By Croaven


Xena and Gabrielle, Mel and Janice, belong to Renaissance Pictures, Universal Studios, etc, etc. No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this story.

This story describes explicit sex between two women, but nothing you wouldn't find in you local university. However if this idea bothers you or you are under the age of 18, or it is illegal where you are, please find another story to read.

Just a little story about two women who meet at a party.

After reading so many wonderful stories, I decide to give one a try. I wrote this while on winter break from school. I wrote a little tribute to some of my favorite fan-fiction writers toward the end of the story. Thanks.

"As Gabrielle let's out a loud cry, calling the name of her lover Xeeeennnna, yes, yes, ooooooohhhhh yes. Her whole body begins to shake; suddenly she stiffens as she lets out her release. She cries into her lover’s embrace." Wow, that's pretty intense. Janice found her breathing a bit to heavy, she cleared her throat and tried to calm her heart from nearly pounding out of her chest.

"So what did you think?" Epi asked as she finished the last chapter of a story she had picked up off the web. She was in her senior year at the university and it was becoming harder for her to study. She spent way too much time reading altfiction, Uber fiction and of course Xena fiction which she never seemed to get enough of. "Janice, what'da think?"

"Oh, um, well it was um, different, I never pictured Xena and Gabriel like that." Janice was in her third year, she was an English major. She wanted to become a writer. She spent most of her time reading. That was her passion. Janice felt a good writer learned to write by reading the best authors. She would only admit to reading such authors as Shakespeare, Falkner, Keats. She did fess up to Flannery O'Connor, and even Vonnegut, but she usually tried to stay in the mainframe of the true literary artist. Carlos Cansteneda was not one of them.

"Janice you always say that it was different. If you don't like the stories then I won't read them to you anymore." Epi new that Janice loved hearing her read, but she wanted to get a reaction.

"No (Janice jumped) Ep, I never said I didn't like the stories, I wouldn't spend time reading them myself, but since you like to read out loud, I don't mind listening. I just said they were different that's all. You know I read so much literature. It's like drinking a fine wine, it gets better with age, it takes time to savor and in the end can be so perfect. But then again having a beer can be good too. It isn't as refined but it still leaves you feeling a bit fuzzy and warm inside."

"Janice shut up, you don't even drink wine." Epi looked at her friend and they both busted up laughing.

"I do too." Janice said through laughs.

"And you want to be a writer, some analogy." Ep laughed.

Epi was taller than Janice, she had long black hair and dark eyes, her build was that of an athlete, she played soccer and swam, maybe that's what gave her such a solid look of mass and muscle. Janice liked her a lot; they met in an English class. Epi was so lost; she didn't understand the writers or the meaning of the stories the professor had assigned. Janice saw the girl's frustration and offered to help. From then on, they were friends. Epi asked Janice one night after a long study session if she could stay over. She told Janice that she really wanted to be with her. Janice was utterly surprised. She wasn't shocked or scared, she just wasn't attracted to Epi. They ended up talking through the wee hours of the morning and thus began their everlasting relationship.

"Hey Janice, Cindy is having a party tomorrow night, you want to come with me?" Cindy was an exgirlfriend of Epi's, they had continued to be friends.

"I don't know, I have a test next week and I want to study for it." Janice didn't really like the party scene, she never felt comfortable around a lot of people, she would much rather curl up with a good book.

"Oh come on, there will be atmosphere, you need to get out and experience life if you want to become a great writer." Epi new this would work. She knew how important writing was to Janice.

"Well, maybe for a little while, can I take your car home if I get bored?" Janice didn't have a car, she liked riding her bike to class. Her father told her he would buy her whatever kind she wanted after graduation. So she settled for not having one till then.

"Tell you what, if you get bored I'll take you home myself okay?"

"Shit, shit, shit, where the hell are my black boots?" Janice was running around her little apartment looking under the couch, the bed, the table unable to find the boots that would be perfect with her black jeans. Epi sat on the worn, sully-stained couch that had seen so many other students through time. "Did you look on top of your bed Janice?" She looked up and there sat a pair of black boots. "Thanks Ep." She said with a sigh.

