippo flickering in reflection in her eyes.

"The question should be what I want with you," the woman said nonchantly as she played with her zippo with a gloved hand. Abby said nothing but found that she could not tear her gaze off this intriguing woman.

She flicked her blonde hair and snapped her zippo shut. "The answer is nothing... well, just Dena Ambers actually."

'Dena?' Abby frowned and asked again. "Why?"

Keely Stone tilted Abby's chin upwards and through the glove, Abby felt an unnatural coolness of the stranger's hand. "You sure do ask a lot of questions."

Abby frowned and with a jerk, the woman released her hold. "My name is Stone. Keely Stone. I'm... a friend of Dena's."

'Friend or fiend', Abby wondered as she studied the woman. She tested the rope that bounded her and realised with a sinking sensation, they were tightly knotted.

"No point in trying them," Keely told her as if reading her mind. "I doubt you'd be able to free yourself."

"Why do you want Dena? What makes you think that she'd come for me anyway?" Abby questioned as she subbornly tried working on the bonds behind her back.

The fair haired leader sighed as she lifted Abby's defiant chin with the toe of her boot. "My, my..." She tsked as Abby jerked her face away. "You sure are one irritating blonde."

"So are you," Abby muttered when she realised Keely wouldn't be answering any of her questions.

"Hang her up by the ceiling," Keely commanded her men as she started walking away. "Something tells me that our dear friend Dena's on her way."

Keely paused then turned around to face Abby who was immediately surrounded by Keely Stone's henchmen. A taunting smile on her face while her dark eyes danced with murderous glee, Keely raised her elegantly arched eyebrows. "...don't you think that too, dearie?"


As Dena rode on Argo, its mighty engine roaring down the streets, she could feel the terror Abby felt. She could almost taste the feeling of dryness the gag had left on her mouth.

'Don't worry Abby, I'm coming', Dena frowned as she accelarated the motorcycle to its maximium speed. 'I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.'

She knew where Keely hid Abby. The old storage place. It had always been her favourite place for torture. Dena ran her tongue across her dry lips. Part of her wondered if she could handle Keely and her men and bring back abby all safe and sound.

A police siren screeched out suddenly and Dena swore. She tried ignoring the chasing cop car but it tailed her unmercifully. The raven haired woman gritted her teeth as she tried losing the cop behind. "Fuck, no time for this now... dammit!"

The cop chased her for a full twenty minutes before Dena gave up. She finally stopped Argo and waited for the cop to pull up beside her. She fumed when the car pulled up beside her. She looked away in defiance, her dark shades covering her blue eyes which peaked in the corner to watch the cop get out of the car and walk towards her.

"Hey," an oddly familiar voice said as she felt a hearty tap on her shoulder.

Mildly surprised, Dena turned and nearly did a double take at the familiar face before her. She gaped for a second before engulfing the woman before her. "Lesley!"

"You remembered!" the cop grinned as she returned the big hug to her childhood friend. Lesley Lenteur, now a good looking modern day Amazon butch cop, had been one of Dena's buddies back when they were kids. They were often mistakened for siblings as they shared the same dark hair and cheeky humour.

But that was back then. Lesley had now dyed her hair a Marilyn Monroe blonde and Dena's humour was almost always on long term vacation. But still, they were good friends even though they hardly kept in contact.

"What were you doing, zipping around like that?" Lesley demanded sternly after they pulled away in her mock "I'm-the-cop-I'm-in-charge-don't-you-pist-me" voice.

Dena pulled away her shades, revealing her gorgeous blues. She grinned and shrugged a little sheepishly. "Sorry."

Lesley shook her head as she folded her muscular arms across her chest. The blue uniform she wore stretched tight against her chest and the buttons strained. Her hair was slicked backwards and her brown eyes held a merry twinkle. "You looked like you were in some goddamn hurry."

She didn't know about Abby. But Dena could've guessed she heard that she'd turned over a new leaf. She replaced her shades suddenly. "Les, I've got to run. Something important needs my attention rightaway."


