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Doctor Lyn Wolfe woke up with her right arm stretched across a wide space on her empty bed that had once been warm. Streams of brilliant sunlight came through the thin white curtains of her bedroom. The young woman slowly eased herself to an upright sitting position and yawned, rubbing sleepy eyes the colour of warm bronze.

Her radio alarm clock beeped suddenly, startling her for a second. She wondered where Kee might be. Last night had been wonderful, just holding the younger woman in her arms while they slept. Lyn was scratching her chin when she suddenly paused. Her heart flew to her throat when she realized all of Kee's belongings were gone. Had she left?

A flash of white caught her eye and immediately, the young doctor snatched up the sheet of paper beside her table clock. It was Kee's handwriting. Tears slowly glistened in Lyn's eyes when she read what it said.

"I CAN'T."

She let the note slip out of her hands and as it drifted slowly to her feet. The distressed lover scrubbed her face with her large hands, moaning as she questioned "Why Kee? Why?"

Beside her, a sad tune that matched her mechanholic heart played on the radio. Lyn's heart ached as it matched the feelings evoked by the lady singer's enchanting voice accompanied by sad song.

"I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

Remember the good times that we had?
I let them slip away from us when things got bad
How clearly I first saw you smilin' in the sun
Wanna feel your warmth upon me, I wanna be the one

I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by

Weep not for the memories

I'm so tired but I can't sleep
Standin' on the edge of something much too deep
It's funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word
We are screaming inside, but we can't be heard

But I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

I'm so afraid to love you, but more afraid to loose
Clinging to a past that doesn't let me choose
Once there was a darkness, deep and endless night
You gave me everything you had, oh you gave me light

And I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

And I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

Weep not for the memories."

Taking in a deep breath, Lyn closed her eyes when Sarah McLachlan ended her song. She would prove to Kee how much she loved her. For she knew Kee was just to afraid to open up, having clamed up her deep feelings and emotions for so long now. And it was all up to her to make things happen. And she would.


Keely Stone stood at the balcony of her presidential hotel suite, staring at the fresh blue sky and the morning's snowy white clouds. Both hands clutching the railing, her deep brown eyes were locked in concentration. She was deep in thought. The breezy wind blew back her long blonde tresses and slowly, she felt a dampness on her cheek. The tear cascaded slowly down before dripping off her pointed chin, falling in a small sucidial splash at her feet.

The night before had been terrific. Lynnie took them back to her place and there, by her cozy fireside, they drank champagne and talked about the old times. It was so odd to Keely. It seemed so unreal somehow, that evening. Usually her nights were spent in dark underground meetings with mob bosses and violent meetings. Last night had been different. Too different.

The slim woman inhaled and shut her eyes, feeling the morning breeze cool the dampness on her face. No, they hadn't had sex. Keely didn't want to let the person she had loved in this life see the monster inside her. In fact, Lynnie didn't know what she was going for. She was a dangerous woman. A mad bitch with no conscience.

Her eyes narrowing into slits, Keely pushed herself away from the cold metal railing and heading back into her room. She better forget all about Lynnie. She was just a person from her lost past. She'd better live the life she had now. No point in wishing for a different life...


"You feeling better already?" Abby smiled as she walked beside Dena, their fingers casually laced together. "It's a wonder how rest really works."

"Yep," the taller woman grinned as they walked into a pastry shop for their breakfast. She had recovered fully from her gunshot wounds and gotten Abby to snip the stitches off for her instead of having to go back to the doctor's.

The young woman had protested of course but Dena pointed out to her that she'd better get used to it because she would be doing it more often in the future should the need be.

They had joyful conversations as they ate their meal. Dena smiled as she carefully sipped her scalding hot black coffee while Abby talked with her mouth stuffed full of honey soaked pancakes.

Abby had kept herself busy too while she wasn't playing sidekick to the woman of many skills. She had been into photography, a past time she had since forever. Her passion was kicked alive all over again when Dena got her an IXUS camera as an early birthday gift. Abby's birthday was only in October and it was still only June.

"...So anyway," Abby spoke as she gulped down her orange juice. "Time magazine is having this competition which gives a grand prize of two hundred bucks to the person who-"

The sudden presence of a man loomed beside their table, causing the talented young woman to stop in mid sentence. Annoyed, Dena turned to cast a cold glare at the man who had silenced her chirpy shutterbug. He looked familiar somehow but she just could not put her finger on it...

Abby gaped for a second before flying out of her chair, throwing her arms at the handsome Marine. "Oh my god," Dena watched jealously, giving a tight smile to the good looking fellow decked in his smart uniform. "Peter!"

"Fancy meeting you here Abby!" Peter smiled charmingly as he pulled a chair to join them at their table. He turned to face Dena, who was raging in silence inwardly. "I hope I'm not disturbing anything."

Dena gave a carefully practised careless shrug. "No, not at all."

She remembered him as Abby's husband-to-be. And he would have been if Abby hadn't ran away in the nick of time. Dena growled silently as she drained the remains of her coffee, her clear blue crystal eyes locked on his smiling face.

The dark woman sat there silently as the two talked for what seemed to be ages, laughing in unison at various memories shared in the past and their wild childhood. To think the morning had started off so well, Dena thought dryily as she rolled her eyes. Well, you just can't win sometimes.

"It's been a blast talking to you Abby," Peter told her fondly as he got up from his chair. He kissed her softly on the forehead. "I've got to report back to camp... can't be late. I'll see you around."

Dena gave a feeble wave as the he left. Gods, she frowned slightly in disgust. Just look at the way he was staring at her all the time... yuck! She heard a chuckle from the talent beside her and cast a lazy eye on the sunny woman's face.

"I can't believe this...," Abby said as she folded the paper Peter had written his number on. "He's still Peter but somehow... he's changed."

"People do," Dena said simple as she pushed her mug around dejectedly.

"Yes, they sure do," Abby softly replied.

Dena paid for their breakfast before they left on Argo, Dena Ambers' prized Honda motorcycle. They were silent as Argo rode on the streets, curving easily at the corners and purring as its mighty engine ran smoothly.

'It's hopeless,' Abby sighed inwardly as she hugged Dena's back. 'Dena isn't giving any of the signals that she's interested in me... gods, was I wishing for the impossible in the first place? I feel like I'm lusting for a Greek deity... Who am I kidding anyway?'

Cool blue eyes hidden behind her dark frames, Dena wondered what her companion was thinking. 'Surely it must be that Marine,' She thought dejectedly. 'They came so close at being together... but I ruined it. I've given her time to decide and I guess this is it... I should have known-'

'It's hopeless', the two thought silently as they continued their ride in a silence that somehow connected them in a way they had no idea.


Keely stood behind Jake, one of her computer literate henchmen. She crossed her arms and stared at the blinking screen. "So have you earned your salary?"

The bespectacled crook with multiple earrings grinned, showing uneven rows of yellowish teeth stained by nicotine and coffee. "Yeah. Got a whole bunch of information, boss."

He drew in a long drag of his Lucky Strike before continuing. "The blonde chick Ambers is with's called Abigail Jewel Piers. Family owns a small town restaurant. Only living relatives right now are the folks and a younger sister."

"Anymore?" Keely inquired, acting bored but inside she was reeling. She had to get out of the rut of feeling nice and good when Lyn had been with her. She had to feel... normal again. Keely mused. The only way to hurt Ambers really bad was to upset the life of the person she cared for. So should she kill off the parents, gang-rape the sister or...

"Yeah," Jake sniffed. "Blondie's got a loverboy Peter who's recently in the Marines."

...Or kill off the love of her life. Keely Stone smiled as she patted Jake's beefy shoulder. "Good work."


"Where are we going?" Abby inquired as Dena rode them down the street.

"Somewhere," Dena murmured lowly.

"Very helpful," the blonde one chuckled. But secretly, she liked the mystery. "Any clues or do I just have to wait till we get there?"

