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Seana James

Last Updated:  9/20/2005

Conquering The Conqueror   [Incomplete]

Xena the Conqueror encounters Gabrielle of Poteidaea, the leader of the Corinthian Resistance, in Xena's judgment agora. From the first moment, the Conqueror feels there is something different about this rebel, but soon the difference begin to manifest itself in the Conqueror as well.

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First Date   ebook version available

A tough lawyer is enchanted by a vivacious barrista in an espesso bar.

The Purest Love   ebook version available

The story was prompted by some "gaps" in the story 'Chakram' and other episodes and began as a PWP, but, as with life, it got complicated. It's my take on Xena's and Gabrielle's occasionally mystifying pushme/pullyou relationship. It does contain spoilers for several episodes, but it's complete in and of itself.

What They Don't See

Contains spoilers for 'The Convert.' The story is a "between the scenes" piece that has Xena walking the perimeter of camp, dealing with her reaction to something Joxer, in his infinite idiocy, has blurted out at the campfire. Gabrielle follows for a sensitive chat.