Janice didn't need a lot of make-up. She wore her hair straight down. It was the color of the evening sun hints of red and gold all mix in. Her hazel eyes often changed colors with her clothes. She was wearing a teal sweater that gave her eyes a greenish blue mixture for the evening.

Epi wore all black and she looked like a cat on the prowl. Black jeans with a black sweater and a black pair of Nikes. "Nice" Janice looked her friend up and down. "I thought black went out last year." she grinned.

"Black is always in Janice, you just don't know how to wear it." Epi retorted.

"Well I don't like black, it's to…dark." Janice said and rolled her eyes.

As the two women strolled into the party, Janice could see that is was one of Cindy's usual midsemester bashes. All the same boring people trying to look cool. "Why did I come again?" She asked her sidekick.

"Atmosphere remember?" Epi whispered back.

"Oh yea that good ole' atmosphere." she wisely remarked.

The two women walked into the house looking for Cindy who was in the kitchen talking to someone that they couldn't see because her back faced them. "Hey Epi, Janice, come in I wantcha all to meet my friend Melanie." She slowly turned to face Janice and Epi.

Janice never believed in love at first sight although she had read about it so many times. She never believed one would hear fireworks when kissing or a person could go weak in the knees at the thought of kissing or that you could hear your own heart pound at the mere contact of another person. Sure she'd read of all these things and more, but it never really happened the way the writers suggested. It was amazing how ones whole life can change in the blink of an eye. Those eyes my my my they are… wow.

Melanie stood at least six feet tall. She wore black leather chaps over a pair of black jeans, biker boots and a long sleeved shirt with the top three buttons open. Collar up, hair down. Silver bracelet on her right hand and a silver watch on her left. No rings on her fingers or her ears.

"Janice." Epi gave her friend a nudge. She looked at Epi and realized she had been staring at this amazingly beautiful, no, enticing, intriguing, no, familiar maybe, breathtaking, yes woman.

"Oh hi." Janice held out her hand and Melanie took it. The warmth that gradually turned into a tingle shot straight up through her arm. Melanie could feel her heart begin to beat a bit faster, she looked deep into Janice' eyes and felt a familiar comfort.

"You can let go now." Epi broke in looking at Melanie who suddenly realized she was still holding Janice's hand. "Oh sorry." she replied. I guess they're together, too bad, she is beautiful.

Janice caught the innuendo and didn't want Melanie to think there was something between Epi and her. "Why don't you go see if there is anyone you might find interesting Epi, I'm gonna get something to eat." She looked up at Melanie to see if she caught on. "Like to join me?" she asked.

Cindy looked at her and nodded go ahead. Looks like Janice found someone interesting she thought. "I'm gonna go check on my other guests."

"Sure" Melanie grabbed two plates and handed one to Janice, the setting was buffet style with a turkey and a ham on the table. Cindy loved to throw parties and she always had them catered using her father’s credit cards. She never cared too much for her father, but she loved his money.

"Wow this looks grea.t" Janice found herself rambling, trying to hide the nervousness she suddenly found creeping up on her. "So Melanie, what's your Major?"

"Call me Mel, I'm in computer science."

"Oh you like computers." What an idiot why would she be in CS if she doesn't
like them?

"Umm yea, so are you and Epi a couple?"

"A couple, oh no, no we're just friends, (Janice nervously laughed) there's nothing between us." She waved her hand down at Mel laughing as if that was silly to even think that "No, not us, no."

Mel gave a half smile "So you seeing anyone?"

Boy is she direct or what? Janice was completely caught of guard by Mel's

"No, I um I haven't really dated much, you know too much schoolwork, I um don't have time for a commitment." What an ass, you aren't seeing anyone cause you haven't met anyone you find interesting enough to date. Until now..

