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Last Updated:  5/20/2008

Abandoning Hope

What starts off as a regular Solstice for the two companions turns into a nightmare when they're split apart by the appearance of Hope. Mistaking Gabrielle for her daughter, Xena finds herself making mistakes that she has somehow to find a way of making up to her grieving friend. A visit to Poteidaia then Amphipolis goes some way to mending their relationship, but it proves to be more complex for them both than Xena expects.

Beyond the Rain

When an ordinary day goes very wrong, Xena struggles with guilt over her inability to protect Gabrielle, and both women find themselves in a harsh jail where justice is not highly regarded. When they manage to escape, Xena tries to support Gabrielle in a decision she disagrees with as the two have to face the consequences of their time spent in the prison.

Everything You Know

Xena and Gabrielle reminisce about old times as they travel to meet up with Hercules, little knowing how important those stories will become to both of them when an accident leaves Xena with no memory of her soulmate. Not only does Gabrielle have to contend with Xena ’s loss of memory during the worst storm for years, but she has to cope with the feelings elicited within her when Xena and Hercules show themselves to be more than just friends. She must remind Xena of all that they are to each other, but time runs out when the two find themselves pulled into a war and slung into a jail cell to rot. Will Xena remember who her friend is before it’s too late?

Fighting the Effects

This story explores the feelings of both Xena and Gabrielle when Gabrielle is stuck down by an enemy which Xena cannot protect her from. Although this is ultimately a story about courage and survival, it does deal with the effects of breast cancer, both physical and psychological, and should perhaps be avoided by anyone likely to be upset by this. There is some mild subtext, but this comes second to the love and strength of the two women.

Going Home

Gabrielle’s liaison with a curious old man grants her one wish: that Xena’s dreams come true. However, what the Warrior is most preoccupied with is not what Gabrielle suspects, and Xena soon finds herself in her own past, having to face the loss of a soulmate whom she never discussed with Gabrielle. Xena finds herself unexpectedly accompanied by a very familiar child. It is only when she learns the lessons taught by her old friend and allows herself to love the child that she realises how painful loss can really be.

No Choice at All

After a particularly painful battle, where there are no winners and Xena has to watch a city consumed by fire, Gabrielle wishes there were some way she could erase all the mistakes in her friend’s youth. When her wishes come true, Gabrielle has the chance to get to know a young Xena and to attempt to steer her away from her bloody destiny. Learning that fate will not be cheated, Xena finds herself with a familiar blonde child in her arms. Does she choose the future that most benefits her, or her soulmate?

Remembering an Angel

In a story inspired by the episode 'Remember Nothing' and the wonderful fan fiction 'Nothing ventured, Nothing gained' by Tonya Muir (who I can sadly no longer thank), Xena finds Gabrielle as a bitter slave with a troubled life, and must avoid fighting at all costs while finding a way to put things right for herself and her friend. Ultimately, for Xena, there is only one option.


Senet is based around Season 2 or 3, and reads like a typical episode from that time. When Gabrielle is threatened by an enemy neither she nor Xena can understand, they travel across the globe to ancient Egypt, to an old friend of Xena's, in search of help. Not only must Gabrielle face her own danger, she must unravel the link between Xena and Nekhmet, an Egyptian pharaoh who knew the Warrior long before she and Gabrielle met. There are maintext scenes here for adults only, but otherwise the story can be enjoyed by all.


On a leisurely trip to the market, Gabrielle becomes embroiled in a card game which results in her having to witness first hand Xena's actions as Conqueror. As she struggles to stay alive and to get back to her old life, she must once again win the love and trust of a young Xena, who believes her Way is the path of violence and power. There are adult language, themes and scenes here, as this is a Conqueror story.

Too Great a Loss

In a story from Gabrielle's point of view, the young bard has to face the loss of Xena for the first time. She doesn't have to face her grief alone, as she's joined in her quest to be reunited with Xena by a shadow from the Warrior's past, as they try to enlist immortal help.


Unable to reconcile her ideals with Xena’s Warrior Way, a young Gabrielle takes her place as Amazon Princess and Ephiny’s partner. But when her tribe are forced into war, Gabrielle realises that she needs Xena more than ever. Injured in the battle, she has to gain the understanding of the woman she loves and of the woman she must leave behind.