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Last Updated:  9/20/2005

Destined By The Gods   ebook version available

Set in the times of Ancient Ireland, the fiery young Rhiannon Kelan believes she is never destined to find a true love, until she meets the dark and powerful Lord of Teyrnon, Caitlin O'Brennan. Soon they find that their lives are not only intertwined with chosen Gods, but with the magic that is the very core of Ireland itself.

The Gabriel Journals   ebook version available

How can the evil in the world survive if there's no good left in it? A tale of a young woman, vampyres, good and evil, threaded in history of the Gabriel Journals... Or as it was put to me Anne Rice meets Jane Austen... I think that about says it all.

Strings Attached   ebook version available

Moody, temperamental, and quite the loner, Kelly never planned for parenthood. Kelly never planned on Jessie. Until one day, she finds that the one she cares about the most is with child. Kelly never planned on falling in love...

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Treasure Of Serpents Isle   ebook version available

On an uncharted island off the coast of Trinidad, set in the mid 1600's where shipwrecks are notorious, one such ship is unlucky enough to sink on the hidden reef leaving only a few survivors to make their way to the shore. Miles to the north a young Carib is taken from the prisons on Jamaica and brought to her new home of the pirate ship the 'Crusader'. Left in the hold the young girl waits to find out her fate.