Academy Author Index

Stacia Seaman

Last Updated:  10/9/2005

Chakram Toss   ebook version available

A night of fun and games ensues when the bard has a little too much wine.

El Día De Los Muertos   [Academy Halloween 2002]

Gabrielle journeys to the land of the Pharaohs, where she has a mystical encounter with Xena.

Illusions I Recall

Xena and Gabrielle face the changes in their lives following their resurrection.

Interwoven   ebook version available

A Vigenette in which Xena looks after a very tired Gabrielle.

One Flew Over The Chakram's Nest   ebook version available

All the uber cliches I could think of, all in one place.

The Sound Of Snow   ebook version available

A short but nicely written story, high in angst.


It's sort of an uber Xena/X-Files crossover; Gabrielle, Scully, and I go out for a few drinks one night in DC. No plot, just fun.

Time Is On Our Side   ebook version available

Xena is awaiting Gabrielle's return.

Voices Carry   [Academy Halloween 2001]

A young woman believes she heard the voice of a friend who has gone missing.