Mel felt very pleased about that, she had been attracted to Janice the moment she first walked in the door. Mel saw her coming toward the kitchen and purposely turned around to hide her face. She wanted to make an appearance. Did she ever.

"Well, if you’re not doing anything tomorrow, how about a getting together?" Mel handed Janice a glass of wine.

Janice took the glass of wine and drank a bit to quickly and started to cough.

"Are you alright?" Mel asked.

"Yea, I um it went down the wrong pipe. You want to get together? Yea sounds great!" Janis blurted. She's asking me out on a date.

Mel led Janice toward the backyard where some tables and chairs had been placed. They sat and locked eyes briefly before Mel started eating. Janice did the same. Both women settled into their seats as the music played in the background. There were people dancing while others stood around and mingled. Janice found herself saying "atmosphere."

"Pardon me?" Mel injected

"Oh, I like to write and Epi talked me into coming tonight to experience
atmosphere. I guess this is atmosphere."

Mel looked around the yard and smiled, "Yea I guess it is. Remind me to thank Epi."

"For what?" Janis looked a bit confused.

"For talking you into coming." Mel said as she looked deep into green eyes.

"Oh" wow that was sweet Janis smiled.

"So what do you write about?" Mel asked between drinks.

"I'm working on a couple of pieces, one focuses on the 'Romeo and Juliet' genre, but I've decided to make the lovers both women. My professor is always talking about how conventional every story is. So I figured if I do it this way, it might just shock the hell out of her." Why did I tell her about that story?"

"That sounds interesting" Mel found herself saying. She was totally fascinated by the young blond who sat before her.

"Mel" Janice called to the dark-haired beauty. "Would you like another drink?" Janice notice Mel's empty glass and since she felt herself babbling she wanted to get up and shake off the nervousness. Her eyes are so blue, so deep, I could just fall in and get lost forever. Janice thought to herself.

Mel looked at her glass and stood up "No, allow me" she wanted to show Janice how graceful she could be. She took Janice's plate and glass. "Can I get you anything else?"

"No thank you Mel" Janice watched as her newfound friend walked away. For whatever the reason, Elizabeth Barrett Browning came to mind.

"How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach,
When feeling out of sight…."

Suddenly Mel came back with two glasses of wine. Janice wasn't really a drinker; she told Mel that she felt a bit warm.

"I can fix that right up for you Janice." Mel grinned. "Come on." she grabbed her hand and walked inside then led Janice toward the front door.

Epi saw her friend going outside "Hey, where you going?"

"I don't know, where are we going Mel?" Janice looked puzzled.

"Don't worry Epi, I'll take gooood care of her." Mel smiled and winked at Janice.

Once outside Janis saw what Mel was talking about. "Wow it's beautiful." Janice found herself saying as she ran her hands across the seat of a motorcycle. "What kind is it?"

Now it was Mel's turn to talk about what she loved "It's a 1951 Harley Davidson Panhead, you know the kind Peter Fonda rode in Easyrider. 55 horsepower at 4800 RPM and it's got this laid back buddy seat. I figured since you said you were getting warm I could give you a ride to cool you down." Mel got on the bike and extended her hand to Janice "Come on you’ll love

She hopped on back and put both arms around Mel's waist, she could feel Mel's very well defined abs underneath her shirt. Oh yea I'm definitely going to love this.

As Mel felt Janice put her arms around her waist, it was her turn to feel warm inside.

"Hold on honey." Mel turned her head to catch Janice's face mere inches away. As Mel hit the throttle and pushed the pedal the bike went forward and the two women went back for a brief moment. It was enough to send Janice's arms more tightly around Mel's waist.

There wasn't a lot of traffic so it took less than twenty minutes to get to the observatory that sat up on the hills of LA. It was a quiet night. Not a lot of people up there.

Mel parked her bike near the entrance. "Can you leave it here?" Janice asked. "Yea, come on I want to show you something." Mel grabbed her hand and they walked into the building. She led Janice to the back of the building and into a door that read "No Admittance! Employees Only."

