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Last Updated: 9/26/2005

2010 Hall of Fame

Another Amazon Princess   ebook version available

Let's step back again to a time where Gabrielle is a content, competent Amazon Princess and Xena is every amazon's fantasy. Can they can ignore their instant mutual attraction? I think not...

Aphrodite's Gift   ebook version available

To appease Artemis, Aphrodite agrees to bring Gabrielle and Xena together romantically. But when her plans go awry as Xena refuses to cooperate, Aphrodite decides to give the stubborn Warrior Princess a unique gift.

Beyond Melosa's Shadow   ebook version available

Melosa is gone, leaving a beautiful, grieving lover behind. When the amazon turns to Xena for solace, and possibly more, Gabrielle realizes she doesn't want Xena to find another lover. And Ephiny hopes for Xena and Gabrielle's happiness. But what about her own unfulfilled desires?

Callisto's Challenge   ebook version available

When she switches bodies with Xena, Callisto cleverly issues a challenge that will test the love between the bard and her warrior.

Gabrielle's Dream   ebook version available

In Amazonia, Gabrielle begins to experience some very vivid dreams. And Xena may have to stay awake until she can understand the meaning of the bard's erotic dreams or her own unsuspected feelings.

The Hero Within   ebook version available

Together for ten years, Xena and Gabrielle enjoy a rich, fulfilling life. Can an evil rogue amazon seeking revenge shatter their utopia?

Invitation To Egypt   ebook version available

When the Queen of Egypt offers the Amazon Queen an invitation to Egypt, Gabrielle finds her place in history and Xena finds that she is more than one queen's object of desire.

The Lie   ebook version available

A small tweak at the ending of Xena's season finale would have made all the difference...

M'lila's Destiny   ebook version available

As Gabrielle and Xena decide to expand their relationship, they get a vivid reminder from Xena's past love. Will Xena finally let go of her past and embrace her future with Gabrielle?

A Nice Quiet Evening?   ebook version available

A nice, quiet evening turns into something very different when a surprise attack catches the bard off guard.

Sappho's Inspiration   ebook version available

Sappho has a problem that Aphrodite thinks Xena can solve. But the solution may be unacceptable to Gabrielle. Beware of passionate women on the Isle of Lesbos!

Surprise   ebook version available

Gabrielle's temper gets the best of her when Xena's flirtations with a local barmaid cause a chain reaction that have both women finding out more about themselves than they could've imagined.

That One Afternoon   ebook version available

Here's your answer to what really happened between Xena and Ephiny during the episode 'Hooves and Harlots'.

The Warden's Wish   ebook version available

Memories from Shark Island ignite unexpected reactions when Xena and Gabrielle encounter the former warden, Thalassa.

Why Are You Here?   ebook version available

Wouldn't it be great if circumstances allowed Xena and Gabrielle to realize their true feelings for each other from the beginning? Let's see, shall we?