"My friend's in trouble." Dena stradled her engine when she felt Lesley's iron grip on her shoulder. She turned to face her cop friend and raised an eyebrow. "You're not serious about handing me a ticket are you?"

"You kidding?" Lesley chuckled. "I'm coming with you."


Abby wondered what she had done to deserve this treatment as she struggled with her bonds from nearly twenty feet above ground. She glared hotly at the fair haired woman below her. "You're not getting away with this!"

Keely laughed in her cold, unfeeling way. She shook a slender finger at the struggling girl suspended in the air. "I wouldn't want to untie those bonds if I were you."

'Talk about words of wisdom', Abby swallowed from above as she watched five men hull a heavy metal board peaked with numerous spikes just directly below her. The reddish-blonde cried out as she raised her hysterical voice at the mad Keely Stone. "Hey- what the hell do you think you're doing? Hey!"

Before the blonde villian could answer, the maindoor to the storage house burst open and the shadow of two dark figures could be seen. Bright light Abby hadn't seen for days flooded from behind them. They walked in and Abby realised it was Dena and... a cop.

"Hello Dena," Keely Stone said cooly. "Fancy you dropping by. It's been a long while."

"Not long enough," Abby heard Dena's sexy low almost monotone voice answer as the
beautiful woman stepped side.

Immediately, Stone's men drew their guns and started shooting. Wasting no time, Lesley and Dena leapt away, taking refuge behind the crates. Dena whipped out two pistols from under her jacket while Lesley cocked her gun.

"It's showtime," Dena whispered to her friend before the two ducked their separate ways. The dark woman scampered towards Abby, avoiding the bullets with skilled ease. She ran across spaces void of boxes and fired her shots. Henchmen fell at the contact of her wicked aim, growing pools of blood forming a dark red stain on their white shirts.

Lesley took aim at Keely's men, winging them with her shots. She grunted as she watched a man fall over after she got him in the gut. She smiled when she saw Dena making rapid succession towards her suspended friend. Friend or girlfriend, Lesley mused silently as she reloaded her gun.

Her eyes fixed on Keely, Dena set aim at the fiendish ganster woman with her chakram. Dena watched as the whizzing metallic disc flew rapidly towards Keely Stone's placid face. But to her surprise, before the weapon hit her, Keely's right hand flew up and caught it when it was a mere two inches away from her face.

"How the fuck..." Dena swore with batted breath as her fairhaired nemesis waved the
metal disc between two gloved fingers.

"You want it?" Keely smiled as she stared at the chakram between her fingers. "Come and get it." Without warning suddenly, Keely Stone hurled the whizzing disc towards Abby. The sharp weapon easily sliced off the bit of rope that held the young woman suspended.

Three pairs of eyes watched as Abby started her long fall. Lesley watched with wide eyes, her mouth agape when she realised the girl would fall to her death in a floor of spikes directly beneath her.

Keely Stone grinned with evil glee, her insane eyes looking hellish. She ran her tongue across her lips as she watched Abby descend. Dena gritted her teeth, eyes locked on her faling angel. Leaping up on a tall stack of wooden crates, the woman gave a throaty battlecry and with gained speed, suddenly leap off.

The bystanders could only watch in disbelief as Dena's flew off the high stack of crates and caught the falling girl in her arms. The two landed on a pile of soft cardboard boxes, a distance away from the deadly spikes.

"Are you okay?" Dena asked the shakened girl when they landed. Abby squeezed opened her eyes and took two seconds to recover before giving a quiet "Uh-huh".

"Good," the dark haired woman gave a reassuring smile before pulling the girl to further safety behind a tall wooden crate. "Now stay here, you'll be safe."

Dena handed her one of her guns and Abby found herself clutching the heavy metal in her hands before her friend disappeared to settle her scores with Keely Stone.

"It's not over, Keely!" Abby heared Dena holler. She peaked against the side of the crate she hid behind and observed silently. All of Stone's men were down and the three women stood in a menacing triangle.

