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Vivian Darkbloom

Last Updated:  3/31/2015

Delirium Tremens   [Academy Halloween 2002]   ebook version available

Whitney Morris has demons in her head, a flagging career, a shady past, a relentlessly chipper manager, a pesky ex-husband, and enough vodka in her blood stream to make her a Russian national heroine something to which she aspires, she so loves to wear those furry hats). The last thing she needs is a trip to a spooky old house in the country and encounters with a mysterious housekeeper and a blonde with bodacious ta-tas. So guess what happens.

The Fangs Of Academe   [Academy Halloween 2003]

Janice is enlisted into vampire hunting duty by an eccentric young man who also mistakenly believes Mel is a vampire.

From Hair to Eternity with - LN James

Her Majesty's A Pretty Nice Girl   [Academy April Fools]   ebook version available

Humorous story: Claire is crazy. Ruth is crazier. Can their love surpass the challenges posed by obtuse law officials, commitment phobia, enraged parents, flat champagne, and the ultimate April Fool's joke?


An AU story, based loosely on 'When Fates Collide'.

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Kate And Danny Series   ebook version available

A Narcoleptic's Guide To Romance

A not-happy story that briefly chronicles the endgame of the not-happy relationship of Kate, a religious narcoleptic, and Danny, a cute boozehound with a trust fund. Told largely from Danny's POV.

A Lexicon For The Sunday Morning Sleeper

The sequel to Narcoleptic. Kate chooses an unusual form in which to categorize her thoughts on a variety of topics, including the events of 9/11. The only problem is that every letter of the alphabet leads back to Danny.

Partita   [Academy Valentines 2004]

Mel and Janice Series

All the Colors of the World

Mel meets Janice for the first time in Macedonia joining forces to work on the translation of a newly discovered scroll and discover feelings for each other.

The Secret Histories


Coup de Grace

The fabulously ill-tempered archaeologist Janice Covington and Southern-Belle-in-Exile Melinda Pappas gradually discover the real truth at the heart of the Xena Scrolls, in a story that darkly plays with time and memory, loss and desire, and the nature of what is real and what is not.

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The Book of the Body

Leica   [Academy Valentine 2008]

In Sorrento

The Stars Fell Down

Set in 1953 has the duo recounting their past adventures along with X&G's first time together.

The Fangs of Academe   [Academy Halloween 2013

Ignatz and Isolde   [Academy Valentines 2011]

White Trash Series

Love and Death in a Trailer Park

Life in a trailer park takes a on new meaning when a going-nowhere factory worker,Gilly, meets a dark and enigmatic firefighter Zina.

Ways to Be Wicked

Sequel to Love and Death in a Trailer Park, has the two dealing with old enemies turned religious fanatics.

Mayonnaise and Its Discontents

As life goes on, the two are on a road trip complete with country music.

I've Been to Pocatello, But I've Never Been To Me

Old friends and not some welcome friends come to visit the pair.

Requiem for a Bitch

Gilly parents learn way too much about Zina and a new face into town leads to zany complications.

The High Road to Low Expectations

Gilly parents learn way too much about Zina and a new face into town leads to zany complications.