"Mel where are we going?" she asked with uncertainty. Just then a man walked out another door. "Hey Mel what are you doing here?" The man asked. He was wearing a white lab coat. He sported a black beard and had shoulder length black hair. His eyes were as blue as Mel’s. "Hi Tori, this is Janice. This is my brother he works in the lab."

"Hi, nice to meet you." Janice put out her hand.

Tori took it and gave Janice a once over. "Nice Mel." he grinned.

Mel coughed and cleared her throat, trying not to look at Janice. "Yea well, were gonna go to the top okay"

"Sure, we're just closing up, I'll be here for another twenty minutes so don't stay too long." Tori smiled and winked at Janice as he walked away.

Mel once again took Janice by the hand and led her up some stairs. They went to the roof where there were some chairs.

Janice looked up and could see the stars "Beautiful" she said "Wow I could never see the stars like this from my apartment."

Mel looked up and smiled. "Yea, I like coming up here sometimes just to get away from everything, you know?"

"Yea I know whatcha mean. I can't believe I was at Cindy's house and now I'm here on top of the observatory with you." She looked at Mel and felt her heart quicken.

"I hope it's not a bad thing." Mel stated then hesitated to see Janice's response.

"No it's wonderful, I love looking at the stars, thanks for bringing me." Janice looked up she could see the moon in it's full glory smiling down upon them.

"Can you see the woman in the moon?" Mel asked

Janice looked up and nodded no.

"Yea, she's right there." Mel pointed. See if you tilt your head slightly you can see her profile.

"I don't see her," Janice said with her tilted head.

Mel walked up behind her and put her head inches away from Janice. Janice could feel Mel's breath on her ear. She gulped down a swallow. At the sudden contact she felt her knees go weak. Mel put her hand on Janice's waist and the other reaching over Janice's shoulder. Mel pointed her finger up to the moon and tilted her head. Janice followed Mel's finger as she traced the
figure on the moon.

Janice felt a wave of warmth move from her ear down through her chest, to her middle. As warm as she felt, she got goose bumps. She sucked in her breath.

As Mel moved in closer, she could hear Janice moan a very soft sigh. Mel swallowed and braced herself to keep them both from falling over. Her hand moved up slowly toward her stomach than slowly up toward Janice' breast, but stopped just below it.

Janice turned her head to capture Mel's lips that were breathing on her ear. She slowly turned to face Mel not allowing their lips to lose contact. Mel's hand that was under Janice's breast was now on her back. With her other hand, she cupped Janice's face and deepened the kiss.

Fireworks sparked the midnight sky or at least in Janice's head they did. When the finally broke the kiss both were panting and trying to catch their breath. "Wow" was all that Janice could say. She had never been kissed like that before.

Mel had both hands on Janice's waist, she was looking deeply into her eyes. "That was something huh?" she stated not needing an answer. The two stood staring into each other's eyes.

Suddenly the door to the roof burst open and Tori walk out. "Hey come on I'm closing up."

Brought out of the trance Mel looked at her brother as though she had been caught stealing his favorite telescope. "What are you two doing up here?" he realized he had interrupted something.

Janice began to turn three different shades of red.

"Nothing, we were just looking at the lady in the moon" Mel smiled mischievously

"I still don't see it" Janice added.

"Well then I'll have to make sure you do. There'll be another full moon next month how about it" Mel raised her eyebrow, hoping Janice would accept.

"I'd love you, I mean I'd love too" Janice said with a stutter.

"Come on let's go" Mel grabbed Janice's hand and led her past Tori toward the stairs. "See ya later bro." she grinned.

"Yea, stay off the computer, Hatchet." Tori snorted

"Hatchet, is that your computer name?" Janice asked. ‘I wonder what she chops up.’

"One of them" Mel snorted.

On the ride back, Janice felt a little more secure, she allowed her hands to roam over Mel's waist sensually moving her hands up and down and side to side. She rested her head on Mel's back and could smell a hint of violets in her hair. "Hmm" she moaned. Her legs straddled the seat and she could feel the warmth between her legs grow hotter and wetter.