Dena said nothing and Abby wondered why the sudden change of mood. She had been fine just moments ago. That is, until Peter showed up, she realized. Abby tightened her hold around Dena's trim waist as they turned the bend towards Sunshine Avenue.

They finally stopped two blocks down but Dena showed no movement of wanting to get off the machine. Abby kept the respectful silence and remained in her seat, wondering what was going on in her friend's head.

Abby watched Dena's gaze and realized she was looking at a bunch of orphans playing at the playfield of the Sunshine Orphanage. A small group of boys were playing soccer and with surprise, Abby noticed a smile on the dark woman's lips and indescribable look in her shining blue eyes.

"Dena?" Abby finally asked. She was feeling rather worried now.

The ex-gangster now secret agent understood Abby's worry. "Don't worry Abigail, I'm fine." She kept on watching and Abby noticed her gaze was fixed on a particular child, a boy who couldn't be more than eight.

He had a headful of blonde locks that ended past his ear. He had played well and there was a certain air of charisma about him that made him the boys' leader. Abby recognized those eyes the boy possessed. He had Dena's eyes. They watched as the young boy skillfully tackled the ball from his opponents and dribbled towards the goalpost.

He was going to score, the two realized, as they watched the young pro dance through the wet grass, dribbling the ball with ease between his legs. Just as he neared enough to strike, a big bully came crashing into him, sending him flying backwards onto the muddy ground. The bully kicked the ball away and roared with malicious glee when the ball went into the fallen boy's team goalpost.

"We won! We won!" the Bully sneered while the rest of the boy's teammates helped him up. No one said anything. No one dared. Clearly, everyone feared the big Bully. That is, no one except the boy with Dena's eyes.

Abby watched him get up, an angry glaze in his furious startling blue eyes. He cut the silence of the Bully's self-cheering with a sharp edge of his voice. "That's not fair Conrad, you cheated!"

Conrad the bully stopped his self-cheer and a nasty silence hung in the air. The rest of the boys stepped away as the big boy walked towards the smaller one, a mean sneer on his flabby face. "Are you calling me a cheat, Simon? Are you?"

"You know what you are, Conrad," Simon stuck his chin high in defiance, his blue eyes showing the bravery and strength he possessed. "Everyone knows you are a cheat."

"I am not a CHEAT!" Conrad screamed before giving Simon a fist in the eye. The smaller boy got thrown back down on the ground by the impact. His right eye started to swell but still he didn't cry. Instead, with a mighty roar, the blonde haired boy hurled himself at the bully and a fight issued.

Not wasting a moment, Dena hopped off Argo, throwing open the gates of the orphanage and forcing apart the two boys. "Boys! Boys!" She hollered as she finally got the two separated far enough from each other. "Stop this bullshit this instant."

Abby followed her friend in but wondered why Dena cared so much about these boys.

"Dena!" Abby started when she realized Simon had called out to her friend. "He started it first! You can ask the rest of the boys!"

"Did not!" Conrad countered, shaking a challenging fist.

"Did too!" Simon yelled back, clearly angry.

"Boys!" Dena shouted harshly and the two quickly hushed at her servere tone.

"Oh all right...,"Conrad squeaked as he looked away. "It's my fault. I hit him first."

"Now apologize," Dena instructed as she gently pushed the two boys together. "And shake hands." Abby looked on in wonder as the two grudgingly followed her orders. When that was done, the boys ran off to another part of the compound yelling that the last one to reach the fence was a turkey.

"That's amazing," Abby said finally when they all left. She stepped up towards her friend who was watching Simon run, his bouncy blonde hair ruffling in the wind as his swift young limbs carried him. "But why?"

A sharp clearing of the throat made them look to their left and Abby saw a stern man in his greying forties standing there, a smoking pipe between his thin dry lips. He was clearly the man in-charged of running the place.

"Hello K.C," Dena said smoothly as the grumpy looking man walked up towards them. He
walked with a limp, Abby noted as she cracked a polite smile at him.

"What are you doing here?" K.C questioned, a suspicious look in his hard brown eyes.
He swallowed a lump in his throat suddenly and Abby saw a look of terror in his eyes. K.C
removed the pipe and looked at Dena. "You're not here to take Simon away from me, are you?"

Dena stared at the ground near K.C's feet. "No, I'm not."

"Then why are you here?" K.C demanded as he replaced his pipe. He looked at Abby suddenly as if he'd just noticed her presence. "And who are you?"

Dena sighed. "Why don't we go in K.C, this way we can all talk."

"All right," K.C nodded grudgingly before showing them in. "Just remove your shoes and
wipe yer feet on the welcome mat before you enter." He spoke as if talking to eight year olds,
Abby grinned as even Dena obeyed his rules.

They entered the cramp house and sat on the stiff furniture that seemed nearly the same age as the orphanage manager himself. Abby looked around and saw many various antiques. Those, she bet, K.C would kill the boys should any of them were broken.

K.C poured them some cold coffee which Dena didn't touch. The man cleared his throat as he reclined backwards, crossing his legs as he waited for Dena's explanation. "Well?"

Dena leaned towards him. "I've just come to see Simon. I've no intention of taking him
away. I'm just here for a visit."

"You're not going to tell him you're his mother, are you?" K.C asked insecurely, sitting upright as he removed his wooden pipe. He licked his lips nervously. "He's sure to follow you when he knows. I know that boy."

"And so do I," Dena whispered while Abby gawked beside her. Simon was Dena's kid?!

The dark woman ran her long fingers through her mane of dark hair. "But no K.C, I'm not going to tell him that. At least not now. So be at peace. I'm not taking him away from you."

K.C silently replaced his pipe, his eyelids lowered in thought. "He's like a son to me."

"I know," Dena smiled tightly as she awkwardly patted his hand. "You treat him well. And thank you for these years. But the reason why I came by today... was just to talk."

"All right," K.C nodded. He cracked a small smile. "You know it's his birthday tomorrow."

"I know," Dena smiled back as she rose to leave. Abby followed suit. "I wouldn't forget that in the world."

They walked out and Abby immediately scurried beside Dena, trying to keep up to the dark woman's long strides. "He's your son? You never told me-"

"Abby," Dena said softly when they saw Simon sitting by himself, staring at something in the rippling waters of the pond. "Would you be a dear and go back to Argo? There's a package I left in the bag... you can't miss it."

"Sure," Abby said and went back to get the package.

As her friend walked away, Dena headed towards the boy who had no idea that she was his mother. It had been painful all those years. She had him when she was nineteen. Doing the deed with his father had been a mistake but having him hadn't.

"Simon," Dena smiled as she called the boy's name tenderly in her low husky voice.

The boy turned and grinned, his blue eyes lighting up. "Hey Dena, come sit with me."

Compelling, the secret agent settled herself beside the boy. She lifted his stubborn chin very much like her own and surveyed the damage Conrad had afflicted on him. "How's the eye?"

"Nah," Simon waved her away. "I'll live."

Dena chuckled at her son, her blue eyes locked onto the handsome face of the young boy. "So how's life been?"

Simon thought for awhile as he continued tossing small pebbles into the body of water
before them. "The usual. School sucks and... well, I wished you'd come by more often. Hardly
see you these days, Dena."

"I've been busy," Dena tucked the fringe of her raven coloured hair behind her ear.

"I missed you," Simon continued as he watched the ripples on the surface made by his
throwing pebbles. "You're a good friend, Dena. And sorry about this morning."

"Nah," Dena smiled as she ruffled his hair. She noticed Abby coming towards them, Simon's gift in hand. She looked the boy in the eye. "Hey."

"Yeah?" Simon raised his eyebrows as he stopped dropping pebbles into the pond, wondering what the dark woman was up to.

"I've got a little something for your birthday tomorrow," Dena told him as Abby settled down beside her, handling her the package.

"You remembered!" The boy grinned as he eyed the bulky package.

"Open it," Abby encouraged as Dena passed her son the gift and he tore it open excitedly, the very way children do on Christmas night.