"You underestimate me, Dena," Keely said coldly, unhappy her plan had been foiled. In a blink of an eye, Keely's right hand shot out, a slim gun in hand. Without warning, she suddenly pumped bullets rapidly out of the mean machine. Abby shut her eyes and ducked back behind the crate, her heart racing. Please... not Dena...

Abby finally opened her eyes and gathering all her courage, peaked out to see what had happened. Willing herself not to cry, her green eyes showed her the horrific view of Dena and her cop friend scrawled on the ground before Keely, in a messy puddle of blood which its dark stain grew rapidly in size across the floor.

Keely Stone looked at the two bodies, a psychotic expression on her sweet face. She looked completely lost and broken for a split second before she started laughing. Her laughter rang coldly in the now silent storehouse, sounding like unescapable echoes to Abby.

Abby gripped the edges of the crate until her knuckles turned white. Tears of anger and sadness burned in her eyes. Keely Stone had killed the best thing that had happened for her in this life.

The laughter stopped suddenly and Keely looked around, like a hunter searching for her illusive prey. "Here 'lil Blondie, where are you?" She chuckled in a singsong voice.

A huge part of Abby wanted to just leap out from her hiding place and pump bullets into Keely Stone's body until it was limp and lifeless. She looked at the gun Dena had passed her earlier on. A tear fell from her emerald eyes and landed on the side of the metalic weapon. She knew she couldn't.

With a sob that rose from her throat, Abby dropped the gun and the heavy weapon fell at her feet. She couldn't kill. She didn't want to. She slowly slid down to her knees and hugged her knees, sobbing.

Keely's sensitive ears picked up the sounds of Abby's sobs and the impact of the gun hitting the floor. She grinned rakishly and made her way towards the huge wooden crate the girl was hiding behind.

Abby heard a sharp click and jerked her head upwards. Immediately, she found a pair of elegant black leather boots standing infront of her and looking up, she found Keely Stone smiling sweetly at her, the cold barrel of a pistol pointed calmly at her head.

"It's over sweetie," Keely whispered, mock affection showing in her crazed brown eyes.
She smiled as she shifted the end of the gun towards Abby's damp forehead. "Say goodnight."

The blonde girl-woman said nothing but closed her eyes. She prepared herself to die. She knew she would hear a shot then everything would turn black. She swallowed and took a deep
breath. She pictured Dena in her head, wanted to see her before she died and somehow, she heard
the dark woman saying "Goodnight" in her husky, low voice before the gun went off.


The gun shot rang loudly in her ears but Abby felt no pain. She opened her eyes and to her surprise, found Keely Stone lying in a pool of blood before her. Dena Ambers stepped over
suddenly and threw aside her smoking gun.

"D-Dena?" Abby barely whispered, hoping she wasn't dreaming or worst, she was already
dead. Didn't she just see Keely kill her and the cop? "You're still alive?"

"Barely," the stoic woman replied curtly as she trampled over the dead body of the
blonde nemesis and helped Abby to her feet. It was only in close range that Abby saw a gaping
bullet wound on Dena's arm, thigh and shoulder.

Dena wrapped a protective arm across Abby's shoulder as the two made their way shakily
out of the storehouse. Abby snuggled close to her friend and protector. They had barely made it.
Death had been so close.

"But I saw Keely Stone shoot you," Abby whispered as Dena lead her to Argo.

"She did," Dena said grimly as she straddled the motorcycle. "But Lesley blocked me.
She took most of Keely's bullets. These ones I've got are minor."

"So Lesley...," Abby started but Dena cut her off.

"C'mon, we should be going, the cops will be here any second," the dark haired woman
told her flatly before kicking the engine to a start.

It could have been her imagination, but Abby could have sworn that she saw tears in those sea blue eyes.


They rode on wordlessly, a heavy silence between them. Abby clung close to the back
of her friend, feeling Dena's pain at the loss of her friend. The blonde woman made a silent
prayer to the noble police woman who had died helping her.

In her self-absorbed silence, Dena cried inwardly, afraid to let Abby see her tears.
She had lost another one. Another friend. Dena cursed herself as she increased Argo's speed.
It was all her fault. No one else's.

