What Would You Do To Me?

By: Teagen2





Alternative Content Warning: This story depicts a loving relationship between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.


Sexual Content Warning: This story also contains scenes of a graphic, sexual nature. This may be considered NC-17. Please be warned.


Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.


Author’s Notes: Here’s another one day story. Let me know what you think. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com.






Billy Turner. Old college bud of mine. We studied the same field, video technician to be exact. While I chose to become a television editor, he went for starting his own company, Xcite Productions. He owns and runs his own pornography studio. Oh boy. He has invited me to his studio...again. Here I am, cruising the hallways, until I decide to peak into his office. “Billy.” He looks up from his mound of paperwork.


“Blake!” he smiles. “How ya doing, Girl?”


“Good.” I give him a hug before sitting.


“Not as good as you could be?” I sigh and shake my head. He’s been trying to convince me that I’d make more money working for him, than my current job.


“I think not.”


“Come on. I’ve got the perfect project for you, Real Lesbian Loves.”


“Must you dwell on that?” I chuckled. He knows I prefer women, but that doesn’t stop him from asking. “I am not going to have sex with a stranger in front of a camera.”


“Are you seeing anyone right now?”


“Noooo. Why?”


“Well....The whole idea is real life couples. Some of the girls that work for me are bringing in their partners.”


“Well your outta luck, Billy. I’m currently uninvolved.”


“Look, its going to be in production at least a month. Give it some thought.”


“Right....Later Billy.”


“See ya, Blake.”



I chuckled all the way down the hall. I don’t think there’s a force strong enough to get me in front of a camera. As I stepped out the front door, I saw a woman sitting on the steps, crying. She was blond, that’s all I could see from behind her. “Hey.” I say softly as I sit down next to her. She turns her face to me and I’m momentarily struck mute. She has beautiful green eyes and a childlike face, but I knew she had to be at least twenty-two. “Are you okay?” Her face shows a little bit of awe also.


“Uhhhh..Yyyyeah.” she stutters. “Just a really bad day.” She glances at the door I just came out of. “You work here?” she asks.


“No.” I smile. “A friend of mine owns it, I was just visiting.” She appears to think deeply about something.


“I tried to get a job here, but they told me no.” Are they CRAZY!!!!


“Then they are obviously blind, because you are beautiful.” I see the beginning of a smile on her lips.


“Thank you, but that doesn’t help me.” I look across the street to the open air cafe.


“Ever eaten there?” I thrusted my chin in the direction of the cafe.




“Come on.” I stood, offering my hand to help her up, which she took. “I’m buying.”



I chose a table that would give us a little bit of privacy. I took in the way she was dressed. She was wearing a denim long sleeve shirt with matching blue jeans. Not beautiful....gorgeous. “I’m Blake.” I extended my hand across the table and she took it.




“Nice to meet you, Daily.....Can I ask you a personal question?” She grins at me, which I can’t help but return.




“Why would someone, as beautiful as you are, need to work there?”


“I need the money.” she said softly, taking a sip of the water that she was just given. I had a feeling that it was deeper than that. I saw the sadness in her eyes. “You know that train that derailed last week?”


“Yeah.” It was all over the television. If I remember, about forty people died.


“My whole family was on that train.” I saw the tear that escaped her eye. I scooted my chair around to sit next to her.


“I’m sorry.” She wiped angrily at her tears.


“My parents, my two brothers, my grandmothers. Everyone.” she sobbed. I draped an arm around her, coaxing her to cry on my shoulder. “I was supposed to be on that train, but I missed it because I had to work late.” I reached up and brushed the hair out of her face. “We all supposed to be together for Easter...and I wasn’t there for them.”


“If you had been there, you’d be dead too.”


“I know, but I’m alone now. My boss fired me when I didn’t show up for work. Only a few of them had insurance, now I have to pay for their burials and I don’t have a job.”



I had no idea of the tragedy that she had experienced. Despite the crying, she held herself together well. “I’m so sorry.” I soothed. Two boys at the table to our left, were looking at us intently. “What you looking at?” I scowled. “Mind your own business.” They immediately focused their full attention on their pizza.