"My friend Abby here chose it," Dena lied as she winked at her blonde friend. "She's got good taste huh?"

"You bet!" Simon yelled as he pulled out the double edged Darth Maul light saber from the box. A group of boys had gathered around, looking on with envy at Simon's new toy. "I love it! Thank you Dena! Thank you Abby!"

The happy boy hugged both women, his new toy grasped firmly in one hand. He planted a
kiss on Dena's cheek. "My mother would've liked you Dena... if she was still alive."

"You think?" Dena asked but the boy had ran off, swirling the new toy and yelling 'Look what I've got, boys!' to the rest of his friends.

Abby squeezed her hand warmly and smiled with a twinkle in her emerald eyes. "I know so."


The two women returned to their rented motel room and Abby removed the used film in her camera. Simon had been rather upset that Dena wouldn't be able to come by tomorrow to celebrate his birthday but the early birthday present had kept him happy enough.

Abby had taken shots of the children and easily captured their innocence and joy. She had taken pictures of the lovely Simon too, for her friend Dena. She smiled as she wondered if
the dark woman would actually carry the picture of her son in her wallet.

On the way back, Dena had explained to Abby how she got Simon. Brock, Simon's father,
and her had been dead drunk one night and did their passions after downing almost enough beer
to bust their livers.

When she learned of the pregnancy, Dena had wanted to abort the child but Brock urged
her to keep it. The kid was innocent, he told her. She reluctantly agreed to keep the child and Simon was born eight and a half months later.

After the birth of his son, Brock wanted to leave the organization. "Are you crazy?"
Dena screamed as Simon slept in the next room. "What do you plan to do after leaving? Open a
family restaurant?"

Brock grunted as he tried to reason with his girlfriend. "You're not willing to leave
b'cos you know the Boss favours you. You know you've got the potential of being in right wing
and you're gonna give it up are you?"

Dena eyed him sourly. He had guessed right.

"Think about our kid, will ya?" Brock shook his head, wondering when the stubborn woman would finally reason with him. "He needs his parents."

"Then I'm sorry," the raven haired woman told him. Brock looked up when he heard a sharp click of a gun being cocked. Before he could say anything else, Dena fired her gun. At the moment the gun went of, Simon cried shrilly, as if for the loss of his father.

Realizing Brock had a point later, Dena decided she would give up Simon to persue her
position as one of the top men in the Mafia's list. Dena brought Simon to K.C, one of her past
victims whom she had shot a leg off before during one of those mad raids.

"What are you doing here?" K.C questioned when Dena knocked on the door of his orphanage one night, carrying a peacefully sleeping Simon wrapped in a cozy bundle in her arms. He looked down and noticed the small baby. "Who is this?"

Dena swallowed. "This is my son Simon. I need you to take care of him... treat him as one of yours."

"What are you talking about?" K.C asked suspiciously but took the wrapped bundle of joy from Dena's fumbling hands anyway.

"I'm sorry about the past," Dena rubbed her hands on her jeans. "But I know I... can't be a good mother to Simon. Not when I'm like this. But I know you'll make a great father to Simon. Please look after him for me. Never let him know who I am. I'm not worthy being his mother."

K.C kept silent as he looked at the handsome baby boy. "All right. The boy will never
know his mother. I'll bring him up as one of my own."

"Thank you," Dena said before K.C shut the door in her face. She felt a great sense of
loss as she walked back to her apartment without the baby's weight and warmth in her hands.
Had she done the right thing?

The years flew by and gradually, Dena was finally on the list of one of the Mafia's best men. The rewards were good. She had her own car, her own roomy hotel suite and a never ending roll of money. She had her own men too, to obey her orders. But still, Dena wondered about her son. Wondered how the boy must look like now.

When the guilt finally engulfed her and Herb had came along, Dena decided to leave the
Mafia's ring. She wanted a new life, a release. She wanted her son back too.

"What are you smiling at?" Dena inquired, a smile on her full lips.

Abby faced the intriguing woman whom she learned new things about constantly. "Nothing."

"Really?" Lifting an eyebrow, Dena studied Abby's expression.

"Peter said something about going out tonight," Abby suddenly remembered. "You wanna join us at the club?"

"Oh," Dena's face fell a little. "Nah, I've got some things that need my attention."

"Okay," Abby nodded as she loaded new batteries into her IXUS. "I'll see you later than. I'm meeting him before we head down to the Gun Barrel."

"Right," The stoic agent relied, looking unaffected as she watched the secret love of her life walk out of the door.


'She didn't even say anything!' Abby screamed inwardly as she closed the door behind her. Hot tears of disappointment threatened to spill. Gods, didn't she even care? Or was she a fool to actually think the swoonsome good-looking Dena Ambers would actually take a liking to her?

Cussing inwardly, Abby took the cranky elevator down and headed to meet Peter. Maybe it would be wise to marry Peter afterall. Dena didn't love her. Nothing would ever come out of it.


"You enjoying yourself, Abby?" Peter yelled over the noise of dancing patrons most of
whom were drunk with booze and the booming music the band was playing.

"Yeah!" Abby grinned as she yelled back. It seemed like ages since she'd gone to a place like this. "You?"

Peter nodded his head, flashing her a smile as they jostled to the music. They danced for another ten minutes when Abby declared she had enough for one night. They had nearly spent two hours there anyway. The handsome Marine paid for their drinks and they left, walking hand in hand like they had since they were kids.

"Tonight was a blast," Peter told her as they walked towards the motel Abby stayed in.
He stopped suddenly and looked her deep into the eye, holding her hands in his. "It was because it was spent with you."

"Peter...," Abby tried pulling away but he wouldn't let go.

"Listen to me for a bit, Abby," Peter pleaded, his brown eyes flooding hers with deep
sincerity and affection.

"Okay," Abby agreed and he realized the hold on her hands.

"I'm not blaming you at all for leaving me standing at the aisle," Peter told her. Abby was about to apologize but he cut her off. "I'm not because I understand. You weren't ready and well, frankly, neither was I. We weren't ready but Abby... I just want to let you know that whatever happens, I'll always be there. And I'll wait for you."

He cupped her face tenderly and kissed her softly on the lips. Abby blinked back tears, her heart racing. They embraced and she whispered. "I think I've fallen in love again, Peter."

Dena felt a sour taste in her mouth as she happened to watch them from the window of the diner she was in. She felt her heart crumble further when Abby kissed the handsome Marine and willed herself to look away.

Pushing a bill to pay for the dinner she was trying hard to digest in her stomach, Dena left her stool and walked out of the diner, her heart sinking inside her boots. She needed a good, long walk.


It poured heavily and Abby watched worriedly out of the cramp motel window, wondering
when Dena would get back. The door burst in suddenly and the startling sight of the dark woman
drenched with rain startled Abby for a second.

She rushed into the bathroom and grabbed a towel before busying herself with drying the sullen looking woman. Dena took the cloth from Abby's hands and started drying herself as if she didn't want Abby to touch her in anyway. Abby swallowed and wondered what was wrong with the dark woman. Did she do anything to upset her?

"Dena...," Abby started, feeling slight hurt and worry when her friend refused to meet
her gaze. "Is everything okay?"

The agent caught herself and gave a deep sigh. She raised her drooped head and looked at Abby with pink eyes. "Yeah. Just a little grumpy... you know, the PMS thing."

"Oh," the blonde crinkled her forehead. "Okay."

"Anything you want to tell me?" Dena swallowed as she toweled her damp raven hair. "Or
should we just call it a night?"

"Wait," Abby said suddenly, pulling Dena's arm before she walked away. "There is...
something. Peter and I are planning to get married."

There was a pause before Dena finally croaked. "Really?"

"Uh-huh," Abby said but a fleeting hope still lingered in her rapidly pumping heart,
wondering if Dena would even care. "But I was wondering if everything was okay with you and..."

