Vacation Time

by moonwarrior


Short Disclaimer: All belong to MCA only wished they were mine. Sex yes. Love, Yes. Two Women, Yes. If not of age go away. Otherwise, you have been warned so enjoy.

Chapter 1

"GABRIELLE." Xena yells to be heard over the battle.

"RIGHT HERE, XENA." Gabrielle yells back as she falls to one knee to give her attacker a leg sweep with her staff.

"I THINK IT'S TIME FOR," clang, clang, her sword hits against the metal blade of another sword. "FOR A VACATION, WHAT DO YOU SAY?" Xena steps back kicking her attacker in the face knocking him out cold.

"GIVE ME A MOMENT," Gabrielle shouts at the warrior. Her staff comes down hard on top of his head. She looks around unconscious bodies laying everywhere. "Who are these guys Xena?"

"I'm guessing Andros' men. After all we did embarrass him last week in that tavern" Xena smiles at the thought of yet another man thinking Gabrielle was an easy mark for a night of fun.

"Yeah we did do that" Gabrielle smiles at her warrior.

"So, about this vacation, do you have a destination in mind?" Gabrielle asked the grinning warrior.

"Well, no not really, is there someplace you would like to go." Xena waits for an answer as Gabrielle thinks about all the possible choices.

"How about someplace different" she said looking into the blue eyes of her mate.

"How different?" Xena narrows her eyes wondering what the bard might have in mind.

"The last time we were in the Amazon Village I spent some time in the library reading some of the scrolls, this one described a place just south of Lesbos, a small Island inhabited by Amazons. Only those who are invited to the island can stay." Gabrielle was explaining when Xena put up her hand to silence the bard.

"Let me guess, We've been invited" She said trying to sound surprised but failing miserably.

"We'll I did put in a request and just before we left the village we got the invitation." The bard said looking at the ground.

"If you wanted to go to this Island why didn't you just say so?" the warrior asked with her hands on her hips.

"We'll, you went to the Amazon Village because I asked and I just wanted the time to be right, by the way, have you ever been there?" The bard asked smiling.

"What are you trying to hide from me?" Xena looks at that smile and knows something's up.

"Nothing Xena, honest" Gabrielle says backing away from an advancing warrior.

"To answer your question, no I have never been there or even heard of another Island off Lesbos. Now, what are you not telling me?" Xena says grabbing for the bard encircling her in a bear hug.

"Tell me or I'll squeeze the stuffing's out of you" Xena threatens

"Nothing Xena, nothing" Gabrielle says gasping for breath.

"Ahh huh" the warrior grunts letting her bard catch her breath.

"First we have to go to Lesbos and send word from there that we have arrived and the Amazons will send a boat and escort for us." Gabrielle says looking off into the distance.

"Well then, we better be going. It will take us almost a week just to get to Lesbos." The warrior holds her hand out for the bard.

Chapter 2

The boat ride over to Lesbos was the easiest ride thus far for the bard, the waters were calm and she only needed to use the wrist pinch a couple of times. The warrior smiled at her bard knowing she was probably sicker then she let on but was proud the way she was learning to handle the motion the boat made as it sailed. 'She must really want to go to this Island to endure not only this boat ride but the next one as well' the warrior thought to herself all the time holding her bard.

"There's Lesbos Gabrielle" Xena gently nudges the bard.

"It's beautiful form out here, I never get tired of seeing the Island. Do you think we will get a chance to see Sappho while we're her?" She asks with excitement in her voice.

"We'll see if she has time to see us." Xena whispers in the bard's ear just before lightly biting it.

"Have I told you yet how much I love you?" Xena whispers

"You tell me every moment of everyday. Words aren't always necessary, I see it in the way you look at me, the way you touch me the way you smile at me. I only hope you see all that from me as well." Gabrielle looks onto blue eyes filled with love for her and her alone.

"I do love, I feel it all the time, I see it all the time." Xena smiles at her bard. Kisses her on the lips and holds her close.

"Look Gabrielle," Xena loosens her hold on her lover so Gabrielle can turn around. "We'll be docking in half a candle mark, we better get our things together." One more quick kiss and they return to their cabin a pack.

Waiting on shore was a contingent of Amazon guards. When Gabrielle steps from the boat they all drop to one knee and bow their heads. "Queen Gabrielle welcome. Xena, welcome to the Island of Lesbos."

"Thank you and please call me Gabrielle" says to the Amazon who spoke to her as she helps her to stand.

