General Stories

Battles and Blood : Scenes from The Conqueror's Life - Nancy
Flashes of the events that bring forth The Conqueror of Greece and much of the known world. Ares', and others', involvement in her rise to power and an alternate timeline from the standard genre.

Part 1    Part 2

Coming Home - Patty S. ebook version available
A very small vignette about two souls coming together at last. Itís an uber tale, but not what you are expecting. But give it a chance. The ending may surprise you.

Maleficent Beauty - Creme Brulee ebook version available
Conqueror/Sleeping Beauty crossover - a Xenaverse fairy tale for Halloween.

Twist of Fate - LadyKate
A mortal Ares finds himself in an alternate universe where all his dreams seem to have come true: he is a god again and Xena, Empress of Rome, is his mistress. But gradually, he realizes that things are not as perfect as they appeared. When the Greek playwright Gabrielle enters the picture, the God of War, the Empress, and the Bard find themselves enmeshed in a plot that escalates to deadly peril. (Loosely based on the Season 6 X:WP episode, "When Fates Collide.")

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