"Abby," Dena said soothingly as she slid to the carpet floor and placed her hand on the young woman's knee. "You've got my support. Peter's a swell guy. The two of you have got my blessings." Liar, Dena scolded herself but maintained a wide smile that nearly split her pained face in two.

"Really?" Abby said quietly as she squeezed Dena's hand.

"Absolutely," Dena lied in reassurance as she returned the squeeze. But deep down inside her beating drum, her tears would have filled a sea and the walls would have cracked from the hurt and pain.


They got married at a small church and Dena and some of Peter's buddies from the Marines witnessed the happy ceremony. Abby had never looked so radiant, Dena mused as she took in the lovely creature before her. Her small hand linked with Peter's, Abby was like an angel in her rented white gown and those flowers in her reddish blonde hair.

Abby noticed Dena and walked right up to the agent who was still draped in her usual
black leather garb. The dark woman immediately plastered a grin on her face even though her
heart was breaking to bits by the moment. But well, if she was happy this way... what could
she say?

The two women embraced and holding Abby to herself, Dena wished they could stay this way. She was so reluctant to let go of her. Taking in the familiar fragrance of Abby's hair, Dena crushed her again before finally releasing the angel she loved so much.

"So when will you two be trying for kids?" Dena joked, throwing a glance at a swell looking Peter who was decked in a crisp navy suit.

"Tonight would be fine," Peter laughed as he gave a loving gaze at his blushing bride. Inside, Dena cringed. She whispered 'Lucky bastard' to the handsome groom, wishing this wedding was a dream which she could just wake up to, the next day and everything would all be normal again... herself and Abby, just the two of them minding their own business.

"Dena- ," Abby started but instantly the dark woman silenced her by placing two slender fingers to touch her lips.

"I know what you're going to say Abby," Dena told her as blue pools connected with green ones. "But I'm not going to let you say 'Goodbye'. I'll be visitng you two so often, I'm sure you'll be sick of me."

Beside her, she heard Peter laugh and say she would be welcomed anytime but she didn't
pay him much attention. She focused her concentration on the beautiful angel before her,
willing herself not to release a single tear in front of the bride.

"You do that Dena," Abby told her before tipping her toes and planting a soft kiss on her cheek. She blinked back tears that glistened in her green emeralds. "And remember... I'll
always love you."

The car tooted and Peter grabbed his bride's hand. Together, they left the church. Abby passed her dark friend her small bouquet of flowers before leaving. Dena watched with a lump in her throat as the two ran lightly down the steps and into the waiting car before the vehicle vanished down the streets.

Waving the flowers above her head, Dena smiled a sad smile. "Goodbye Abby."


Abby watched as the people got smaller and smaller until she could see them no more. A
tear cascaded down her cheek and rolled off her chin, splashing unto her lap. Beside her, Peter was oblivious, only settling down after having waved heartily to the friends behind them.

"I'm sorry I had to push our honeymoon to Morocco back for a week," Peter finally said
when he settled down.

"I understand, Peter," Abby smiled as he held her hand. "You're busy with work."

The handsome Marine bent towards his new bride and kissed her on the lips. "But I'm going to make it up to you tonight Abby... you can be sure of that."

The blonde blushed as her husband stroked her cheek gently with his fingers. She was
about to make a remark when their car came to a screeching halt and the driver, one of Peter's
friends from camp, swore under his breath. "We've got trouble."

"What do you mean, Clarke?" Peter frowned as he leaned forward to see what was happening. A black sedan had parked itself in front of them a fair haired woman got out, dark glasses framing her face while a mean looking silver gun reflected light off its shiny surface in her gloved right hand.

"Oh no...," Abby trembled when she saw the gangster woman. "Not Keely Stone..."

"Don't you worry, honey," Peter assured his bride. "Clarke and I will settle this."

Before she could tell him to stay put, both men had came out of the car. Clarke looked
wary of the gun but asked impatiently, "What's the meaning of this?"

Keely Stone stole a glance at Abby, who had joined Peter's side.

"What are you doing here, Abby? Get back into the car," the Marine hissed but Abby shook her head stubbornly.

The hard hearted woman looked straight at the newly wed couple, a sneer in her eyes. "Oh how I hate weddings. They always depress me."

"Please Miss, you're blocking the way," Clarke started. "And if you won't move that
flashy car which you probably got from sleeping with some rich old bastard, I'm gonna-"

Without warning, Keely opened fire. Clarke gaped, wishing he hadn't said so much. He
crumbled over in a heap on the floor before passing out in a pool of dark blood.

Grabbing Abby's hand, Peter lead her away from their attacker. Metal slugs hit the
ground they ran on, missing them only by inches. "C'mon Abby, we've got to get out of here."

"You can run but you know you can't hide," Keely Stone snickered over their heads.
Glancing up, the newly weds realized in horror that the demoness had leapt over their head and
landed just before them.

"What do you want from us?" Peter demanded angrily, trying to shed his wife from her
pointed gun. Abby stared at Keely Stone and suddenly, hurled herself at the woman, throwing
her off her feet.

They rolled on the dry ground, fighting for control of the gun before Keely knocked the smaller woman away and stood up, a furious expression on her tanned face.

"You'll be sorry, Abigail Piers," Keely said coldly, her hazel eyes radiating mad fury. Without warning, she suddenly pumped bullets consecutively into the newly married Marine
as Abby watched on in horror.

"Peter! No!" Abby wailed as she flew to Peter's side. His eyes were already shut as five bullet holes mangled his bloody body, soaking his navy suite a dark red. Abby shook his body but it never responded. "No..."

She heard a click just above her ear and realised Keely was intent on finishing her off as well. Abby shut her eyes, her voice low and hoarse as she gripped her dead husband's limp body. "Why don't you? Why don't you finish me off as well?"

Just as she said that, she suddenly head a familiar cry before Keely fell with an 'Ooff' and landed some feet away, sprawled on the ground and her gun landing some metres away.

"Abby, are you all right?" Dena asked as she helped the girl up. Concerned blues locked unto sad green ones, Dena saw Peter's lifeless body on the ground and realized what Keely had done. She thought she had seen an oddly familiar sedan follow the married couple's car and she had tailed them shortly after. If only she'd came earlier...

In the corner of her eye, Dena Ambers saw Keely pick herself up and reach for her gun.
Before she could run towards her however, Keely had scooted to her car. The sedan raced away
but the two could hear the mad laughter coming from Keely as she drove away. She had done
enough damage even though she hadn't finished Abby off.

"Why didn't you kill her?" Abby barked suddenly when the dark sedan moved out of view.
"I know you could have kill her... why didn't you?"

"Abby-," Dena started but the smaller woman yanked hard on the collar of her leather
jacket suddenly. Looking into those intense green eyes so filled with hate, Dena realized
it wasn't the Abby in there which she knew anymore.

"She killed Peter," Abby stared hard into Dena's wide eyes, her teeth gritted and her
knuckles white from clutching so hard. "And now Dena, I want you to teach me. Teach me how to
fight like you. I want to kill her Dena, I want to kill-"

"Take a look at yourself Abby," Dena said suddenly, grasping the smaller woman's wrists with her strong hands. She said again, softly this time, her blue pools showing her concern. "Look at yourself."

Abby broke away, staring at the woman before her in her ragged white gown. "Are you going to help me or not Dena? Or will I just be in this myself?"

"Abby...," Dena sighed. She lowered her gaze for a moment then save a sullen nod of her head, wishing it wouldn't have to be like this.

The blonde woman smiled but it was a different smile all together. "Good," she told Dena. "Now let's go get me a gun. The world doesn't need this Keely Stone bitch."


Keely slammed the door of her sedan before heading up to her hotel room. Slim, the fat
guy with an oxymoronic name, greeted her as she breezed through the doors. He jerked his head
towards her upstairs room. "Got a human package for you in your room, Miss Stone."