Xena only smiles, thinking 'always the gracious queen'

"If you will follow me, I have instructions to escort you and Xena to Sappho's place. She extends all her courtesy to you both but is sorry she will not be back form her retreat in time to see you. You are welcome to stay as long as you like. She is hoping she will see you on your return trip from the Island of Kalniky." The amazon said waiting for a signal from the queen to show them to there room. Gabrielle nodded and the amazon went down the hall to the first room. "I have had food and a hot bath prepared. I will leave guards outside your door. If you need anything just let them know. Your pleasures are our pleasures, my queen." The amazon stated bowing, backing out of the room.

Xena folded her arms around the bard pulling her close. "Your pleasures my queen are my pleasures. What do you demand of me?" Xena said leaning in for a kiss only to be stopped by the bard. Surprised Xena looked at her.

"My pleasures start with getting into that nice hot tub." Gabrielle motions towards the tub.

"Your wish is my command. May I help you off with these clothes."

"Yes, you may warrior." Gabrielle teases back

Xena unlaces the strings holding Gabrielle's top. She lets it fall open and pulls it off her arms and lets it fall to the floor. Next the skirt was discarded in much the same manner. Finally the bard's boots were unlaced and taken off.

"Anything else I can do for you my queen." Xena says bowing to the naked bard in front of her.

"Yes there is. Turn around, I want to help you off with your clothes." Xena turns enjoying this little game they are playing.

When the warrior is completely naked the bard says. "You may now join me in the tub"

"Yes my queen, what ever you want."

"I want you to wash me, wash me slow, take your time and don't forget anyplace."

"What if I don't wash something, you know, just forget, what will happen?" Xena asked her.

"Well then my warrior, I will just have to punish you."

"What type of punishment do you have in mind"

"Won't know yet, Some parts of my body have different punishments." Xena looked at her confused.

"You know, if you forget to wash my fingers the punishment won't be as sever as it would be if you forgot to wash my shoulder."

"Oh, I think I understand, I hope I don't forget anything" the warrior says pretending to shudder for the possible punishments.

Xena helped the Queen step into the tub and sit down. "You may join me warrior," the queen said trying to sound authoritative.

The warrior stepped in to the tub and kneeled in front of her bard. Grabbing the soap and wash cloth on the way in. "Where would you like me to start my queen." Xena asked holding a soapy rag in her hand.

"You choose warrior. Just remember the punishment."

Xena smiled and said to herself 'I'm counting on it' as she started washing the queen's neck and shoulders. Slowly she washed her chest lingering on her breast, feeling her nipples harden in the palm of her hands. The rag forgotten Xena washed Gabrielle's stomach and the golden patch of her womanhood carefully and slowly with only soapy hands. She washed between her legs slipping her fingers between the silky folds. Washing down her left thigh, down to her knee, her ankle and foot. Then Xena started with the right foot washed up the calf to the knee and the top if the thigh. 'Gods' Xena thought to herself 'I hope she noticed I accidentally forgot her inner thigh.'

"There my queen." Xena said after rinsing the bard's hair. "I'm finished."

"You may wash yourself warrior. Do it slow, I want to watch" the bard said looking at the nude body of her warrior.

Xena raised up to her knees in front of the bard, soaped up her hands and began washing herself Slowly rubbing her hand over her breast, stomach, around her neck, down her arms. She watched the bard watching her. She loved the light she saw in her eyes. Slowly Xena ran her soapy hands down her stomach to her patch. Soaping her hands again she ran her hands between her legs moving her hips back and forth. Watching the desire building in her bard. Gabrielle loved to see the warrior touch herself as much as the warrior enjoyed watching her bard do the same.

Gabrielle watched every move the warrior made. After she rinsed her hair Xena stood as Gabrielle watched the water cascade down the warriors body. Xena held her hand out to help the bard up. "I hope I did alright my queen." Xena said smiling. Hoping Gabrielle noticed the part of her body that didn't get washed.

"Well warrior there was one problem, you didn't wash the inside of my right thigh." Gabrielle said in her most queenly voice.

The warrior dropped her head unable to look at her queen. 'YES' she thought. 'She did notice. Oh punishment here I come.'

"I'm sorry my queen, I was trying to be careful."

"Well warrior the punishment will be sever. Dry me off while I think of an appropriate punishment."

Xena dried her dripping bard then herself. Gabrielle walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. She spread her legs apart. "Over here warrior." She said in a stern voice.

"Yes my queen." Xena said stepping between her legs. "What is your punishment for me."

"First of all, on your knees." The queen demanded. Knowing she was the only person alive who could give the warrior such an order. "Since you forgot to wash the inside of one thigh with soap and water, you will wash the inside of both with your tongue."

