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Last Updated:  2/16/2008

Beaver Hunt   ebook version available

The Florida Everglades comes alive with the magic of a millenial-old bond.

Compelling Associations

Rating: PG. A post-Chin history of the Warrior Princess. Ares discovers his mortal counterpart in a driven warrioress whose not exactly easy to reach.

First Words

Atreus of Amphipolis tries to present his remarkable offspring to his patron god Ares.

Floridian Valentine  [Academy Valentine 2008]

Gabrielle's Choice

A post-'Destiny'/pre-'The Quest' story of Gabrielle's journey from Mt. Nestos.

Going Home   ebook version available

Rating:R. Post-'Xena Scrolls' story. Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas brave deceit, duplicity, and love, on their journey to the States from Macedonia.

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Home Front   ebook version available

Rating: R. Home isn't easy as Janice tries to land a job and Melinda finds she's not fitting in perfectly anymore as a danger from Europe follows them to Raleigh. Sequel to Going Home.

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Golden Moments

An adventure tale of the newly reformed Xena trying to figure out where her life is going, and gaining a friend along the way.

Hearts Courage: If Memory Serves

Rating: R. Separation leads to life-altering events for both Xena and Gabrielle. In a way, this is a conclusion to History Cast In Amber and Compelling Associations.

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History Cast In Amber

Rating: PG. An adventure tale wherein a simple mission to free a valley from a slave warlord turns on one god's desire to reclaim what he once lost.

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Horse Thieves

Rating: G. An adventure tale early in Xena and Gabrielle's friendship, with the warrior and bard having to track down a stolen Argo.

Just An Interlude

Rating: R. Xena crosses through town and meets up with a young urchin and an old thief, on her way to meet Gabrielle.

The Magician

Rating: G. Xena and Gabrielle enjoy the presentation of a traveling magician.

New Territory   ebook version available

Xena and Gabrielle cross into eastern Greece and while stopping a warlord, finally take a chance and change the nature of their relationship.

Old Silk Hat   ebook version available

Rating: PG. Xena, Gabrielle and Autolycus spend a wintry day dodging snow.

Sittin' In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Rating: R. Xena and Gabrielle attend a wedding.

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To Sleep Perchance

Rating: PG. Gabrielle has trouble sleeping.

Underworld Adventures

A post-"Destiny"/pre-'The Quest' story of Xena's journey from Mt. Nestos.

Xena's Choice

Rating: PG. A post-'Sacrifice 2' story of Xena's struggle to go on.

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Xena & Gabrielle Series

When We Dance, Who Leads?

Xena and Gabrielle's relationship suffers from the realities of heroes on-call, and a bit of being out-of-sync.

Honeymoon's Over

Xena and Gabrielle rescue Joxer from a beating, and nurse the would-be warrior back to health.

Mantles Are Heavy   ebook version available

Gabrielle and Xena's arrival in the Amazon village isn't as welcoming as the young queen thought it would be.

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Wellspring Of Wishes   ebook version available

Xena and Gabrielle help a band of Amazons they find by the shores of Artemis' mythical lake.

Part 1  Part 2