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Last Updated: 8/20/2012

The 2H'rs

Conner is a struggling actress having a bad day which gets worse with more than a little help from her friends.

At Your Word

An American arbitrator falls into the hands of rebels on an island nation long exploited for its hidden treasures.

Ayer is Human

Bright Day


Set in the near future; a military system turns on one of its own when Major Rory orders her squad to abandon their post to save their lives. There's violence, rape, sexual situations, and some very flawed characters.

The Empire After The End Of Civilization

Fair Trade

A historically inaccurate tale of the woman who saved the Celts so that they could survive long enough to save civilization.

Deadtown   with Anders   [Incomplete]

First Seven, Then Eight

Ice Flames   with Anders   [Incomplete]

The Old Spies' Home   [Incomplete]

Post Traumatic Treat

The Retreat

A summer internship at a reclusive writer's colony turns out to be more than Taylor Kendall applied for. She just may have found herself in a Gothic New England ghost story.

The Ridded

The Ridded is a story of a child rejected by one father, embraced by another, and depised by both warring cultures.



O'Grady Series

The Consult

An all business psychiatrist learns the meaning of life one morning in the ER. This story is the first a series of loosely connected tales.

The Phone Call

The Appointment

Dr. O'Grady is back in the third installment of this series. Her work in the ER changed her life once already but by no means is her process of self discovery complete.


This in the next in a loosely related series. You may need to read The Consult, The Phone Call, and The Appointment for all the pieces to fall into place. Dr. O'Grady continues her path to rediscovering the meaning of her career and life as she helps a troubled Devyn Tannon.

Tess And Jordan Series

To The Manor Sold

This is a completed Uber Sci Fi tale. It is a Master/Slave relationship so expect violence, sex, bad language, and leather pants. Tess, the reluctant Master of the Manor, finds her life becomes even more complicated when her brother sells her a stolen slave.

By The Manor Owned

The sequel of To The Manor Sold finds Tess and Jordan continuing their pursuit of freedom and each other.

From The Manor Taken