They finally pulled up at a lone clinic in a deserted town. The white-washed building
was old and the paint peeling away in the hot sun. Abby read the sign on it. "Barkley and
Partners Surgery Clinic?"

"Come on," Dena grimaced as she climbed off her motorcycle. Her face was two shades
paler and Abby realised her friend had lost a lot of blood. Her white shirt beneath the leather
jacket had been stained red with blood. A mixture of hers and Lesley's. She scrambled off
quickly and ran to Dena's side, helping hoist the woman and aid her walk towards the doors of
the place.

The nurse at the counter was reading a fashion magazine while doing her nails when
the two burst into the room. Abby laid Dena against the wall before barking at the nurse, who
apparently, was listening to her headphones.

"We need a doctor," Abby yelled, grasping the redhead's instant attention. "It's an
emergency... EMERGENCY!"

"Yes M'am," the nurse jumped off her butt and stood at attention. "Go right in, Doctor
Wolfe will see you."

"Thank you," Abby mumbled as she helped Dena towards the doctor's office.

"It's not that bad, Abby," Dena chuckled softly as the blonde pushed open the door.

Doctor Lyn Wolfe gaped at the sight of the bleeding woman standing at her door. Not
everyday that someone walks into her office bleeding from three bullet shot wounds. She
ushered Dena to the clinical bed tucked at the side of a wall while she yelled at Lina her
assistant to get her tools. She hurriedly scrubbed her hands clean with soap and water
before tucking them into a pair of gloves.

The same redhead who was at the counter earlier scurried into the small room with the pre-boiled surgery tools. Abby stood beside the woman doctor, anxious about her friend.
"Does it look bad?"

The woman doctor was about her height, around her short 5"3 stature but her build
was rather mascular for a woman. Her floppy dark hair brushed her wide shoulders and her
wide eyes the colour of bronze twinkled with the familiarity of someone who was chirpy and
easygoing. Abby noted she was rather young too. She couldn't be more than 25.

"Yep, yep it does," Doctor Wolfe nodded her head grimly. But then with a friendly
twinkle in her eye, she smiled. "But I guess club soda oughtta get the blood stains out."

Dena chortled at the doctor's joke but winced when the nurse jabbed her sharply with the analgesic needle on the cheek of her firm butt. Abby raised her eyebrows in appreciation.

"Right Dena," Lyn shifted through the metal tray lined with scary instruments.
"Ran into another one of your ex-girlfriends?"

"I guess you could say that," Dena cracked as she felt her body numb.

"You guys know each other?" Abby questioned suspiciously, darting her gaze at the
bumbling doctor and her doped friend.

"Yeah," Dena groaned a little as Lyn picked up a pair of tweezers to extract the bullets enbedded inside.

"Met her in prison in fact," the doctor told her through the paper mask that covered her handsome face partially. Beautiful would have been a slightly awkard way to describe the young doctor. Handsome or good looking would have been more appropriate, Abby decided.

"Huh?" Abby raised her eyebrows. The nurse didn't seem to bother.

"Yeah, I met Miss Ambers here in prison," Lyn Wolfe informed the blonde woman as her
fingers worked expertly to extract the bullets. "I was there for like two months for drunk
driving and she for... well, whatever she was in there for. Anyway, Miss Ambers here took
good care of me. Lotsa bullies in that place, ya know?"

"Uh-huh," Dena nodded groggily as she heard the clang of an extracted bullet Lyn dropped unto the waiting silver tray. Lyn Wolfe had been there for reckless driving. In her drunken haze, she had endangered the life of a mother and her child. All three were sent to hospital but no one was seriously hurt. But still, Lyn realised her folly and after her jail term, swore never to repeat the offence again.

"Oh," Abby blinked then shifted her glance away from the operating table. She heard
another 'plink' on the silver tray. That meant one more bullet to go.

"Jesus, Joseph and Mary," Lyn cursed as she frowned, her dark brows going down in slits. Her bronze coloured eyes stared at Dena's shoulder wound with intense attention. "This one's a little tricky."

