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Last Updated:  9/6/2005

Nightkiss   ebook version available

...a simple, and very innocent question: "How do you want the series to end?"

The one God of war   [Alt]   ebook version available

The story is inspired by an RPG (Role Play Gaming) storyline I have from a Star Wars RPG club. Damie and Ricky, my characters (who are as a matter of fact based on Xena and Gabrielle), are two members of the "Aurora Force" squad of the club called "Rebel Squadrons". After traveling together for a couple of years, Damie and Ricky have discovered that their love was more than just a love of two best friends, and then an entire storyline starts that is based on that, and is the origin of the next story, thus I wouldn't tell you anything else about it in order not to spoil your reading.

War Story   [Gen]