“A friend of mine said that she gets great money there....but I’m scared I don’t want to do those things with someone I don’t know....I just don’t see any other way.” An idea crossed my mind.


“I think I might be able to help you.”


“How?” Just then a man appeared at our table.


“Ladies, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. You’re causing a distraction.” I gently helped Daily stand and as we walked past him, I said as loud as I could,


“Your burgers suck anyway.” I heard a small laugh from Daily.



We headed back across the street and into the building. I took Daily’s hand and led her towards Billy’s office. “What are we doing?” she asked nervously when she saw the name on the door. “Are you going to help me get a job?”


“Better.” I winked, then knocked.


“Yeah?” I came in and gestured for Daily to sit, then I took the chair next to hers. Billy’s mouth was wide open. “Uhhh....” I held up my hand.


“Here’s the deal.” He nodded enthusiastically. I could see the drool from here. “This is Daily. She needs money. I wanna help her out. So...” I sat back slowly in my chair. “I’ve got all the necessary equipment at home.” He nodded. Being a video editor, I have it all.

“Daily and I make a thirty minute tape in the privacy of my bedroom. I edit it myself with my computer, therefore saving you time. You like, you buy. You don’t.....” I trail off. He smiled widely and started to say something. “I’m not done.” He sat back. “We do what we want to do, no scripts.” I could tell he was hooked. He rubbed his chin in thought.


“Are you sure about this?” Daily whispered to me.


“Only if you are.” She nodded her head yes.


“How much will this awesome video set me back?” he grinned. I turned to Daily.


“The bill balance is four thousand.” she said quietly.


“Four thousand.”


“Just for her? No way.”


“For both of us, Billy. Plus my editing time. You save at least half that with me doing the work. Once I’m done, it’ll be ready to go.” Billy gave me his ‘its a deal’ smile.


“Done....but there are some guidelines to follow.” He reached over and handed each of us a piece of paper. “I’ll need to see your ID, young lady. I run a legit business. You must be eighteen.”


“I’m twenty-four.” Daily said as she hands over her ID He writes down a few pieces of information before handing it back.


“Great. No Problems then. Since your not interacting with any of my other people, we can forgo the blood tests I think.” He cleared his throat and picked up a piece of paper.

“You’ve seen porn video before I assume.” We nodded. “Well Blake, Daily. Be back in one week with the finished product.” We both shook hands with Billy. As I led Daily out, I turned and mouthed ‘Thank you,’ to which he winked.



I drove Daily home and she invited me in. “I can’t thank you enough for what your doing.”


“Your thanks is enough. I just wish we could have met under better circumstances.”


“Yeah, that would have been nice....I know we just met and I don’t want to sound to forward.” I gestured for her to continue. “I don’t think making love to someone like you is going to be hard.” When I didn’t answer right away, I saw the concern in her eyes.


“I feel like I’m taking advantage of you.” I said quietly.




“Well, I dragged you into Billy’s office and offered him a deal without asking you first. You’re doing this for your parents. I understand. Otherwise, I could never have had an opportunity like this with you.”


“Who says?” I smiled at her. “When do you want to do this thing?”


“How about I pick you up in the morning, show you around my place, talk about the setup. I’ll start getting the equipment ready and whenever you are ready....”


“Is seven too early?” she asked.


“I’ll be here.”




Needless to say, I was early. She dressed similar to what she dressed in yesterday, jeans and a T-shirt. I was in the same. Simple is my motto. My bedroom was three times the size of a normal room because it doubled as my work area. As soon as she saw the huge computer editing console, she nearly choked. “Reminds me of the movie Sliver.” she said.


“Yeah, but I don’t use this to spy on people.” I led her to the far corner where my bed was. I had removed all unnecessary furniture from around it. All that remained on it was a black silk sheet. Positioned around the bed, at different points and corners, were the cameras.


“How many are here?”


“Six total.” I gestured around the perimeter of the bed. “Four around the bed.” I gestured to our feet. “One on the floor, for side shots.” Then I pointed up. “And one on the ceiling.”


“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”


“I’m sure.” I chuckled. “But I do work in television, so I know about camera angles.” She nodded. I could see the nervousness in her stance and mood as she took in the equipment.






