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Verda Foster

Last Updated:  9/17/2005

Archaeologists, Warriors, And Bards, Oh My!   ebook version available

Ever wonder what happened to Mel when Xena took over her body in the 'Xena Scrolls'? Your questions will be answered in this clever story that finds Mel in a rather compromising position in more ways than one as she gets up close and personal with a certain ancient bard and has to deal with the infamous reputation of her deadly ancestor.

The Chosen   ebook version available

Set in a mythical, medieval world where a sadistic sovereign rules the land; A world of extremes where you are either slave or master, and women have little say in the course of their lives. When Lord Athol sends his only daughter to meet the man he has chosen as her husband, fate intervenes and she is caught in the middle of a slave rebellion that will wrench her away from everything she has ever known. Roslin finds herself strangely drawn to the leader of an army of rebel slaves and terrified they will discover that she is not only not one of them, but the daughter of the man they hate most in the world.

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These Dreams

When Samantha finds out that the mysterious woman she has dreamed about as long as she can remember may be real, she sets out to find her. The search leads her to the Beautiful Tess Richmond, but heartbreak is soon to follow. Aware that a private investigator has been hired to look into her affairs, Tess mistakenly assumes the little blonde asking questions about her is the investigator. She decides to teach her a lesson, never suspecting the terrible mistake she's about to make, and the fragile heart she'll decimate in the process.

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