Abby noticed Dena wince a little as the doctor's instrument moved around in Dena's
open wound. She worriedly asked. "Is the shot you gave enough? She seems in pain."

"Nah, a little pain will never kill Dena Ambers," the doctor waved her off good naturedly. Dena was totally unconsious now. The bullet finally came lose and Lyn popped it into the tray before unceremoniously tearing off her face mask. "There, finally got that sucker out!"

She dumped the bloody instruments to Lina after sewing up Dena's wounds with neat little stitches. They left Dena peacefully sleeping while Abby sat by her, watching her while the doctor went to the back of the room to wash her hands.

"Let me look at your cut and scrapes," Lyn offered. Abby's wounds were mostly surface
ones, which would go away in a couple of days. Lyn cleaned them up with antiseptic and smiled
with understanding as Abby yelped at the sting.

"I would've offered you candy if you were a kid," Lyn joked as she tossed the cotton into
the bin. "But you're a mightly fine grown lady now."

Abby grinned at the doctor's easygoing nature. Then Dena stirred. The two of them
were immediately by her side.

"How're ya feeling?" Lyn asked brightly, running a large hand through her thick dark
hair which was nearly as black as Dena's. "Need an ice-cream?"

"That would be nice," Dena smirked as she tried getting up but was stopped at once
by the two of them. She sighed with a smile. "I feel fine, thanks."

"I was so worried," Abby whispered as she grasped her friend's warm
hand, making sure she was careful and didn't bump into any of Dena's wounds.

"Well, you just get plenty of rest and you'll be back in action again by the end of this week," the doctor told her as they helped her up, taking care that her stitches didn't burst or come undone. "You take care."

"Catch ya later, Doctor," Dena managed a wink before they went out.


Keely Stone pulled herself towards the door, her dark eyes furrowed with concentration.
Dena had shot her in the back and as she slowly dragged herself out of the warehouse, she could
feel the cold hardness of the metal slug inside her.

"Fuck you Dena," the fairhaired woman cursed as she opened the door of her sedan and
crawled in. Her face masked her pain but gathering all she got, Keely started the car and
cursed again at her incompetent henchmen. She had to find a hospital or something. She knew
she wouldn't be able to make it back to the Organisation's doctor before she lost a pint of

She drove on, her foot stepped on the gas peddle while her eyes searched for some
place where the doctors could help her. She would pay them of course. It was something she
never left home without. No, she grinned cruelly as she steered her car into Barkley and
Partners' Surgery Clinic. It wasn't her Amex card she was talking about. It was her guns.


Keely pushed open the door and walked calmly to the nurse at the front desk. The
redhead noticed her and pulled off her headphones.

"I got shot," Keely told her clearly, showing no signs of pain. Her hand suddenly
held up a gun which she pointed at the redhead's nose. "Get me the doctor now or I'll shoot."

Lina's eyes went large and she nodded her head. "D-docter's right this way."

The frightened woman lead the way as Keely gave her hard prods on the back with the
cold metal weapon. Lina knocked on Lyn Wolfe's door before opening. She paled and whispered.
"We've got a patient, doctor."

"Well, show him in then," Lyn smiled before chucking aside the sports paper.

"It's a she," Lina whispered like a mouse before Keely jerked her in, her intimating gun in full view. The nurse squeaked as she ran behind her employer, quaking in her white platform shoes.

"I've got a bullet in my back," Keely stared into Doctor Wolfe's amazingly calm face.
"I need you to get it out for me. Don't try anything you'll regret or you'll be sorry."

"Right," Lyn sighed as she got out of her desk, rubbing her large hands together.
"Lina, go get the tray. And Miss, if you would, please lie flat on the table."

Keely was already starting to see black dots clouding her vision. Her steps faltered and her hold on the gun wavered. Lyn Wolfe grabbed her immediately before she fell. "I've got you."

The wounded woman meant to scream for the doctor to get her hands off but somehow,
those large, warm hands urged her to trust their bearer. Keely managed a weak nod before
collapsing on the operating bed. Was it just her imagination or did the doctor remind her of
someone she had known ages ago?