“You don’t have to do this. I can lend you the four thousand and you can pay me back when you can.”


“No, no. Thanks anyway, but this is my family. I’ll handle it.”


“Okay...Let’s sit and take a look at these guidelines Billy gave us.”



I led her back to my terminal and pulled up an extra roll chair next to mine. “Have you read them yet?” I asked.


“No, you?”


“A little. I’ll read them out loud.” I cleared my throat. “Refrain from first names during filming. No coverings on bed. Check.” She smiled. “No unnecessary talking.” I smiled this time. Boy, this is going to be interesting. We’re both blushing and we’re just reading. Have a least several minutes of...foreplay. Begin with all clothing on.” I read on until we were through the entire list. “Think we can do that?”


“I hope so.” Daily smiled.




I took Daily to breakfast and returned. Earlier she did lie on the bed and look around to get a general idea about where all the cameras are, but she made no invitation to begin. She did however explore my mouth thoroughly with her tongue while we were watching a movie that I had worked on. Daily is a great kisser to say the least. “Blake.”


“Yeah?” I turned my attention from the television to her. There was a look in her eye I hadn’t seen before.


“Can I ask you something?”




“Would you be able to make love to me with the cameras off?”


“I prefer the cameras off.” I smiled. “The cameras are there to get you the money you need, nothing more.”


“What would you do to me?”




“What would you do differently if the cameras were off?”


“I would tell you how much I love you as you come.” I say quietly. “I would scream your name out as I come....and beg you for more.”


“Show me.” she whispered. The arm that was draped over the back of the couch came around her as I brought her face to mine. No holding back. I lifted her shirt, left her lips, and descended to her breast. I bit her nipple through her bra, causing her to moan. “Wait. Blake, let’s do this now.”


“Are you sure?” She nodded. I walked to my bedroom door, locking it. I grabbed the remote for the cameras off of the terminal. Grabbing her hand, I led her to within the circle of cameras. “I’ll hide the remote here. If you want to stop, just put your finger on my lips and I’ll turn them off because the mics are real sensitive and pick up even a whisper. Got it?”


“Yeah.” I reached into the drawer off to the right and retrieved the one prop we agreed on using. Billy suggested others, but we both chose this one. I placed it beside the bed.



I hit the button and the click signaled all the cameras were recording. I stepped forward and placed my hand on the side of her head, caressing her cheek with my palm. She smiled brightly at me and I returned it. Our lips met in a passionate, wet kiss. Her arms came around my neck, pulling me down to her level. I moved to her neck. Her first moan. Damn, did it sound authentic. I know mine are going to be. Her smaller hands began to unbutton my shirt. I stepped us around so the third camera will see anything revealed. My shirt was fully opened. She stroked from my collarbone to my waist. “Ohhhh.” The kisses ended. I watched her as she removed my shirt. It fell into a heap out of sight. I continued to watch and smile as my bra was removed, revealing my chest to the cameras. I smiled even wider as her head ducked and took possession of my left nipple. “Ahhhh.” I moaned as her teeth grazed over it briefly before she switched breasts. I brought my hand up, running my fingers sensually through her hair. My other hand went to the button of her jeans. Dropping both hands to her hips, I slid them off. They landed on the floor. I stepped back with her to free her of them. My hands then began pulling her T-shirt up, revealing her bra. I practically yanked it off of her body. I tossed the garment somewhere. My slacks were next to go, leaving us both in our underwear.


We took a minute to look at each other and kiss softly before proceeding. She is so cute. We simultaneously removed each other’s underwear, revealing all to the camera’s eyes. Without words, I coaxed her to sit on the bed, spreading her thighs. She was already glistening. I took a deep breath before getting on my knees, near the floor camera, and lowering my head. She literally screamed as my tongue ran up her cleft, then licking her clit. The cameras were not there in my opinion. This beautiful woman needs me, in more ways than one. I used my right hand to rub and stimulate her, as well as my tongue. I saw the contractions begin and her moans becoming strains as she grunted in release. I immediately stood and latched onto her mouth, giving her a taste of herself.