The effect that Janice was having on Mel was becoming a bit too distracting. Mel pulled the bike over to the curb and turned to kiss her.

As the kiss deepened Janice felt her body shift forward, pressing her center against Mel's hip. This caused Mel to groan. "You want to go back to the party, or to my place?" Mel broke from the kiss to ask Janice, hoping her choice would be the latter.

Janice' head was swimming so much from the kiss that she didn't understand the question. "What, umm huh?" she asked.

"My place, you want to go or should I take you back to the party?" Mel stressed 'her place' and mumble 'party'.

"Oh… well um I was supposed to leave with (for the life of her Janice couldn't remember her friends name) um... Oh Epi."

"Oh all right." Mel sounded disappointed.

"We could go back and I'll let her know that you're gonna give me a ride home. If that's ok." Janice hesitantly asked.

Mel gunned the engine and practically popped a wheely. Janice had to grab hold of Mel with all her might.

Epi wasn't too thrilled about Mel taking Janice home. She had heard of Mel's wild side. Epi was used to Mel's type; the one night stand. But Janice wasn't into any of what Mel had to offer. So she would hope.

The party was just dwindling down when the unlikely pair drove off in a rage of speed. "So what's up with those two?" Cindy asked as Epi watched them blur down the road.

"I don't know, and I don't like it too much" Epi spoke through clenched teeth.

"Well, think of it this way Ep, you'll be there when Mel breaks her heart, you can help her put the pieces back together." Cindy smiled

"Tch I hope not, Janice doesn't deserve that from anyone." Epi snorted.

Within minutes the desperately in need of sex duo waledk through the gate of Mel's apartment complex. Janice looked up to see the name "Stardust" on the wall. How appropriate she thought.

Mel opened the door and a cat ran out. "Hey Cleopatra where you going?" She was a black cat with green eyes, slender and very fast.

Janice followed Mel into the apartment. It was almost like her own. A couch, a table with two chairs and a very small kitchen. Janice smiled shyly and walked over to the couch. She sat down and waited for Mel to initiate their activities for the evening.

"You want a drink?" Mel asked as she walked over to the small refrigerator.

"Sure, whatcha got?"

"Some wine, or some beer."

"Let me have a beer." Janice giggled.

Mel brought a beer and a glass of wine and set them both on the table. She sat down next to Janice and put her arm around her shoulders. "Come here" she whispered as she slowly approached Janice' lips.

Janice could feel her heart begin to race. Words failed her, thoughts failed her. All she could feel was the warmth and moisture of Mel's lips. Suddenly her hands began to dance on their own. One hand moved up and encompassed Mel's neck, slipping under her long mane of ebony. While the other danced along Mel's waist and slowly ascended a sensual waltz toward the side of Mel's breast.

It was Mel who broke the spell. She backed away from Janice. Looking into her eyes Mel could see desire but something more, something she had seen many times before in her many different female companions. So many lovers looked
at her like Janice was looking at her now yet this time she felt what it meant. A desire that went way beyond physical. This wasn't just a one nighter where she could just fuck her then move on to the next. No Mel knew that if she had Janice tonight, she would want her every night and every morning.

"Are you ok?" Janice asked looking concerned. She looks scared. I hope I didn't freak her out.

"Yea, I'm just." Mel grabbed her glass and gulped down the wine. "Moving a little to fast that's all." I can't believe I said that. What's wrong with me, I look into her eyes and I melt like warm butter. Damn I want to hold her and make love to her all night long. I have butterflies. Great the queen of the one nighters and now I'm afraid she's gonna use me.

"Mel, maybe you should take me home, it is pretty late and I've got a busy day tomorrow." Yea a busy day of doing nothing.

Shit she wants to leave, damn I fucked up. "I was um hoping maybe you would like to go to the zoo with me tomorrow. I have to look at one of the keepers' database. It'll only take about twenty minutes. Since I'm going to be there, I figured I hang out for a while, I love watching the animals." I can't believe I'm rambling.

