Ethereal, Tangible Resolution

By Penelope Downs, AKA Doc


Disclaimer: The characters are mine and I own the copyright. Use without my permission is prohibited. Any resemblance to a person, dead or alive, is unintentional. If you under 18 years of age, are offended by same sex romances, light bondage, or it's illegal to read about it where you live, stop now and read no further.

I grabbed the suitcase and bag containing my laptop and went to the car. I put everything in the trunk and then slid in to the driver’s seat. I had loaded the CD tray that was in the trunk as well as the three-disc CD tray in the dash with the appropriate mood music. I planned to compose this one in my head as I drove. I was certain I would have it completely written by the time I arrived at my destination.

The fourth day after I had returned home, my resolve had broken. I couldn’t take it. I had to talk to her, see her, touch her. I plotted my course of action. I would seduce her in my normal manner and then pray that she would answer her front door and allow me the physical intimacy that I had fled from so abruptly.

It hadn't take me long to track down her residence, which was in a nearby city. I simply had gone online. Once I knew where she lived, I found the hotel closest to her apartment and made a reservation. I let my employer know that I would not be a work for at least a week, pretending that I had to attend to a family crisis out-of-town. I then finished the preparations for my departure.

I had almost completed the story by the time I arrived at the hotel. I checked in at the front desk and got the keys to my room. Per my instructions, I had been given a room that faced the park, and her apartment building.

I quickly set up my computer and began committing the story to electric words. It didn’t take me long and within an hour I had it completed. All I had to do was wait and watch for her to return home. Then I would send it to her.


I came home exhausted, but unable to rest. I hadn’t been able to sleep or eat in five days. Not since she had abandoned me. Melancholia was my only companion, an unpleasant one at that.

I debated about turning on my computer. I had sent messages begging her to contact me to no avail. I didn’t know what I had done, but I had displeased her. I feared that she would refuse to talk to me again. I didn’t know how I would cope with loosing her. I dreaded checking my inbox, afraid that I would find no messages from her. Reluctantly, I went to my makeshift den and turned on the computer. I nervously paced around the desk while it booted. I glanced with trepidation at the login screen and almost turned it off rather than face certain rejection again. It took me ten minutes to screw up my courage to login and connect to my server to collect my e-mail. Once I had, I slowly began scrolling down my messages, not expecting to see any from her. I froze when I came to the one bearing her address. I hesitated before I read it, wondering if it was a final note of goodbye.

My hand shook as I clicked the button on the mouse to open her message. Unconsciously, I held my breath. I expected the worst and was in shock to see my lover planned on at least one more tryst before leaving me forever. I began reading.


I waited. I would give her time to complete the fantasy before I went to her to relive it together. After thirty minutes had passed, I slowly approached her building. An occupant was leaving so I was able to slip in without having to buzz her. I was half-afraid she would have refused my call. I took the elevator to the fourth floor and slowly approached her apartment. I stood outside her door for awhile before I found the courage to knock. When I did, she opened it almost immediately. She stood there, looking magnificent. She was clad as I had described, no requested, in our story--in stiletto heels and black fishnet hose, which fastened to a garter belt. She still had the toy that she had used in her hand. It glistened with her fluids

I stepped inside and grabbed the hand in which she held the toy; bringing the toy to my mouth, I slowly licked it clean. I then took it out of her hand, tossed it on the floor and brought her fingers to my mouth. I licked each digit, savoring her taste. I looked at her beautiful face. She was still aroused. Her nostrils flared slightly and her eyes were hooded. I leaned in and kissed her, demanding entry in to her mouth. She complied and soon we were both breathless as the kiss escalated. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me, putting my leg between hers. I held her and encouraged her to grind and rub herself on my thigh while I continued my oral explorations. She groaned as she moved her hips in that ancient rhythm. I felt her wetness seep through the leg of my slacks. My own core burned and threatened to erupt. I knew I had to break the kiss. It was time plus, it was in our script.

She sighed loudly when I stepped back. I pulled the blindfold and ball gag from my jacket pocket and handed them to her while I took the jacket off. After I had placed it on her sofa, I returned to her and retrieved the items. Wordlessly, I turned her around so her back was to me and put the blindfold on her. I then told her to open her mouth and after she had complied, put the ball gag in it, securing it tightly. I then reached in to the back pocket of my slacks and retrieved the leather cord. I move in front of her and tied her hands together. I took a moment to stare at her. I had never wanted anyone more in my life than I wanted her then. I was determined to make amends for the pain I had caused her when I fled from her so few days before. Lovingly, I leaned in and kissed and sucked each of her pert breasts. Her nipples were already erect and sensitive. I felt the rumbling of her moans in her chest, although the sounds were stifled by the ball gag. I rubbed her flat belly and then moved my hands to rub her ass checks. She began to rub against me again. I knew that I needed to move south.

Slowly I knelt in front of her. I used my hand to nudge her legs further apart. She complied, knowing what I was going to do. I sat down between her legs. I had smelled her when I first stepped in to the room. Now I was at the source of that wonderful odor and saw the wetness on her inner thighs. I became dizzy and wanted nothing more than to bury my tongue in her to gather that sweet nectar that was her essence. However, I had to follow our script so I leaned in and began stroking the length of her folds with my tongue. Her folds were already engorged from her self-pleasure. It made it easier to spot my target--her clit. I moved my mouth to the swollen bud and sucked in it in completely. She bucked her hips, trying to impale herself on my mouth. I could tell she was moaning even though the gag prevented her utterances from being understood. I kept up my assault on her clit while her movements became more forceful. When she began a series of downward thrusts I decided it was time to launch a simultaneous assault on her cunt. I thrust two fingers deep inside her as I continued suck on her clit. I hadn't thought it possible, but her hips began moving more violently. Apparently, my fingers were having the desired effect. I felt her inner muscles begin to spasm and realized she was close to coming. I withdrew my fingers, moved my mouth to her center and plunged my tongue in to her. She rode my face violently. I wasn't sure how I managed to breathe, she bore down as she squeezed her thighs. Fortunately, I was soon rewarded with the fruit of her womanhood as she came hard.

I kept my mouth attached her nether lips until she had no more to offer. She had slumped against me and I could tell that she was tired. However, I was not finished with her and she knew there was more in our script. I moved from between her legs and stood up. I stepped close to her and picked her up. I figured I would be able to find her bedroom. I did, it was the first door off the hallway. I stepped inside and gently laid her on the bed.

Once I had deposited her on the bed I quickly took off my clothes and then returned to her. I crawled on the bed and positioned myself between her legs. I leaned in and took a breast in my mouth as I thrust my strap-on toy inside her. It was the same one I had used before. She wrapped her legs around me to try and hold me as I thrust in and out of her. I was lost in my passion. I felt her come again, but I wasn't sated so I continued my assault on her until I came violently. I looked down at her face and saw that she was crying. I removed the blindfold and kissed her tears away. I untied her hands and then removed the ball gag and kissed her tenderly. I held her in my arms as I rolled onto my back, repositioning her on top of me, without withdrawing. I pushed her head down on my shoulder, kissed the top of her head and told her, "Sleep, I won't leave you again."


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