We traded off and she proceeded to do the same for me. Please don’t let thirty minutes be up yet. I really don’t know how much time it took for those two exchanges. Not wasting any time, I grabbed the strap on, putting it into place. The black dildo extended out from my body. I pulled her to the center of the bed and spread her legs wide. She was so wet, I knew she wouldn’t need any additional aid. I watched with delight as the head and then the entire thing slid into her depths. “Ohhhhh!” I tilted my hips and pulled her to me until her legs were wrapped around me. “Yes.” Daily groaned, the first word she has formed. I kept the smile on my face as I rapidly pulled her to me, slamming the dildo into her hard. I watched carefully to determine when her orgasm ended. Still the cameras did not register in my mind, until I felt the need to scream. Knowing I couldn’t say her name or call her baby or lover, nothing.


As soon as I withdrew, we changed positions. This time, I coaxed her up on all fours. Entering her from behind made me groan loudly. I kept one hand on her hip and the other, I rubbed up and down her muscular back. I bit my lip to stop myself from encouraging her, for pushing back. Her hands were planted and that beautiful butt was moving back on its own without any help from me. “Oh yeah.” I ended up saying. This dialogue is making me feel really stupid. She came again.



She removed herself, turning onto her back. She reached up and pressed her finger to my lips. I quickly reached under the sheet, near her head. I hit the button, the cameras ceased recording. “Are you alright? Did I do something wrong?”


“No.” she said quickly. “You did everything right.” My face conveyed my confusion.


“Then why did you want to stop?”


“I don’t want to stop, Lover. I just want you to love me as Blake, before we keep going. I can’t stand this limited dialogue.”


“Took the words right outta my mouth.” I placed myself on my back. “Come on.” I motioned. With a smile, she eased herself onto the dildo.


“Oh gods, Blake. Ugggg.” She began her own rhythm, which I let her start. The force of her thrusts pressed me into the silk sheet with each movement.


“Harder, Daily.” I said. She sped up her efforts. Her face began to contort.




“I love you, Daily.” I said to her as the spasms rocked her body. She collapsed on top of me. “Ready to turn the cameras back on?”


“Yeah.” she breathed. We returned to the positions we were in before they were shut off.




Once they were back on, Daily went down on me again, then used the ‘prop’ on me, twice. I don’t know how much footage we did tape. It didn’t matter right now. I hit the stop button for the final time, then the power. Every camera turned off with a sharp click. I had just enough energy to grab the black comforter from under the bed and drape it over our nude bodies. I spooned myself behind her. She was fast asleep. This has got to be one of the strangest experiences in my life. Meeting the girl of my dreams, being paid to have sex with her, though I won’t see a dime of it and I don’t care. I’ll do it again in a heartbeat. I just hope Billy likes our love session or Daily will be heartbroken. I’m going to pay that balance whether she likes or not, if Billy doesn’t go for this.



I awoke to the sound of my fax machine. I ignored it and tried to go back to sleep. It wasn’t happening. I opened one eye and looked at the clock. We slept through the late afternoon hours and through the night. Being fully rested, I carefully extracted myself and draped the blanket back over Daily. I rubbed my hand lovingly down her back as I stood up on the bed. I detached the camera as quietly as I could. I stepped down onto the floor. One by one, I pulled the film out of each camera. As I was removing the one near her head, I heard Daily moan in her sleep. “Shhhh.” I soothed. She rolled onto her back, readjusting the blanket around her. I smiled as I reached down and grabbed my underwear. Moving to the closet, I reached in a pulled out my purple, silk shirt. Not bothering to button it, I sat in my office chair putting all the film into my terminal.




I knew the pecking I was doing on my keyboard would wake her. I watched in the reflection of one of the televisions as she stretched. “Morning.” I said without turning around. “Thought you’d sleep all day.” I chuckled.



“What time is it?” she yawned.


“About eleven.” I concentrated on zooming in on a facial shot of me. I heard her feet when they hit the floor. She padded over to me. Before she could reach me, I swung my chair around. I knew I struck a very interesting pose just in my underwear with my shirt unbuttoned.


