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Last Updated:  5/15/2013

Another Way

Post-FIN. Many moons after Xena died in Jappa, Gabrielle still feels sad. She also tries to carry on with her own life and to find a way to live as the new warrior princess.

Seasonal Passion Series

Closer Than Blood Bonds

After Xena told Gabrielle that their friendship binds them closer than blood, the two women settle by a campfire for the night while mulling over the nature of their budding relationship...

Circles in the Sand

After making their way back to shore, Xena and Gabrielle decide to spend a peaceful and romantic day on a sunny beach. At some point, both women come to discuss the reasons why they are and remain together as well as the importance of their love for each other, in spite of their past ephemeral attractions to other people.

What Matters Most

Post-rift. After Gabrielle chose to keep her memories, a particularly painful one soon comes to haunt her again unexpectedly, in her sleep. After Xena wakes the bard up from a nightmare twice in the same night, the Warrior Princess realises that she might have to deal with the fact that her younger lover is probably subconsciously traumatised by a particular past event...

Love Plans

After a few arguments and frustrations between the two lovers, Xena proposes that she and Gabrielle go on a little afternoon trip to Athens. Once there, they soon run out of money at the City Market. They find an astute way to make more dinars. The Warrior Princess also needs to figure out some plans to rekindle the intimacy of her romantic relationship with the bard...

To You I Belong

After the siege of Amphipolis, our two heroines go back to Cyrene's house, and Gabrielle wants some clear explanations from Xena regarding what happened in Ares' Temple. Cyrene finds out that the Warrior Princess and the battling bard may be more than ‘just friends', before the two lovers get an unexpected godly visit in the evening...

Sapphic Night Fever

After Amphipolis and recovering from the Darkness' influence, Xena, Gabrielle and Eve get unexpectedly invited by an Amazon tribe to a party organised in the honour of poetess Sappho's birthday. Knowing where the Warrior Princess and the battling bard are going, a group of evil thugs decide they will attempt to infiltrate that Sapphic party. However, the Amazons are more than happy to support Xena and Gabrielle, whom they admire as a now legendary Greek Sapphic couple.