Academy Author Index


Last Updated:  1/9/2010

Christmas Magic   [Holiday Havoc Challenge]   ebook version available

Ward, a homeless person with a beautiful singing voice, is enchanted with Lynne a childrenís choir director.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With One Small Push   [Academy Solstice 2009]

Kiddie Corral   [Academy 101 Story Premise]   ebook version available

The star and creator of a local kiddie show is about to get a new producer, one with whom she has a past.

Salem's Secrets   [Academy Summer Lovin' Contest]

An entry in the Summer Lovin' contest about a student who finds more than she bargained on a summer tour.

Snowed In   [Academy Christmas Challenge]   ebook version available

An entry in the Christmas Challenge about a young woman who is trapped in a snowstorm and meets a woman refinishing a house.

Two To Tango   [Academy Christmas 2003]

Erin has been talked into taking ballroom dancing lessons. Dreading the worst, she finds a pleasant surprise.