“Mmmm.” she commented. She stepped in-between my knees. Leaning down she gave a thorough good morning kiss. “Morning, Sexy.” She glanced up at my monitors with various scenes of yesterday stilled on them. “Whatcha doing?” I swung back around, keeping an arm around her waist. She sat on the arm of my chair.


“Putting this masterpiece together.” I smiled. “Everything came out great. Just a matter of putting everything together. Face shots, penetration shots.” I grinned. She slapped my shoulder playfully. “Above shots...you get the point.”


“Yeah I do. When will it be ready?”


“Uhhhh late tonight, tomorrow at the latest.”


“I hope your friend likes it or.....”


“Hey. He’s gonna love it. If he doesn’t...I’ll cover you. Don’t worry.” I caressed her back.


“You don’t even know me, Blake.”


“You don’t know me either, but you trusted me enough to let me bring you here to make a video of us making love.”


“I love you, Blake. Please tell me this wasn’t just a business deal.”


“It was a business deal.” Her face fell.


“The business of the rest of our lives.” I smiled. I hated being mean...sometimes. A very audible sigh came from my companion.




While Daily went home to grab some clothes, I finished up the video. I watched it once all the way through. “I gotta make a copy of this.” I said to myself. I heard my front door close. “Daily?” I called.


“Yeah?” She walked in with a backpack. She kissed me on the lips. “What’s up?”


“Its finished.”


“Really!” she said excitably. “Can I watch it?”


“Sure.” I ejected the tape. I took her hand and placed the tape in my VCR.


“Where are the cameras?” Daily asked.


“I put them up. You don’t think I normally have cameras around my bed, do you?”


“No.” She flopped down onto the bed and I joined her. Grabbing my remote, I hit play.




“Wow.” She said softly.


“What do you think?” I asked.


“I think I need a cold shower.” she grinned. “Care to join me?” I tossed the remote away and picked her up in my arms. I carried her into the bathroom and shut the door with my foot.





We waited, impatiently, for Billy to enter the office. We were actually here before he was. As soon as he saw us he said, “That was fast. I gave you a week. You do it in two days. Impressive....Now what have you got for me?” I placed the video tape on his desk, just barely in his reach. He knew me too well. If I didn’t directly hand it to him, that means we discuss first.


“We’ve been friends for how many years, Billy?”


“Uhhh eight I think.”


“Nine actually, but before we ‘hand over’ this tape, I want to make a few things clear.”


“I understand.”


“How is it that this gorgeous woman here was turned away from this studio when you have ads up everywhere looking for ‘new talent’?”


“You came in here looking for a job?” Daily nodded sheepishly. “I had no idea. I leave it up to Sandy to find new people.”


“Well, Sandy needs glasses.”


“I agree.” Billy smiled.


“Enough small talk.” I sat up directly in my chair. “How will this tape be distributed?”


“Through a catalog.” I nodded.


“So, it won’t be up on shelves in a video store.”




“No cover shots.” He sat upright.


“If I used your shots, I was going to put one on the back cover.”


“NO cover shots.” I repeated.


“Okay. No cover shots.”


“Finally, do you have the four thousand?” He tapped his desk drawer.


“Right here. Can I see the tape?” He asked, reaching for it. I gestured and he picked it up, and placed it in his T.V./VCR.




It was somewhat odd watching the tape with someone else in the room. Because he was turned away from us, we couldn’t see the reaction on his face. However, he was squirming in his chair. I grasped my new love’s hand and held it. I raised my other hand, fingers crossed. She nodded as he stopped the tape and turned around. “That’s a side of you I wish I could’ve seen earlier my friend.” He nonchalantly picked up a stack of paper and shuffled them. “I just have one thing to say....The release date is September 10th.” He slid the check over to Daily. YES! Daily was so happy, she reached for me and nearly squeezed the life outta me. “Would you two be interested in doing a scene for Volume Two?” We exchanged glances. “I’ll sweeten it for ya. Same deal, your home, your editing.....two thousand each, plus equipment expenses.”



I stood and took Daily’s hand again. “I don’t know, Billy.” I looked at Daily. “This was out of necessity, not profit.”


“And just think of how much better it will be without that pressure.”


“We’ll get back to you.” I winked, holding the door open for Daily.




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