"Your wish is my command my queen." Xena said kneeling spreading the bard's legs wider apart. She rubbed her cheek on her thigh smelling her bard's arousal wondering how long she could keep up this game. Xena licked the inside of her thigh then moved to the other one. With each pass she got closer and closer to her intended target. The bard was moaning clutching the warrior's head trying to guide her face closer to her need. Xena slipped her tongue between the folds moaning at the taste of her bard. 'Gods I love the way she taste' the warrior thought. She ran her tongue down the length of her sex and entered her gently moving her tongue in and out. Gabrielle lost all coherent thought at the intimate contact. Xena moved her tongue slowly towards the hard swallow nub placing her fingers deep inside her bard. Slowly she moved them in and out feeling the muscles tighten with each stroke.

"Please Xena, I need you now, take me" the bard begged. Xena couldn't deny her love anything. She clamped down on her nub sucking hard and licking her tongue across the bundle of nerves. Her fingers moved faster inside of her she felt the beginnings of her orgasm. Xena knew this was going to be a long sweet torturous climax. Gabrielle rocked her hips pushing herself into Xena's face. "Ohhhhhhhhh" the bard screamed "Xenaaaaa"
She continued to scream as her climax over took her. She slumped forward only to be caught by the warrior and held tight. "I love you Gabrielle" the warrior whispered into the bard's ear. The only thing Gabrielle could do was nod. Smiling Xena picked up her bard and placed her on the bed then laid beside her not letting her go.

Xena thought Gabrielle had fallen asleep until the bard rolled over on top of her. "Now warrior, its my turn." The bard said kissing her neck rubbing her hand over her breast feeling her nipple harden at her first contact. "How do you want me to love you? Tell me what you want me to do." The bard waited a moment all the while kissing Xena's neck and leaving a trail of hot flesh up to her ear lobe. Sucking on the bottom of her ear the bard said "got your tongue, then I'll tell you what I'm going to do to you. First I'm going to straddle your hips and rub my wetness all over your curly mound while I suck on your breast." Xena moaned. "Then I'm going to move myself down your body until I am laying between your open legs. I am going to taste you and rub my tongue slowly over you until you beg me to take you. Do you understand?" Xena only nodded. Between the feel of her bard laying on top of her, her own arousal when she made love to Gabrielle and now the verbal assault on her senses she didn't know how much she would be able to take. Gabrielle was already straddling her hips rubbing against her and sucking on her breast. First one then the other not leaving either untouched. Gabrielle moved slowly down her warrior's body until she lay between her legs. Dipping her tongue into her core Xena's hips raised off the bed. She grabbed for Gabrielle's head but the bard pulled back. That received a disappointing groan from the warrior. "Not until you beg me to take you will I let you touch me, do you understand?" The warrior did not respond only dropped her hands to her sides. Gabrielle continued the assault with her tongue licking the entire length and stopping at the harden nub rubbing her tongue over it watching her warrior move her head back and forth and grabbing for the bed post.

"So my warrior, you're going to be stubborn. I guess I will just circle your swollen nub until you want more, what do you think, huh." Gabrielle tested

"I can't take anymore Gabrielle, please." Xena groaned

"Please what warrior?"

"Love me, please make love to me" Xena begged

Gabrielle lowered her mouth on the warrior's nub sucking and stroking it with her tongue while her fingers entered her love. Pushing hard and fast. Xena's hips went into the air when her climax hit. She went ridged screaming a variation on Gabrielle's name. Her hips slammed back to the bed. Gabrielle continued her assault bringing her warrior to another delicious climax within seconds. The second was harder then the first. The warrior collapsed onto the bed trying to reach the bard to pull her up to her. But she has no strength. Gabrielle smiled widely knowing what she just did to her warrior. She always felt a sense of pride when her warrior felt this way. "I love you warrior" Gabrielle whispered into her ear. "And I you" Xena managed to say. They both laid into each others arms draped in their love and went into a peaceful contended sleep.

Chapter 3

"Humm, I love waking up like this" Xena mumbled as the bard placed soft kisses on her warrior.

"The boat will be here soon to get us to take us over to the Island of Kalniky. Are you ready for a vacation?" the bard asked continuing her delicious assault on the warrior.

"I thought I already was on vacation" the warrior chuckled grabbing the bard and rolling them over to lie on top. Just as her passion was building a knock on the door brought the lovers back to where they were.

"Go away" Xena growled.

Gabrielle jumped to her feet leaving a frustrated warrior on the bed. She covered herself with a robe and only cracked the door open to peer out.

"I'm sorry my Queen," the amazon guard said bowing. "You wanted to be informed when the boat was within sight. It should dock with in the candle mark."

"Thank You" came the gentle reply.