"Kee, look what I've got!" a dimpled face bispecticled Lynnie grinned at her, her
hands hidden behind her back.

Ten year old Kee laughed. "Dammit Lynnie, just show what you've got behind your back."

"Nope," Lynnie grinned as the soft wind ruffled her short dark hair. They were in the
park, under their favourite tree. It was Kee's birthday today and Lynnie was her best friend.
"You'll have to wrestle it oughtta me."

With a cry, Kee hurled herself at Lynnie. Startled at first, Lynnie burst into laughter
as they rolled around in the soft grass. Kee finally managed to wrench off the wrapped gift
in Lynnie's hand and with absolute glee, started tearing off the paper.

"What is it?" Kee wondered outloud, sneaking a peak at her friend who had laid herself
on the grass and was looking up at the sky with a smile on her face.

"You'll see," Lynnie lazily mumbled with shut eyes.

The wrapper finally came off and Kee gave a shriek of surprise. Lynnie rolled over and
propped herself up with one good elbow. She grinned at her bestfriend. "You like it?"

"Like it?" Kee wailed before throwing her arms around Lynnie and hugging her. "I love
it to death!"

Keely couldn't remember what it was but it had been a great friendship. The one she'd
shared with her childhood friend Lynnie Wolfe. They had been together until a week after her
thirteenth birthday, Lynnie broke her the upseting news.

"Kee?," Lynnie said to her one day when they were sprawled under their tree, the sounds
of rushing waters of the nearby stream in their ears.

"Yeah Lynnie?" Kee questioned as she tried imagining what the curious shapes of the clouds could be. The one on the right could look like a bunny. And the one on the left might...

"Mom and Dad said we'll be going to Australia next week," Lynnie choked up. "Dad got a
new job over there and we've got to move-"

"What?" Kee jumped up abruptly, jumping on Lynnie's well toned frame and shaking her.
"Lynnie, what are you talking about? You're not gonna leave me- you're my bestest friend!"

"Kee..." Lynnie sighed and looked away. For the first time in her life, Kee saw sadness
in those usually twinkling bronze coloured eyes. She swallowed and closing her eyes, Kee slowly
bent her head closer to Lynnie's.

Their lips touched and they kissed.

As she pulled away, Kee saw the tears in Lynnie's eyes. "Please don't go Lynnie."

Lynnie looked away again, the pain in her eyes inmistakable. "I don't want to but I...
can't. Everything's arranged."

Kee willed herself to be strong. But she couldn't. She asked worriedly. "How long will
you be gone, Lynnie?"

Lynnie sucked in a breath. "Five years... ten years... I don't know."

Kee slid off Lynnie, her face downcast. Lynnie scrambled onto her feet hurriedly and hugged the smaller girl hard. "You know I love you, Kee."

"I love you too Lynnie," Kee sobbed into her hair. They spent the rest of the day in each other's arms until the sun went down. kee just had the horrid feeling that she may never see her bestfriend again.

Lynnie had hardly reached Western Australia when Kee's family hardware shop got razed
to the ground by a terrible blaze that had been ignited by the gangsters whom Kee's father owed
money to. Everyone but Kee died in that fire that swept through the family home and business.

They lost contact after that. Kee never got to hear from Lynnie as she was whisked away to
stay with her father's bachelor younger brother, the monsterous Uncle Frank who turned out to
be a troubled phedophile and abusive alcoholic.

Kee ran away from the hellish place she had to call home. She entered the dark alleys and slowly paved her worth there. She worked her way up, becoming who she had hated. Kee became
well known in the underground circle as a ruthless young punk you can't just spit at and walk
away. She also caught the eye of the Mafia.

During those years of torment, Kee had thought of Dena Ambers, the bitch whose men had
set the fire that burned her family alive. Had she not been staying over for a school camp, she would have joined her family in their firey deaths. But too bad for Dena, she survived. And she swore an oath that she would bring Dena Ambers down and avenge the deaths of her family.

