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Leslie Ann Miller

Last Updated:  9/26/2005

The Black Scarab And The Magic Of Christmas   [Holiday Havoc Challenge]

This little parody of Men In Black and finds magic hunter Black Scarab sent to check up on one Jennifer Eledril and engineering student who wields her magic on the hunter.

Conquered   ebook version available

Xena the Conqueror is defeated in a rebellion and imprisoned on Shark Island. Gabrielle, historian, poet, and active participant in the uprising, goes to get information from Xena in order to finish her histories.

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Full Circle

Post FIN, Gabrielle returns to Egypt to help Queen Zenobia.

The Paradox Of Dying

Gabrielle's thoughts after killing two attackers. It is basically gen.

Temple Of Rage   ebook version available

(Set in the modern Xenaverse, Berkeley California) In order to become one of Ares' elite Arms Masters, Harmonn Sharpe must kill the leader of the local Elijian Campus Crusade for Peace, Erin Kincaid.

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To Die By The Sword   ebook version available

Xena decides it may be time to alter her path before it's too late (pre FIN).

What Mother Never Told Me

Set over 20 years after FIN, sixteen year old Thalia, daughter of the reclusive and slightly overprotective innkeeper of Amphipolis, begins a long journey of discovery and adventure when she is accepted as Homer's apprentice at the Athens City Academy of Performing Bards.

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