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Last Updated:  11/9/2010

Bats, Cats Rats   [Academy Halloween 2006]

A Janice/Mel adventure regarding "The Book of the Dead".

Belief   [Academy Halloween Special 2002]

A lonely young woman searches for love - in the Twilight Zone.


The Cruise - with Anais   [Academy 101 Story Premise]

A Love Boat Reunion cruise overcomes a fear and brings a reward.


Faith   [Academy Halloween Special 2001]

Gabrielle is lured to edge of a cliff in the dark of night where the faith of two women is sorely tested.

Foolin' Around   [Academy April Fool's Special]   ebook version available

Two Canadian police officers face 'just' another day in their very busy lives.

Ghostly Gallivanting   [Academy Halloween 2005]

Heart's Desire   ebook version available

When danger threatens the land of Rhyllen, two childhood friends must face heartache and peril to obtain the greatest prize of all.

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Love, Amazon Style - with Anais   [Academy Summer Lovin' contest]   ebook  version available

An entry in the Summer Lovin' contest about an Amazon searching for ideas on the 'Perfect Date'.

No Regrets   [Academy Valentines 2004]   ebook version available

Tori is regretting not admitting her love to her dead lover when a mysterious woman brings her a journal written by her lover.

Perspectives   ebook version available

Start with Xena, Gabrielle, Argo, Amazons, a kidnapping and a rescue. Add in a traitor and you end up with a bit of a different view on things on a very rainy day in ancient Greece.

Reality Check   [Academy Halloween Special - 2003]

Two women who attend a local spookfest and one comes into contact with the woman of her dreams.

Space Race   [Academy 101 Story Premise]

It's race day in space and Brett Corning figures to win again, but Dray has no desire to see Comp Corp swallow up another planet, so she pits her mother's new ship and herself against their best. If she loses, she will have to join the corporation she despises.

Truths   [Academy Halloween 2004]

Who Knew?   [Academy Halloween 2010]

Kris & Sam Series   ebook version available


A random act of violence brings two women together. They allow their friendship to grow and become something neither knew they were looking for, in a tale of murder and mayhem.


The continuing story arc of two women thrown together due to an act of violence. More mystery and danger await them as they try to come to grips with their changing relationship. Sequel to Insight.

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Emotion continues the story arc that began with Insight and continued in Realization. Kris and Sam have come to terms with what they mean to each other, now can everyone else? And, will the danger that seems to haunt their every step continue to plague them? Read Emotion to find those answers and more.

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Continuing with the story arc; a look into the lives of Kris and Sam after the ordeals of the recent past. Some questions are answered and several more are asked. Sequel to Emotion.

Part 1  Part 2 

The Gift   [Academy Valentine 2003]

In this sequel to Focus, Sam and Kris are now enjoying life, whether rescuing kittens, or enjoying nature, they are just glad for the gift of each other.