"What?" Keely crinkled up her noise, unsure what the dark skinned henchman was talking
about. Her mind whirled in thought. Whenever the term 'human package' was used, it could mean
one thing- an outsider had wanted to see one of them and to do so, had to go through the 'Mail
Bag System' where he would have to fight his way in. If he could withstand the physical torture the punks delivered, it showed he had guts and would be allowed in. Most men didn't have balls and many left with their tails behind their legs.

Without waiting for Slim to explain, Keely stepped into the lift and punched the buttons. Who the hell would want to see her? She'd left Dena Ambers and Blondie together so it couldn't be them. Besides, knowing Dena, she wouldn't have cared to go through the MBS anyway. So who could it be?

Pushing her door open, Keely frowned when she saw a well beaten thing slumped unto the
floor of her carpet, barely breathing. Two of her suits stood beside her.

"Get out," Keely ordered and they left with a nod, closing the door behind them.

"You let them do this to you?" Keely winced inwardly, her eyebrows crinkled up in concern as she helped the young doctor up.

Lyn Wolfe barely managed a shrug. She gave a weak grin, "It was the only way for me to
see you."

"Silly girl," Keely muttered as she propped her up unto the bed before heading into the bathroom to get a cold towel. "They could've killed you."

"I had to see you," The other replied honestly, groaning a little as she tried flexing
her arm. Keely returned from the bathroom and tried wiping the blood gently with the wet towel. Gentleness had never been a skill of hers and the doctor started yelping.

"I think I'll do it myself," Lyn grimaced as she took the white towel now stained with
dark red patches from the fair-haired woman. The doctor joked, "Graduating from the school of
Gentle Touch is something you've yet to achieve."

Looking at the injured woman who had risked her life to see her, Keely frowned. "What did you want to see me for, Lynnie?"

Bronze eyes gazing at Keely's hazel ones, Lyn smiled. "It's about us."


Dena watched in silence as Abby slept. Instead of bringing her to a gun shop like she
promised, Dena had brought the raving woman back to their motel room. Sorry to use but doing
so anyway, Dena used pressure points on her friend, easing her into sleep.

Judging the way she slept, Dena decided that Abby must be dreaming in her fitful sleep. But dreaming of what, she wondered.


Abby found herself standing in a strange place where there were clean sheets the colour of white doves fluttered in the wind. But the wind never touched her, never fussed her hair. She found herself grasping a heavy metal object. Looking closer at it, she realized it was a silver pistol, somewhat similar to the one Keely Stone had used when she killed Peter. In cold blood, Abby remembered angrily.

"It's loaded," a voice said suddenly. The voice was familiar and if she thought hard
enough, she knew she would remember whose it was. But right then, nothing came to mind.

"Who's there?" Abby questioned as she made her way through the blowing sheets that
sometimes got into her way.

"Just me," A tall woman appeared before her, raven dark hair flowing in the breeze which moved the silky white sheets but it was also the same breeze that Abby failed to feel against her skin.

"Dena?" Abby raised her eyebrows, confused. The heavy weight in her hands reminded her of the cold weapon she was carrying and she didn't like it one bit.

"It doesn't matter who I am," the person before her said and Abby realized Dena was
starting to shift form. The voice wasn't Dena's low sexy voice anymore but was a tone higher and all together different. "If you think you can use that gun to kill somebody, try shooting me."

Abby couldn't help but feel a tinge of mockery in that new voice. She stared at her gun and looked at the person before her. It no longer was Dena but instead, the cruel Keely Stone. Cocking the gun as if she were an expert, Abby aimed it between the cold, unfeeling eyes of the murderous bitch before her and with a shout, she fired.

The sound of the gun was deafening. Squeezing open her eyes, Abby found Peter's killer lying in a pool of blood before her. But something was wrong. Keely slowly turned into Dena and Abby gasped when she realised it was her friend whom she had shot.

"Dena!" She ran to her friend's side. "What have I done?"

The dark woman shook her head as Abby grasped her hand. "Don't do it, Abby. Don't."

As she passed away, Abby looked up and realized the sheets in the blowing breeze she
could not feel, had turned a bloody red. The dark stain destroyed the pure white of the silk
sheets' original colour. To Abby's dismay, the wind somehow seemed to increase but she felt
nothing still.

As the red sheets flapped in the fierce wind, they started engulfing her. She heard a low murmur that could have been the sound of the wind she could not feel. "Murderer, murderer," the sheets whispered as they came nearer to her.

When they touched her, the redness of their colour stained her skin. Before she knew it, the bloody sheets were in her face, pushing against her body, staining it with their dark
redness. Trapped in their bloody embrace and the constant murmur of their accusing words that
got louder and louder with each suffocating second, Abby screamed.


"It's okay," Dena whispered as she held the struggling woman tight. "It's just a bad dream. Wake up, Abby."

Abby fluttered her eyelids and instantly wrapped the bigger woman with her toned arms,
afraid of letting go. "Dena, I had the worst dream... it was terri-"

Wait, something wasn't right. A part of Dena's face was sticking out. Feeling sick to her stomach, Abby mustered up the courage to pull at the small piece of skin that was sticking out awkwardly.

To her horror, Dena's face slid off and she was faced with a white skull inches away with a bullet hole in the head. The expressionless skull crackled. "It was you who killed me, you murderer..."

The last word echoed mercilessly in her mind as the bone face laughed. The sounds made
a dull ache and she had to cover her ears but still they kept on ringing inside her head.

"Noooo!!," Abby screamed, tears running down her cheeks as she saw white worms wriggle out from inside the gaping bullet hole of the skull's grinning head.


"Wake up!" Dena yelled as she shook the photographer awake. "Wake up Abby!"

The blonde woman sat up immediately, fear mirroring in her frightened green eyes. She
automatically recoiled when she saw Dena's concerned face inches away from hers. "Get back!"
She yelled, crossing two fingers together as if the agent were some unliving dead. "Back off
now, I'm warning you!"

"Abby, it's me Dena," the dark haired woman spread her hands as she patiently explained. "I'm your friend, not some vampire here to fest on your virginal flesh." She grimaced when Abby showed no sign of trusting her. They froze there in their places, staring at each other with heavy breathing before Abby finally reached out a trembling hand and pinched Dena's cheek.

The dark woman winced a little as the smaller woman tugged at her flesh as if making sure it wasn't a human mask. Having passed the test, Dena watched Abby look around their room before pinching herself just to make sure. When she felt pain, Abby gave a 'whoosh' and shook her head muttering, "Bad dream... it was all a bad dream."

She turned to look at Dena suddenly and cracked a I-know-I-was-foolish-please-don't-blame-me smile. "Hello Dena. How are ya?"

"You sure you okay?" Dena asked her friend, an elegantly shaped eyebrow raised. Abby
couldn't help but feel that Dena sounded a tad skeptical.

"Yeah, I'm all right," Abby assured her as she moved closer towards the woman she had
treated like a hair-rising ghoul two minutes before. "I am feeling so all right, Dena, I don't
think I want that gun anymore."

(It's be interesting to know, on the lighter side that four good spirits named Gabby,
Xena, Mel and Janice did a 'haleilujiah-oh-praise-Hestia' Irish jig when Abby said that. They
of course, had been responsible in producing, directing, writing and planning the nightmare

It took awhile for them to agree unisonly about their "movie"- Xena pointed out that
the idea of bachai bunnys with rifles on Mel's part were a too childish while Janice's point of a good scary zombie thing rising from the grave with a gun through its head was a little too overwhelming. It was only after hours of discussion during the important chaired meeting that the four put together their masterpiece, with the bard as the producer-director.

Xena played the part of Dena-Keely since she had 'many skills' while Mel and Janice were in-charged of the breezing of the white sheets, since them floating serenely in the wind had been Mel's idea. Gabrielle was kept busy making sure nothing went wrong and that the effects directed were so good, it was so real.)


