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Last Updated:  9/18/2005

Dear Diary   ebook version available

A tale is set as if the series had simply continued on into another year beginning in Egypt since that was where we were told Gabrielle and the spirit of Xena was headed for. The author describes Gabrielle's life while accompanied by Xena's ghost. However it is Gabrielle who does most of the work. But not all. It is written in the form of a diary kept by Gabrielle.

FIN:The Proper Ending   ebook version available

A short tale that takes place on Mt. Fuji beside the Fountain of Strength.

The Meeting   ebook version available

This story describes the meeting of two women from totally different lifestyles who find their lives are joined and that they are fated to face lifes dangers together. One is being condemned by her family for what she is and the other is condemned by outsiders -the people she trades with- because she doesn't live her life as they think she should. As the title indicates, it is only the beginning of their new life together that is described here