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Mark Annetts

Last Updated:  9/5/2005

The Coward   ebook version available

A rich kid from California falls into a stoical British private-eye's arms and the two of them are off on adventures taking them to the south of France and, um, well, back to London again.

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Gabrielle And Xena (Deceased)   ebook version available

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Sea Moon   ebook version available

This is a sci-fi uber set sometime in the not too distant future on Jupiter's moon, Europa. It's a comedy/adventure/drama sort of thing, involving murder most foul, strange dreams, a feisty soldier gal whose name isn't really Dutch, and a tall engineer who likes to solve problems and offer her invaluable assistance.

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Warrior... Conqueror... Queen... Bard   ebook version available

This story is set after the 5th season ep "Amphipolis Under Siege". It involves alternate realities, a face-to-face confrontation between Xena and the Conqueror, and Gabrielle and an Amazon Queen of the same name, plus an assortment of Olympians, Amazons and other hangers on.

You're A Wonderful Wife

Another of the very well written stories submitted for The Bards' Village "Snowed-In" story challenge.