That was until she met the stunning woman in person. Dena Ambers had breezed into the Mafia's office, casually slapped him sharply across the cheek, sending his expensive Cubian cigar flying from his lips and demand why he had done the opposite of what she had demanded one day. That woman had such guts and Keely knew instantly, she had stolen her heart. She was in love with her.

But still she hated her. The pain of her loss still raged in her angry spirit... something Keely knew she would never get over. She had to have her revenge. She had to make Dena suffer the way she did. She would lose all she possessed like Keely herself had.


Keely Stone groaned as she came to. She tried getting up from the uncomfortable bed
but felt a straining pain in her back and remembered about the bullet. Was she still in the
doctor's office? She flicked open her eyes and saw a kindly face looking back at her.

"What are you staring at?" She demanded as the doctor helped her situp.

"You," Lyn Wolfe replied, her beautiful eyes smiling at her.

"Where's my gun?" Keely questioned. She growled at the dark haired woman accusingly.
"You took it."

"Yeah I did," Lyn confessed. "Pretty girls like you shouldn't be carrying nasty guns
like that around town."

"Give it back," Keely hissed. "Or else..."

"Or else?" Lyn cockily raised an eyebrow, a smile playing on her lips mischeviously.

"Give it back," Keely heard herself whine as the pain throbbed in her lower back.

"You'll have to wrestle it from me if you want it," the doctor waved Keely's heavy
weapon before her. "Just careful you don't tear your stitches."

With a roar, Keely leapt off the bed and threw herself at the older woman who had been
siting beside her while she rested. "You'll be sorry!"

Lyn laughed as Keely landed on her. "Same old Kee."

Keely Stone had snatched the gun and was pressing the point to Lyn's temple when she heard what the doctor said. She froze for a second then frowned. "What did you call me?"

"You don't remember me, Kee?" Lyn raised an eyebrow. She pressed a hand to her chest,
her handsome face screwed up in mock pain. "I'm hurt."

Keely faltered and Lyn saw her lower lip tremble and her hold on the gun losen. The
fairhaired woman stared into familiar bronze coloured eyes she had missed for so many years.
Her voice cracked. "Lynnie?"

"You remembered!" Lyn roared and engulfed her in a big bearhug. Keely dropped her gun
and still in shock, returned the hug. It had been so long. Lyn planted a kiss on her forehead.
"I was wondering when you'd remember. I reconigzed you the moment you stepped in here."

Keely couldn't say anything. She couldn't believe this grown woman before her was her
bestfriend. Someone from her childhood. Her innocent past before everything turned hellish.
She stared at Lyn, feeling her face with her hands. "Lynnie..."

"I tried contacting you Kee, I did," Lyn ran her fingers through her long lost friend's
messy blonde locks. "I'm so sorry the shop burned down."

"It was my home," Keely started angrily. "Dena Ambers destroyed my family."

"Dena?" Lyn paused suddenly. "No, it wasn't her."

"It was her men who did it," Keely hissed as she stood up shakily, still full of anger towards the agent who had stepped into the same building just barely minutes ago. "They burned the place down... and killed my family."

Keely felt a strong pair of warm hands on her shoulder. How daring, she thought and was about to strike the woman behind her when she turned when she realised it was Lynnie. She couldn't hit her.

"I know your pain Kee," Lyn whispered, her eyes showing depths of sincerity and
understanding. "Just let me help you."

Keely pushed her away. "I don't think you'll want to. I'm not Kee anymore." With her back
facing the doctor, Keely allowed a tear to roll down her cheek. "At least not the same Kee you
loved back then."

Lyn came behind her and wrapped protective arms around the girl she had loved so much.
"Let me love you again Kee. I want to. And I'm sure there's a bit of the old Kee I knew back
then. She's somewhere inside, I know. Just let me love you Kee. Help me to help you."

In that instant when Lyn whispered those words in her ear, Keely felt the ice that had
hardened her heart all these years start to melt. Maybe there was hope afterall.


Will Doctor Lyn Wolfe change the ruthless Keely Stone? Will Dena and Abby ever have sex? Tune in to the next installment of the Uber Adventures! Until then, take care!
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