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Last Updated:  2/14/2011

And So It Begins

Picking up where "The Xena Scrolls" left off, Doctor Janice Covington is faced with a tough decision - should she accept Melinda Pappas' offer of partnership? Maybe Gabrielle can help her decide.

Part 1 

Happiness is a Warm Gun   [Academy Summer Challenge 2009]

Janice's Solstice Carol

Mel has been busy with holiday preparations, but Janice's Solstice spirit seems to be swimming in the camp latrine. Perhaps an ancient friend can knock some sense into her fedora-ed head.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Xena took no prisoners when she played Marley to Janice's Scrooge last Solstice, and Janice has spent most of the year dreaming up some seasonally appropriate revenge. Janice just might pull it off if she can get Gabs and the Goddess of Love on her side.

Three-quarter Time

They've been working and living together for two years now, and Janice Covington has come to the realization that she's either got to Warrior-Princess-up and tell Melinda Pappas that she's dizzy for her, or spend the rest of her life with her head in a bucket of ice water. Now to find just the right setting for such an important announcement... and just the right music...