"Xena, the boat will be here soon, let's get ready." The bard said keeping her distance form the grabbing warrior. She knew if she got with in arms length it would be days before another boat docked. The bard dropped her robe to reach for her top when a familiar pair of hands reached around her cupping her breast gently. All she could do was melt into the warrior who pressed herself into the naked bard from behind. Bending over to nibble on an inviting earlobe the warrior whispered "Can't the boat wait, after all you are the queen."

"Xena I want nothing more then this right now" she said placing her hands over the warriors pushing then into her skin. "But, they are making a special trip over just for us. I have everything arranged. Please Xena"

'That well placed please got me again' the warrior thought. I wonder if she knows how it always affects me. "Sure love, we'll get ready. I just want to tell you how much I love you." Xena said softly turning her bard around and kissing her on the lips.

"I love you to, with all my heart." Gabrielle said against Xena's lips.

They quickly dressed, ate a light breakfast and went to the dock. Much to there surprise the boat was already waiting for them. As the amazons saw the queen approached they all fell to one knee and bowed their heads. Gabrielle leaned back and whispered to Xena. "Oh boy, this is going to be a long trip if they all keep doing that."

Xena chuckled "Yep" was all she said.

The captain of the boat introduced herself to the queen. Gabrielle the gracious one accepted the offered hand and pulled her closer. "Now, lets get things straight. My name is Gabrielle and this is Xena. I don't want everyone bowing every time they see me. I am here on vacation and want to keep it quiet and simple okay" The captain nodded and motioned for her amazons to rise and go about their duties.

Xena was leaning on the railing feeling the wind in her face and smelling the sea. She sometimes missed the ocean like this but wouldn't give up the life she had now. The bard walked up beside her "a dinar for your thoughts" she said rubbing her hand on the warrior's arm.

"Oh nothing really, just enjoying the openness of the sea is all." She said softly wrapping a protective arm around her bard.

They heard one of the amazons yell "land ahead". Both Xena and Gabrielle turned at the same time. There eyes wide as they watched the amazons on the boat undress. Xena leans over to Gabrielle. "Is there something more you read in the scrolls that you didn't tell me about."

"Ahh, well, yeah, I mean no, I read where some of them ran around the island nude but nothing like this." The bard said her face flushed not knowing quite what to so she started to untie her top.

Xena looked at her. "Are you crazy, put your top back together." Gabrielle looked puzzled at her as Xena tied her laces again.

"Well, you know what they say, when on the Island of Kalniky, do as the Kalniky Amazons do." Gabrielle smiled at the warrior and started to unlace her top again. Xena slapped her hands away. "Now listen to me. You are to keep that on until we get to our room. Understand" The warrior raised both eyebrows.


When the boat docked the queen of the Island met them. Nude and bowing to Gabrielle. "Nice to see you, I mean nice to meet you." Gabrielle stumbled over her words. "This is Xena, my bond mate."

"Yes, Xena we have met before."

"We have" came the dry reply.

"Yes, you were drunk in a tavern in Athens called the Golden Mare. We were drinking toasts to everything that night when we made a wager on who was going to bed the barmaid. If you remember at all, we both lost. She slipped out the back door."

Xena started to laugh. "Yeah I do remember that. And if I remember right, I wasn't the only one drunk that night."

Gabrielle cleared her throat. They both looked at her at the same time. Suddenly Gabrielle felt very over dressed. Considering she and Xena were the only ones on the island with there clothes on.

"I will have the guards show you to your cabin. Everything is prepared just as you requested. If you need anything give a signal and an amazon guard will not be far"

"Thank you" she said following the naked amazon..

Chapter 4

"Gabrielle, this place is perfect." The warrior said dropping their bags on the floor.

"I'm glad you like it. I told them in my note I wanted privacy and it looks like we got it. A cabin just inside the tree line and the beach only steps away." The warrior moved up behind her slipping her arms around her waist pulling her close.

"How about these clothes?" Xena said reaching up to unlace the tie on the bard's top. Gabrielle leaned back into her lover feeling a naked warrior as Xena undid her skirt and watched it fall to the floor. She then picked the bard up holding her close and walked over to the bed placing her down gently. Lying on top of her Xena whispered. "I believe this is where we were this morning."

Chapter 5

Three days later the pair emerges from the cabin. The last three days have been filled with love, desire, passion, tenderness and a lot of laughter. This time has been spent solely on a renewance of the familiar.

"Let's go to the beach," Gabrielle asked her warrior that morning.

"Sure love anything you want" Xena said softly reaching for her clothes.

Gabrielle stopped her. "Remember where we are, you won't need them" she said taking the clothes from the warrior and placing them back on the chair.