"Well I could probably save my work until Sunday." Janice said with a smile. She wants to see me again.

"Really?" whew, good save.

"Yea really." You can watch all the animals you want, as long as I get to watch you.

"It's really late Janice, why don't you just sleep here." Mel said more as a statement then asking a question.

"Sounds great." Janice tried to hide her grin.

The hunter suddenly became the hunted in this game. Mel wasn't sure what happened to her, but she knew that she did not want to lead Janice into anything that would later cause her harm. It was Janice however who had different ideas.

Mel's apartment was a one bedroom; the couch was too small to sleep on so Janice had no choice but to share the bed with Mel. She didn't seem too upset.

Janice took off her boots and then her jeans. Mel watched hypnotically then realized her desires for the golden haired beauty had just jumped up a notch. She shook her head and walked into the bathroom.

From behind the bathroom door, Mel stood with her hand clutching her head, covering her eyes. What is with me, since the moment I saw her, I felt all mixed up inside. I can't even breathe around this woman. Now I'm supposed to go back in there and go to sleep. Damn I don't want to hurt her, I know I've hurt so many. Please let me have the strength not to hurt her.

Janice knew exactly what she wanted and what she wanted was hiding in the bathroom only ten feet away. Wow I guess the fireworks really do happen when you kiss someone you love. Love..did I just say love? Wow, what else could it be? This woman is driving me wild. She is so beautiful, her eyes, her hair, and her breas…

Janice's thoughts were interrupted when Mel walked out of the bathroom. "Hi." Mel said. She was wearing a pair of boxers and a cut off T-shirt with no sleeves.

"H." Janice replied. Oh fuck I never knew boxers could look so sexy before. Wow look at those arms.

Mel walked over to the bed and slid under the covers as quickly as possible. She felt like this was her first time. Why am I so nervous? I've had so many women in my bed before. But her hands trembled at the thought of touching the one that lay next to her now. Mel laid flat on the bed with her arms at her side.

Janice turned on her side and held her head up with her elbow. She reached over and stroked Mel's cheek with the back of her hand. "Are you ok honey?" She asked as she caressed the woman next to her.

"I'm fine, I just didn't want to rush you into anything." Mel replied. She turned her head to face Janice.

Janice leaned over and brushed her lips across Mel's. "You're not rushing me Mel. Besides why would you think that I feel rushed?" Janice leaned in and kissed Mel a second time, this time covering her whole mouth over Mel's.

Mel made a whimpering sound as if she were trying to fight the passion. Her body was on overload. She couldn't resist. She pulled Janice closer and deepened their kiss.

Janice some how managed to roll on top of Mel. She had one leg between both of Mel's. All Mel could do now was groan. She brought her knee up to Mel's center, which in turn made Mel jump. "Janice" she cried. "What are you doing?"

"Something I've been thinking about since I first laid eyes on you Meelaaniiee." Janice purred.

Mel felt a jolt of electricity rush through her entire body at the sound of her name. "Janice I didn't know you had so much experience." Mel jested.

"I don't Mel, in fact you're going to be my first ever."

Mel broke away from Janice and sat up "You’re kidding right?" She asked with total surprise. She's never been with anyone before. Mel felt an over abundance of emotion. The feeling that she would be the first too ever make love to the beautiful creature put both happiness and guilt deep in her heart.

"Janice I, I thought you had umm been with other people before." Mel stuttered.

"Mel what's wrong?" Janice asked as she stroked the back of Mel's hair. Why is she getting upset, you'd think she'd be happy I don't have a past. Maybe she does. "Mel tell me what's wrong?" Janice asked with a very serious tone.

"Janice" I can't lie to her, I don't want to lie to her, tell the truth. "Janice I've been with a lot of women, a lot, and I really like you, I don't want to be just a one night stand with you."