"I'll think about it," Keely Stone told the doctor before pushing herself off the bed
and yanking the door of her room open. Anyone who passes the MBS test would be widely talked
about amongst the useless henchmen, Keely knew and it would only be sooner or later that the
Mafia would learn about it. She cleared her throat. "It's better that you go now. I'll talk to
you another time."

"Will you be the one doing the visiting or do I have to go through that beating process again?" Lyn asked pleasantly as she stood shakily from the bed. Damn, she might need her ribs taped. They hurt like hell.

"I'll call you in future," Keely said softly as she gazed into the doctor's bronze eyes. She inverted her gaze away, afraid to let the other woman sense what she felt. "Don't ever do that foolish act again."

"Not if I can help it," Lyn whispered before planting a soft kiss on Keely's lips. The
harsh woman did not push her away but when Lyn wanted just one more, Keely turned her head

Lyn sighed as she half stepped out of the door. "Take care of yourself."

Keely shut the door behind her and slowly slid down against the wooden door as the heavy uneven footsteps of the injured young doctor faded away. Closing her hazel eyes, Keely bit her lip and started to cry.


"You sure about this?" The Mafia grunted as he bit unto his expensive Cuban cigar, his
dark eyes narrowed at the suit before him.

"Of course, everyone's buzzing about it," the new guy who was eager to please nodded.
"You've gotta be careful Boss, don't want Miss Stone becoming another Dena Ambers."

At the mention of the ex-member's name, the Mafia growled at the now cowering suit.
"Don't you or anyone else dare to say that name in my presence. You got that?"

"Y-yes Sir," the suit nodded with a shamed head wet with gel.

"I'll keep an eye on that bitch," the dark man grunted as the lowly suit walked out.


"Hey," Dena smiled as she tapped her friend on the shoulder. Abby looked up from wiping her camera lens and smiled back in return. "Wanna go to the mall? I'm not much of a shopper but... well, hell, it's a great day anyway."

"Sure," Abby grinned as she slung the light camera Dena had gotten her around her neck. "What are we waiting for?"

"Hold a sec," Dena held up a finger. "I... I got a little something for you. The order
finally came through and-"

"Another present?" Abby asked incredulously. "Dena, there's really no need for all this."

"This one's different," Dena told her as she showed Abby the package she hid behind her back. "Here, open up... I hope you'll like what you see."

With deft fingers, Abby opened the wrapping very much like how Simon had. The blonde
woman gave a quizzical look as she took the gift out from the box and examined it. She gave a
chuckle. "This isn't a light saber... is it?"

Dena took the slim rod made of light metal from Abby's curious hands and smiled. She
pressed a button and immediately, the small rod flipped into three parts, making the stick
longer than it was at first. It now stood around a metre long.

"It's a stun-staff," Dena informed Abby. "You press this button for the stick to unfold and hold on here for the stun effect. And never, NEVER touch the end of your staff. Not unless you want to be the victim of your new toy."

"But... what do I need it for?" Abby inquired, fingering the deadly thing in front of her.

Dena rolled her eyes as Abby attempted a few swings with it. "Abs, believe me you will
need it." She thought getting her the stun-stick would be a better idea than getting her a gun. Sal the salesman had thought it would make a better gift too. But than again it was probably because the staff cost nearly three times as much as a regular gun.

"You can tuck it in your jeans or something. Just make sure you have it around with you," Dena told her as Abby pushed the button for it to shrink back into handy size. It now looked like a stun baton of some sort.

"Okay," Abby nodded. "but what made you decide I need a staff?"

"Because," Dena's husky voice drained. "I care about you." In a much lower voice which
Abby sacarely caught, the raven haired woman whispered. "Because I love you."

Abby gripped the weapon, her misty green gems locked on Dena's own. "What did you say?"

With a surge of courage, Dena told herself it was now or never. "I love you."

The blonde shutterbug blinked back tears. "I've been waiting for you to say that the
longest time ever, Dena. I love you too."

Dena shook her head. "You don't. You loved Peter. Looked how you reacted at his death,
Abby. I understand-"

"No," Abby shook her head firmly, her fingers wrapped around Dena's wrists. "Peter... I didn't love him the way I felt for you. I was angry... because he's one of my best friends. I was angry because she took him away from me."

"You honestly feel that way?" Dena asked, wanting to make sure this was real and not some rebound case. "Abby?"

"Absolutely," the blonde woman assured her as she planted a kiss on Dena's tanned face. "And now, how about some proof about the way you feel for me, eh?"

Smiling back at gay green eyes, Dena scooped the small woman into her strong arms and
dropped her gently on the bed. "You asked for it, Abby baby."

Abby couldn't believe it. Dena Ambers just told her what she had wanted to hear all
this while. Shopping had taken a great bow out from her mind instantly. The smaller woman sighed with pleasure when her lover loomed over her.

"I love you Dena," Abby murmured as Dena's face inched closer to hers. Instead of answering however, the dark woman's face cringed with pain. Abby frowned at the sudden contortion on the larger woman's face. "What?"

Barely able to muffle an audible answer, Dena gritted her teeth. "Your stun-staff."
She muttered before rolling off the bed and crashing unto the floor, unable to move.

Abby stared at her lover awkardly as she gripped the toy. Well, she heaved a heavy sigh. Shopping afterwards was definately out of the picture.


"It's really wonderful, this evening you've planned," Lyn smiled as the two women sat
down at their table. Keely had booked them a table at a fancy French restaurant located in
the hub of the posh side of town. She had picked the doctor up in her flashy new red mercs
SLK sportscar.

Lyn's wounds had healed fast during the past week. She had needed to get her ribs taped but otherwise, most of the injuries were cuts and bruises. Looking at the lovely looking dinner companion before her, Lyn decided it was all worth it afterall.

A smart looking waiter came by their table and gave a polite half-bow before speaking.
"Good evening," He smiled with a flourish of a mustache. "And what does Miss Stone and friend
crave for this lovely evening?"

Lyn looked around but saw no menu. She gave a quizzical glance at Keely. "Where are
the menus?"

The fairhaired woman gave a wide smile, a twinkle in her hazel eyes. "Just order what
your heart desires. Gaston the cook will whip up anything that you crave."

"Ah," Lyn grinned, rubbing her warm hands together. "In that case... I'd like raw salmon with avocado mousse as an entree, "sunny" veal stew as main course and a melting chocolate cake for dessert."

"Excellent choice, M'am," Pedro remarked as he hastily scribbled on his pad. "And for
you, Miss Stone?"

Keely folded her hands on the edge of the table, an exqustive eyebrow raised in thought. "An asparagus tips "au gratin" as entree, coalfish with thyme and tomatoes for main course and banana and mandarin gratin for dessert please."

"The soup for the day is Gaston's infamous creamy coconut soup," Pedro winked as he
folded his hands together, clasping his waiter's pad in his large hands. "Care for a bowl?"

"Nah," Lyn crinked her nose. "I'm not hot for anything coconut."

"We'll make a pass for that one, thanks," Keely told him. "And don't you forget to bring us a good bottle of Chardonay."

"Of course," Pedro nodded with a smile before disappearing with their order.

"Well what do you know," the young doctor grinned charmingly as she took in the beautiful view of the fair princess before her. "Here I am dining in a posh restaurant and with such pretty company too."

Keely wore a white collared silk ladies blouse with a tight black leather skirt that
framed her slim figure. Her long fair locks were parted on the left and tumbled down so
perfectly past her shoulder. Diamond ear studs glistered on her lobes. Perfect pearly whites
showed themselves proudly in neat rows and Keely's full lips were the colour of the reddest
rose Lyn had ever seen.

"You look beautiful," Lyn confessed shyly as her fingers played with her napkin. The
doctor was dressed in a white man's long sleeve shirt under a dark dinner jacket. Her dark
slacks ran down her muscular legs whose feet were tucked in comfortable loafers. Lyn's raven
black hair was slicked back and she wore her glasses tonight. The rectangular frames fitted
her sunny face giving her a look of someone serious which in actually fact, was an oxymoron of
her true character.