Xena smiled. "Okay my love but I'm taking my chakram with me." After some debate Gabrielle finally gave in to the warriors need not to feel completely exposed and vulnerable.

They walked hand in hand along the beach Gabrielle picked up a hand full of sand and tossed it at her warrior hitting her in the stomach. Gabrielle took off running calling back over her shoulder "bet you can't catch me."

Xena couldn't let the challenge go unanswered. She took off running after the bard knowing she could catch her easily but slowed her pace giving her a little more of a lead. Suddenly Xena was on her tackling her in the soft sand. Gabrielle fell face first the sand. Xena crawled up her body and laid on her buttocks and back. Leaning forward Xena said. "Gotcha, now what am going to do with you."

Gabrielle tried to turn over but Xena wouldn't allow it. She sat up and straddled to bards buttocks and rubbed herself on her. She reached down and spread her own lips to make contact with her nub on the bard's bare skin. Rocking herself back and forth Gabrielle pushed her buttocks up to give the warrior better access to her. Xena's passion was building beyond the point of no return. When she suddenly stopped, rolled the bard over and stepped over her face. "I need this love. I need to taste you as well." She said leaning over to put her tongue into the bard. They both moaned at the contact neither knowing who made the first sounds or caring who did. Gabrielle met the warrior stroke for stroke. Everything she felt the warrior do to her she returned it. She knew Xena often wanted the same lovemaking done to her as what she did to the bard. The more movement the higher they both would go. Xena sucked and Gabrielle licked. Gabrielle would suck and Xena would lick. Their passions building until they both pulled themselves into the other. Xena pressed her face harder into Gabrielle and yelled her name while sucking on her bard. Gabrielle replaced her tongue with her fingers and continued to rub the warriors swollen nub bringing her to another climax along with herself. Xena fell to the side trying to catch her breath. The bard turned around and scooted next to her warrior trying to catch her breath as well.

"By the gods woman, what you do to me." Xena whispered between breaths.

"Tell me Xena, what do I do to you."

"You can make me come to heights that I never knew existed. My heart is so filled with love for you that sometimes I think its going to burst. Everything I am is because of you and I thank the gods every day for bringing you into my life."

Xena looked at her bard and saw a tear fall. She reached over to dry it; "I love you Gabrielle."

"I know" Gabrielle said wiping her eyes not wanting the warrior to see her cry. "I love you with everything I am."

Chapter 6

"Xena we've been here for a week now. Are you ready to think about leaving yet? I know how much you don't like being in one place for very long."

"Are you ready to leave?" Xena asked touching her bard's cheek with her fingertips.

"I think sometimes I can just stay here with you forever. It is so peaceful, so beautiful I think I could spend eternity here as long as you're with me."

"I know the feeling. We'll return here anytime you want. I promise." The warrior whispered kissing the lady she loved. Unknown to Gabrielle Xena had already made arrangements for the cabin they are in to be their permanent place. A place where they can come anytime they want.

"The boat leaves tomorrow and the amazons would like to see us off in the morning. If its alright." Gabrielle said

"Sure, just keep your top on okay." The warrior smiled.

"You should talk, who went into the village a couple days ago not wearing anything." Gabrielle teased back.

"Well, when on the Island of Kalniky do as the Kalniky amazons do." Xena laughed hugging her bard.

Morning came much too soon neither of the lovers could get enough of each other. They made love until dawn they only stopped because neither had energy enough to raise up off the bed. Sleep took them both but only for a short time. They had to get ready to leave because there would not be another boat off the island for over a week. Although that appealed to both of them they knew in their hearts it was time to return.

As they walked out of the cabin they both stopped and turned around looking at it. Gabrielle had a small tear in her eye as she turned away, "What's wrong love" Xena asked concerned for her lover.

"Oh its silly, I got kinda attached to this place and I think about all to special moments we spent here, I guess I'm just sad to leave." Xena held her tight.

"I have a surprise for you. When I went into the village the other day. I met with the queen and arranged for this place to be ours. We can comeback any time you want and it will always be here, just like this."

Gabrielle beamed from ear to ear. "One of the many reasons I love you the way I do."

The lovers walked hand in hand to the dock, where the queen and several of her amazons met them. "Xena, Gabrielle please come back soon." Was all that was said as they bowed to show their respect to Gabrielle.

She bent down and helped the queen up. "Thank you for everything and we will be back soon and often."

Xena clasped arms in a warrior's handshake. As the boat left dock Gabrielle turned to Xena and put her arms around her holing her close. "I love you warrior."

"As I do you my bard."

The End

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