Janice interrupted "You’re not…"

"Wait let me finish!" Mel jumped in. "When I first saw you walk through the front door, I knew you were something special, I could see it in your eyes. When you looked at me, I felt it in my heart. I know we just met, but there is something about you that I, I, don't know, but I do know that I just don't want to hurt you. And it seems I always hurt people. I said I had lots of
women, but I never felt this strongly about any of them. When you touched me it was electrical. It felt like my whole body was on fire and your touch cooled me." You're rambling again. "Janice, I just don't want to have sex with you, I want to make love to you, I want to please you. I never wanted to do that with anyone else."

"Mel I want to do the same to you. I know I don't have the experience you have, but don't worry, I'll be here when you wake up." Janice pushed Mel back down on the bed and flung her leg over Mel's waist straddling the woman. "Now where were we?" Janice grinned.

Mel looked a bit surprised. She put her hands under Janice's arms and pulled Janice down for a long passionate kiss.

Janice grabbed Mel's wrists and pulled them above her head. Then she kissed along Mel's neck making a trail toward her breast. Mel groaned.

"Trust me." Janice whispered as she held Mel's wrists with one hand and lifted her shirt with the other. Mel felt a surge pulse through her entire body. Janice brought her lips down on Mel's nipple, which caused Mel to jump. Deep in her center she began to throb. The more Janice sucked the more the throbbing increased.

"Oh Janice." Mel cried as she arched her head back. 'Janice."

Janice switched to the other breast and began the same manipulating pattern with her tongue.

Mel was beginning to breathe even harder as she called to Janice "Please!" she begged.

Janice moved back up to Mel's face, she paused to kiss her lips, then went to Mel's ear. "I'm going to taste you now, if that's ok," Janice said more as a statement than a question.

Mel was speechless, as many lovers as she had, she had never let any of them give her oral sex. She was the one always in control. She kept them begging. And when she'd get bored, she moved on to the next partner. Never allowing them to get too close to her. But somehow the tables had turned on her. She wanted Janice to take control, to make love to her. She wanted to be the one begging.

Janice made her descent leaving a trail of kisses. Mel moaned, her mind was totally empty, all she could do was feel every kiss that was left as a gift from Janice' lips.

Janice had never felt so much pleasure in giving. She felt the effect she left on Mel. God I want to taste her. Janice brought her hand down to the darkened curls that felt softer than satin or silk. She used her thumb and finger to open the door that would lead Janice's tongue to a banquet of pure delights.

Mel let out a scream of pure pleasure "Oh my god, oh god, oh god!" her hips rocked, her hands grabbed Janice's head. Janice's tongue and Mel's core danced a synchronized dyatic waltz. It felt like the inside of her body, her being, shot out and headed for the ceiling, Mel was flying, she couldn't stop. Then suddenly she floated back down. Her body became whole again. "Janice!" she cried.

Janice could taste the lusciously bittersweet juices that were Mel. Her scent was a pure intoxicant that made Janice's head giddy with delight. As Mel rocked her hips she could hear cries that were her own. As she climaxed, Janice felt Mel's whole body begin to quake then go suddenly stiff. She could hear Mel call her name. "Janice!"

Mel was totally amazed; she had never felt so much in all the sexual experiences she had had. What happened, she sobbed. Is that what it is to make love?

Janice had captured her completely; she was the one who took control. It was Janice who knew exactly what she wanted and took from Mel her very essence. She showed Mel how to make love, not just have sex.

Mel turned to Janice and kissed her. Her eyes filled with tears. They embraced a lovers embrace of thousands of years "Janice I thought you said you've never been with anyone before?"

"I haven't Mel."

"Then where on earth did you ever learn to be so… wow?"

"I, umm I guess I read a lot." Janice suggested shyly.

"What the hell do you read?"

"Well," Janice hesitated, "you ever hear of C.N. Winters, or Friction?"

Mel nodded "No."

"How about Vivian Darkbloom, or Della Street?"

Mel nodded again.

"Well then, have I got some stories to share with you."

Mel leaned over and kissed Janice. "Why don't you act them out for me
instead?" she grinned.


The end.


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