"And you look ravishingly handsome," Keely said huskily as Pedro came with their wine.
She picked up her glass and toasted the good looking doctor. "Even if I do say so myself."

Lyn, a woman unused to praise, reddened a blushing red at Keely's comment. "Uh, thanks."

Their food came smoothly and service was efficient. The two women talked as they ate,
laughing a little sometimes as they fed each other samples of their plates. The evening wore
on and soon dinner was over. Yet neither wanted the wonderful night to be over.

"Hey," Keely touched Lyn's strong arm suddenly, her voice sounding a little unsure. "I
uh... would you like to come by my penthouse for a while?" She looked at Lyn with eyes the
doctor knew as pleading ones that were hoping she would.

"Sure," Lyn grinned, her bronze eyes sparkling as she took the slighter woman's smaller hand in hers. "Take me there."

They walked back to Kee's red sports car and the blonde woman skillfully eased the car
she used when she wanted to get away from the dark life she lead sometimes, out of the carpark. The two door expensive machine breezed through the streets, waving its way out of the tiresome city and towards the peace and quiet.

"You sure've got some slick machine here, Kee," Lyn said as she played around with the
hardly touched car's stereo system. "My pajero mini's nothing like this baby."

"Different cars," Keely shrugged as she turned the wheel, stepping to gain speed. The
refreshing night breeze ran its fingers through their hair as the slinky vehicle made its way
towards Keely's secret beach penthouse.

Lyn finally decided to stop fiddling and stop at the rich tones of Aretha Franklin's
'I say a little prayer' came out from the car's remarkable speakers.

"Hey, you know this song," Lyn looked pointedly at Keely who was pretending to focus on driving. "You always made me do the background chorus!"

Smirking, Kee tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as she kept one hand on the wheel. "You still remember? It must've been over ten years ago."

"Stuff with you I never forget," Lyn said seriously while her eyes beamed of sincerity
and honest love. "You probably won't believe it but I still have that bubble gum wrapper you
ate from when I told you I had to go to Australia that day."

"Gods, Lynnie, you're disgusting!" Keely crinkled up her nose but smiled anyway. The car finally drove past a stretch of beach and Lyn could smell the salty air and her ears could
hear the familiar rhythm of the waves crashing to shore. She felt she could live here forever.

The sports car went up a drive and Lyn marveled at the small penthouse which Kee had
tastefully furnished. Keely parked the car and they got out. Lyn stretched and gave a long
whistle. "Nice place."

"Come on," Kee took her arm and lead her in. The interior was done up nicely, the walls washed a sky blue and the ceiling painted with puffy clouds. The furniture was minimal but the place wasn't very huge either. Yet the house had a slight feeling of loneliness around it. Kee carelessly dropped her keys on the glass coffee table.

"I don't really come here often... I hardly let anyone here actually," the blonde woman confessed. "But I've got a cleaning woman who comes by weekly to tidy the shack. I call this my... haven of retreat."

Lyn smiled as she tucked her large hands into her roomy pockets. She looked around the
place and decided it could add a few more bric-a-brac. From the glass windows one could see
the beach and hear the gentle roar of the waves. Lovely place.

Keely linked her arm with hers and lead her friend up the winding stairs. "There's a room I'd like you to see... no one's seen it yet. Not even the cleaning lady."

Lyn's heart swelled in realization on the trust Kee had in her. Keely unlocked the room's massive white door and they stepped into a large room that could have been the size of five of Lyn's offices put together. Paintings covered by white sheets stood solemnly in the silent room. It was so quiet, the place echoes when they walked.

"I paint here," Kee told her as she moved to uncover her portraits, letting the white
sheets fall unto the shiny wooden floor. "You're the first and only to see my pictures."
Lyn smiled in remembrance. Kee had always been the more artistic one of the two.

Lyn wasn't much of an arty farty but she knew good art when she saw it. She gasped when she was revealed Kee's first painting. "Kee... this is marvelous."

It was Kee's family portrait and the way she painted her family... Lyn had to remind
herself they were merely pictures on canvas and not real people staring back at her. That was
the only full family portrait. There were others like little Kee and her sister playing in
fields of lush green grass and lovely marigolds and ones of baby Kee and her parents. But as
Lyn progressed on, she realized most of the pictures got more depressing.

Kee's use of colours reflected her moods. Lyn could almost sense her friend's emotions: pain, hurt, anger, sadness, insanity... the darkness was so obvious it chilled Lyn to the bone. Was she so obsessed with killing Dena Ambers? A painted picture of a woman looking very much like the ex-gangster being crucified answered her question.

"What do you think?" Kee cooed as Lyn studied the painting. "I got the inspiration to
paint this after a dream." The artist smiled when she brushed her slender fingers across the
red patches meant to be blood on the crucified woman's limbs. "I couldn't get the exact red I
needed... so I used my own blood."

Lyn turned to face Keely, an unreadable expression on her face. Keely noticed the look
and frowned. "What?"

"You're obsessed with her," Lyn accused, pointing to another picture of Dena's face
splashed with red paint.

"Lyn, you have to understand," anger shone in Keely's dark eyes. "She killed my family."

"She didn't!" Lyn balled her fists. Before Keely could question her how would she know, the doctor barked. "I know her, dammit!"

"What?" Keely's eyebrows burrowed but Lyn didn't miss her look of confusement.

Lyn sighed. "I knew her in jail. She protected me. There were scary bitches in there... some that would just grab the chance to rape you in the toilet if you give them the chance. Dena was there for me. She talked about the things she did. Right now she's cleaning up. Give her the chance, will ya?"

"She didn't give my family a chance!" Keely screamed, lashing out at the doctor who stood firmly at her spot. "She burned them alive in their house! I could only watch the fire burn my home to bits. Burn my family alive."

The fair-haired woman trembled but the hate in her eyes still showed. "I was coming back home when I saw the place blazing. I heard my mother scream. I heard my baby sister cry. I heard my father dying. And I could do nothing." Keely gritted her teeth. "Nothing."

"I'm sorry," Lyn reached over to hug the upset woman but was immediately pushed away.

"So don't you tell me to forgive the woman who kill my family and took away all that I
ever knew," Keely said bitterly, her hazel eyes glistering angrily with tears. "Don't."

"Listen to me Kee," Lyn spread her hands infront of her, patiently explaining. "It wasn't Dena who ordered the fire. One of her men threw down a cigarette butt and the whole place exploded. There was a gas leak. If they didn't die by fire, they would've died by gas poisoning anyway."

"No...," Kee glared at her through dark narrow slits, disbelieving.

"The fire spread upstairs and slowly killed your family," Lyn went on. "Five of Dena's
men died as they were nearer the impact of the blast. Dena wasn't there. They were her men but
she never ordered a killing."

"I don't... but...," Not knowing what to say, Keely knelt down and hugged her knees,
tears cascading rapidly down her cheeks. She didn't know what to do. The man who killed them
died and she had wronged the wrong person for so long now.

"Hush, don't cry," Lyn said as she cradled the weeping child-woman in her arms. "I know your pain." Keely hugged her closer and cried somemore. It wasn't for the lost of her family anymore. It was for the number of innocences she had killed because of her anger and hate.


It was midnight when she finally calmed. Lyn had taken off her jacket and had rolled up the long sleeves of her white shirt. It was buttoned low and exposed part of her chest and

"Hey," Lyn smiled at Keely when the woman's eyes fluttered awake. She had cried herself to sleep in the strong arms of the doctor. Lyn brushed her face tenderly with her warm hand. "You okay?"

Keeping her gaze locked on the other woman's, Kee wordlessly leaned forward and kissed
her on the lips. When she pulled away, the fair-haired woman smiled and Lyn could see a shadow
of the Kee she knew. "Yes."

"Good," Lyn told her as she ran her large fingers through Kee's shimmering mane of hair. "I was looking at you sleep and you looked so... beautiful."

She loves me, Keely swallowed. No one had ever called her beautiful before. It sounded
so strange and foreign. For her, after she joined the Mafia, it had always been lust. Love
was meaningless to her. It was always an ownership deal. Flings. Never this. And this was
what she had yearned for. True love. Did it make sense?

"I feel like dancing," Kee said suddenly. "I want you to hold me."

"My pleasure," Lyn picked her up and with a flick of her fingers, switched on the radio. Leading Kee to a spot uncluttered by portraits, Lyn wrapped a protective arm around the slim woman's waist and lead the slow dance.

"Spend all your time waiting
for that second chance
for a break that would make it okay
there's always one reason
to feel not good enough
and it's hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction
oh beautiful release
memory seeps from my veins
let me be empty
and weightless and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight

in the arms of an angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that you fear
you are pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie
you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort there

so tired of the straight line
and everywhere you turn
there's vultures and thieves at your back
and the storm keeps on twisting
you keep on building the lies
that you make up for all that you lack
it don't make no difference
escaping one last time
it's easier to believe in this sweet madness oh
this glorious sadness that brings me to my knees
in the arms of an angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room

and the endlessness that you fear
you are pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie
you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here
you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here."

The song slowly faded and Kee pulled away slightly so that she could gaze into the loving eyes of the woman who led the dance. "Will you show me how much you love me?"

"If you'll let me," Lyn answered in a husky whisper, her muscular arms wrapped securely around Kee's slim waist. She searched Kee's hazel eyes for an answer. "...will you?"

The obvious plea in Kee's brown pools answered her question. Lifting the relatively
light woman off her feet and into her steady arms despite her injuries, Lyn took them to Kee's
bedroom and laid her down on the soft mattress.

"Love me," Keely begged as she lay in bed, wanting Lyn's embrace so badly, it hurt. Her voice faltered as Lyn ran her warm hand against her cool face damped by tears."...please."

"Of course," Lyn murmured in her ear as she unbuttoned her blouse slowly. Lyn's voice in her ear had sent shivers of pleasure down Keely's spine and as her flesh was exposed, her soul screamed for the doctor to take her right away.

When their clothes were all undone and had fallen to the floor, Kee sighed at the touch of skin that rubbed against her aching body. It was heavenly, the feeling of skin against skin, their bodies rubbing together... and the wonderful feeling of the doctor's weight against her body.

Lyn reached out for the glove that hid Keely's right hand, with the very intention of taking the offensive leather off. The doctor mummbled. "C'mon, off with it..."

Keely stiffened for a second, a movement the doctor sensed. The slim woman narrowed her eyes, clutching her hand. Lyn wouldn't like what she'd see... "No."

"C'mon," The older woman coaxed as she slid it off, her bronze eyes locked lovingly unto her lover's face. Keely turned away, biting her lower lip as she waited for Lyn's shriek of horror at the lump of metal which should have been a human hand.

It never came. Turning her head back to look quzzically at the doctor, Keely searched
her face for any trace of disgust or terror. Nothing. She looked worried inspite of herself.
"Aren't you frightened?"

She lifted her metallic right hand, flexing cold steel fingers infront of the other
woman's face. Lyn said nothing but reached out for the hand that functioned as a part of her
lover. Silently, the doctor kissed it, fingering it tenderly and putting it to her face as if
it were just an ordinary hand. Kee felt a lump well up in her throat. She really did love her

"I love you," Lyn whispered as she placed Kee's arm down beside her, bronze coloured
eyes deeply intense and radiating love and affection. "Every bit of you."

Tracing her tongue around Kee's breast, Lyn slowly made her way towards her nipple. She watched lovingly as it gradually became erect, standing hard and proud. Stroking the breast, Lyn advanced to the other side, not wanting the other breast to feel left out.

Below her, Kee moaned and begged for more. Glancing at the beautiful woman beneath her, Lyn marveled at her beauty... brilliant locks the colour of golden rays were splashed on the pillows and her lovely young body so firm below her... Lyn sucked in a breath and covered Kee's breast with her mouth, earning a sharp intake of breath from Kee before a loud moan came out from her lips.

Feeling Kee's hips thrusting and begging for more, Lyn ran her warm tongue down the
woman's body. Past the valley between her heavenly moulds of flesh. Past her trim stomach,
around her navel and heading further south, Lyn paused at Kee's soft curls of hair.

"Please," Kee breathed, tears misty her hazel eyes as she begged to be loved by her.
Lyn's hands slowly brushed their way down Keely's body, enjoying its journey as they went past
her shoulders, her breasts and across her smooth stomach before stopping at the top of her

"Oh," Kee breathed when she felt Lyn's breath across her libia, ruffling her damp curls of hair. She trembled when she felt the heat of Lyn's mouth warm her opening. Gripping her slender fingers unto the sheets, Kee gave a shudder when she felt the doctor's tongue at her clit.

Lyn brought her tongue up and down upon Kee's clit, sending pleasures of pure joy rippling sensations through her being. Kee rose her hips up and down in synch to her lover's movements. Raising her hips harder when Lyn's skillful tongue lapped faster.

Without warning, Lyn slid her tongue into Kee's wet abasyss. Gasping with sweat prickling in sheens over her body, Kee moaned when Lyn slid her tongue in and out of her opening. Mostly whenever she had sex with the other girls, she inflicted pain to them. She never let them touch her. This love making with Lyn was so different, it was new to her.

Lyn rose and her lips smelling of Kee, kissed the blonde woman on the lips. Her wet
tongue slid in and Kee tasted herself. Lyn smiled, her warm eyes loving. "So sweet... "

Kee moaned helpless again when she felt the doctor's hands travel down her body. Lyn's
fingers brushed Kee's lower lips, sending waves of pleasure through her spine. Sliding two
fingers in, Lyn nibbled at Kee's ear. "You're so wet..."

The slim woman gasped as Lyn eased her fingers in and out of her. She moved her hips in rhythm and then climaxed. Feeling a high she had never in her life experienced before, Keely gripped the strong shoulders of her wonderful lover and eased into gentle sleep.


Kee woke up the next morning in the bed she hardly slept in. She realized there wassomeone in bed beside her and with a morning stretch, turned to see Lyn smiling tenderly at her. The loving look in her bronze eyes were in unmistakable.

The doctor had propped herself up using her elbow and being an early waker, watched her lover as she was sleeping. She had planted kisses on the slumbering beauty's forehead and
watched with love as the lovely creature slept on still, oblivious to the acts of love.

"Hi," Kee smiled as she blinked away the sleepiness. She watched Lyn lean over and kiss her cheek. "Hi yourself."

Kee lifted the covers and realised she had on the doctor's shirt. After last night's dance to Sarah MachLaclan's Angel, they shared wine before Lyn swooped her off to bed. Making
love last night had been different. Usually sex was a mix of pain and more pain but last night
with Lyn... had been magical, so beautiful it was almost unreal. If it had been a dream, Kee
wished she would never have to wake up from it.

"I made us breakfast," Lyn declared as she picked up a tray laden with breakfast food.
"Well, kinda."

Kee giggled when she saw what was on the tray. She looked at her lover through half
lidden seductive eyes. "Bet that was all you could find in the kitchen huh?"

"Hey, I might not be the best chef in the world but at least I can cook food," Lyn
grinned as she started peeling a boiled egg. "Not like someone... if I can vaguely remember."

Kee swatted Lyn on the arm playfully. "Says who? I still think my pasta's good... even if some don't think so."

"Right," Lyn said dryly, a playful smile on her lips as she rolled her beautiful eyes. She handed her lover the freshly peeled egg and took a sip of the lukewarm squeezed orange juice. "If you say so, dear."

Smiling back at her lover who peeked out at her from behind the glass of orange, Keely
wondered when was the last time she had been so happy. It was the first time too, that she
hadn't worn a glove over her artifical hand in the presence of anyone.

She hadn't known it was love she was searching for until she found Lynnie.


To be continued...


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